NOTE: This spoiler was submitted by Alex

On a rainy night, Jennifer (Brenda Song) is being chased by a man with a knife. While running away, she is hit by a car. She is rushed to a hospital, where the ER doctors fight to save her. Russell (Mike Vogel), her husband, arrives and is told she is in critical condition. Detective Frank Page (Dennis Haysbert), arrives and questions Russell about the incident, suspicious of Russell. Page’s own daughter was kidnapped years ago and he never recovered from the loss.

Jennifer finally wakes up with complete memory loss. Russell brings her pictures and tells her stories about her life, including that her parents passed away a few years prior in a fire. Eventually she recuperates enough to be released, and Russell takes her to their incredible home. Jennifer has occasional flashes to the night of the accident and the man with the knife. As they live together, Jennifer learns more information about her life that confuses her: that she quit her job to move out there with Russell, and doesn’t have a ton of friends who are nearby. She hasn’t been able to get her phone back.

A mysterious man reaches out to Detective Page about the crime – but Russell finds him and murders him. He buries the body in the backyard… which Jennifer maybe notices. She gets more and more suspicious, realizing that because she’s mostly wheelchair bound she’s trapped upstairs. She hauls herself down the stairs to try to look around the house, hoping to jog memories. When Russell tries to initiate sex, Jennifer recoils.

Eventually, Detective Page tracks down Jennifer’s parents’ home, and finds their corpses inside. Jennifer, still searching for answers, tricks Russell into leaving and gets onto his computer, discovering that the photos of them together have been doctored – he’s not really Russell at all. She gets some memory back of the incident – “Russell” was the one who attacked her. Detective Page learns that Russell’s real name is Ryan, a co-worker of Jennifer’s and the real Russell who was jealous of their relationship. Jennifer tries to escape the house but Ryan bashes her in the head and brings her back to their bedroom and chains her to their bed.

While getting supplies, Nurse Masters (Ashley Scott), who had also been suspicious of Russell and aiding the detective spots and confronts Ryan, but he speeds away. Jennifer breaks her own foot getting out of the chains and goes to the garage to try to escape in a car, but Ryan returns home – checking on the body of the real Russell in the trunk of his car.

Detective Page arrives and begins investigating but Ryan hits him over the head. Now pretty much discovered, Ryan ties Jennifer to the bed with rope, telling her how he’s always loved her, how her being with Russell made him furious, and he probably would have killed her too if not for her memory loss. Using a lighter, Jennifer manages to escape, and hits Ryan over the head with a vase. She runs into the forest behind the house while Detective Page wakes up and heads out after them. Ryan is about to shoot Jennifer when he’s tackled by Page, and Jennifer is able to grab the gun and shoot Ryan.

Three months later, Page is packing up his home, ready to retire. Jennifer comes by to say goodbye and thank you, and Page gives her a note Russell wrote to her that he found in her office. Jennifer reads the love note from her actual husband, and it plays in voice-over as she drives off into the future.