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1998 – The Chen family – Wey and Jenny (Kenneth Liu and Debbie Fan) and their daughter Lolo (Belle Zhang) – move to a new, predominantly white neighborhood in Seattle. Another couple, Joe and Mary Sullivan (David Denman and Annie Mumolo), approach the Chens and ask if their daughter would play with their adopted daughter Audrey (Lennon Yee). The two proceed to go play on the slides, but a boy calls them a racial slur. Lolo responds by punching him in the face, and then he gets kicked by another girl swinging. From that moment on, Audrey and Lolo become best friends.

As they get older, Audrey (Ashley Park) and Lolo (Sherry Cola) remain close, though Audrey has always wondered about her birth mother. She is now a successful lawyer working with white guys that patronize her, while Lolo still works with her parents and makes sexualized artwork. Audrey hopes to leave their hometown while Lolo is content staying there.

Audrey’s boss Frank (Timothy Simons) wants her to close a deal with a businessman named Chao (Ronny Chieng) in Beijing. Lolo joins Audrey to be her translator since she never learned to speak Chinese. They are joined by Lolo’s weird cousin Deadeye (Sabrina Wu) before heading off to meet with Audrey’s college friend Kat (Stephanie Hsu), who is a well-known actress starring in a popular soap opera. The three meet Kat on the set of her show that she acts in alongside her fiance, Clarence (Desmond Chiam). Kat claims to be saving herself for marriage with Clarence, but the other ladies know about Kat’s extensive sexual history. Lolo and Kat also have a bit of animosity toward each other, but stay behaved for Audrey’s sake.

The four go to a nightclub where Audrey meets with Chao, trying to get on his level with drinking and playing games. Everything goes well until Audrey vomits on Chao’s shirt. He changes shirts and speaks to her in English, asking her about her background. Audrey lies and says she is close to her birth mother, which Lolo adds to by saying they are in town to visit her. Chao says he will agree to the deal later on after meeting her birth family, and Audrey ends up puking on Deadeye, forcing her to get sprayed in an alley by a hose. Lolo then tells Audrey that she called the adoption agency to find Audrey’s birth mother, and she learned that she is in Haiqing. The ladies agree to take the trip.

The friends board a train toward Haiqing, where Audrey picks a train car where an American woman, Jess (Meredith Hagner), is sitting. When the authorities come checking in for drugs, Jess reveals herself as a drug dealer carrying a huge stash of pills and cocaine. She blows the coke in the ladies’ faces, forcing them to take some of the cocaine and pills while shoving the rest inside their bodies. After a commotion, the four are kicked off the train while Jess steals Kat’s bag that had their passports.

The ladies remove most of the drugs from their bodies, while Kat has one bag of coke stuck inside that she can’t get out. Lolo contacts former basketball star Baron Davis since they are hooking up, and he invites her and her friends to board their bus to their hotel. While there, Audrey has a threesome while the coke in Kat’s body explodes and makes her super horny. The next morning, Baron’s teammates are injured because how how hard the ladies rode them.

Lolo gets in touch with her Nai Nai (Lori Tan Chinn) when they arrive in Haiqing. Nai Nai gives Audrey some traditional clothing to wear before going to the adoption agency to find her mother. However, when the friends arrive, they learn that Audrey is not Chinese, but actually Korean.

The four pose as K-pop stars to board a private jet to Seoul without their passports after Deadeye convinces one of her online friends to help her out. When they get there, the friend arrives with pretend fans and has them put on an impromptu performance of “W.A.P.” to prove they are who they say they are. Lolo livestreams the performance, but things take an unfortunate turn when Kat’s skirt comes off and reveals a huge devil tattoo on her vagina. The stream goes international, and Chao contacts Audrey to let her know he will no longer be doing business with her, and Frank, who is also on the call, fires Audrey. Kat is also found by Clarence, who is horrified to learn the truth about her, as she is also at risk of losing her TV gig. The ladies are then forced to take a cargo ship to Korea.

Kat inadvertently reveals to Lolo that Audrey was planning on moving to Los Angeles with her. It leads to an argument where Audrey tells Lolo she refuses to grow up while Lolo hits back that Audrey has been a selfish jerk. Audrey splits from the group.

Audrey travels by herself to Seoul after working something out with her passport. She arrives to the adoption agency to discover that her birth mother has already passed away, but they give her the directions to her resting place. There, Audrey meets her mother’s husband (Daniel Dae Kim), who invites her to his place. He shows Audrey a video that her mother, Min (Michelle Choi-Lee), had made for her before she passed. She expresses her love for her daughter despite never meeting her, which moves Audrey to tears.

Audrey flies back to Seattle to Lolo’s family’s restaurant, where Deadeye is also working as a hostess now. She tries to apologize to Lolo, but she refuses to speak to Audrey. She then grabs the mic to go over the loudspeaker to apologize to Lolo and Deadeye with a sincere speech. Lolo forgives Audrey and embraces her best friend.

One year later, Audrey, Lolo, Kat, and Deadeye gather for another trip to Paris. Audrey has started her own law practice, while Lolo is continuing with her artwork, and Kat has reconciled with Clarence after coming clean about her past. Lolo and Kat are also closer after the experience. Deadeye also shows off that Kat inspired her to get her own vagina tattoo. She shows it to her friends, who are at first horrified until they see that it lights up.

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Audrey Sullivan was adopted by white parents and never felt connected to her Asian heritage. She is set to go on a trip to Beijing to close a business deal for her law firm, with her best friend Lolo Chen tagging along to be her translator. They are joined by Audrey's actress friend Kat, as well as Lolo's eccentric cousin Deadeye. The businessman, Chao, only agrees to do business with Audrey after meeting her birth family, so Lolo tells him (and Audrey) that they are going to meet up with her birth mother.

On their way to find Audrey's birth mother, the ladies run into a number of issues, such as their passports getting stolen by a drug dealer and having to put drugs in their bodies. When they arrive in Haiqing where the adoption agency is, they learn that Audrey is not Chinese, but actually Korean. They make an attempt to fly to Seoul by posing as K-pop stars, but things take a turn when Kat's skirt comes off and reveals a devil tattoo on her vagina, which her fiance sees and also gets Audrey fired from her law firm.

Audrey gets into an argument with her friends and splits from them. She goes to Seoul and learns her birth mother passed away, but she meets her husband, who shows Audrey a video that her mother made for her before she passed. It inspires Audrey to return home to reconcile with Lolo, Kat, and Deadeye.

One year later, the ladies take a trip to Paris, and Audrey has begun her own law practice, while Lolo is making her own art.