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Chapter 1: Stranger in a Strange Land

Open on Tattoine, with its twin suns rising over Jabba’s Palace outside of Mos Espa. Through the dark hallways, past the empty throne, to a restoration chamber where Boba Fett lays. He dreams in flashbacks of the early days of Kamino, the death of his father Jango, and his time in the belly of the Sarlacc. He finds a dead Imperial Stormtrooper and uses his air tank to get a few breaths. Then, Fett punches through the stomach wall of the Sarlacc and fires his flamethrower.

In the next scene, Fett climbs out of the sand, beaten and exhausted, but alive.

At nightfall, a Sandcrawler rolls up to Fett as he sleeps, and the Jawas strip him of his armor. Although he wakes, he is too weak to stop them, and they knock him out cold. The next morning, a group of Tusken Raiders approaches Fett’s body, and tie him up before waking him. They tie him to the back of a Bantha and continue on, single file, as Fett trails behind. He eventually falls and is dragged on the sand to the camp.

Fett wakes up and is beaten by the sandpeople while the chief watches. He wakes again at night to find a fire burning near him, while another character lies tied up. Fett notices a sleeping guard Massiff and makes an effort to escape. The creature approaches him and attacks, but Fett is able to knock it out and use its sharp teeth to cut himself loose. As a raider attacks Fett, he is easily overpowered by Fett, and cowers in fear as his weapon is taken. Fett runs, and the creature wakes up to give chase. As Fett fights the Massiff, the chief approaches and calls it back. Another Tusken then approaches Fett for battle. Fett takes several hits and is taken down with little effort. Fett is stomped down and goes back to sleep.

In the present, Boba Fett is awoken by Fennec Shand. He suspends his healing session in the chamber and gets out. He tells Fennec his dreams are back, but she reminds him of the business they have to attend to. She tells him, “They are lined up to pay their respects.” Fett is armored by droids into his outfit, which he wears to the throne. He is presented with a gift of money from a being whose language he doesn’t understand. Nor does Fennec beyond the word “friendship.” Fett comments that they need a protocol droid. They are presented with a former employee of Fett’s – Dokk Strassi, leader of the Trandoshan family. Strassi greets Fett by his title, daimyo. They are then greeted by the Mos Espa mayor’s majordomo, much to Fennec’s chagrin. The majordomo tells them that the mayor offers his humble welcome to Mos Espa as his tribute. Again, Fennec balks at his nerve to offer no tribute. He responds that the mayor offer his welcome and apologies that he is taking care of pressing matters in lieu of appearing personally. Before being dismissed, he asks Fett about the matter of tribute, indicating that the mayor expects to be paid. Fennec offers to kill him there, for Jabba wouldn’t tolerate such insolence. Fett declines both. The majordomo accepts openly but warns that the mayor may feel differently and that there may be another “delegation” in the near future. Two Gamorrean guards who did not surrender upon the death of Bib Fortuna are brought to Fett as tribute from his attendant droid. Fett refuses to torture them and instead offers to spare their lives in exchange for the same loyalty they showed their previous masters. The Gamorreans both take a knee, though Fennec thinks it is a bad idea.

As Fett and a small group enter the city of Mos Espa, Fennec reminds him that it will be easier for him to be accepted if he were to adopt the ways of the Mos Espans. In a cantina, Fett removes his helmet and Fennec tells the server droids that they have business with Garsa Fwip. Two Twi’lek servants approach and offer to clean their helmets. Fennec refuses, but Fett accepts on behalf of them both, citing Fennec’s advice. Madam Garsa personally welcomes them to the cantina, called the Sanctuary. Boba Fett introduces himself and Master Assassin Fennec Shand to Garsa, announcing that he is Bib Fortuna’s replacement. Garsa apologizes for not recognizing his litter. Fett informs her that he wasn’t carried in on a litter, something else that Fennec told him about. Fett tells Garsa that her business will continue to thrive under his watchful eye. Garsa thanks him for visiting and tells him that he is always welcome, as the establishment is his. Fett and Fennec both receive their helmets back, filled with coins.

On their way out, Fett comments on Jabba’s many vassals and how much ground they need to cover in order to keep his empire intact. He talks about his intentions to rule with respect rather than fear. As Fennec tells him that fear is a surer bet in difficult times. Just then, they are attacked by a group of soldiers, who cause Fett to drop and lose his helmet. The guards come to their aid and help the two to subdue the attackers, though several flee. Fennec pursues the last two, under orders by Fett to bring them back alive. She kills one and brings back the last one. Fett is brought by the guards back to his bacta pod, where his dream flashback resumes.

Fett is woken up and untied from his post, then made to stand up by a Tusken child. He is chained to a Rodian prisoner by the ankle, and the three make their way through the desert, followed by the Massiff. They approach a moisture farm this is being robbed by a gang of humans. They are led to a spot to dig for water pods. While he naps, the Rodian discovers a large subterranean sand creature that knocks the Massiff away and ills the Rodian. As it starts to attack Fett, the Tusken saves him. Fett is eventually able to get his ankle chain around the creature’s neck and chokes it to death. The Tucken child is overjoyed to bring back the head of the creature to the camp. The chief noticed the child retelling the story. As the tribe gathers around the youngling, the chief offers Fett a drink from his pod. Fett proudly drinks from it, understanding that he is now accepted by the Tuskens.


Chapter 2: The Tribes of Tattoine

Open on the palace, with Fennec and her prisoner approaching on foot. Boba Fett interrogates him, but he remains silent, even when threatened with beheading. The prisoner curses at Fett in Huttese. He is an assassin for the Order of the Night Wind. Fett and Fennec are familiar, but 8D8 warns them that they are fearless of man. Fennec decides to feed him to the rancor instead. Fett watches as the assassin grows fearful of the opening gate. He finally talks and tells Fett he was sent by the mayor. Fennec reveals that the cage is empty, and asks Fett if they should visit the mayor.

Fennec, Fett, and the Gamorrean guards return with the assassin prisoner to Mos Espa. Fett presents the assassin and states his business with the mayor. The receptionist is dismissed by the mayor’s majordomo, who apologizes for not recognizing their arrival without a litter. He tries to restrict their entrance, but they make their way in to speak with Mok Shaiz, the Ithorian mayor of Mos Espa. The mayor seems to not recognize Fett, who demands to know why the assassin said the mayor was the one who sent him. Once identified as an assassin of the Night Wind, the mayor immediately orders his execution on site. Fett and the crew stand ready after the assassin is killed. The mayor thanks Fett for turning in the assassin, who is forbidden from operating outside of Hutt space. He commands the majordomo to reward Fett. Shaiz discusses Fett’s new position as Daimyo, and reminds him that he has no motive to have sent the assassin. He tells Fett that running a family is more complicated than bounty hunting. Before they leave, Shaiz suggests Fett investigate Garsa’s Sanctuary.

The crew returns to the cantina and meets with Garsa. Fett asks her what has been going on, with everyone including her behaving suspiciously. She tells him that “the Twins have laid claim to their late cousin’s bequest.” Fett is familiar with the Twins, but sees no reason for them to bother with any ambitions on Tattooine, as “they are preoccupied with the debauchery of Hutta.” In the distance, a loud drumbeat is heard. Everyone in the cantina stops moving, and the crew steps outside. A pair of Hutts, the Twins, are carried in on a gigantic litter. They remind Fett that what was Jabba’s, the palace and all, now belongs to them. Fett dismisses the contract in their possession as he is not party to it and the recognized Daimyo of Mos Espa. They question his status and present a Wookiee gladiator. Fett scoffs at the challenge, and demands they return to Nal Hutta. The Twins discuss killing them, but Fett reminds them that when Jabba died, Bib Fortuna immediately took his throne, and now that he is dead, Fett sits on the throne. He agrees that they will need to kill him for his throne. The Twins discuss and say that “bloodshed is bad for business,” deciding that the matter can be revisited later. The litter leaves, but the gladiator gives Fett one last look before departing. Fennec tells Fett that they would need to get permission in order to kill them. They return to the palace, and Fett enters his chamber and dreams of his time with Tuskens.

Fett is training with the Tusken Warrior in the desert while others dig for water pods. With some frustration, Fett learns the fighting techniques with their curved staffs. Out of nowhere, a creature emerges from the sads and runs off screaming. It is shot dead by one of the hunters, but before they can celebrate the kill, they notice something coming towards them. Fett hears an engine and realizes it is a train. Several Tuskens are shot dead by the crew on the train. Fett watches as the train continues on, for it doesn’t seem to serve any transportation purposes. A funeral pyre is held for the dead. Fett looks on as several speeder bikes go by. Fett volunteers to stop the train by morning, and takes a rifle and stick with him. On foot, he approaches the trainyard, where several characters are enjoying their kills in a pub. As a fight starts, Fett enters and begins to fight each of the brawlers, taking them out easily before enjoying a drink. Having taken out all of the bikers, Fett returns to the camp with several speeder bikes. Fett promises to teach them how to ride the bikes in order to stop the train.
Fett teaches them tactics, such as how to jump from bike to bike. He instructs the child how to use a mirror to signal them when the train is coming. The Tuskens and Fett ready the bikes and practice their fighting. The child signals them, and Fett leads a crew of ten on five bikes to the train. Marksmen take their places as the train goes by. One bike is taken out, but the sniper is able to take out several train shooters from afar. Two Tuskens make it onto the train safely, with Fett saving a third one before getting on with him. The four make their way to the front of the train, taking out several shooters along the way. One last Tusekn on a bike crashes it into the middle of the train, between cars. The droid conductor increases the speed of the train, but the last Tusken comes in the take out the last shooters. As the train is pushed to its maximum speed, several get lost as the conductor struggles to maintain speed of the train. When Fett enters the front, the conductor bails. Fett struggles to slow the train down, finally shutting off the engine, causing the train to crash into the sand. Fett seats the remaining survivors as his prisoners and demands to speak to their leader. Fett asks if they are transporting Sansanna spice from the slave mines of Kessel. Indeed they are. The leader explains that the reason for the aggression was the perception of Tuskens as uncivilized raiders. Fett proclaims the Tusken’s right to the Dune Sea, and that no further transportation of any kind is to take place without a toll to be paid. Death dealt by the freighters shall be returned ten-fold. Fett demands they return to their syndicate with those terms. Their lives are spared as a gesture of civility, and Fett instructs them to walk to Anchorhead. The leader argues that they would be killed or die of thirst. Fett tells him they will be escorted, with a black melon each for nourishment until arrival. When the Tuskens find the water release valve, another moment of trust is exchanged from the chief.
At the campfire, Fett is told that the Tusken tribes scattered after the seas dried. The surviving tribes do so by killing. Fett tells them that, as warriors, they should not have to hide. The chief gives him a gift of a small lizard that immediately crawls up Fett’s nose. He is told the lizard will guide him from inside his head as Fett begins to go on a trip. He imagines himself walking through the desert. He sees a tree in the distance, with thundering clouds above. Fett sees several red eyes in the tree as its branches extend around him. He recalls his escape from the Sarlacc and the fear of seeing his father leave Coruscant. The next morning, Fett is seen walking back from his trip. The lizard escapes his nose and goes back to the chief. Fett presents the branch he removed from the tree, and it is taken by the smith to be fashioned into his weapon. Fett is given traditional Tusken warrior tribal garb. He emerges in a cloak and is brought to the smith. Fett and the smith work together to carve out his weapon. He returns with his weapon and engages in a ceremonial dance with the other warriors around the campfire. The chief steps up along with the rest of the tribe to join in the dance as a Tusken howl closes the chapter.


CHAPTER 3: The Streets of Mos Espa

8D8 shows Fett a digital layout of the territories controlled by Jabba. After the barge incident in Return of the Jedi, Bib Fortuna took Jabba’s throne and divided Mos Espa among three families: The Trandoshans, the Aqualish, and the Klatoonians. As Bib Fortuna was no Hutt, he used alliances to preserve his tribute and title as Daimyo. Bib also was apparently paying off Mok Shaiz as well. 8D8 tells Fett that everyone is waiting to see what kind of leader Fett is. Fennec deduces that the mayor could not have been the one to send the assassin of the Night Wind. Fett suspects the Hutts.

A man enters named Lortha Peel. He shares intel with Fett that the citizens of Mos Espa are unhappy with his taking power from Bib Fortuna. The assassination attempt has fed their contempt of the new Daimyo. Peel then tells Fett of a gang of cyborgs who use droid parts to enhance their human bodies. He asks Fett to rid the streets of this gang in exchange for double his tribute.
In Mos Espa, Fett and crew walk the streets at night. He comes upon a gang who is enjoying freshwater, and have no reservations about bragging that they stole it. Fett states his position as Daimyo of Mos Espa, the gang dismisses him as another crime boss. They tell him that they stole the water because the vendor charged more than they make. Fett tells them that they should be working, and it is argued that there is no work. Fett removes his helmet and tells them they will work for him. At that point, Peel emerges and maintains that they stole from him. Fett asks what is owed, and immediately balks at the price Peel was charging. Fennec hands him a settlement amount, and Fett warns him to consider the issue resolved if he wants to continue working in Mos Espa. Fett also suggests he lower his prices. The gang follows Fett and crew back to the palace. Peel accepts his money.

At the palace, Fett lays in restoration. He flashes back to his childhood on Camino, watching Jango’s ship leave. Flashing forward, Fett rides a Bantha on his journey away from the Tusken camp. He arrives in Mos Eisley and inquires about the Pykes. He walks by several imperial Stormtrooper helmets on spikes. He ties down the Bantha and states his business with the Pyke Syndicate. He enters and is greeted by a Pyke officer (the same species from the previous episode that operated the train). Fett is told that protection arrangements are part of doing business in the Outer Rim, but only one party can be protected. Fett reminds him that his protection is also the protection of the Tuskens of the Dune Sea. The Pykes see Fett and the Tuskens as separate parties, and that the Nikto sand riders are already protecting the Tuskens. Fett states that he will resolve it, and remove the Nikto riders from the equation. Fett returns to the camp to find it burnt to the ground. He sees the chief laying dead, and noticed the symbol of the Nikto riders, indicating that this was their hit. Fett holds a funeral pyre for the lost Tuskens, and departs with this bantha as he wakes up.

Krrsantan, the Wookiee gladiator/bounty hunter working for the Twins attacks Fett, who is no match for him. As Fett is being tortured, the cyborg gang confronts the Wookiee. He is able to take them out, but is eventually dropped down a trap door by Fennec. Fett immediately orders his injured Gamorrean guard to be restored in his bacta tank. They hear the Wookiee roar from the cell.
Fett and Fennec discuss the incident. Fennec suggests Fett embrace the attempts on his life as he is Daimyo. Fett says he needs to respond to this, as he suspects everyone is waiting for him to make a move. Fennec suggests the move was made by imprisoning the assassin. Fett replies that waiting with Hutts only gives them time to plan their next move. 8D8 informs them of the Twins’ arrival bearing gifts. Fett and Fennec head outside to find the Twins sitting on their litter. They apologize for sending the assassin, and offer a rancor as restitution. Fett tells them to clear off Tatooine and he will consider a truce. The Hutts agree to leave, but inform Fett that they were lied to as well. The territory is supposedly promised to another syndicate by Mok Shaiz. They agree to return to Hutta in the interest of avoiding war, which they say is bad for business. The Gamorrean guard emerges with Krrsantan, and Fett ofers him back if the Twins renounce all claims to Jabba’s legacy on Tatooine. The Twins tell him they are leaving Tatooine and suggest he do the same. They tell him to sell the Wookiee back to the gladiators as their tribute to Fett. Fett orders Krrsantan’s release. He advises the Wookiee, as an “ex-bounty hunter” not to work for scugholes like the Hutts. Krrsantan begrudgingly heads out on foot. Fennec asks Fett what their next move is. Fett thinks infighting among their enemies would help the Hutts, and finds it suspicious they would be leaving. Fennec decides to arrange for a meeting with the mayor.

Fett brings the rancor down to its holding cell. The Rancor Keeper explains that the beast is depressed. and explains the emotional complexity of rancors. He tells Fett that this rancor is a calf, bred from champions to be used for fighting, but he saved it for himself to train. The rancor wears blinders because it imprints on the first human it sees. Fett approaches the rancor and pets it affectionately. The Keeper tells him that the rancor are good for much more than fighting, recalling the legend that the Witches of Dathomir would ride them. Fett wants to learn how to ride it the way he learned how to ride the Bantha, which is much larger. The Keeper has him stand in front of the rancor. Fett and the rancor regard each other, and Fett begins to become enamored of the beast, nearly dismissing 8D8 as he approaches with news. Mok Shaiz is not available for at least 20 days. Fett orders the rancor be fed, and prepares Fennec for a trip to Mos Espa. The Keeper tells the rancor that Fett will be back.

In Mos Espa, Fett and Fennec arrive with four of the cyborg gang on speeder bikes. The majordomo once again runs them around before meeting with Mok Shaiz privately. When he locks the door behind him, Fennec picks the lock to find that the room is empty. They come outside to find the majordomo driving off in a speeder. Fennec sends the bike gang after him. They manage to corner him after doing a great deal of property damage. Fett demands the location of the mayor, and is told he is working with the Pykes. The Pyke Syndicate arrives on Tatooine as one of the cyborgs informs Fett and Fennec. Fennec suggests that the Pykes arriving now are only the first wave. She tells Fett that the Pykes are preparing for war. and he responds that they will be ready.


CHAPTER 4: The Gathering Storm

Fett sleeps in his bacta tank and flashes back to wandering the desert n his bantha after seeing the massacre by the Kintan Striders speeder bike gang. Fett comes to Jabba’s palace and takes aim with a rifle before walking away. He decides to take his bantha to get food instead. Fett feeds the bantha some meet when he notices a distant explosion. Fett follows the fallen object to discover Fennec Shand.

Fett carries Fennec to Mos Eisley. He brings her to the mod-parlor where the cyborg gang gets their upgrades. He tasks them with modifying her. The surgeon gets to work on her immediately once presented with immediate payment. He completes the work, and Fett takes her back to the desert. When she awakes, he immediately presents her with a black melon pod and tells her how he found her. Though reluctant at first, he convinces her to drink from the pod. Fett identifies her as the bounty hunter she is known to be, and assures her he is not interested in collecting an bounty on her. She does not believe that he is Fett, thinking him dead. Fett recalls his rescue by the Tusken tribe, but Fennec doubts the Tuskens would lose to a gang of bikers. Fett asks her help to recover his Firespray gunship (fka the Slave I). He tells her it remains parked at Jabba’s palace. Fennec tells him that Bib Fortuna now sits Jabba’s throne, but Fett feels hesitant about simply asking for it back. Fennec agrees to help him in exchange for her debt to him for saving her life. He says, “If that is what you wish.”

The two approach the palace on the bantha. Fennec sends a probe droid to surveil the area. As the probe explores the palace, Fett releases his bantha in preparation to infiltrate. Fennec questions Fett’s motive in releasing his ride. Fett reminds her that it’s a life or death mission for him. He plans to kill Bib Fortuna and leave with his ship. Fennec reminds him that bounty hunters like them get to decide when they’re finished. The probe returns and gives and outlay of the area where the ship is docked. It shows them vast number of guards that stand in their way, but Fennec suggests they go in quietly if they are to be successful She leads him into the palace as food is being prepared in the kitchen. The chef droids investigate a disturbance and are engaged by Fett. He and Fennec take out the chef droids and continue on. As they are leaving, a rat catcher droid enters, and runs from Fett before Fennec helps him to catch it. Fett threatens it, but the scared droid shuts itself down for fear of further abuse. Fett and Fennec approach the ship, where two Gamorrean guards find them. After taking them out, the alarm is sounded, and many more guards appear. Fennec tells Fett she will cover him while he checks the ship’s flyability. While Fennec handles the guards, Fett gets the ship started and picks up Fennec. He cannot see and needs to find the gate i order to get out. Meanwhile, Fennec fights several guards who try to board the ship. She shoots the gate release and the two leave the palace. Fett sees the ship in good shape and decides to maintain his secrecy. Fennec asks to stay with him.

Fett tracks down the Kintan Striders gang and picks them off effortlessly with his gunship. He then approaches the sarlacc pit, where he believes his armor to be. As it is beskar, there is no worry of it deteriorating in the stomach, but his scanners don’t pick up anything. As he gets closer, the sarlacc awakens and tries to drag the ship into the sand. Fennec drops a pulse bomb into the sarlacc’s mouth, and it explodes. Fett investigates the stomach, but doesn’t find anything. Fennec suggests he give up the search for his armor. Fett describes his plan to build a house of bounty hunters to lower the amount of unnecessary deaths due to poor management. Fett offers Fennec his loyalty to her in exchange for her work. Fennec doubts his motives, but Fett reminds her that being with the Tuskens reminded him that you can only get so far without a tribe.

Fett wakes up after a flashback to killing Bib Fortuna and sitting the throne. His droid reports full recovery. Fennec arrives and reports that the majordomo is cooperating with her, but has no knowledge of where the mayor is. He decides to make an appearance in Mos Espa so as not to make it seem like there is a power vacuum. At a cantina, Krrsantan sits and drinks while watching a group win at a table game. In a rage, Krrsantan beats up the players before being stopped by Garsa. She praises his strength, but reminds him that he is not to kill innocent Trandoshans. She agrees to cover his bar tab if he leaves. Krrsantan rips off the Trandoshan’s arm before paying his bill and leaving. Fett thanks Garsa and follows Krrsantan outside. He offers the wookiee a job.

At the palace, Fennec speaks to Jabba’s former captains, suggesting they listen to Boba Fett. Fett warns the group of the Pyke Syndicate, and the way they absorbed Tatooine into their spice trade, bribing the mayor of Mos Espa to keep the city in poverty. Although there is brief unrest, the rancor quickly makes it presence known, and Fett feeds it as the others watch in shock. Fett proposes the families of Mos Espa join forces to defeat the Pyke Syndicate. It is argued that they are only a nuisance to Fett, but Fett makes a stand that he plans to wipe out the Pyke syndicate alone or together. He only asks their neutrality if bribed to betray him. The captains find the proposal acceptable. As they all leave, Fett suggests they prepare for war. Fennec tells him they can buy muscle if they know where to look.