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2019 – On Halloween night in Haddonfield, Corey Cunningham (Roham Campbell) arrives at the Allen house to babysit a boy named Jeremy (Jaxon Goldenberg) while his parents attend a party. While Mrs. Allen (Candice Rose) tells Corey to put Jeremy to bed early since he’s been scared from the previous year’s Halloween massacre, Corey ends up putting on a horror movie for the boy, who claims not to be scared. When Corey tells Jeremy to go to bed, he mouths off to him. Corey goes to the kitchen for a snack but overhears a noise. He investigates, and Jeremy isn’t there. From upstairs, Jeremy begins screaming and calling for help. Corey grabs a knife and looks in the attic, where he gets locked in. It was a prank from Jeremy, who won’t let him out. Just as Jeremy’s parents return, Corey kicks the door with enough force to send Jeremy flying over the balcony, smashing his face on the floor below. His parents rush to his side in a panic, and Mrs. Allen, seeing the knife in Corey’s hand, accuses him of murder.

Three years later, Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) is living with Allyson (Andi Matichak), the two of them still moving on from Karen’s murder. Laurie has been writing a novel about her ordeal with Michael Myers (James Jude Courtney) and how Haddonfield has had to deal with the aftermath of his latest massacre. While on her way to work at the hospital, Allyson is pulled over by her ex, Officer Doug Mulaney (Jesse C. Boyd), who still carries a torch for her, but he also tells her to fix her muffler.

Corey has been free after being acquitted and works at a garage/junkyard. His boss Ronald (Rick Moose), gifts him with a motorcycle. Corey later rides his bike to the convenience store and grabs chocolate milk, but on his way out, he is approached by four teens – Terry (Michael Barbieri), Billy (Marteen Estevez), Stacy (Destiny Mone), and Margo (Joey Harris) – who ask for him to buy them beer. Corey declines, and the teens then recognize him as the “psycho babysitter.” Terry taunts Corey and makes him angry enough to crush the milk bottle in his hand, causing a deep cut. Terry knocks him down because the milk got on him, just as Laurie shows up and tells the teens to beat it. Laurie helps Corey to his feet and gives him a knife to slash the tires on Terry’s car.

Laurie takes Corey to the hospital, where Allyson tends to the cut on his hand. While in the office of Dr. Mathis (Michael O’Leary), Corey knocks his equipment over by accident, causing Mathis to berate Allyson to clean up. Corey notes that she shouldn’t let Mathis talk to her like that. He mentions he works at a garage, so he takes a look at Allyson’s car and fixes her problem. Allyson takes a liking to Corey and invites him to go out with her. At home, she is encouraged by both Laurie and Lindsey Wallace (Kyle Richards) to pursue a new romance.

Corey is shown at home living with his mother, Joan (Joanne Baron), who appears to be dating Ronald. She treats Corey like a child and is overly protective of him after everyone in town labeled him a child murderer. He goes to his job, where he tries to show Allyson how to ride his motorcycle while also noticing Terry showing up with his father (who is berating Terry) to get his car fixed.

Laurie goes to the supermarket, where she runs into Frank Hawkins (Will Patton). They appear flirtatious toward one another, hinting at a mutual attraction. On her way out, Laurie is confronted by a woman related to Sondra (Diva Tyler), who survived her attack from Michael but was left speechless since he stuck a light through her throat and had to watch her husband be murdered, and the woman blames Laurie for luring Michael back to terrorize the town.

Allyson invites Corey to a Halloween party, where he brings a scarecrow mask and appears to be having fun. He drops the mask and goes to get a drink, where he is seen by Mrs. Allen. She is drunk and angrily continues to believe that he deliberately murdered Jeremy, causing Corey to leave. Allyson tries to talk to Corey, but he just storms off, thinking Allyson wasn’t helping him by putting him out there with everyone who sees him as a killer.

As Corey walks home, he is spotted by Terry and his friends, who continue to mess with him (except Margot, who thinks they are taking things too far). While Corey tries walking away, Terry and Billy won’t let him. Corey snaps and says how Terry’s father hates him based on how he was talking to him at the garage. Terry and Billy then throw Corey over the bridge, where he falls unconscious before the teens flee. In the darkness, an unseen figure (obviously Michael) drags Corey into the sewers.

Corey wakes up in the sewers and tries to find a way out, only to be grabbed by the throat by Michael. As Corey struggles to free himself, Michael looks into Corey’s eyes, where it is implied he knows that Corey has killed before, so he lets him go. When he gets out, a homeless man approaches Corey with a knife and orders him to go back into the sewer and get Michael’s mask. Corey fights the homeless man and ends up stabbing him to death.

Corey goes to Allyson’s house to find her and asks her to join him. He takes her to the abandoned Allen house, where he explains what happened regarding Jeremy. They then go out to dinner, where Allyson is approached by Doug, leading to Corey nearly getting into it with him until Doug goes back with his friends. Meanwhile, Laurie gets concerned about them spending time together since she believes she saw Michael in Corey’s eyes, so she goes to his house to speak to Joan. Despite expressing sympathy, Joan insults Laurie over her involvement with Michael, claiming that Haddonfield picked her son to be their next boogeyman when Michael vanished.

Corey drops Allyson off at home, where they share their first kiss. He rides his motorcycle away and is followed by Doug in his car. Corey goes back under the bridge toward the sewer, and Doug finds the homeless man’s body. Corey antagonizes Doug and gets him to follow him into the sewer. Corey tries to kill Doug with help from Michael, who is now visibly weaker and needs Corey to hold Doug down as he plunges his knife into Doug’s body repeatedly. Corey then goes back to Allyson’s house, where they have sex.

At work, Allyson is bothered by her colleague Deb (Michele Dawson), who got a promotion over Allyson because Mathis likes her better. Deb comments about Allyson, who is constantly associated with surviving Michael, being with the “psycho babysitter” until Allyson tells her to shut up.

Laurie goes to the bar with Lindsey, where they are surprised to find Mr. Allen (Jack William Marshall). He tells them that he doesn’t harbor any hatred for Corey the way his wife does, because he believes that the people of Haddonfield showing hatred toward him was them making the Allens’ tragedy about themselves. Mr. Allen says that he tried to approach Corey and speak to him, but when he looked in his eyes, he felt that whoever Corey used to be is no longer there and that he is going down a dark path.

Deb goes to the home of Dr. Mathis since they are having an affair. While he gets things ready and she goes to fix herself up, she overhears a struggle occurring. Deb goes outside and finds Corey (wearing his scarecrow mask) stabbing Mathis repeatedly after putting a plastic bag over his head. Deb is found by Michael, who picks her up by the throat and impales her with his knife, leaving her hanging there.

Corey takes Allyson out again, and they climb to the top of the radio station building. They make plans to leave Haddonfield for good. When they climb down, they are found by local DJ Willy The Kid (Deraun Harris). He mocks the two as he does on his radio show, and he threatens them to leave. When Corey returns home, he is scolded at by Joan, who slaps him and then tries to kiss him, but he brushes her off.

Halloween day arrives, and Corey ends up sleeping in the Allen house. Laurie is there, and she orders him to stay away from Allyson. He yells at her for setting them up and calls her a “freakshow”, but Laurie seems to have vanished before Corey can realize it. Corey calls Allyson and says they need to leave the town soon because he claims Laurie tried to kill him. Corey returns to the sewer and asks Michael for his mask, which turns into a struggle, ending with Corey managing to overpower Michael and grab his mask. Michael can still be seen rising after Corey leaves. Allyson goes home to get her things and argues with Laurie when she tries to get her to stop.

Corey scratches “psycho” into Terry’s car to bait him into chasing him to the junkyard. The teens find Corey’s motorcycle and attempt to hook it up to their car and drag it. When Terry tells Billy to get it running, he finds Billy dead with a drumstick through his eye. Corey then drives a van toward Stacy and Margot, making them run and climb over a fence. Margot isn’t quick enough and gets pinned under the fence when Corey drives through it. Stacy goes to her side and gets beaten to death with a wrench. Terry goes to get help from Ronald, who gives him a rifle for protection, but when Ronald sees that it’s Corey, he tries to get Terry to stop, only to get shot in the head. Corey grabs Terry and sticks a blowtorch in his mouth, melting Terry’s face off. Corey then stomps on Margot’s skull and runs over her body.

Corey then returns to his house to stab his mother to death before returning to the radio station, where he kills Willy’s receptionist before smashing Willy’s face on his turntables, mangling his jaw and then cutting off his tongue. Allyson tries to meet Corey, where he told her to go, but he doesn’t show up and doesn’t answer his phone.

Laurie tries to get in touch with Allyson but has no luck. She then calls 911 and reports a suicide. Laurie then takes a gun and appears ready to kill herself. As Corey goes up the stairs of her house, he hears a gunshot and a splatter but then finds it’s just a pumpkin. Laurie anticipated this and shoots Corey, causing him to fall down the stairs. Realizing he will be exposed, Corey stabs himself in the jugular. Laurie goes to pull the knife out just as Allyson comes home, making it look like Laurie murdered Corey. Allyson cries and flees as Laurie tries to explain.

Moments later, Michael returns and grabs his mask from Corey, who turns out to be still alive. He fights Michael for the mask until Michael grabs his head and snaps his neck, killing Corey for good. Just as Allyson is heading out, she gets a call from the police who report the suicide attempt, and Allyson realizes what’s going on. Laurie and Michael then begin their final showdown, with Michael throwing Laurie all over the place and then trying to stick her hand in a running garbage disposal. Laurie manages to grab Michael’s knife and impale his hand onto her kitchen counter. She grabs another knife and rams it through his other hand, and then pushes the fridge down to pin his legs. Laurie removes Michael’s mask to get a good look at his face (which we don’t see), acknowledging him not as the boogeyman but a regular man. She slits Michael’s throat, but he attempts one last attack before Allyson shows up and helps Laurie slit Michael’s wrist, finally putting an end to her nemesis.

As Hawkins and the rest of the police arrive, they get a good look at Michael’s corpse and have the police send an alert. The entire town of Haddonfield gathers and follows Laurie, Allyson, and the police to the junkyard. They throw Michael’s body into a compactor, ensuring that there is no way he will ever come back and finally putting an end to the town’s nightmare.

Allyson reconciles with Laurie, saying she knows Corey really was evil in the end. She decides to move out of Haddonfield on her own, carrying her parents’ wedding rings around her neck. Laurie completes her novel by stating that while Michael is finally gone, evil never really goes away and just takes on a different shape. She is then visited by Hawkins, who brings her groceries before they sit down to chat and potentially pursue a relationship.

The final shots are of Laurie’s empty house while a faint breathing noise is heard, and Michael’s mask rests on the coffee table.

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Four years after Michael Myers' last massacre on the town of Haddonfield, he has seemingly vanished. Laurie Strode now lives with Allyson, but they continue to be associated with Michael, and Laurie is blamed by other residents for "tempting" Michael into killing again. Allyson begins a relationship with Corey Cunningham, who accidentally killed a boy that he was babysitting and became known as a "psycho babysitter". Despite his attempts to shake that view of him, Corey succumbs to his evil nature after Michael finds him but spares his life.

Corey goes on a killing spree, taking out some teens that mocked him, a crude radio DJ, a homeless man, Allyson's boss and co-worker, and even his own mother. Despite Laurie's warnings about Corey, claiming she saw Michael in his eyes, Allyson ignores her and plans to leave town with him. Laurie pretends to commit suicide when she realizes Corey is going for her, but Corey sticks a knife in his throat to make Laurie look like she killed him, which Allyson initially believes until the police call her after Laurie reported a suicide attempt. Michael makes his return and kills Corey before entering his final showdown with Laurie. They fight until Laurie pins Michael to her kitchen counter and slits his throat and wrists with Allyson's help. The entire town gathers as Laurie and Allyson bring Michael's body to a junkyard and dispose of his corpse in a compactor, ensuring he will finally be gone for good.

Allyson reconciles with Laurie and moves out of Haddonfield. Laurie begins to finally move on and pursue a relationship with Officer Hawkins, but she keeps Michael's mask in her house.