Test post

“Why don’t you come this way? We’ll go ahead and get you registered in the system while your parents finish with your enrollment.” Startled, you turn to see who’s speaking to you. There’s a short, portly woman smiling at you expectantly. Obedient, you follow her to her office.

It’s a very small room, maybe the size of a bathroom. The woman’s desk is covered with folders and an ancient-looking computer sits atop the whole mess, tilting dangerously towards the left. She gestures for you to sit before settling herself in her plush-looking seat. Cheerful, she says, “I’m one of the assistant principals here! You can call me ‘Mrs. Lawrence.’ Anyways, give me a moment to pull up the system…”

It takes longer than a moment, and you can hear her muttering to herself as she struggles with whatever software she’s trying to boot. As you wait, you notice the sheer number of cat pictures posted around the room. There’s also a large filing cabinet behind her, a plain grey printer sitting precariously on top of it. At last, she makes a satisfied sound before turning towards you, hands poised over the keyboard. “What’s your name?”

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