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The film starts with Toula (Nia Vardalos) narrating about her life since the last movie. Gus (Michael Constantine) has passed away, and Maria (Lainie Kazan) is suffering from Alzheimers. The Portokalos family has decided to travel to Greece for a reunion between extended family and Gus’s childhood friends.

Toula is joined by Ian (John Corbett), Nick (Louis Mandylor), Aunt Voula (Andrea Martin), Aunt Frieda (Maria Vacratsis), and Paris (Elena Kampouris). The aunts also invited Paris’s school friend Aristotle (Elias Kacavas), with whom she dated once and then ghosted. It is immediately awkward between them, but the family arrives in the motherland and are greeted by a woman named Victory (Melina Kotselou), who claims to be the mayor of the small town where the reunion is being held, as that is where Gus used to live. Victory is also somehow distantly related to the Portokalos clan, so they instantly greet her as a cousin.

The family drives to their town but stops to take a dip in the beach. When they arrive to the town, it is small and practically empty. They are greeted by a scary woman named Alexandra (Anthi Andreopolou), who, upon learning that the family is related to Gus, tells Toula in Greek that she was almost her mother. They are brought to Gus’s old house, which only has a single bedroom for everyone to sleep in.

While everyone is sleeping, Victory gets Paris and Aristotle to join her and her friends Qamar (Stephanie Nur) and Christos (Giannis Vasilottos) out at a nightclub. Qamar and Christos are dating but have to keep their relationship a secret, because Christos’s father wants him to marry a Greek woman, and Qamar is a Syrian immigrant. Paris and Aristotle awkwardly end up dancing and having fun before returning home in the morning.

The family starts to go out on the town to enjoy their vacation. Toula gets drunk with Voula and Frieda. Ian goes out and befriends a monk by the water. Meanwhile, Toula is hoping to get in touch with Gus’s friends, but they have moved far away from the town. Toula also believes she is seeing a strange but handsome man following and watching her.

Alexandra hosts the family (and Victory) for dinner, where she brings out a big surprise. The man that Toula was seeing is Alexandra’s son Peter (Alexis Georgoulis), and Gus was his father. He never mentioned his other family before meeting Maria, and so they didn’t know about the rest of the Portokalos family. They then meet Christos, who is Peter’s son. Nick makes the mistake of blurting out that Christos and Qamar are dating. Peter and Alexandra are none too happy about it, which in turn makes Qamar feel bad.

Toula and Nick start to bond with Peter and talk to him about Gus’s life back in America. However, Toula is feeling like a failure because she has not been able to form the reunion like she had hoped. Ian then comes out and says he acquired a list from the monk that contains the names and new homes of Gus’s friends. Toula contacts Nikki (Gia Carides) and Angelo (Joey Fatone) to help them out and try to locate the three men. Nikki and Angelo hop on the next flight to Greece and take several boat rides before they find the men.

Christos and Qamar plan to marry immediately, on the same day that the reunion is planned. Toula resigns to there being no reunion since she doesn’t think anybody is going to show at this point. Peter and Alexandra eventually come to accept the engagement, but then Paris reveals to her parents that she failed her first year at NYU and is now on academic probation. Alexandra tells her that she will overcome this on her own the way she overcame raising Peter by herself.

On the day of the wedding/reunion, the family helps Peter pull out a large stone that plugged the flow of water after a rockslide. They remove the stone and allow the water to return, which also helps other people make their way back to the town. After Christos and Qamar are married, Nikki and Angelo arrive with Gus’s friends, along with many other people that knew Gus so that the reunion may actually take place. Toula meets Gus’s friends, who are all excited to be there.

During the celebration, Paris and Aristotle decide to take things slow and share a kiss. Toula then talks to Nick, as they discuss the fact that Nick brought Gus’s ashes to Greece without her knowing so that he can plant it near his favorite tree. They talk about who will become the new head of the family, with Nick saying it’s Toula since she got everyone back to Greece, but they decide to share the responsibility.

The family returns to America, bringing Peter with them. They then plan for a family dinner with Toula cooking, and everyone gathers for a group hug.

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The Portokalos family goes to Greece for a reunion after patriarch Gus passes away. Toula organizes the reunion but doesn't have a way to get in touch with Gus's childhood friends.

The family learns that Gus had a son named Peter with another woman named Alexandra, making Peter the brother of Toula and Nick. Peter's son Christos is in love with a Syrian woman named Qamar, which doesn't sit well with Peter and Alexandra at first, but they eventually give their blessing, and another big fat Greek wedding is had on the day of the reunion.

Ian gets a list of Gus's friends' names and locations, so Toula has Nikki and Angelo track them down in time for the reunion. Toula and Nick then decide to share the responsibility of being the heads of the family.