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Chapter 17: The Apostate

In flashback, we are reminded of IG-11’s sacrifice to protect Mando and Grogu, Greef’s praise of the restoration of Nevarro, and Mando’s confession to the Armorer in Book of Boba Fett that he removed his helmet, relinquishing his status as Mandalorian. We are reminded that he may atone in the Living Waters beneath the mines of Mandalore, which were bombed by the Galactic Empire during the Purge.

Open on the Armorer hammering hot metal into a blue helmet. She walks outside of a cave to a procession of Mandalorians on the beach, and a young unnamed foundling standing in the waters. He begins to speak the Mandalorian oath before donning the helmet, never to reveal his face again. But before he finishes, a gargantuan alligator attacks the Mandalorians on the beach. Paz Visla orders the young ones back to the cave as the rest work to fend off the creature. The monster is difficult to handle, but the Mandalorians are saved by a Naboo fighter jet, piloted by Mando, with Grogu as a copilot. He launches a proton torpedo into the creature’s side, killing it.

In the cave, Mando and Grogu approach the Armorer. She reminds him that he willfully removed his helmet, and is no longer Mandalorian. He attempts to negotiate redemption, providing a green crystal he claims to have obtained from Jawas who got it from a traveler who claimed to have come upon it on the surface of Mandalore. The Armorer claims this as proof that the entire surface of Mandalore was crystallized by fusion rays. Mando proposes that if the surface is only crystallized and not poisoned, he should be able to bathe in the Living Waters beneath the mines, thereby redeeming himself. Grogu watches and looks to the Armorer, effectively pleading with Mando. She tells them, “This is the Way,” before dismissing them.

As they travel through hyperspace on autopilot, Grogu marvels at the stars and planets as they zoom by. He then notices several Purrgil traveling alongside them in the shadows of light speed. Frightened, he cozies up to a sleeping Mando. They arrive on Nevarro to meet with Greef. Mando and Grogu notice how different the space port is, complete with a statue of IG-11. High Magistrate Greef Karga invites the two inside.

Greef shares that Nevarro is now an official trade spur of the Hydian Way. He offers Mando a plot of land to retire on, since his quest for bounties is over. Mando explains that he has become an apostate for removing his helmet. Grogu used the Force to eat some berries out of a bowl on Greef’s desk. A droid interrupts to inform the High Magistrate of pirates in his courtyard.

Greef immediately recognizes their leader as Vane. He invites them to speak in his office, but Vane continues the conversation to reveal how Greef used his cut of a reward from Gorian Shard to buy the saloon, which has been transformed into a school. Vane attempts to demand a drink from Greef, citing the dirty work he used to pay them to do back in the day. Vane tries to intimidate Greef with his holstered blaster, but Greef reveals his own to show that he hasn’t gone soft. Vane draws on Greef, but has his hand blasted by the latter. Greef tells Vane to send a message to Shard that pirates are no longer welcome on Nevarro. Vane signals his crew to shoot, but Mando and Greef take them all out before they can even aim. They two then turn their blasters on Vane before Greef shoos him away.

Greef tells Mando that, in the absence of Cara Dune, he is in need of a marshal. Dune was recruited by Special Forces after she brought Moff Gideon into custody. Gideon was sent off to a New Republic War Tribunal. When Mando suggests he hire someone from the New Republic, Greef explains that he wants Nevarro to become the first completely independent trade anchor in the sector. Mando formally declines the offer, and Greef acknowledges that he is here on business.

Mando asks that IG-11 be rebuilt from the parts used to build his statue. Mando says that he needs a droid he can trust to help him explore Mandalore. Mando personally reconnects IG-11’s upper torso to power in an effort to power him up. The droid turns on, and upon seeing Grogu, recalls its original protocol to terminate the asset. Mando protects Grogu as the droid claws its way off the operating table and across the floor, fixed on its directive. Greef’s protocol droid manages to crush IG-11’s head using a bronze bust, deactivating him.

Greef guides Mando to a group of tiny Anzellan droidsmiths to fix up IG-11, led by Babu Frik. Frik tells Mando that the droid’s memory circuit is no good, and it will not recognize him or Grogu as friendly. Mando offers to find a new memory circuit, which Frik says is hard to find. Grogu attempts to hug Frik, who relents on account of his size. Mando apologizes, explaining that Grogu is still very young. Mando and Grogu board the fighter and leave Nevarro.

Mando explains the properties of the spaceship to Grogu, but they are interrupted by Vane, seeking vengeance for his crew killed by Mando and Greef. He and five other pirates chase Mando and Grogu through a small asteroid field, but Mando’s superior piloting and navigation allows him to take out the pirates, leaving only Vane to pursue. Vane leads Mando right to Pirate Captain Gorian Shard’s ship. As several gunmen lock onto Mando, he hails Gorian Shard, who demands he surrender his ship in exchange for his life. Mando reminds Grogu to never trust a pirate, before jumping to hyperspace to evade them.

They arrive at the planet Kalevala, a planet in the Mandalorian System, with its own Mandalorian castle, the House of Kryze. Mando lands and exits his ship, with Grogu by his side. The two approach Bo-Katan, sitting alone on her throne. She shares that, without the Darksaber, her forces dissipated and now operate as mercenaries throughout the galaxy. She tells Mando that he can command the forces of Mandalore as wielder of the Darksaber. She tells him that his “cult” gave up on Mandalore long before the Purge of the Empire. She tells him that the Children of the Watch destroyed the Mandalorian people. Mando informs her of his plan to bathe in the Living Waters of Mandalore and be forgiven for his transgressions. She tells him there is nothing for him on Kalevala, and that his pursuit of the Living Waters of Mandalore is foolish. She tells him that the mines of Mandalore served no purpose other than to supply beskar ore to their Mandalorian ancestors and that the rest is superstition. She tells him that the mines are located beneath the civic center of Sundari on Mandalore. Mando thanks her for the intel, and promises to find out if the planet is truly poisoned, as she said. Bo-Katan dismisses them, and Mando walks with Grogu back to his ship.


Chapter 18: The Mines of Mandalore

As a race takes place in Mos Eisley, Peli Moto haggles with a Rodian over the labor and parts needed to repair his speeder. He pays her upfront, but once he leaves she distributes money to the Jawas she hired to boost the parts, given that Boonta Eve would mean ripe pickings for such. She quickly disperses them as Mando arrives. Grogu leaps out of the cockpit into Peli’s arms before mumbling something when he sees her. Mando asks her for an IG memory circuit, which she says hadn’t been made for years. Instead, she offers him R5-D4, the red unit with a “bad motivator” from A New Hope. The droid fearfully rolls back as it hears Mando’s description of required duties to test the atmosphere on Mandalore. Peli assists the droid to present itself more confidently and goes on with her pitch. She installs it as the ship’s copilot, which means Grogu rides in front. The three leave with little more than Peli’s word that the droid can do what she said it can.

As they approach Mandalore, Mando tells Grogu the story of the planet. He grew up on one of the moons, and had never been there. They enter the planet’s atmosphere, and Mando realizes the magnetic field will cut them off from any outside communications. Mando sends R5 out to take an air sample from the mines. R5 does so, but is terrified. Grogu is scared for it, but Mando shows Grogu that the droid is safe. Unfortunately, the signal gets lost, and Mando agrees to pressurize his helmet so he can go out to get the droid. He leaves Grogu alone in the ship and continues into the cave where R5 went. Mando is attacked by creatures who he fights using the darksaber. Though the blade is still very heavy for him, he is able to use it to defeat all of them. He hears R5 whimpering from a corner, but assures him that he is ok, and guides him back to the ship. R5 shows Mando that the atmosphere is breathable. Grogu accompanies Mando in his hover egg as they leave R5 in the ship.

Mando brings Grogu to where he was attacked, overlooking the civic center, where Bo-Katan told him to find the beskar mines. Mando uses his jetpack to descend with Grogu. Once they land, Mando guides them to a passageway. Along the way, he finds a Mandalorian helmet, but is suddenly captured by a gigantic droid spider. Grogu quietly watches as the droid is revealed to be a bio-mech piloted by a cyborg creature. Grogu finds Mando and tries to use the Force to open his case, but only succeeds in getting the creature’s attention. Mando shouts, “Get to Bo-Katan,” as Grogu narrowly escapes being hit by an electric blast. He pilots his egg back to the opening of a cave, and uses the Force to protect himself from another creature before getting to the ship. He and R5 fly to Kalevala.

Bo-Katan is approached by her droid announcing an unscheduled visitor. She immediately recognizes the ship, but is surprised to find Grogu alone and frightened. She has R5’s memory downloaded to find Mando’s whereabouts. She flies them to Mandalore in her ship. She tells Grogu the same comment Mando made about how the planet didn’t always look this way, and he becomes more worried. She dons her helmet and has Grogu lead her to Mando, while R5 watches from inside the ship.

Bo-Katan and Grogu come to the civic center, and descend down. Grogu becomes scared as he recognizes the sounds of creatures that attacked him before. Bo-Katan empathizes with his fear, but reminds him that she needs him to guide her to Mando. As they walk, she tells him that the Mandalorians and jedi used to get along. They both stop as they sense something unusual. Grogu hides as Bo-Katan takes the ambush of creatures full-on. She identifies the creatures as Alamites, who lived in the wastelands during better times on the planet.

Mando is approached by the cyborg, who begins to drain fluid from his body. Bo-Katan attacks the cyborg and frees Mando before picking up the darksaber. She fights the cyborg and stabs it through the torso. She turns away to check on Mando as the cyborg scurries away to get into the mech. Bo-Katan uses the darksaber to destroy the mech and kill the cyborg.

Mando wakes up and talks to Bo-Katan about old Mandalore. She serves him pog soup, a delicacy among Mandalorians in her age. Mando gets up and tells her that he is continuing to the mines so that he can be redeemed. She agrees to take him to the Living Waters. As they walk, Bo-Katan and Mando discuss the youth of the destruction to the planet by the Empire. Bo-Katan dismisses her own taking of the Creed as a royal duty done for spectacle, rather than honor.

They arrive at the Living Waters, once said to be a Mythosaur lair. Its skull symbol signifies the engagement of Mandalore the Great with the ancient mythosaur. Mando removes his jetpack and all of his weapons. He enters the waters and repeats the creed spoken to the boy at the beginning of the last episode. He is dragged underneath suddenly, and Bo-Katan immediately dives in after. She uses her jetpack to explore the depths, and she pulls Mando up from the clutches of a mythosaur, which she looks right in the eye before pulling Mando out of the waters.


Chapter 19: The Convert

Mando awakes and Bo-Katan confirms his redemption without mentioning the Mythosaur. Mando takes a sample of the water with him to prove to the Armorer. He can only remember how deep the chasm was as he fell. She tells him that the bombings may have triggered seismic activity, because it wasn’t always that deep. She asks him if he remembers seeing anything alive. Mando doesn’t understand the question, and she dismisses it. Bo-Katan takes one last look before they depart.

They leave in Bo-Katan’s ship. Grogu is interested in her offer of a feast, although Mando will not remove his helmet now (“This is the Way”). They are attacked by Imperial TIE Interceptors. Mando takes the rear gun and fires at the TIEs. He reminds her that she is piloting a stolen Imperial ship, which would explain the attack. She flies into Kalevala but cannot slow down to drop Mando safely. Luckily, his jet pack makes up for the drop speed.

Mando pilots the Naboo fighter and makes quick work of the TIE Interceptor on his tail. R5 sits in Bo-Katan’s ship worried as Mando pilots alone. She navigates the canyon cliffs as Mando closes in on the TIEs chasing her. They work together to take them out. Mando detects another attack taking place at House Kryze. Three TIE Bombers take out the castle and fly away as Bo-Katan angrily gives chase. She fires a missile at one, but Mando detects a battalion of fighters approaching the area. He tells her they need to escape, and sends her hyperspace jump coordinates.

On Coruscant, former Imperial Dr. Pershing is giving a speech about the Amnesty Program offered by the New Republic to former servants of the Empire. He discusses the misuse of his cloning technology by the Empire. He goes on to talk about his devotion to science of cloning organs, and later the theory that the best genes can be manipulatively selected to create a new individual. Afterward, Dr. Pershing talks with the attendees, mostly wealthy folk of different planetary origin. They all express admiration for the work he has done. On his way back to Amnesty housing, the droid taxi driver talks his ear off about what there is to see in Coruscant.

Dr. Pershing arrives at the house and sees a small group, who invite him for a drink. He acknowledges his pin, transferring from the Re-Integration Institute. He is introduced to the group, and recognizes the communications officer on Moff Gideon’s ship. Her identity is a surprise to the others. One shares a rumor that he escaped en route to the War Tribunal, while another recalls hearing that he had been hooked up to a mind flyer. The former officer Elia Kane says she prefers not to think of her time in his command, and they all toast the New Republic. While the rest reminisce about time served under the Empire, she quietly offers to show Pershing around Coruscant. Pershing contributes to the conversation, and feels good to be accepted by the group for once.

While Pershing listens to facts about Coruscant in bed, he responds to a knock at his door. When answers, no one is there. He notices a box on his doorstep, filled with the travel biscuits he had shared before that he loved when he served the Empire. The next day, he works as an archivist for the New Republic, much to the surprise of his peers who saw his speech the night before.

Pershing and Elia walk through an outdoor fair and enjoy the sights and snacks. She shares that she had trained at the Imperial academy on Coruscant. Pershing shares his doubt that the New Republic would favor cloning as a scientific pursuit. She encourages him to propose his idea. They approach Umate, the peak of the highest mountain on the surface of the planet.

The next day, Pershing speaks with a social worker droid. He asks it if he can pursue his own research independently. The droid responds that his work in cloning and genetic engineering would violate the Coruscant Accords. Pershing shares his necessities to do the research with Elia. She tells him that they can break the rules in order to get him what he needs. He rejects the idea, as it would mean that they go back to the Re-Integration Institute if caught.

At work, Pershing asks his supervisor if he could be granted access to the Imperial files before their destruction to show how they might be used for good in the New Republic. Though skeptical, the supervisor tells him what form to submit to gain such authority, but Pershing doesn’t like the way he is told, so he dismisses the answer. Later, he hesitates when the social worker droid asks if he is experiencing feelings of anger toward the New Republic. He approaches Elia about getting a mobile lab station.

Pershing dresses in an overcoat and tells himself that what he is doing is to help the New Republic. Elia walks him to a station in plain clothes. They pass through a turnstile to board a transport. They depart Amnesty Housing, bound for the disposal yards. She tells him that they can take whatever they need from the Imperial labs left for junk along with all the ships. She promises they’ll be back before curfew.

Pershing notices two droid conductors passing through to inspect tickets, and Elia guides him to jump to the next car. They are being pursued by one of the droids, and go all the way to the end of the train. Elia suggests they jump a timed jump onto a nearby rooftop. They come to an Imperial research center, and Elia is able to guide him through. At one point, the two are formally introduced to one another.

They come to the lab, which Pershing marvels at as it reminded him of a dream he had when working with his mother. A noise outside distracts Elia as Pershing takes a large case from the lab. They know they are being followed as they continue on together. Outside, they are immediately caught by New Republic officers. Elia reveals herself as the mole who got him to reveal what he would need to get started on his cloning research. Without a minute to explain himself, Pershing is handcuffed.

He wakes up shackled to a mind flayer, which the mon calamari administrator begins to explain to him. Pershing anxiously tries to explain himself and how Elia lured him into a trap. He calls to her from behind the glass, but she cannot hear him. Elia is left alone with the control, which she dials up to maximum capacity to watch as Pershing is tortured.

Mando and Bo-Katan come out of hyperspace and breach the atmosphere of a Mandalorian covert, the cave from the first episode. Paz Viszla initially dismisses Din Djarin, but he responds that he visited the mines of Mandalore, which is immediately denied by Paz. Bo-Katan identifies herself to identify as witness, and Paz dismisses her as well, naming them both apostates to the Way. Mando again asserts that they visited the Living Waters, and provides his sample of the water as proof. Paz admits them entry to see the Armorer.

Mando offers the sample of the Living Waters to the Armorer. She pours it into a large chalice, and confirms that Din Djarin is redeemed. She also acknowledges Bo-Katan’s redemption, though the latter denies following the Way. The Armorer confirms that she did bathe in the Living Waters, and has not removed her helmet since. Therefore, by creed, she has earned the right to live amongst the covert. She and Mando are welcomes by the rest of the Mandalorians. Bo-Katan sees the Mythosaur pendant hanging on the wall, realizing her situation.



Chapter 20: The Foundling

Open on the covert engaging in practice exercises outside the cave. Bo-Katan observes the training as Grogu sits near some hermit crabs inching toward him. When he picks one up, Mando suggests he train with the other foundlings. He faces Grogu against Ragnar, Paz Vizsla’s son. Though the judge initially refuses Grogu on account of his size, Mando insists. Ragnar requests paintball darts as the weapon. Ragnar asks why Grogu doesn’t wear a helmet, which Mando explains is because he is too young to speak the creed. Bo-Katan fits Grogu with the dart shooter and supports Mando’s decision. After the two are armed, the duel is called and Ragnar immediately lands a hit on Grogu, scoring a point. After scores a second consecutive point, Mando encourages Grogu to use what he’s seen him do. Grogu flips over Ragnar and back before firing all three of his darts onto him, winning the duel. As Ragnar walks it off, a reptilian wyvern creature swoops in and snatches him up. Paz leads Mando to follow the monster to its lair. After a long chase, their jetpacks run out of fuel. Luckily, Bo-Katan was on its tail in her ship the whole time.

Bo-Katan reports back to the covert how she followed the monster to its lair. Its nest is at a high point in the mountains. Paz advises that the use of jetpacks would alert the beast. Bo-Katan suggests she can scale the peak herself to save the foundling. Mando volunteers to go with her, and the Armorer assigns Paz to enjoin the Shriek-hawk training team to accompany them. As they leave in Bo-Katan’s ship, the Armorer invites Grogu to assist her.

Grogu follows the Armorer to the Forge, and she explains to him how the shaping of ore through refinement can be compared to emotional growth. As a piece of armor is being hammered, Grogu has a flashback to his rescue on Coruscant during the siege of Order 66. In the flashback, four jedi are leading Grogu in his egg, say they need to get him to Kelleren. As clone troopers ambush them, Grogu is moved into an elevator. Arriving alone at the rooftop, Grogu meets jedi Kelleren Beq (Ahmed Best), who tells him everything will be all right. Beq takes up the lightsaber of a fallen jedi and defends himself and Grogu against several clone troopers. They manage to escape in a speeder, but are pursued by a clone battle transport. Beq is able to evade them and gets Grogu to safety. As they arrive at the ship to take Grogu off-world, another clone trooper ambush occurs. Beq and Grogu take the ship while guards hold off the clone troopers. They take off into deep space, pursued by TIE Fighters, which they evade by jumping to hyperspace. Grogu returns to the present moment as the Armorer completes her project. She explains to Grogu that every Mandalorian donates a part of what they have to the foundlings. She used scraps of beskar to forge a new piece of rondel armor for Grogu, bearing the insignia of the mudhorn creature. She affixes it to his beskar chainmail shirt at the chest, letting him know he will grow into it.

Bo-Katan lands the ship and leads the team on foot. They follow her to the peak where the nest is, and determines they sleep and climb at first light. Paz tells the team to make camp. At the campfire, food rations are distributed, and Bo-Katan asks how they eat with others around. Mando explains that you go to an area alone where you can take off your helmet. As everyone stands, Paz approaches Bo-Katan and tells her that, as leader of the war party, she had the honor of staying by the fire. After Paz leaves, Bo-Katan sits, removes her helmet, and eats.

The next morning, the team is reminded of the exceptional care to be taken when engaging the raptor so as not to hurt the foundling. The team scales the peak with the help of grapple cables. When they reach the nest, it is empty, but Mando detects a heat signature on the opposite side of the nest. Paz runs to it, exclaiming that Ragnar is his son. As he digs for Ragnar, Paz comes face to face with the three baby shriek-hawks that try to eat him. The mama returns and regurgitates Ragnar to feed her babies. Paz runs to save his son. He flies into the creature’s mouth as it grabs Ragnar and takes off. Mando, Bo-Katan and the rest take off to give chase.

Bo-Katan catches up to the raptor first and tries to save Ragnar, but is kicked by beast, knocking off her shoulder armor and disrupting her flight pattern. Bo-Katan recovers as Mando and the rest catch up. Bo-Katan stabs the shriek-hawk in the face, causing it to drop Paz. As the team works to distract the raptor, Mando manages to get it to drop Ragnar. Mando catches him as he falls. The shriek-hawk falls into a lake, and is eaten by an underwater creature before it can take flight. Ragnar is returned to his father.

Bo-Katan flies everyone back to the covert on the beach. The Armorer guides Grogu to greet them. First to exit is Ragnar and Paz, to rigorous applause. As Bo-Katan exits, the Armorer praises her for honoring her house and all of Mand’alor. She did the highest honor of the creed by rescuing a foundling. Bo-Katan responds, “This is the Way,” before introducing the Armorer to three new foundlings – the shriek-hawk chicks. As the chicks are led out, the Armorer notices Bo-Katan’s missing armor. She leads her to the Forge.

The Armorer asks Bo-Katan if she would like her house’s symbol of the Nite Owl inlayed on the armor, to match her other side. Bo-Katan sees the cast of the mythosaur on the wall and asks if it would be acceptable for her to wear that on one pauldron, with the Nite Owl on the other. The Armorer tells her that the Mythosaur belongs to all Mandalorians, and is always acceptable to wear. Bo-Katan accepts. As the Armorer finishes, Bo-Katan asks what she would say if she told her she saw a mythosaur. The Armorer tells her it is a noble vision to have. Bo-Katan tries to explain that she saw it deep beneath the living waters on Mandalore. The Armorer continues by telling her that, “When you choose to walk the way of the Mand’alor, you will see many things.” Bo-Katan argues that it was real. The Armorer simply responds, “This is the Way.”


Chapter 21: The Pirate

On Nevarro, High Magistrate Greef Karga discusses the construction of new additions to the city. The meeting is interrupted by a pirate corsair flying low over the building. Greef refuses to setup negotiations because buying them off would set a bad precedent. He is hailed by the captain of the vessel, and dismisses everyone before taking the call. It is Gorian Shard, who immediately chastises Greef for his change in character since becoming high magistrate. Shard goes on to chastise Greef for murdering his men in cold blood. Greef responds that they shot first. Shard responds that he will now shoot first. Greef reminds Shard that Nevarro is under the protection of the New Republic. Shard laughs it off as Nevarro is independent, and no longer besieged by Moff Gideon. Shard threatens Greef again, telling him that he isn’t afraid of the New Republic. He tells Greef not to hail him again unless it is to surrender. Greef looks over the crowd and calls over a droid to send a message. The corsair readies its guns and fires. Panic ensues as the attack takes place. Protocol droids direct people to take refuge in the lava flats, while Greef refuses to abandon the city in its time of peril. People evade the city as the corsair continues to fire.

At a New Republic military outpost, several pilots enjoy some time off in their pub. A message is delivered to Captain Teva, who asks to use the viewer. Greef, in his message implores Teva’s help, saying that if the New Republic does not intervene, then the planet Nevarro could easily fall to the pirates and become a new pirate base. Teva immediately considers putting in a request on Coruscant to intercede. Another pilot tells him that the process would take too long. So he takes his X-Wing to the planet himself.

In the halls of the New Republic headquarters, Teva checks in to see Colonel Tuttle, in the same office space where Elia Kane is working. Colonel Tuttle (Tim Meadows) is approached by Teva. Teva asks Tuttle for aid in battling the pirate siege on Nevarro. Tuttle had never heard of the planet. He gives Tuttle the data chip with Greef’s message. Tuttle watches the first ten seconds of the message before stopping it, not showing interest. Elia interrupts to ask if Tuttle wants anything from the commissary. After saying no, Tuttle asks if she had ever heard of Nevarro. Elia tells him that she did spend time there at one time, and reminds him that they have yet to sign the Charter, and as such Nevarro is not a member planet of the New Republic. Teva presses on by reason that there is always some dangerous activity happening on Nevarro. Teva repeats the rumor that Moff Gideon never made it to his trial as Elia listens. Tuttle asks Teva point blank what he requires, and he requests authorization and backup for dealing with the pirates on Nevarro.

Elia offers the moment as a way for Nevarro to see why it would be important to sign the charter. Teva argues that that’s an “Imperial way of thinking.” Unhindered, Elia goes on suggest a new perspective is needed for one to see the light. Teva doesn’t trust her, but Tuttle interrupts the argument to tell him they will do what they can. Teva again states the recurring events on Nevarro are not coincidental, and warns of the impending danger before leaving.

The citizens of Nevarro wander the desert planet, led by Greef, en route to the lava flats. Greef looks out and sees the city under the corsair. Greef tries to reassure the citizens as they make camp, informing them of the message he sent to the New Republic. Captain Teva tracks a signal to the covert. He approaches the cave with his hands up, immediately identifies himself, and waits. Paz Vizsla dismisses him for arriving unannounced, but Teva argues that they would have cleared out if he had made his visit known. Mando steps forward and asks how he found them. Teva says that a former member of the rebellion is among them – R5D4. Paz suggests they kill him, but Mando relents, acknowledging that Teva cut him a break once.

Teva hands Mando the message box with Greef’s plea, and explains the situation on Nevarro. When Mando asks why Teva is really there, he tells him that the pirates are going to destroy Nevarro, and that the New Republic is not going to help. Mando asks what’s in it for him, and Teva tells him that the New Republic has to know that the Empire is growing again. Mando asks if he suspects that the Pirate King as something to do with that, but Teva is unsure. Before going, Teva tells Mando that he knows it isn’t his fight, but he wanted him to know that his friend is in danger. He apologizes for showing up unannounced, and promises not to reveal their relocated whereabouts. After he takes off, Bo-Katan asks Mando what he will do. Mando says he will help Greef, but she reminds him he can’t do it alone.

Around a campfire, Mando briefs several members of the covert in an effort to get their help in aiding Greef Karga. Some of them fought Greef to free Mando in season 1, but he assures them of his change of heart. Mando offers the covert the plot of land that Greef had offered him at the beginning of the season. There, they can relocate in the light, and their people can flourish once more. The Armorer asks if anyone else would like to speak, Paz stands up. Paz remembers the many deaths of Mandalorians in their efforts to have Mando protect Grogu. Though he questions the reasons why one would risk his life again, he powerfully concludes, “Because we are Mandalorians.” As Mando risked his life to save Ragnar in the previous episode, Paz supports Mando and Bo-Katan. The rest of the covert rally behind them.

Bo-Katan discusses the engagement of the pirates with the covert before they board her ship. Mando follows behind as they travel to Nevarro. Bo-Katan briefs the Mandalorians on how they will engage the pirate corsair. She then tells them that as Nevarro is an independent planet, it is the perfect settling ground for Mandalorians, who do not wish to live under the New Republic nor the Empire.

On Nevarro, pirates pillage what remains after their destruction. They hear the two ships fly in above. Gorian Shard is alerted to their presence as well. Mando fires a shot at the ship, and Shard orders snub fighters deployed to handle him. Vane leads the charge against Mando. Greef watches and radios Mando to thank him. Mando tells him he will take the offer for the land. The corsair follows Mando, who sends the message to Bo-Katan to drop the first team of Mandalorians. They land in the town and begin taking out pirates. A second team arrives as more snub fighters chase Mando, who gives Bo-Katan the go-ahead to attack Shard’s ship. Vane and another snub fighter pursue Mando through a canyon as he his hailed to return to the corsair.

In the city, the Mandalorians engage more pirates as they are flanked from both sides. Paz arrives and manages to help give them an upper hand. The pirates attach a large gun to a balcony and begin to fire on the Mandalorians, who take cover. Above, the snub fighters go after Bo-Katan, and Mando assists her in taking them out. More damage is done to the corsair. The Armorer walks in on the pirates on the balcony and takes each of them out with her tools. Paz leads the advance on the remaining pirates, who try to evacuate, but are immediately ambushed by the townspeople, returning home. As the last snub fighter standing, Vane abandons his captain and flies away. Shard takes the wheel and opens fire on the city once again. Mando leads an aerial strike on the corsair’s last engine, which brings the ship down once and for all.

Greef thanks the Mandalorians in front of the citizens of Nevarro, acknowledging their past grievances. He states what land he will be giving to the Mandalorians, welcoming them to the planet. As they celebrate, Paz takes Bo-Katan to see the Armorer. She shows her the wrecked Forge they used to use, and they speak about the forges on Mandalore. Though different in size and location, they served the same purpose. The Armorer then orders Bo-Katan to remove her helmet. She tries to argue, but the Armorer presses her. Bo-Katan removes her helmet. The Armorer tells her that the Mandalorians must walk the way together. She then tells Bo-Katan that her seeing a live mythosaur means that they are truly coming into a new age. She says that, since Bo-Katan has walked both worlds, she will be the one to unite them.

Outside, the Mandalorians watch as the Armorer leads Bo-Katan, without her helmet. She tells them that Bo-Katan will bring other exiled Mandalorians back to their new covert on Nevarro. When Paz argues that she shows her face, the Armorer explains, “She walks both worlds. And she can bring all tribes together.” The Armorer looks at Bo-Katan and says, “It is time to retake Mandalore.”

In deep space, Captain Teva approaches an unidentified object. After shining some light on it, it is a destroyed Imperial cruiser with a big hole in it. He radios it in to a lieutenant, who confirms a record of a missing craft in the region, but the details are classified. He sends a probe to investigate. It is confirmed as the New Republic prison transport vessel that was carrying Moff Gideon. When the probe scans a fragmented piece of metal, it is identified as beskar. The lieutenant asks Teva if Moff Gideon was extracted by Mandalorians.