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Chapter 1:
The series takes place five years after the fall of the Galactic Empire (i.e., after Return of the Jedi, but before The Force Awakens).

An unnamed bounty hunter dressed in Mandalorian armor (similar to that of the Fetts), is given a bounty for a 50-year-old lifeform on a distant planet. He is suggested to return the bounty alive (dead would significantly decrease the payment).

With the help of IG-11, a bounty droid, the hunter is able to infiltrate the basecamp, where they discover that the bounty is a baby of the same species as Jedi Master Yoda. Before the IG unit can terminate the lifeform, the Mandalorian kills the droid.

Chapter 2: The Child:
After fighting off some bounty hunters who were tracking the child, the Mandalorian returns to his ship to find it scavenged by Jawas. Kuill directs him to trade with the Jawas in order to get the parts back. The Jawas demand he retrieve “The Egg.”

When the Mandalorian enters the cave, he discovers that it is the next of a giant horned beast that attacks him. However, the beast is held momentarily in the air by the child (using the Force), before the Mandalorian kills it. He then goes into the cave to retrieve the egg. The Jawas return the parts in exchange for the egg.

Kuiil helps the Mandalorian repair his ship but turns down any form of payment offered.

The Mandalorian and the child leave the planet.


Chapter 3:  The Sin:
Mando returns the bounty and uses the reward to forge new armor. At the Covert underground lair, the other Mandalorian bounty hunters express their disdain with consorting with “the enemy,” in reference to the “Great Purge” where many Mandalorians, including Mando’s family, were systematically killed (a la Order 66). They have since lived in hiding, appearing one at a time so as not to reveal their numbers.

Now that Mando is the most sought bounty hunter in the parsecs, their presence will be even less. However, since Mando did not violate the code, he has done no wrong and is therefore not dishonoring them.

Mando has a change of heart and steals back the child, which reactivates its tracking fob. All the local bounty hunters ambush him as he reaches his ship, but he is saved by the remaining Mandalorians, who have left the Covert for good.

As he boards his ship, Mando is surprised by Greef, but shoots him off the ship in his chest before taking off with the Child. However, the shot was blocked by an Imperial steel credit brick.

Chapter 4: Sanctuary
Mando brings the child to Sorgan, a far off planet where he is sure no will track them. While visiting a pub, he meets Cara Dune, another bounty hunter who is ex communicado after the fall of the Empire. Cara tells Mando that he must leave Sorgan lest their presence draw more attention. Mando agrees.

A nearby village of krill farmers is regularly attacked by a group of raiders using an Imperial scout walker. Two of the villagers follow Mando’s ship to his landing point and ask for his help. When he learns that the village is in the middle of nowhere, he agrees as it may be a suitable relocation for the child. He also asks Cara to help. Mando gives the villagers weapons from his ship. He and Cara teach them to fight and shoot. They also build a barrier around the village.

When the raiders attack, the villagers shoot back, drawing out the scout walker. Cara and Mando lure the walker into a hole the villagers had dug, giving Mando enough to throw in a charge grenade. The raiders retreat and the villagers rejoice.

A bounty hunter tracks the child to the village, but Cara takes him out before he can take the shot. Mando realizes he must take the child with him again, and leaves Sorgan.


Chapter 5: The Gunslinger
After a space shootout, Mando lands at Mos Eisley on Tattooine for repairs. He looks for an available bounty to help him pay for the repairs. A rookie bounty hunter named Toro Calican claims to have a tracking fob for Fennec Shand, a former elite mercenary who is staked out across the Dune Sea. If captured, Toro will be admitted to the Guild, so he agrees to give Mando the payment for the bounty in exchange for his help, while Toro will take all the credit for the capture, keeping Mando’s presence unknown. He and Mando go after Fennec together while the repair shop looks after the Child.

Mando and Toro head out on speeder bikes, but are flanked by Fennec, who destroys Mando’s bike, giving Toro the opportunity to get the drop on her. He and Mando subdue and cuff Fennec. Mando leaves Toro with Fennec so he can go back and find a Dewback they had passed on their way so that they can all return to Mos Eisley. Fennec tells Toro about how Mando betrayed the Guild and that the bounty on his head and that of the Child (who she knows is still alive) would be greater than the bounty for just her. Toro kills Fennec and speedbikes back to Mos Eisley to kidnap the Child.

When Mando returns on the Dewback, he is confronted by Toro, who plans to take in both Mando and the Child. However, Mando distracts him with a flash grenade and kills him, with the Child unharmed. Mando takes Toro’s wallet and gives all of its content to the repair shop before leaving the planet. Just before the credits, an unknown figure approaches the body of Fennec.


Chapter 6: The Prisoner
Mando takes a job to extract a prisoner from a jail rig with 4 other bounty hunters. Before they get to his cell, a distress beacon is activated, limiting their time.

After the prisoner’s cell is released, the other bounty hunters turn on Mando and force him into the cell. Mando escapes and imprisons 3 of the other bounty hunters, killing the last one.

He delivers the prisoner and collects the bounty. As he departs, an order is given to have him killed. However, Mando placed the distress beacon on the prisoner, and three X-Wing fighters destroy the station.


Chapter 7: The Reckoning
Mando receives a transmission from Greef asking him to return to Nevarro, as the client has cracked down on security by hiring more stormtroopers. If Mando takes out the client, he can keep the child and have his named cleared with the Guild.

On his way back, Mando enlists the aid of Cara Dune and Kuiil, who has rebuilt and reprogrammed the IG-11 bounty hunter droid.

On Nevarro, Mando, Kuiil and Cara meet with Greef and three bounty hunters, while IG-11 stays on the ship on Mando’s insistence. As they camp outside of the town the night before, they are attacked by flying creatures who gravely injure Greef. but the Child uses the Force to heal his wounds (a foreshadowing of what we will see in Episode IX). Greef takes out his own enforcers and tells Mando that the original plan was to kill him and take the Child, but after being saved, Greef has a change of heart.

Greef, Mando, and Cara meet with client while Kuiil rides back to the ship with the child. The client takes a transmission from an Imperial general named Moff Gideon. Mando secretly calls to Kuiil for a status update, and the call is picked up by a pair of Storm Troopers on speeder bikes.

Moff Gideon orders a mass shooting, killing the client and several of his stormtroopers. Greef, Cara, and Mando are able to hide from the blasts, but it is revealed that Kuiil was killed by the biker troopers, who recover the Child and are heading back to the city.


Chapter 8: Redemption
IG-11 rescues the Child from the Bike Troopers after they kill Kuill. Moff Gideon orders Cara and Greef to surrender and calls Mando by his name Din Djarin. He also reveals that Cara was born on Alderaan. In a flashback, Din recounts being saved by Mandalorians when his village was attacked by Trade Federation droids. IG-11 flanks many of Gideon’s Storm Troopers, and manages to help Greef and Cara escape into a tunnel. Din takes heavy damage, but as IG-11 had been reprogrammed to be a nurse droid, it is able to treat his wounds. It removes Din’s helmet, revealing a human underneath. As IG-11 is not a living being, Din has not violated his code by revealing his face to it.

Underground, Din leads the group to the Armorer, who reveals that the rest of the Mandalorian clan on Nevarro was wiped out after Chapter 3. She tells him that the child’s powers resemble those of a race of sorcerers the Mandalorians used to fight called Jedi. She then gives him the final two parts of his armor: a sigil in the shape of a mudhorn (the best he fought in Chapter 2), and his jetpack. Din is then tasked with watching over the child, the Armorer proclaiming them “a clan of two.” The Child is now the Mandalorian.

On their way out of the tunnel, Din detects several troopers waiting to ambush them at the exit. IG-11 goes out in front and activates his self-destruct protocol, taking the troopers out with him.
Moff Gideon appears in his TIE Fighter, but Mando uses his jetpack to fly onto the ship and plant two bombs, causing it to crash.

Cara decides to stay with Greef on Nevarro while Din and the Child leave to find the latter’s family, if it so exists.

While some Jawas scavenge the wreck of Moff Gideon’s ship, a black lightsaber cuts a hole from the inside, revealing the Gideon survived the crash.