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The film starts with what appears to be a city being overrun by a giant Godzilla-like monster. In reality, it is just Chris Pontius’s genitalia painted green to look like a monster over a small set of a city. People start running while soldiers come to fight the penis monster. Steve-O hides in a port-a-potty and is knocked by the monster’s tail, causing him to fly and get covered in feces. Wee-Man and Dave England are blasted into the air from a theater marquee. “Danger” Ehren McGhehey is knocked into a fruit stand. Finally, the penis monster ejaculates all over the place, covering soldiers and Tony Hawk in semen. After the stunt is done, Johnny Knoxville comes out with the usual intro: “Hi, I’m Johnny Knoxville, and welcome to Jackass!”

Steve-O and others acknowledge that it is over 20 years since they first started “Jackass”, and while they are older now, they are still game for the crazy stunts.

Human Ramp – Several guys pile on top of each other, like Sean “Poopies” McInnerney lying on Knoxville (and farting on him), while a ramp is placed above them. One guy rides a bike over the ramp and onto the ramp with Poopies and Knoxville. Skateboarder Aaron “Jaws” Homoki rides his board on the ramp over the guys. Finally, Zach Holmes rides a moped over the ramp and crashes.

Dum Dum Games – Poopies, Ehren, and Wee-Man are only wearing their shirts and underwear as a device with a paddle is placed before them. Knoxville challenges them to trivia questions, and whoever answers wrong gets a paddle to the groin. Poopies takes two shots to the balls before Ehren and Wee-Man get it as well. Poopies manages to answer one question right and gets spared from the paddle. Eventually, Ehren is declared the winner, though he and Poopies still take another shot to the balls.

Surprise Soccer Ball – Knoxville waits until Steve-O leaves his trailer, at which point he launches a ball at his buddy’s head. Steve-O laughs it off.

Silence of the Lambs – Knoxville gathers the guys in a room where animal trainer Jules Sylvester brings out a poisonous cobra. Knoxville says he is going to try and take a cookie off the cobra’s head. In reality, he traps the guys in the dark while he and his buddies wear night-vision goggles and start messing with them. They throw rubber snakes at the guys as they start to freak out, with Ehren desperately trying to get out of the room, only to get hit with a cattle prod. Zach gets a snake latched onto his nipple, and he ends up falling all over the place.

Body Surfing – The guys set up a ramp and slide down a hill that is lubricated and sends them flying into the dirt. Zach and Jasper Dolphin (from Odd Future) take turns, and at one point Jasper and other guys ride on Zach’s back, only to fall off midway as Zach flies off onto a dirt mound.

Bee Genitals – Steve-O strips down and has the guys place bees all over his groin while he screams in pain and terror. Dozens of bees latch onto his penis, including a queen bee. After the ordeal is over, Steve-O’s penis is swollen from numerous bee stings.

Musical Chair Bags – Rachel Wolfson acts as DJ while Wee-Man, skater Rob Dyrdek, Jasper, and Dave run around in a game of Musical Chairs. After two rounds of getting trolled with nothing happening, on the third play, the bags in the chairs explode, and Wee-Man is sent flying backward into the hole between the chairs. The guys initially think he landed on cushions but find a bag full of metal bars that he landed on.

The Flight of Icarus – Knoxville dons fake wings and places himself in a cannon to recreate the tale of Icarus flying too close to the sun. Knoxville is launched high into the air and falls hard into the lake.

The Quiet Game – Rachel, Poopies, and Steve-O are dressed like mimes and are forced to do stunts without reacting to them. First, Rachel must “lick the electric lollipop” and place her tongue on a taser. She lasts a bit and doesn’t react. Knoxville brings Jules back to place a viper down for Poopies to give a kiss to. The snake bites Poopies in the face once, and when Poopies goes for the kiss again, the snake gets another bite in. Finally, Steve-O must go through the “Skateboard Guillotine”, where Knoxville drops a skateboard on his shins. Steve-O yells in pain, meaning he loses.

Bad Grandpa Goes Furniture Shopping – Knoxville puts on his outfit and make-up to assume the role of Irving Zissman, with Rachel playing his granddaughter, and Zach posing as a furniture store employee. Knoxville sits on a beanbag chair while Zach is working high-up and falls off the cherry picker machine, and as he lands on the beanbag chair, Knoxville is launched up into the air, crashing through the ceiling. The other unsuspecting store employees and customers look on in horror and surprise.

Zackass – Zach attempts to glide down a hill while others sing about how crazy he is. He gets a little bit of hang time before tumbling and landing onto a bed of cacti.

The Cup Tests – Ehren is made to put a cup on his groin and must undergo four painful tests to see how much he can endure. First, Knoxville brings in heavyweight MMA fighter Francis Ngannou, who is known for having the hardest punch ever recorded during one of his fights. Ehren is upset because Knoxville told him he was gonna get a lightweight fighter. Francis slugs Ehren once in the groin, hard enough for the cup to crack. Next up is professional softball player Danielle O’Toole, who is known for having a hard and fastpitch. Ehren covers his groin during the first attempt, but Danielle manages to nail him in the balls, and she fist-pumps in victory. The third test involves hockey player PK Stubban, who hits a hockey puck at Ehren’s groin. Lastly, Ehren lies down and has one of the guys jump on his balls with a pogo stick. After all is said and done, Ehren’s balls are left bleeding, and cameraman Lance Bangs almost throws up in his mask.

Exploding Port-a-Potty – Steve-O enters a port-a-potty that explodes, which happens after director Jeff Tremaine says that the guys have to be dumb to think it’s safe to go into one of those.

The Underwater Fart Fire – Knoxville explains that they have attempted to light a fart underwater in the past, at one point with Dave in a bathtub, only for him to shit in the tub. They get Tory Belleci from “Mythbusters” to come in as they place Steve-O in a tank with a device right near his butt to try and ignite a flame using his farts. After a few tries, the mechanism explodes as they successfully light a fart on fire.

Bicycle Backhand – Steve-O and musician Machine Gun Kelly ride bicycles with large foam hands attached to the front. The harder one pedals, the faster the other one gets knocked off the bike by the hand. Steve-O gets knocked off first, and MGK takes a hit afterward. He tells the guys he wasn’t expecting it to hurt as much as it did.

The Spider Helmet – Jasper brings in his dad, former convict Darkshark Wilson. Although he has a reputation as a tough guy, Jasper notes that his dad is terrified of bugs. Darkshark and Ehren have a connected helmet placed on their heads, and a large spider is placed through a tube. The one who gets the spider in their helmet has to take a bite from the spider. Both guys blow the spider toward the opposite direction, and it eventually crawls into Darkshark’s helmet. He starts to freak out until the guys take the helmet off and declare him the winner, forcing Ehren to take the spider bite to his nipple.

Dirty Dancing – Wee-Man is set to do the lift scene from “Dirty Dancing” with Preston Lacy while he wears a bodysuit. Before anything happens, Preston soils himself, grossing out all the other guys (including Lance who almost pukes again), and they leave the stunt out.

Front Yard Sale Toilet – Dave goes to take a dump in a toilet at a yard sale in front of other onlookers. Moments later, the toilet explodes and causes Dave to fly.

Knoxville The Electrician – Knoxville pretends to be an electrician and asks a nearby woman for help to get him down. She attempts to help, but every lever she touches is rigged to mess with Knoxville. He falls from the mechanism and is left hanging by his leg while the woman freaks out and doesn’t know what to do.

The Marching Band – Knoxville, Steve-O, and a couple of other guys put on marching band outfits with instruments and hop onto a treadmill, causing them to fall and injure themselves. Steve-O ends up needing a neck brace.

Cold Brew – Comedian Eric Andre is brought in to go to a cold brew truck. The lady working in there asks for a photo with Eric. When she gives him his drink, an airbag pops out to punch Eric in the face.

Scorpion Botox – Jules brings in another feared animal, a scorpion, to crawl on Rachel’s face and sting her in the lips. She takes three stings.

The Triple Wedgie – Wee-Man is strapped to a harness while Preston and Zach are standing high up, also strapped. As they jump off, Wee-Man is pulled up by his underwear, giving him and the other two guys atomic wedgies.

Electric Dance – Jasper’s Odd Future cohort, rapper Tyler The Creator, joins the gang as some of the guys go up on stage to do a dance, only to get zapped with electricity. The bench that Tyler is sitting on also shocks him, and they get Jeff to sit on it and get zapped.

Bull Stunt – Knoxville dresses as a bullfighter and walks into the bullpen. A large bull charges toward him and rams him, flipping him into the air and causing Knoxville to lose consciousness for a bit. The guys take Knoxville out on a stretcher. He is later reported to have suffered broken ribs and a concussion.

Bear Stunt – Knoxville hooks Ehren up to a lie detector test and messes with him by zapping him with electricity. Afterward, they pour honey all over Ehren and dump salmon near his crotch. A bear comes in as Ehren looks terrified. The bear eats the salmon and appears to try and bite Ehren’s hand, as well as his penis, before the bear wrangler comes in and brings the bear back inside.

Biggest Fans – Jasper attempts to float with a parachute as a bunch of enormous fans are hooked up outside. He is pushed off a slide and gets a bit of hangtime before falling. Poopies attempts to surf and ends up falling too.

Vomitron – The final stunt of the film has Zach, Dave, Poopies, and Jasper drinking milk while strapped to a carousel going at high speeds. As they start puking, Knoxville and the other guys start setting off fireworks. When the strapped guys get off the carousel, Knoxville and his buddies start firing paintballs at the guys in unprotected areas. After the chaos ends, Steve-O shows that he took a paintball to the groin, and now his penis is bleeding. The guys end the film by setting off one last explosion.

The credits feature how some of the stunts were accomplished, filling in the onlookers on the pranks, and showing some clips from past attempts at stunts, like Knoxville doing the bull stunt when he was younger, and Dave crapping in a toilet at a store. The credits end with a dedication to Ryan Dunn.

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The "Jackass" crew - Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, Wee-Man, Chris Pontius, Dave England, Danger Ehren, and many more - are older but still going strong with insane pranks and stunts. They have roped in new cast members like Zach Holmes and Rachel Wolfson, as well as celebrities like Tony Hawk, Rob Dyrdek, Tyler The Creator, and Machine Gun Kelly, into their shenanigans.

The film starts with a scene out of a monster movie, where the monster is Pontius's groin painted to look like Godzilla. Highlights include a bull stunt that leaves Knoxville concussed, lighting Steve-O's farts on fire, Ehren going through increasingly painful cup tests, the guys having to deal with snakes, scorpions, and spiders, Ehren almost getting bitten by a bear, Steve-O taking bee stings to his genitals, and finally the gang setting off fireworks and paintballs at their friends.

Credits show how stunts were accomplished, plus clips from when the gang was younger, and finally a dedication to the late Ryan Dunn.