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The film starts with Marcus (Lil Rel Howery) and Emily (Yvonne Orji) at an airport as they prepare to go on another vacation to the Caribbean. Ron (John Cena) and Kyla (Meredith Hagner) prank them by announcing over the loudspeaker that Marcus and Emily are sex offenders. Ron and Kyla have also brought their son, Baby Marcus. Marcus and Emily tell their friends that they are trying to have a kid of their own, which the latter two are excited for. Joining them is Maurillio (Carlos Santos) to babysit for Ron and Kyla, while also helping Marcus with his hotel-managing expertise.

As the group is arriving to their destination, Marcus tries to not let Ron and Kyla know that he and Emily are staying longer than they are because he is trying to close a major deal with a hotel chain, Kim Wae. When they get to their hotel, the friends find an expensive bottle of rum left for Marcus. The four proceed to drink it and spend the rest of the day partying before passing out by the pool.

When the friends wake up in the morning, Marcus is surprised to see the Kim Wae group is at the resort. He talks to his construction buddies and learns that the meeting he was supposed to have with them in a few days was moved up. The group approaches the couples to greet them and to tell Marcus that the senior VP, Mr. Yeon (Ronny Chieng), will be expecting to see them that night over drinks. This forces Marcus to admit to Ron and Kyla what he and Emily are really doing there.

That night, the couples gather for the meeting with the Kim Wae group. Yeon approaches Marcus and admits that they already have another candidate in mind for their project and that meeting with him was just a formality. However, with a little help from Emily and Ron, Marcus is able to convince Yeon to give him a shot. Just as the group prepares to enjoy the rest of their time, a man named Reese (Steve Buscemi) is getting involved in an argument with resort staff. Kyla goes to confront the man as she appears to know him…and then they hug because Reese is her father who was locked up in San Quentin up until recently, so Ron has never met him. Reese instantly warms up to Marcus, Emily, and Maurillio, but when he meets Ron, he refers to him as a “fucking gorilla”, and Ron is stunned at not being able to instantly win Reese over like he does with everybody else. After Kyla invites Reese to stay, Marcus orders another expensive bottle of rum to keep Reese from going near Yeon’s group for fear of screwing up their deal.

Back at their hotel room, Reese tells the friends that he was in jail for “tax write-offs” (money laundering), but he is now starting a cryptocurrency scheme called SCOM Coin and wants a large investment from Kyla. Marcus and Emily split off to talk about how they do not trust Reese at all. Moments later, they see a hut nearby on fire. They learn the next day that it was the fault of one of the Kim Wae members who left a lit lantern floating around and caused the fire.

In order to get Reese out of their business, Emily suggests that Marcus and Ron take him surfing, while she and Kyla go off with Maurillio to help him meet women. The two agree to it, and Ron continues to try and get Reese to like him, while Marcus is terrified since he doesn’t know how to surf. While out with the ladies, Maurillio hints that he may or may not be a notorious Colombian serial killer. Emily also confides to Kyla that she doesn’t want a baby the same way Marcus does, but she doesn’t know how to tell him.

Reese learns Ron served as a soldier and presses him about his kill count (it’s 42). When they get to the shore, Marcus notices Reese chatting with a suspicious person. They also find Yeon there out for the waves as well. Marcus and Ron hit the water, and Marcus passes out quickly. He is resuscitated and told that he had more water come out his ass than his mouth. After Yeon talks to Marcus, he invites him and his friends to join him and the group at the casino later that night.

The friends hit the casino, with Marcus asking Ron to take it easy that night, while Emily and Kyla play their hand at the cards table. Kyla gives Emily some “tips” which just end up being ways to count cards, getting Emily kicked out. Meanwhile, Yeon invites Marcus to join him and the group for a drinking game. When Marcus sees he cannot handle all the shots, he reluctantly gets Ron to come sub for him. Ron goes at it and ends up in a drinking match with one employee, Minjin (Kevin Yamada). Ron goes hard but has to stop when Minjin passes out from excessive drinking. Meanwhile, Reese is meeting with the same suspicious guy from the beach, a drug lord named Warren (Jamie Hector), over trying to get a plane of Warren’s that landed somewhere near them. Just as Warren is threatening Reese, Marcus and Ron show up.

Marcus and Ron bring a drunken Yeon back to his hotel room. He tells Marcus that he endorses him for their project, but his boss Mrs. Kim (Julee Cerda) is hard on him and doesn’t value his opinion. Yeon also tells Marcus that Mrs. Kim wants the roof of their hotel project to be slate, which forces him to talk to his co-workers in a panic. While he is at his office, Marcus receives a package that he signs for. He opens it and finds what appears to be a pound of cocaine. He frantically tries to hide it from Yeon when he shows up to the office.

Marcus brings the bag to Emily, Ron and Kyla to tell them Reese sent them cocaine. Ron and Kyla proceed to snort it until Reese shows up and tells them that the bag contains Kyla’s mother’s ashes, right after Marcus goes on a rant about how Reese cannot be trusted because he is a criminal.

To show there are no hard feelings, Reese invites the friends to go snorkeling. They take what happens to be Warren’s plane to their destination. At the same time, Maurillio meets a pretty young woman who notices him playing with Baby Marcus and chats him up. He thinks she is interested in going out with him, but she just asks him to watch her kid for her. While the friends are in the water, Marcus and Ron notice Reese is up to some more shady business.

Reese then has everybody grab a bunch of heavy bags and board into the plane, as authorities are making their way toward them because they are trespassing in Cuban waters. They start shooting at the group, forcing them to start flying away. On the plane, Marcus finds a stash of Warren’s stolen money that was in the bags. The plane ends up crashing in Lower St. James after the group realizes that a fuel line was hit. Warren also happens to notice the plane coming down.

Reese then comes clean to the group about what he’s really doing there. While in prison, he learned about the plane in the Caribbean that had five million dollars in it. Before they can go grab the money, the plane explodes. Moments later, Warren and his goons show up and begin shooting at the group. They end up in a chase where Emily confesses to Marcus that she doesn’t want a baby, but Marcus admits that he doesn’t want one either and likes where their lives are at now. The five are eventually found and captured.

While Reese tries to convince Warren that his money was lost, Warren has them put into a cargo container. As they are being hauled away, Ron vents to Kyla about how he and Reese don’t like each other, but she tells them to suck it up and deal with each other because they are all family, whether they like it or not. Warren then drops the container into the ocean to drown the group. Ron then lights up a joint and uses the smoke from it to find a weak spot in the container to help him break free.

After the group swims to shore, Warren and the other goons confront the group, preparing to kill them all. Maurillio shows up and poses as the notorious serial killer/drug kingpin Checho Novar (who he probably really is) to get Warren to let the group go. He agrees but still demands the money that Reese stole be repaid. Ron then offers to pay Warren back the entire $5 million that is owed to him, and after a quick transfer, the debt is settled. Ron then tells his friends that he invested in SCOM Coin and made a lot of money quickly. This earns Ron the blessing from Reese that he had wanted.

Marcus then realizes he is supposed to meet Mrs. Kim at that moment. The group sees the Kim Wae group preparing to leave in a chopper, but Marcus tries to appeal to Mrs. Kim, even though she isn’t willing to hear him out. Yeon then stands up to his boss and gives her a recommendation for Marcus. It works, and Marcus secures the deal with her.

The group starts to enjoy the rest of their vacation until Reese notices authorities closing in on him. He admits to Kyla that he wasn’t paroled, but he actually broke out of prison. He willingly surrenders and tells Ron that he admittedly was threatened by him, but has come to accept him as a great son-in-law. Ron is honored and hopes to be a dad like Reese (one who would break out of prison for their kid). Reese also bids farewell to Marcus and Emily. The friends then prepare to enjoy the rest of their holiday until Ron sees Minjin at the bar, ready for a rematch.

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Marcus and Emily join Ron and Kyla in the Caribbean for another wild vacation after the latter two celebrate their honeymoon. While there, Marcus hopes to secure a hotel deal with a Korean group, Kim Wae. Complicating matters is the arrival of Kyla's dad, Reese, who spent time in San Quentin for money laundering. While Ron hopes to get Reese to like him, Marcus wants to keep Reese away from the Kim Wae group so he won't screw up the deal.

After several mishaps, Reese gets the group involved in a scheme where he tries to steal money from a local drug lord named Warren. Reese ends up crashing Warren's plane and gets them captured. After everyone rips on Reese for what a terrible dad he is, the group frees themselves after Warren tries to kill them, and their friend Maurillio ends up helping them not get killed. Ron then saves them from debt after he invests in Reese's cryptocurrency scheme, which earns him Reese's approval.

The friends prepare to enjoy the rest of their vacation until the FBI comes for Reese, who actually broke out of prison instead of being paroled like he said. He bids the friends farewell and tells Ron he's a great son-in-law.