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The film opens at a ballet recital, where 12-year-old Abigail (Alisha Weir) is giving her performance. She is being watched by three criminals. Three others outside (a hacker, a sniper, and a getaway driver) wait on them for orders. When Abigail is finished, the three inside abduct her and haul her off into the van. They make their way through the streets undetected before reaching a mansion.

The group meets their leader, Lambert (Giancarlo Esposito), who gives the group code names – Joey (Melissa Barrera), Frank (Dan Stevens), Sammy (Kathryn Newton), Dean (Angus Cloud), Peter (Kevin Durand), and Rickles (Will Catlett). The goal is to hold Abigail for a $50 million ransom from her wealthy father and split it $7 million each after 24 hours. Lambert takes their phones and instructs them to not let Abigail see their faces before he leaves.

The crooks gather for drinking and messing around. Frank, Peter, and Sammy each bet Joey money that she can’t read them, but Joey correctly guesses that Frank is a former cop, Peter was an enforcer for the Quebec mafia, and Sammy comes from money and does criminal activity for fun. Later, Joey goes to check on Abigail and has a brief bonding moment with her. Joey mentions that she has a son, whom Abigail refers to as “Justin” since Joey won’t say his real name. Before Joey leaves, Abigail tells her she is sorry for what is going to happen.

Dean attempts to hit on Sammy but is unsuccessful. He goes down into the basement and is dragged away by an unseen attacker. Sammy hears his scream and goes to investigate, then finds Dean’s head fall off his body. The others find the corpse and begin to freak out. Frank accidentally stumbles into Abigail’s room where she sees his face. He holds his gun at her and demands to know who her father is. Abigail says it is Kristof Lazar, which fills Frank with dread as Lazar is a notorious underworld criminal figure. In Frank’s cop career, he ended up on a job against Lazar that got four of his teammates killed by someone they believe to be Lazar’s hitman, “Valdez”.

Joey and Rickles privately discuss the possibility that Frank is Valdez and is trying to take out the group on his own to get the ransom money. As they try to find a way out of the mansion, Rickles is mauled to death by the same attacker. Frank then tells Peter they should just kill Abigail, but Joey steps in to stop him. They enter her room, where Abigail reveals herself to be a centuries-old vampire (she was always “Valdez”). She lunges for the group but they manage to escape the room. When they try to flee the mansion, the security measures activate and seals them inside.

The group then starts trying to figure out how to deal with a vampire of this nature. They go for the basic tropes – garlic cloves, crosses, silver bullets, and stakes. They try to ambush Abigail, who is dancing with Dean’s corpse. Frank tries to shoot Abigail in the head, but she heals from it quickly. Abigail gets Peter’s cross necklace and starts stabbing him with it. Sammy’s attempt to use garlic also fails, and she gets bitten by Abigail before falling into a pool of bodies of Abigail’s previous victims. Joey eventually manages to bring Abigail down by using the same tranquilizer they used on her when they were kidnapping her. They end up locking her in a cage.

When Abigail wakes up, Frank tries to threaten her, but Abigail begins to read each of the group and gives their real names. Sammy’s real name is Jessica, and she stole from her parents before running away. Peter’s real name is Terrence, and she also brings up his past as a dumb brute for the mafia. Frank is named Adam, and he was actually working for Abigail’s father before she killed them and left their mutilated bodies for Frank to find. Lastly, Joey is really named Ana Lucia, who was a former army medic before her morphine addiction caused her to accidentally nick an artery of a major crime figure, which is how Abigail and her father came to learn about her, and also what caused Joey to lose custody of her son. The others all had connections to Lazar and were specifically targeted by him and brought to Abigail as food by Lambert. Joey tells Abigail that she thinks Abigail is doing this for her father’s love, though Abigail says that Lazar never loved her, and that she also “likes playing with her food”.

Frank is tasked with watching Abigail, but she ends up breaking out of her cage and tries to choke him. Joey breaks open the boarded windows to expose Abigail to sunlight, which actually does hurt her. The group splits up to find a way out, but Sammy’s vampirism takes over, and Abigail begins controlling her like a puppet. She ends up killing Peter and sucks his blood out. Before she can go for Joey and Frank, Joey reflects sunlight toward Sammy, causing her to explode into bloody chunks.

Joey and Frank go looking for a way to disable the mansion’s security, but they end up finding a control room with Lambert inside. He reveals that he is also a vampire and admits to having brought the criminals there to be fed to Abigail and that there was never going to be any money. Lambert offers Frank a chance to join them by turning him into a vampire as well so they can take out Lazar and Abigail. Frank accepts and gets bitten, then stakes Lambert and blows him up moments later. Frank then goes after Joey and Abigail with the intention of taking over Lazar’s empire. Abigail fights Frank but he ends up drinking some of her blood, which makes him stronger. Frank then bites Joey and intends to turn her as well, but she resists his attempts to control her. Abigail tells Joey that she can be freed by killing the vampire that bit her, so they work together to overpower Frank and stake him, causing him to burst and quickly curing Joey.

Night falls, and Joey prepares to leave, until she comes face-to-face with Lazar (Matthew Goode) himself. He tells Joey that he has gone by many names (and you can probably guess what his most famous one is). He prepares to kill Joey until Abigail steps in and tells Lazar that Joey helped save her from Frank. With this, Lazar and Abigail let Joey live and go after her son, whom Abigail knows is named Caleb. Joey gets in a van and drives away to go find Caleb.

The film is dedicated to Angus Cloud.


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Six criminals - given the code names Joey (former army medic and single mother), Frank (former cop), Sammy (rich hacker), Dean (getaway driver), Peter (former enforcer for Quebec mafia), and Rickles (sniper) - kidnap Abigail, the 12-year-old ballerina daughter of a wealthy criminal figure. Their boss, Lambert, leaves them alone for the night with the task of protecting Abigail until they get their money. Soon, Dean is killed and has his head ripped from his body. The group learns that Abigail's father is Kristof Lazar, a very feared crime boss who supposedly has an extremely violent hitman that killed Frank's former fellow police officers. Rickles is also mauled to death while trying to escape.

The group quickly finds out that Abigail is a vampire. When their attempts to subdue her fail, Joey manages to tranquilize Abigail, but not before she bites Sammy. After Abigail wakes up, she reveals she knows the group's whole backstories and that there was never any money involved since Lambert works for her and Lazar, and they are just there to be fed to Abigail. She escapes the cage they locked her in, and she begins to control Sammy once she turns into a vampire. Sammy kills Peter, and Joey kills Sammy by reflecting sunlight onto her, causing her to explode.

Since the group was sealed inside by the security system, Joey and Frank try to find a way to deactivate them, but they find Lambert in the control room and see he is also a vampire. He hates working for Lazar and offers Frank a chance to be turned into a vampire so they can kill Lazar and Abigail. Frank agrees and gets turned, only for him to kill Lambert right away and try to kill Abigail and turn Joey into a vampire as well. He bites her, but she and Abigail work together to stake Frank and kill him.

Before Joey can leave, Lazar arrives (and he is heavily implied to be Dracula). Abigail tells her father that Joey helped protect her, so they allow her to leave so Joey can be reunited with her son.