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The film opens 41 years earlier on Planet Vegeta. King Vegeta (Christopher Sabat) and his Saiyans wait for the arrival of King Cold (Jason Douglas). He and his Cold Force make their appearance, and King Cold tells King Vegeta that he is passing on control of the planet to his son, Frieza (Christopher Ayres), whom King Cold promises is far more ruthless than he is.

King Vegeta goes to a room with children inside tubes, including his son Prince Vegeta. However, the king discovers that another child in there, Broly, has a power that exceeds that of his own son. Displeased, King Vegeta has the boy exiled off planet. Broly’s father Paragus (Dameon Clarke) swears vengeance on King Vegeta as he and another Saiyan take a pod to head out and find the boy. They come across Broly on a planetoid called Vampa, but their ship becomes stranded when one of the parts is severely damaged. With only a limited number of resources, Paragus kills the other Saiyan for him and Broly to survive.

Five years later, Bardock (Sonny Strait) returns to Planet Vegeta after a mission. With Frieza now having seized total control, the Saiyans are untrusting of him. Bardock goes to his wife Gine (Emily Neves), and then to a pod containing their son Kakarot. They send the boy to Earth for his protection. Frieza is told by his minions that a Super Saiyan will one day defeat him, and so he proceeds to send a powerful blast toward Planet Vegeta. Bardock attempts to stop the blast, but he is incinerated before the whole planet is destroyed. A few surviving Saiyan scouts, with a young Prince Vegeta (also Christopher Sabat) and Raditz (Justin Cook), become aware of the planet’s destruction.

Fast forward to the present day where Kakarot/Goku (Sean Schemmel) and Vegeta are engaging in a training fight while Bulma (Monica Rael) is taking care of her and Vegeta’s daughter Bulla (Bryn Apprill). Joining them is the destroyer god Beerus (also Jason Douglas) and his trainer Whiis (Ian Sinclair). Bulma gets a call from Trunks (Alexis Tipton), who, along with Goten, has discovered that someone has broken into their home and stolen six of the Dragon Balls that Bulma had collected. Trunks reviews the footage and slows it down to find that the thieves were Frieza Force scouts. Vegeta chides Goku for having previously resurrected Frieza after he was killed before. Goku, Vegeta, Bulma, and Whiis head to Bulma’s ship to head to the Arctic to find the last Dragon Ball before Frieza does, leaving Beerus to babysit Bulla. On the way there, Bulma reveals she wanted to collect all the Dragon Balls to wish for her to look younger.

On Vampa, two of Frieza’s scouts, Cheelai (Erica Lindbeck) and Lemo (Bruce Carey) come across an older Paragus, who is now blind in one eye. They also find the now grown Broly (Vic Mignogna) and figure Frieza would love to have someone like him join his forces. Cheelai and Lemo fly them back to Frieza’s ship. He pays them for their efforts and lets Paragus and Broly stay as guests.

Cheelai later finds that Broly wears a shock collar around his neck that is controlled by Paragus. This is demonstrated when another man tries to pick a fight with Broly, but Broly comes close to killing him until Paragus shocks him. Cheelai says it is cruel for him to do that. She and Lemo take Broly somewhere to get food, with Cheelai showing that she swiped the control from Paragus, and she destroys it. Broly then tells them about a pelt he wears around his waist. It belonged to a beast on Vampa that he spent time with as a pet and named Ba, but Paragus scared Ba away after shooting off his ear. Broly never saw Ba again, but he keeps the fur from his ear to remember him.

Frieza meets with Paragus in private. He knows that Paragus wants revenge against Vegeta, knowing he can no longer go after his father. Frieza agrees to help Paragus take down Vegeta, but he demands that Goku be left for him to kill. It is also learned that Frieza just wants the Dragon Balls to make himself taller…by five centimeters.

Goku and his friends make it to the Arctic, but two of Frieza’s scouts have already found the seventh Dragon Ball. Vegeta shoots their ship down and they take the Dragon Ball, but Frieza and his company arrive as well. Paragus sends Broly after Vegeta, leading to an epic Saiyan fight. Vegeta takes on his Super Saiyan God form and manages to send Broly flying through the ice mountains. However, Broly’s true power is unlocked as he taps into his Saiyan powers. Goku joins the fight, but Broly starts to wipe the floor with him. Goku and Vegeta team up to fight back against Broly. Frieza decides to give Broly a push by killing Paragus and blaming it on a stray blast from one of the Saiyans. Enraged, Broly turns full Super Saiyan and goes after Goku and Vegeta. They manage to get Broly to go after Frieza as they teleport elsewhere.

Goku and Vegeta make it to where Piccolo (also Christopher Sabat) is. Goku tells Vegeta that they have to fuse to defeat Broly, but Vegeta is reluctant to do so because of how embarrassing the dance itself is. They fail to do it properly twice, resulting in them looking weird both times, and they have to wait 30 minutes after each fusion to try again, which means that Broly kicks Frieza’s butt for over an hour. Goku and Vegeta succeed the third time to become Gogeta, and they return to finish their fight with Broly.

They start to take down Broly and nearly obliterate him with a Kamehameha blast, but Cheelai has taken all the Dragon Balls from Frieza to summon the dragon Shenron (ALSO Christopher Sabat). She wishes for Broly to be saved and to be sent home. Shenron does so and pulls Broly out of the fight before he is destroyed, and he is sent back to Vampa. The Dragon Balls are once again scattered around the land. Frieza retreats and vows to come back for humanity someday.

Cheelai and Lemo find Broly on Vampa. They see that he had survived off of a gross sap all his life, but Cheelai hopes to find Broly a better form of sustenance. Goku then arrives on Vampa to show that he wants them to be taken care of, so he takes out a capsule that Bulma created to give them a decent place to sleep and eat. He then tells Broly that he wants to train with him, as they have a lot to learn from each other. Before Goku leaves, Cheelai asks him his name. He tells them he is Goku, but he tells Broly he can call him Kakarot.

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Broly is a powerful Saiyan who is sent off of Planet Vegeta as a child due to King Vegeta disliking that Broly's power exceeds that of Prince Vegeta. Broly's father Paragus raises Broly to become a ruthless fighter until the day he is found by two of Frieza's scouts, Cheelai and Lemo. They bring Paragus and Broly to Frieza, who wants to use Broly to take out the Saiyans Goku and Vegeta.

Goku, Vegeta, Bulma, and Whiis travel to find the last Dragon Ball after the others have been stolen and taken to Frieza. They gather in the Arctic where Frieza brings Broly to fight the Saiyans. Even after taking on their god forms, Broly proves to be insanely powerful. Goku and Vegeta fuse to match Broly's power, but before they can destroy him, Cheelai gathers the Dragon Balls to summon Shenron and wish that Broly were safe. The dragon sends Broly back to his homeworld, and Frieza retreats to return another day.

Goku finds Broly with Cheelai and Lemo and wants to help them. He also offers to train with Broly since the two can learn from one another.