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The film starts in the woods, where a man named Jeff Morell (Ryan Brown) is running frantically. He trips and tumbles downward before he is found by The Strangers – Scarecrow, Pin-Up Girl, and Dollface. Scarecrow takes his axe and swings down on Jeff.

Elsewhere, a couple – Maya (Madelaine Petsch) and Ryan (Froy Gutierrez) – are driving across the country for their five year anniversary. They stop at a diner for lunch and meet another couple celebrating their anniversary. When asked why Ryan hasn’t proposed after five years, he dodges the question. Jeff’s missing poster is also seen on the wall.

When Maya and Ryan try to leave, their car won’t start. They meet a mechanic, Rudy (Ben Cartwright), who says he can have it fixed by the next day. A waitress named Shelly (Ema Horvath) drives the couple to an AirBnB cabin in the woods for them to spend the night.

Maya and Ryan get settled in and try to get intimate, but they hear a loud knocking at the door. Ryan opens the door and finds a woman hidden in the shadows, asking “Is Tamara here?” The couple tell her no, and she silently stands there before walking away. She then stands in the distance before disappearing.

Ryan finds that he left his inhaler in the car, so he takes a motorcycle back to the shop to pick it up. When he gets there, Rudy almost attacks him, thinking he is a car thief. Ryan grabs the inhaler and then stops to get food for him and Maya. The locals invite him to have a beer, but he turns them down for now.

Back at the cabin, Maya hears the loud knocking at the door, with the same woman coming to ask about “Tamara”. Maya also doesn’t notice somebody lurking behind her. She goes to play the piano, unaware that Scarecrow is sitting behind her. She walks into a room and is scared at the sight of Dollface’s mask. Maya runs into a closet and hides until Ryan returns to find her. After she tells him what she saw, he finds a clown painting that he thinks is what scared her.

The two sit down to eat, but things quickly get horrific when they find that The Strangers hung a dead bird with its throat cut to drip blood down on Maya and Ryan. They go to lock the doors, only for Scarecrow to start trying to break the door down with an axe. The couple runs into the bedroom to barricade themselves, but Scarecrow breaks the door open too and only stares at Maya and Ryan before walking away.

Maya and Ryan attempt to arm themselves and find a way to escape. While crawling under the floorspace, Maya accidentally jams a nail into her hand, and she has to stop herself from reacting in pain. After The Strangers move away, Ryan removes the nail and gets Maya out of there. Pin-Up Girl and Scarecrow attack Maya, but Ryan fends them off after finding a shotgun.

The couple makes their way outside, trying to get the drop on the killers. Ryan hears footsteps on the front porch, and he fires the shotgun. He thinks he killed Scarecrow, but he actually killed Joe, the owner of the house. Ryan is horrified, but Maya tries to calm him before they try to get Joe’s car so they can flee. The Strangers start to attack again, with Scarecrow ramming the car with his truck. Ryan’s leg gets stuck, so he tells Maya to run away. He tries to fire the shotgun at Scarecrow, but he dodges it.

Maya hides in the woods, where she tries to call the police for help. She manages to reach somebody before losing a signal. Maya then turns around and is horrified to find Jeff’s decayed corpse. When Maya tries to run, Dollface shows up and knocks her unconscious before dragging her away. Ryan ends up finding Pin-Up Girl and aims his shotgun at her. She starts to scream, laugh, and taunt him before Scarecrow shows up to knock Ryan out with the butt of his axe.

Maya and Ryan wake up tied up next to each other. Knowing they are doomed, Ryan asks Maya to marry him, and she accepts. Scarecrow them stabs Ryan in the chest before kicking his chair over. Maya pleads and asks why they are doing this, and Pin-Up Girl responds, “Because you’re here.” She then gives Scarecrow her knife so he can stab Maya and kick her over too. They then flee the premises before the police arrive.

Maya wakes up in the hospital. When she gets up from her bed, Scarecrow is seen laying beside her.


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A couple, Maya and Ryan, are driving cross-country for their five year anniversary. When their car breaks down, they must spend the night at an AirBnB cabin in the woods. Soon, they are stalked and terrorized by three masked killers - Scarecrow, Pin-Up Girl, and Dollface.

After arming themselves, Ryan accidentally kills the owner of the cabin when he shows up unexpectedly. He and Maya try to take the man's car to escape, but Scarecrow rams them with his truck. Maya manages to call the police for help before Dollface catches her. Pin-Up Girl is found by Ryan, but he takes too long to shoot her, so Scarecrow catches him.

Maya and Ryan are tied up and each stabbed once before being left for dead, after Pin-Up Girl tells Maya their motive was simply because the couple was there. The killers escape before the police arrive. Ryan dies but Maya wakes up in the hospital, with Scarecrow having followed her there.