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The film opens at the scene of act of violence. There are bodies, money, blood. Arielle Summers (Bella Thorne) sits in the corner, talking into her phone, saying she believes in fate. She wonders if this is her destiny, as the police rush in. She looks to the camera and says she always knew she would be famous.

Before all of that, Arielle is living in Florida with her working mother Janet (Marisa Coughlan), who is dating deadbeat Bobby. She loves social media but has few followers. One night, she goes to a party and is dancing on a guy when that guy’s girlfriend attacks her – she gets into a fistfight and beats her up while everyone at the party films the fight. This leads to Arielle getting 147 new followers.

In town Arielle meets Dean Taylor (Jake Manley), who is working on his car and is new in town, staying with his dad. Her friends say the rumor is he was in prison. They spend time together at a party, where Dean reveals he was in prison for armed robbery and assault, and that his parole requires him to be with his father since his mother is dead. His father is an abusive drunk. She tells him how badly she wants to get out of Florida and go to Hollywood to be famous.

They begin dating and spending all their time together. Dean teaches Arielle how to shoot a gun, aiming at cans. Arielle’s friends confront her, saying they heard Dean is a killer, and she angrily tells them off. Arielle finds all her saved money missing, and barges in on Janet and Bobby in bed, insisting that Bobby must have stolen it. She begins attacking Bobby, who pushes her into the wall where she hits her head. She tells him she’s going to kill him and storms out.

Arielle goes to Dean’s, where she finds his father beating him. Arielle tries to intervene and again gets smashed into the ground on her head. Dean fights him off and his father goes down the stairs and hits his head and dies. Dean begins panicking, but Arielle calms him down and says they will leave that night and they hit the road. Realizing they have no money, Arielle asks Dean if he brought a gun an they decide to rob a gas station. Arielle livestreams as Dean commits the robbery. Afterward, she tells Dean she loves him.

The next day, Arielle sees that her new account has three thousand followers. Dean is angry that she’s posting about their crimes, but Arielle says she uses and IP blocker and won’t show their faces. She says it will lead to fame and money and getting out. Short on money, Dean suggests they rob a dispensary next. This time, Dean films as Arielle does the robbing.

Their crime spree continues throughout the country, and Arielle’s account gets over three million followers and get more money than they need. Eventually, the police identify them and Dean and Arielle see their faces on the news. Dean is angry about the social media, but Arielle is elated to be famous. On the road, they get pulled over, and Dean tells Arielle not to start anything. When the officer goes to check their IDs, Arielle gets out of the car, and Dean gets out to go after her. When the officer pulls a gun, Arielle shoots him.

Arielle and Dean hideout for a while. Arielle gets antsy, losing subscribers and followers and wanting to keep going to Hollywood. Dean thinks she doesn’t understand the gravity of what she’s done. Arielle says she did it for him, but Dean says she did it for herself and for fame. Arielle goes off on her own to commit a robbery at a gas station – even though they don’t need any money – and when a customer walks in she shoots him, startled, which gives the clerk a chance to grab a gun and begin firing. He hits Arielle in the shoulder, and she flees back to Dean.

Dean is furious since now everyone knows where they are. The police have found them and they begin a car chase and a shootout. They realize that they left their money in their haste fleeing. Once they get away from the police, Dean removes the bullet from her shoulder. Arielle takes pictures of her wounds for her followers, making Dean angry again that that’s what she cares about. Arielle says it’s what fate did, and Dean says she did it all. Dean blames Arielle for the whole situation since her coming over led to his dad’s death. Arielle slaps him repeatedly and then kisses him. They stop fighting and realize they need to ditch their truck

A woman named Elle (Amber Riley) is driving and sees Arielle and the broken-down truck. She pulls over to help and Arielle pulls out her gun and says they need a place to stay for a night. Elle reveals she follows Arielle online and that she knew who they were before she pulled up. At Elle’s place, Dean asks her why she follows Arielle. Elle explains that her life hasn’t worked out and that people find them empowering. Dean tells her no one should want to be like them.

The next day, Elle drives them through a police checkpoint. The police make Elle and Arielle get out of the car while Dean is in the trunk. The police open the trunk but Dean is hiding under a blanket, and they are able to proceed. Once they’re through, they give Elle a bottle of water and take her car, directing her to walk back to the gas station they passed and to report her car stolen to get the insurance reimbursement. Elle wants to go with them, but Dean refuses. Arielle takes a picture with her and posts it, telling her lots of people are going to want to talk to her after that. Arielle and Dean drive off. Arielle says Elle could’ve come with, but Dean says they would have gotten her killed.

They then stop at the home of Dean’s contact Kyle (Michael Snow), who has a cache of guns and drugs with some other men. Kyle’s crew has a bank robbery coming up and need some extra gunmen, but Kyle doesn’t want any loose cannons – Arielle. The score is going to be huge, and Arielle wants in, but Dean thinks it’s a bad idea. He wants to leave and go to Mexico, but Arielle holds firm, wanting the money and for the followers. Dean makes Arielle promise that if they do this job she will leave with him after.

At the robbery, even though Kyle insisted on no social media, Arielle starts streaming it to her five million followers. When the money he expected isn’t there, Kyle becomes unhinged and shoots a bank worker in the head. When they go to leave, the cops are already outside everywhere. Kyle realizes it’s because Arielle streamed the bank robbery and pulls a gun on her. Arielle screams at Kyle that the six figures he promised aren’t there.

Arielle and Dean get into a shootout with Kyle and his men. Kyle and Dean shoot each other. Arielle rushes to Dean’s side as he bleeds out, and kisses him as he dies. The movie is now at the beginning, with Arielle talking to her followers on her livestream. She asks if this is her destiny, if this is what she’s been fighting for. As the police arrest her, she drops her phone. As the police bring her out of the bank, she sees hundreds of fans and followers with signs screaming for her.

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Arielle Summers (Bella Thorne) lives in a poor community in Florida and dreams of being famous and having a social media following. When her boyfriend Dean (Jake Manley) accidentally kills his abusive father, they go on the lam.

They begin robbing stores and Arielle posts it to social media, gaining the following she always wanted even though Dean thinks she's getting out of control. Eventually, the two participate in a bank robbery. Dean is killed but Arielle is arrested, and when she makes her perp walk she sees hundreds of people cheering for her.