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1993 – At Windsor Middle School, Jordan Sanders (Marsai Martin) is getting ready to do a science experiment for her schoolmates. Everyone bullies Jordan and they mock her as she goes onstage. She attempts to demonstrate the effect of a pendulum, but a mean girl grabs the ball she uses and swings it back in Jordan’s direction to knock her backwards and make her injure herself. At the hospital, her parents encourage her by telling her that when she gets bigger, she has to work her way up to be the boss. Jordan vows to be the bully from then on.

Present Day – Jordan (now played by Regina Hall) is the CEO of her own tech company, JSI. She has made her own Alexa-like virtual assistant called Homegirl (voice of Tracee Ellis Ross) to wake her up. She calls her put-upon human assistant April Williams (Issa Rae), angrily reprimanding her for not telling the housekeeper to set her slippers at a specific angle and position. April deals with Jordan being, well, a bitch, on a regular basis, as does everyone that works under her. Jordan also has a sexual relationship with a guy named Trevor (Luke James), but while he wants something more from their relationship, Jordan is only interested in the physical aspect.

April arrives at JSI first to set things up for Jordan, and runs into her mutual crush, Preston (Tone Bell). She goes upstairs to find their biggest client, the obnoxious Connor (Mikey Day), already in Jordan’s office. As Jordan arrives, April alerts everyone to hide as she comes in and begins to berate everyone. She goes to her office to talk to Connor, who says that he is switching firms. Jordan tries to persuade him otherwise, and he says she has 48 hours to deliver a pitch to keep him there. Jordan later gathers everyone for a meeting, but she ruthlessly bullies her employees when they pitch their ideas. After the meeting, she goes downstairs and bumps into Stevie (Marley Taylor), the daughter of the doughnut truck guy. She tries to do a magic trick, but Jordan is cold and nasty to her. Stevie tells Jordan off for her behavior and then grabs her wand and playfully makes a wish for Jordan to be her age. Jordan experiences a strange sensation and leaves.

The next morning, Jordan has transformed into her 13-year-old self. It takes her a while to realize it until everyone treats her like a child and doesn’t recognize her. She runs back to her apartment and sees her reflection, horrified at the transformation. She calls April and has her go to her apartment to help her out. April is surprised to see what has happened. To make things even more complicated, a neighbor who saw Kid-Jordan thinks that she’s Adult-Jordan’s daughter and has called Child Services, and they sent Agent Bea (Rachel Dratch). Jordan and April try to make up a story about how Jordan’s dad is out of town and that her mom is a crackhead, while also making it seem like April is Jordan’s aunt. Jordan also lets it slip that she hasn’t been to school in years, so Bea orders April to put Jordan in school, or April will face jail time for neglecting the child.

Jordan begrudgingly goes along with April as she takes her back to Windsor Middle School, to Jordan’s horror. April borrows Jordan’s clothes and is set to take over at work while Jordan is out. Jordan insults April in the parking lot, which leads her to spank Jordan. They then enter the school and meet Jordan’s teacher, the handsome Mr. Gary Marshall (Justin Hartley). Jordan starts her class by trying to establish dominance, only to be taken down by the resident mean girl, Jasmine (Eva Carlton). Things only get worse during lunch when kids stick straws in Jordan’s hair and force her to sit with the outcast kids – Isaac (JD McCrary), Raina (Thalia Tran), and Devon (Tucker Meek).

At work, April has a hard time getting everyone’s attention as they freak out over losing a big client. Jordan calls April and tries to help her by telling her what to do, but April fails at that too when she tries to be crazy like Jordan, and just ends up looking foolish.

That night, April braids Jordan’s hair outside her apartment. Jordan admits that the day was as hard for her as it was back then. She also admits to April that she began to attack people before they could attack her as she got older. The music then turns on, and Trevor shows up to try and seduce Adult-Jordan. He sees Kid-Jordan and thinks she is Adult-Jordan’s daughter, which leads him to think that Jordan was hiding something from him out of fear and concern, and it makes him want her even more.

The next day, Jordan goes back to school with a fresher outfit and a better hairstyle, which impresses the kids. She later watches Isaac, Raina, and Devon audition for the school’s pep rally. They insist that Isaac is a good singer despite his stutter, while Raina and Devon have dance moves prepared. Their audition is terrible, but Jasmine lets them in anyway. Jordan knows that Jasmine only said yes to them so they can be mocked in front of everyone, so she takes them out of school and goes to her apartment to give them nicer clothes and make them look cooler, and she tells them to skip the pep rally. Later, Trevor comes back to talk to Jordan about her “mom”. When he talks about himself personally, Jordan becomes impressed by the side of him she never knew. Before he leaves, they hug, but Jordan holds on for too long and makes him uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, at work, April tries to have the team do another meeting, but Connor is there already. April tells him that she had an idea for an app called Discoverize. From what little Connor hears, he shows interest and says he will return the next day to hear the pitch. Jordan shows up at JSI to see April, and she learns that April tried to pitch her idea. Jordan is pissed since she thinks April is trying to steal her thunder, but April has had enough of Jordan’s attitude and she quits on the spot. As Jordan leaves, she overhears her employees saying they hope she never returns.

Jordan goes back home and feels bad. While sitting on the rooftop, she gets a video from Raina as she and her friends are just watching the pep rally instead of performing. She drives herself to the school and goes to convince the trio to go up and perform. Jordan goes onstage to do a dance herself, only for Jasmine to turn on the fan and make paper fly in Jordan’s face, causing her to fall. She shakes it off as her friends go up, and Isaac begins to beautifully sing a song from “Dreamgirls”. Raina and Devon join him to dance, and so does Jordan. April arrives with Stevie, whom she found after making some calls, and they watch as the other students become impressed by the performance and even clap along to it. It goes so well that even Jasmine is stunned. After the show, Jordan bids her new friends farewell before talking to Stevie. Jordan says she has learned her lesson, so Stevie tries to wish her back to normal. Unfortunately, nothing happens.

Jordan and April go back to the apartment. Jordan apologizes to April for how she’s treated her, and she vows to support her as she pitches Discoverize, as she admits that April is her first real friend.

In the morning, Jordan has turned back into an adult. Elated, she returns to work and stands behind April as she pitches her idea to Connor. Not long into the presentation, Connor decides to pass. The other coworkers leave, thinking they are going to lose their jobs. However, April tells Jordan she will just keep on pitching the idea.

Three months later, Jordan is in a normal relationship with Trevor. She goes to work and calls her employees outside for an announcement. After countless rejections, somebody has finally jumped on the ship for Discoverize, and they are in better business than before. Jordan decides to rename her company “JSI & Associates”, with a barely visible plaque added to the company logo. She then treats everyone to doughnuts. April and Preston are also shown as being a couple now. Jordan is then visited by Isaac, Raina, and Devon, none of whom are aware of who Jordan was. They all get together and start dancing.

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As a child, Jordan Sanders was bullied. As an adult, she has become the bully as she runs her own tech company and treats everyone around her like garbage. A child named Stevie wishes for Jordan to be a kid again to take her down a peg. The wish comes true, and Jordan becomes 13 again. She asks her assistant April Williams for help with the company while Jordan is forced to go back to the same school that made her miserable.

At school, Jordan is bullied again, but she befriends three other outcasts - Isaac, Raina, and Devon. Meanwhile, April has a hard time keeping everyone's attention at work without Jordan there to instill fear into their hearts and souls. What's more is that the company's biggest client, Connor, wants to hear a great pitch or he will move to a different firm. Jordan and April have a fight, and April quits.

After Jordan realizes how terrible she has been, she helps the kids perform at a pep rally, earning them the respect of the other students. April finds Stevie to try and help turn Jordan back to normal, but things don't work. Jordan, now having changed inside, vows to be a better friend to April and to support her pitch idea. This allows her to turn back into an adult and go back to work. After several rejections, April's pitch scores a huge client, and Jordan becomes a better boss to everyone.