NOTE: This spoiler was submitted by Alex

A large clock counts down to one as the concert begins. Each act represents a different album and era of Taylor’s music.

Act 1: Lover

Dancers emerge with large flowing pink fabrics, they bring them together and from the fabric Taylor emerges in a sequined bodysuit. She starts by singing “Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince”. She then transitions into singing “Cruel Summer”. The dancers give Taylor a sequined blazer and sings “The Man” while the dancers work around her in a an office themed set. She follows this up by performing “You Need to Calm Down”. Taylor removes the blazer and welcomes the crowd at Sofi stadium to the tour, then on guitar Taylor plays “Lover”.

Act 2: Lover

Taylor comes onstage in a fringed metallic dress and cowboy boots and sings “Fearless” while playing guitar. She follows that up with “You Belong with Me” and “Love Story”.

Act 3: Evermore

The set changes to a dark green forest, and Taylor in a yellow gown and the dancers emerge in dark green robes as Taylor sings “Willow” while she and the dancers do a dance with firelike lights in their hands. Taylor removes the robe and performs “Marjorie”. Following that, the dancers lead Taylor to a moss-covered piano where she speaks to the audience about the tour and performs “Champagne Problems”. Afterwards, Taylor walks to a long table and sets up flowers and wine. A male dancer comes out and sits across the table for her as she sings “Tolerate It”, crawling across the table towards him.

Act 4: Reputaton

Snake imagery comes over the stage and Taylor emerges in a one-legged snake bodysuit with the dancers and opens up the act with “Ready For It”. After the opening, she sings “Delicate” and then follows it up with “Don’t Blame Me” as the lights create a dynamic show. She transitions into “Look What You Made Me Do” where all the dancers appear in glass boxes dressed as other versions of Taylor.

Act 5: Speak Now

Taylor emerges in a massive purple ball gown and performs “Enchanted.”

Act 6: Red

Taylor enters in a t-shirt and a hat and the dancers are all in Red as Taylor sings “22”. Near the end of the song, Taylor gives her hat to a young child in the audience. Taylor removes the shirt to reveal a red and black sequined romper as she sings “We Are Never Getting Back Together” and “I Knew You Were Trouble”. The dancers give Taylor a floor length sequined coat and she gets a guitar to perform “All Too Well (10 Minute Version)”.

Act 7: Folklore

A mossy-covered house appears on the stage. Taylor ascends the stairs in a flowy cream dress and sits on the roof where she sings “The 1”. Taylor explains the idea behind the set and then performs “Betty” on the guitar alongside the band on stage. She then sings “The Last Great American Dynasty” while the dancers dance in pairs in gowns and suits. Then, alone, Taylor sings “August”. Then the dancers form a funeral procession as Taylor sings “My Tears Ricochet”.

Act 8: 1989

The dancers are all in black and white while Taylor wears a sparkling pink top and skirt performs “Style”. Taylor performs “Blank Space” atop the rising stage, performing with golf clubs swinging at a car. She then goes right into “Shake it Off” and closes out the act by singing “Bad Blood”.

Act 9: Acoustic
Taylor comes out in a flowing gown with her guitar for the section of the show where Taylor performs two songs acoustic. First, “Our Song” on the guitar, then she moves to a piano to perform “You’re On Your Own Kid”. The stage appears like a giant pool of water and Taylor exits the act by “diving” into a hole in the stage.

Act 10: Midnights
Taylor climbs a ladder up into a cloud, and when she emerges she is wearing a faux fur lavender coat, lavender shirt and boots. The dancers surround her with clouds as she sings “Lavender Haze”. She loses the coat and performs “Anti-Hero”. Then she sings “Midnight Rain” as the dancers perform with umbrellas around her. She goes into the Umbrellas and comes out in a rhinestone blue bodysuit and garter. Then Taylor and the female dancers perform “Vigilante Shit” dancing seductively on chairs. Taylor performs “Bejeweled”, then “Mastermind” where the dancers wear black shiny coats. Taylor puts on a tinsel jacket along with dancers and performs “Karma” as the closing number. Taylor exits, lowering into the stage as the crowd goes wild.