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The film opens in 1989 at a gym, where manager Louise “Lou” Langdon (Kristen Stewart) is cleaning up the grimy toilets. She is invited to go out by her coworker Daisy (Anna Baryshnikov), who has a romantic interest in her, but Lou declines. She goes back to her home where she lives alone.

Elsewhere in town is bodybuilder Jackie (Katy O’Brian), who is having sex with a guy named JJ (Dave Franco) before he promises her a job where he works. It is shown that Jackie is homeless and mostly hitchhiking to her next destination.

Lou goes to the home of her sister Beth (Jena Malone), who is JJ’s wife. Beth greets Lou at the door with a broken arm and a black eye, courtesy of JJ. Lou prepares to take Beth’s kids to school, but she expresses concern for her sister living with an abuser, though Beth doesn’t want to leave him.

Jackie starts working at a shooting range. JJ introduces her to Lou Sr (Ed Harris), Lou’s father that she cut off contact with due to his criminal history. While Jackie is not very fond of guns, she thinks she can be a valuable asset to the job.

At the gym, Lou sees as Jackie walks in to start her membership, and she appears to be taken by her. Moments later, an FBI agent, O’Riley (Orion Carrington) approaches Lou to ask for information on her father, or her mother who disappeared a long time ago. Lou closes the gym early and goes outside to have a smoke, where she is joined by Jackie. Two guys approach Jackie to ask her out in a crude way before calling Lou a “dyke”, to which Jackie responds by punching one of the guys for grabbing her arm, and he hits her back before Lou takes Jackie away.

Lou and Jackie go back inside the gym to privately have a smoke and talk. Jackie tells Lou that she is hitchhiking her way to Vegas for a bodybuilding competition. Lou then gets Jackie to start using steroids before the two proceed to have sex. Lou later agrees to let Jackie stay with her.

Lou and Jackie start a relationship while Jackie starts to work more closely with Lou Sr, something that Lou discourages due to knowing what he is capable of. The two later have dinner with JJ and Beth, where Lou notices Beth is still looking hurt. She confronts JJ over the abuse, but JJ retorts that he had sex with Jackie right before she met Lou. This enrages Lou and she talks to Jackie over it, but she starts to walk out of the car and go wherever. Lou then explains that JJ is bad news and that she is angry enough to want to kill him. Lou then sees O’Riley pulling up not too far from them, and she urges Jackie to get back in the car.

The next day, Lou finds out that Beth is in a coma at the hospital, beaten nearly to death by JJ after Lou talked to him about his abuse. Lou Sr arrives to see his daughters and indicates he knows about Lou and Jackie. Seeing Lou in despair over her sister’s condition, the effects of the steroids in Jackie begin to take an intense effect in her. She goes to JJ’s house and breaks in before violently attacking him. Jackie then smashes his face against a table until he is dead.

Lou goes to the house to find JJ’s horribly mangled face lying dead on the carpet. She finds Jackie catatonic in the tub and gets her out before taking JJ’s body and putting it in his car, with Jackie following Lou in Lou’s truck. On the way, they are stopped by Daisy, who tries to get Lou’s attention but also notices Jackie in Lou’s truck. They then drive to a ravine where Lou Sr. frequently disposed of the bodies of people he has killed. They push JJ’s car with him inside down there before tossing a Molotov cocktail down there to blow the car up. Lou and Jackie return home, where Lou tells her that people will notice the smoke and have police investigate the area, but with the extra corpses down there, the attention will be diverted to someone other than Jackie. She becomes panicked and tries to flee, but Lou tells her to lie low for now.

Lou later goes to clean up the crime scene before Lou Sr and one of his goons show up to look for JJ. They start to suspect that someone has already gotten to him. Sure enough, the authorities find JJ’s body among many others down in the ravine. Lou Sr becomes aware and starts trying to find a way to cover his tracks. Jackie ends up leaving Lou’s place and hitches a ride to Vegas.

Lou is found by Daisy, who tells her she witnessed her and Jackie with JJ’s car just before he disappeared. She then blackmails Lou into being in a relationship with her to avoid having Daisy go to the cops.

Jackie enters the bodybuilding competition, but during her performance, the effects of the steroids begin to have a hallucinogenic affect on her, causing her to see weird visions before she sees herself regurgitating Lou onto the stage. In reality, she just vomited, but she begins to hear the other contestants calling her fat. Jackie then viciously attacks one of the other ladies before she is arrested and later bailed out by Lou Sr. While she tries to get away from him, he makes her stay since she knows she has nowhere else to go, and she needs him to make sure she and Lou don’t get in trouble. When Jackie calls Lou’s home, Daisy answers and tells her that Lou no longer needs her. Lou Sr then gives Jackie a silenced pistol.

When Lou and Daisy return to her apartment, Jackie shoots Daisy through the face before fleeing, believing that Lou has already moved on from her. Lou quickly tries to cover up the crime scene before O’Riley and his partner come to question Lou about what happened to JJ since they found the bodies along with those of people who were going to go against Lou Sr’s business.

Lou Sr knocks Jackie unconscious and keeps her hostage before he contacts Lou. She promises to take down his whole operation if he hurts Jackie. Not long after, a dirty cop named Mike (David DeLao) tries to shoot at Lou, but she manages to shoot him first. She finds out he was sent by Lou Sr and leaves him to bleed out before she gets out with Daisy’s body.

Lou stops at Beth’s house because she forgot to pick her up after she was discharged from the hospital. Beth is also enraged to learn that Lou had something to do with JJ’s death, claiming she still stood by him because she loved him. Lou tells her she’s an idiot and then threatens her with more pain until Beth tells her that she is being kept at Lou Sr’s manor.

Lou makes her way to the manor where she manages to free Jackie, but Jackie freaks out and nearly shoots Lou because she thought Lou really left her for Daisy. Lou tries to explain herself before Jackie runs away. Lou runs after her but is caught by Lou Sr. She tells him she knows that he killed her mother, but Lou Sr says she abandoned both of them because she didn’t want to be a wife or a mother. He nearly executes her, but Jackie starts to Hulk out and grows 50 feet tall. She pins Lou Sr down, and Lou puts a gun in her father’s mouth but then leaves him to get arrested. Lou then also appears to grow to the same size as Jackie as they run through the clouds.

Lou and Jackie drive away to start a new life together, but while Jackie is sleeping, Lou notices Daisy still alive and moving in the back. She goes to strangle her to finish the job before dragging her body into a field and then having a cigarette.

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The film takes place in 1989, where gym manager Lou Langdon forms a relationship with bodybuilding drifter Jackie. Jackie has started working for Lou's father, Lou Sr, who has a violent criminal history and has lost contact with his daughter.

Lou's sister Beth endures abuse from her husband JJ, who had sex with Jackie just before she met Lou so that she could get a job working at the shooting range that Lou Sr runs. After Lou confronts JJ for the abuse, JJ puts Beth in a coma. Jackie, under the effects of steroids that Lou gave her, goes to JJ's house and gruesomely beats him to death. Lou helps Jackie dispose of the body in a ravine where Lou Sr dumped the bodies of people he killed, but they are witnessed by Lou's coworker Jackie, who wants Lou to herself.

Jackie leaves Lou to head to Vegas for a bodybuilding competition as was her original goal, but the effects of the steroids cause her to hallucinate, vomit, and then beat another contestant before she is arrested. Lou Sr bails her out and has her shoot Daisy since she was a witness, but Jackie also believes that Lou already left her for Daisy. Lou Sr then takes Jackie hostage and has a dirty cop named Mike to go kill Lou to tie up loose ends, but Lou kills him first and takes Daisy's body out. Lou goes to her father's manor to free Jackie, but he almost kills her until the steroids cause Jackie to grow to an enormous height to incapacitate Lou Sr. They nearly kill him but leave him to the police.

Lou and Jackie head off to start new lives, but Lou finds that Daisy is still alive. She finishes the job while Jackie is asleep and then leaves her body in a field.