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The film opens in 1987. An elderly Leonard Bernstein (Bradley Cooper) is playing a piano piece from his opera, “A Quiet Place”, while a crew records him for an interview. After he finishes the song, Leonard begins to quietly tear up as he starts to reminisce about his late wife, Felicia (Carey Mulligan). He tells the crew that he sometimes feels as though he can still see her.

1943 – 25-year-old Leonard, or “Lenny”, wakes up to a phone call inviting him to be a last minute assistant conductor of the New York Philharmonic after guest conductor Bruno Walter falls ill. Lenny excitedly jumps to his feet after waking up his partner, clarinet player David Oppenheim (Matt Bomer), and he rushes to the theater, where he conducts the orchestra and receives praise and cheers for his work.

Following the performance, Lenny starts to see his career rise, working alongside David and Jerry Robbins (Michael Urie) in new projects. Lenny later attends a party where he is introduced to Felicia Montealegre by his sister Shirley (Sarah Silverman). Felicia is an aspiring actress, and she quickly clicks with Lenny. They later go to her local theater where they rehearse a scene together before sharing a kiss.

Lenny and Felicia begin dating. They have a dinner with affluent friends of Lenny’s, one of whom suggests that he ought to use the name “Burns” instead of “Bernstein” due to possible discrimination against Jewish people. Felicia suggests they leave, and Lenny follows her to a theater where they watch a live performance. Eventually, Lenny must break things off with David, who is hurt but understanding, and he later marries Ellen Adler (Kate Eastman) and has a child with her.

Leonard and Felicia eventually marry and have three kids – Jamie (Maya Hawke), Alexander (Sam Nivola), and Nina (Alexa Swinton). Leonard has now been known for composing for films such as “On The Waterfront” and “West Side Story”, as well as operas like “Candide”. While Felicia stands by and watches her husband’s successes, she is aware that he is engaging in affairs with other men. At a party, she notices him privately chatting with young aspiring composer Tommy Cothran (Gideon Glick), for which Leonard has to try and save face with Felicia.

One morning, Leonard comes home after a wild night out and is told by Felicia since Jamie has heard gossip over her parents’ relationship. Felicia tells Leonard not to tell her the truth, so he just tells Jamie that they are nothing but rumors. Later, Leonard finishes his composition of “Mass”, which he shows off to the family. The kids are thrilled, but Felicia throws herself into the pool and sits at the bottom. When they witness a live performance, Felicia shows less enthusiasm for her husband, especially since he is still hanging out with Tommy a lot.

Leonard and Felicia have an argument on Thanksgiving after she leaves his belongings outside their hotel room. She tells him that he has a lot of hate in his heart and that he will die a “lonely old queen”.

The couple start to spend time apart, continuing to focus on their respective careers. They later travel in 1973 to England as Leonard is set to conduct Mahler’s Resurrection Symphony at the Ely Cathedral, delivering a passionate and intense performance. The crowd cheers for Leonard, as does Felicia. He emotionally embraces her in the crowd, and she tells him he has no hate in his heart.

Leonard later takes Felicia to the doctor, where they learn that she has a tumor in her breast. She proceeds to break down in Leonard’s arms over the news. As she undergoes chemotherapy, Felicia is taken care of at home by Leonard and the kids, but the illness takes an emotional toll on both of them as the cancer spreads to her lungs. With her condition worsening, Leonard lies in bed with Felicia as she takes her final breaths. He then carries her outside as the sun sets, and he consoles Jamie as she finds her parents together.

Following Felicia’s death, Leonard and the kids move out of their large house while he continues to teach aspiring conductors. He is later seen at a nightclub with one of his students, William (Jordan Dobson).

Cut back to Leonard at the interview, where he recalls something that Felicia told them when they were still dating – “If summer doesn’t sing in you, then nothing sings in you. And if nothing sings in you, you can’t make music.” He has since taken it to heart and is thankful that something did sing in him.

The film closes on a shot of Felicia, as Leonard remembers her, walking into their yard. The credits also feature footage of the real Leonard Bernstein conducting.

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The film depicts the relationship between legendary conductor Leonard Bernstein and his wife, actress Felicia Montealegre. As Leonard's career in music rises, he meets Felicia and falls in love with her. They marry and have three children, but Felicia is aware of Leonard's affairs with other men, which causes a rift in their relationship.

After Leonard's historic performance at the Ely Cathedral, he and Felicia reconcile, but she is diagnosed with breast cancer that later spreads to her lungs. Leonard and the kids spend Felicia's final months with her before she dies in Leonard's arms. In his later years, Leonard still spends time with other men but never lets go of his love for Felicia.