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*The characters are not given names in the credits but the scipt identifies them by the same titles used in this spoiler.

The film opens in a forest, where four sasquatches live together. There is a young Male (Jesse Eisenberg), a Female (Riley Keough), a small one called “The Child” (Christophe Zajac-Denek), and a large one called “The Alpha” (Nathan Zellner). They go about their daily routines of finding food and beating the sides of trees in unison. The Male and Child also watch as the Alpha and Female have sex.


The sasquatches gather food and plants for consumption. The Female is pregnant with the Alpha’s child, and he suckles on her breast while she is lactating. The Alpha later attempts to sexually engage the Female again, but she aggressively rejects his advances. Later, the four go by a creek where the Child finds a turtle and starts trying to play with it. He starts to kiss it until the turtle bites his tongue and latches on. The Female helps get the turtle off the Child’s tongue before the Male and Alpha use the turtle like a telephone, and the Alpha ends up chucking the turtle into the trees.

The four come across various types of things that they eat, such as mushrooms and berries. The Alpha finds another bush with berries that have a strong taste, but he refuses to share with the other sasquatches. He then attempts to rape the Female, but she fights him off. The three yell at the Alpha and banish him into the woods.

The Alpha wanders alone until he eats a large red mushroom, which causes him to trip out before he starts vomiting. He then comes across a cave with a cougar and attempts to pull it out. The other three sasquatches later come by the woods and find the cougar feeding off the dead Alpha’s innards. The three start throwing rocks at the cougar, but it ends up leaving after taking its fill.

The three take the Alpha’s body and bury it in the dirt. They then have a small funeral procession of sorts before walking together to a cliffside and watching the sunset.

The Male, Female, and Child continue their routines before coming upon several trees with red X’s painted on them. The Female is also growing more far along in her pregnancy. The three walk further into the woods until they come across a paved road. They see that it appears endless, filling them with dread and rage. The three then proceed to urinate and defecate all over the road in angered defiance, with the Female even squirting her breast milk out.

The three stop at a lake, where the Male walks along a downed tree on the water. The tree then starts to roll over, and the Male falls into the water, with his feet stuck under the tree. As the tree starts to roll further on top of the Male, the Female and Child attempt to roll it off of him. Unfortunately, the tree is too heavy and the Male remains pinned underwater until he drowns. Later, the Female and Child throw their feces at crows attempting to eat the Male’s remains.

The Female and Child continue moving forward until they reach a campsite. They start trashing the place and eating the candy they find there, and the Female finds a music player. The song she plays moves her to tears, but she begins to angrily throw the device around. The Child then throws a frisbee at the Female, but when it hits her, her water breaks.

The Child sets up an area for the Female to give birth. In a matter of minutes, she gives birth to a healthy, hairy sasquatch baby. Moments later, the cougar reappears. The Female cuts the umbilical cord with her teeth and tosses the placenta to the cougar for it to eat, giving her and the Child and Baby a chance to get away. Once they find a safe spot, the Female nurses the Baby…and also the Child.

After sleeping, the Female wakes up to find the Baby with his eyes appearing lifeless, and his body is still. The Female frantically shakes the baby and taps on his chest until he vomits and begins breathing again.

The Female and Child later witness the smoke from a wildfire in the distance. Although clearly despaired, they walk with the Baby further away from the fire. They end up in a town where they find a giant Bigfoot statue in front of a museum, believing it to be real and trying to communicate with it through grunts. The Female and Child simply stand in front of the building while the Child beats two stones together before the film cuts to black.

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The film is a look at a year in the life of four sasquatches (a Male, his Female mate, a "Child", and an "Alpha"). They go through routines of gathering food and taking care of each other, although the Alpha makes unwanted advances toward the Female, who is pregnant. After he is banished into the woods, the Alpha eats a hallucinogenic mushroom and engages a cougar, which kills him and starts to eat him. The other three bury the Alpha.

In the summer, the remaining three sasquatches discover that humans are affecting their home, such as by cutting down trees and creating paved roads, to which they react by urinating and defecating on the road. While standing on a cut tree in a lake, the Male is pinned under the tree and tragically drowns before the Female and Child can free him. In the fall, the Female gives birth to a Baby, and she fends off the cougar by feeding it the placenta.

The Female, Child, and Baby eventually have to move out of the forest when a wildfire begins raging. They end up in a town in front of a Bigfoot museum