NOTE: This spoiler was submitted by David G

ED SCHMITT (Alan Ritchson) and his wife THERESA (Amy Acker) welcome their newborn baby and decide to name her Michelle because it means “gift from God.” Five years later, in 1994, Ed sits by Theresa’s bedside in the hospital as she lies unconscious. A nurse tells him that she will die soon. Ed tells his wife he will care for their two girls as she passes away.

SHARON STEVENS (Hilary Swank) drinks heavily at a bar in Louisville, Kentucky, with her best friend ROSE (Tamala Jones). Rose expresses concerns about her drinking, but Sharon continues to do shots and dance on the bar until she falls off and hits her head. The next morning, Sharon wakes up hungover, immediately pours herself another drink, and is startled to find Rose waiting for her in the living room, who insists Sharon get help. Sharon attends an AA meeting but tells the group she is not an alcoholic. Another attendee speaks about the importance of finding something bigger than yourself. At the grocery store, Sharon sees a local newspaper headline about MICHELLE SCHMIIT (Emily Mitchell), Ed and Theresa’s 5-year-old daughter, and concerns Michelle might have Wegener’s disease. The same illness took Theresa’s life.

Ed, Michelle, and Ed’s 8-year-old daughter ASHLEY (Skywalker Hughes) prepare for Theresa’s funeral. Ed notices a rash developing on Michelle’s arm. Sharon attends the funeral as PASTOR DAVE (Drew Powell) delivers his eulogy, requesting that the community step up to support the family. Sharon begins talking to Michelle and Ashley afterward; Ed approaches and is dubious of Sharon’s intentions as she is a stranger. At the hair salon where she works with Rose, Sharon explains that she feels connected to the Schmitt family’s story and thinks she needs to raise the money to help sponsor Michelle’s medical expenses.

Ed returns home, where his mother, BARBARA (Nancy Travis), helps care for the girls. Michelle asks Ed if her mother is in heaven, and he struggles to explain the reality. A tornado warning forces the Schmitt family into their storm shelter; Ed notices that Michelle’s eyes have turned yellow, and he drives through the storm to take her to the hospital. The doctor tells Ed that Michelle needs a new liver and won’t survive past a year without it; he explains she is number six on the transplant list, but that usually takes longer than a year. Upon discharge, Ed cannot pay the bill because he does not have health insurance or enough money in his account.

Sharon hosts a fundraising event at her salon and raises $3,254. Sharon tells Rose she intends to cut back on her drinking. Barbara chides Ed for forgetting something at the grocery store, and he snaps at her before explaining that he cannot afford all the items on her list. Barbara begs Ed not to lose faith, but he explains he already has. Sharon shows up at the house and gives Ed the money. Barbara invites Sharon to stay for dinner as she believes their prayers have been answered. While eating, Sharon notices a collection of overdue bills on the counter. Sharon calls the utility companies to help Ed with his bills and learns he owes $432,000. Sharon forces Ed to accept her help sorting everything out despite him being uncomfortable with her intrusion. Sharon calls and leaves a voicemail for her son, expressing her desire for him to call her back. Ed comes home from work and takes a walk with Michelle, and they wave to Theresa in the stars.

Sharon stops by and gives gifts to Michelle and Ashley. Ed tells Sharon he has created a business proposal to start a roofing business due to the increased demand for work after the tornado; Sharon t helps him polish his proposal and joins Ed in successfully pitching his business to a roofing company. Ed gets to work on the roofing projects while Sharon goes around town asking people to donate to Michelle’s healthcare. Barbara injures her ankle; Sharon volunteers to help more at the house, but Ed gets angry when he finds her using Theresa’s old makeup with the girls and says she should not give parenting advice. Sharon goes to a bar to see her son DEREK (Dempsey Bryk), though he is not happy to see her and expresses his anger that she never sought help for her drinking problems; he says he feels bad for Michelle and that she must rely on Sharon for help. Hurt by the interaction, Sharon goes to a bar and drinks.

Michelle wakes up in the middle of the night with a stomachache, and Ed takes her to the hospital. Sharon forces Ed to take a break from work, and the family and Sharon go roller skating. Afterward, Ed finally expresses his appreciation for Sharon’s help. He pushes Sharon to talk about herself, and she reveals her husband left her to start a band, leaving her to be a single mother. That night, Sharon gets drunk and tearfully calls Derek to wish him a happy birthday.

Sharon suggests Ed sell the family house to make money, but he adamantly refuses, saying the house is his only connection to Theresa. Sharon meets with three hospital executives to ask them to erase the family’s medical expenses due to hardship;. However, they initially scoff, she succeeds in having them forgive all the family’s medical debt. Sharon tells Ed that because of this, he can keep the house, and he has an emotional breakdown.

Sharon helps babysit one night, and Michelle begins coughing up blood and is taken to the hospital again. Michelle is moved to number one on the liver transplant list, and Ed learns she only has four weeks to live if she does not find a match. The doctor suggests that the family organize a private plane so that when a liver becomes available, they can fly Michelle to the nearest hospital in Omaha, Nebraska. Sharon promises Ed she will find a plane. Sharon begins cold-calling local executives with access to planes and makes inroads with multiple execs by sweet-talking their assistants; as a result, she secures five planes willing to help. Ed asks Sharon to stop fundraising and leave his family alone. Rose expresses concern that Sharon is giving up her entire life to help the family and reveals she knows Sharon is still drinking; Sharon says she is helping the family because she can and wishes someone had done the same for her.

Michelle gives Ashley a gift three weeks before Christmas because she has overheard that she may not have three weeks left. Ashley refuses the gift, saying that Michelle can give it to her on Christmas day; later, Ashley asks Ed if Michelle will die, and the two embrace. Sharon calls the local news and arranges the anchor to interview Michelle. Ed comes home and shuts down the interview, angry that Sharon has brought strangers into the house to exploit them. Sharon agrees to watch the kids so Barbara can go home, but when Ed returns home late at night, he finds Michelle upset because Sharon has passed out drunk in the backyard. Ed wakes her up and tells her to leave and not come around the girls anymore; Sharon apologizes and explains her issues stem from her mother making her feel worthless. Ed is sympathetic but calls her a cab to take her away.

Sharon returns to work and admits to Rose that she needs help. Sharon attends an AA meeting and admits she is an alcoholic. Christmas arrives, and Michelle gives her gift to Ashley again. Sharon leaves a final voicemail for Derek, explaining that she is getting help. Michelle’s interview airs on the news. Ed and Ashley visit Theresa’s grave; Ashley questions if Ed is mad at God and encourages him to find his faith again and start talking to God again. Ed, Barbara, Michelle, and Ashley attend Christmas mass at church.

On January 17th, the worst blizzard in state history hits the city. Ed receives a call saying that they have found a liver transplant, and despite the dangerous weather, Ed is determined to get her to the hospital in Omaha. Ed calls Sharon for help, and Sharon then calls Rose and the private plane owners to help make things possible. Rose’s family helps plot a driving route to the airport, and Sharon convinces the airport to open when the pilot says he is willing to fly. Ed and Michelle head out but are stopped by the snow. Sharon calls the news station to ask them to put out a request for someone with a helicopter to help. Despite his best efforts, Ed cannot drive through the snow and breaks down in tears. A helicopter pilot calls the news and volunteers to help. Pastor Dave and the entire community, including Derek, help clear the church parking lot so the helicopter can land. Sharon and Derek embrace as he forgives her. Ed and Michelle reach the church, but the helicopter has trouble landing. Eventually, the pilot can land thanks to Ashley’s quick thinking to lay down a blanket, and Ed feels Theresa’s presence. Ed thanks Sharon and tells her she is worthy as he takes off with Michelle.

Michelle wakes up in the hospital after a successful surgery. The postscript explains that Michelle went on to live a healthy life, graduating from college and getting married. Sharon remains part of the family and is still close friends with Ed.