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Joe Valencia (Jo Koy) is a comedian and struggling actor best known for a beer commercial he did with his catchphrase, “Let’s get this party started, baby!” He is also a single father who tries to be in his son Junior’s (Brandon Wardell) life, but doesn’t always show up when he has to, driving a wedge between himself and Junior, plus his ex-wife Amanda (Carly Pope).

Joe’s agent Nick (Jay Chandrasekhar) scores him an audition for a sitcom where Joe would play the best friend character, but they want him to do a stereotypical accent after they learn he is half Filipino. The audition also causes Joe to miss a school meeting with Junior and his teachers because Junior’s grades are failing. After failing to show up for his son again, Joe decides to take Junior with him to his family’s Easter Sunday celebration for the weekend.

Joe and Junior arrive and meet with Joe’s mom Susan (Lydia Gaston) and his sister Regina (Elena Juatco). The family thinks of Joe as having gone Hollywood despite his struggles. There is also Joe’s cousin Eugene (Eugene Cordero), and Joe’s Tita Yvonne (Melody Butiu), Tito Arthur (Rodney To), and Tita Theresa (Tia Carrere), the latter being involved in a feud with Susan.

The family goes to church. Joe finds out that Eugene wasted an investment meant for a taco truck on a “hype truck” that sells useless merchandise because Eugene thinks there’s more money to be made in that. During the service, the pastor calls Joe out and makes him do the service since Joe is talking (and also out of spite because the guy wanted Joe to spread his demo CD to producers even though Joe doesn’t work in music). Joe does a stand-up routine about how chaotic his family is and how his mom and Theresa are feuding.

The family goes to the park for a picnic lunch. Junior takes photos of the area and ends up meeting a girl his age named Tala (Eva Noblezada). Susan and Theresa keep arguing, especially since Theresa apparently used Susan’s empanada recipe.

Things get more complicated when Joe learns that Eugene borrowed money from a gangster named Dev Deluxe (Asif Ali) for the hype truck merch and now he owes Dev a lot. They attempt to get money from a rich guy they know named Marvin Ma (Jimmy O Yang) by attempting to pawn off Manny Pacquiao’s boxing gloves that he wore when he fought Mayweather, which Eugene stole from Dev, who had already had them stolen himself. Marvin refuses since he knows Dev is bad news and he doesn’t want to buy anything stolen.

Joe and Eugene go to the mall with Junior, who runs into Tala at the store where she works. They find out Tala’s boss is Dev, and he spots them and chases them out of the mall. Although they outrun Dev and his goons, they get pulled over. Joe is approached by the officer, Vanessa (Tiffany Haddish), who he used to hook up with. In order to get them moving, Tala pretends that she is pregnant and going into labor, so Vanessa tries to escort them to the hospital, but they end up driving out of there.

Joe and Eugene then go to someone they were referred to that is known as “The Jeweler” that can help buy Pacquiao’s gloves. The Jeweler ends up being Lou Diamond Phillips, who agrees to give them the money they ask for, and he will pick them up later and give them the money.

On Easter Sunday, the family is preparing for dinner, but Joe is informed by Nick that he booked him a flight back to LA to meet with a producer for the show, and he will score the role if he does the accent, but Joe refuses. The flight also happens to be at the same time as the dinner. Junior invites Tala to the dinner, and everyone teases Junior about possibly having a girlfriend. Things start to get more hectic again as Susan and Theresa keep bickering, which comes down to them saying that Theresa had said that Susan is a bad mom due to an incident from Joe’s childhood where he fell off a bike and got hurt, as well as other reasons that supposedly led Joe to not coming back. As Joe calms them down, Junior sees Joe’s texts from Nick about the show, prompting Junior to call Joe a hypocrite and say he is never there for anyone. He storms out, and Tala goes after him. As the dinner grows more tense, Joe gives another speech about family and brings everyone together to sing karaoke to “I Gotta Feeling”. Everyone has fun, and Susan and Theresa appear to reconcile. And then Dev and his goons show up to ruin things.

Tala calms Junior down and reminds him that families can be chaotic and that his dad is doing the best he can. They go back and find Dev’s goons outside and are brought inside. Susan and Theresa try to pay Dev back, but it is not enough. He takes Junior as a hostage. Arthur creates a distraction while Joe puts on Pacquiao’s gloves and runs outside. He punches Dev hard enough to knock him out, and they wait for the cops to show up and arrest Dev and his goons. Vanessa shows up and it appears that she and Joe might get back together. When they go back inside, Joe finds that his video chat was on and Nick is there with the producer from the network. Before Joe can explain himself, he suffers a panic attack and faints.

Joe wakes up in the hospital where Regina is taking care of him, and the rest of the family is there with him. He is contacted by the producer again, who tells him that he will not be in the sitcom because they want to create a sitcom based off Joe and his family. Nick and the producer heard everything, from the fight to the karaoke and the thing with Dev. Joe agrees, and the family celebrates.

Five months later, Joe is filming the sitcom, with Lou Diamond Phillips playing Eugene. The family works on the set and annoys the crew with their antics.

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Joe Valencia is a comedian and actor trying to be there for his son Junior. Just as he might land a potentially big TV break, he is set to visit his Filipino family for Easter Sunday. He brings Junior with him to meet the family, which includes Joe's bumbling cousin Eugene and his mom Susan, who is feuding with her sister Theresa.

Eugene owes money to a gangster named Dev Deluxe after he made some idiotic business decisions. They attempt to pawn off the stolen boxing gloves of Manny Pacquiao for money to repay Dev. Meanwhile, Junior befriends a girl named Tala and has a crush on her.

During Easter Sunday, Joe barely manages to keep the family together and resolves the conflict between his mom and aunt. However, Dev shows up to ruin things and he takes Junior hostage for the money. Joe puts on Pacquiao's gloves and knocks Dev out, leaving him and his thugs to get arrested. Joe later finds out from a TV producer that they want to make a sitcom based on his family, which Joe accepts.