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The film starts with Bobby Leiber (Billy Eichner) doing another episode of his podcast/radio show “The Eleventh Brick at Stonewall”, talking to callers about his written works on gay history and gay icons, and how he was asked to make a gay Hollywood romantic film, but he didn’t want to cater to their standards for how LGBTQ representation should be. Bobby has lived in New York City for a long time and claims to be fine being single and never having found love, so he hooks up with random guys over Grindr.

Bobby meets with his friends at a restaurant, where they talk about their recent accomplishments. Tina (Monica Raymund) and Edgar (Guillermo Diaz) are a couple with kids; Lucas (Becca Blackwell) and Tom (D’Lo) are expecting triplets via surrogate, and Peter (Peter Kim) and Paul (Justin Covington) are in a throuple with Marty (Symone).

Bobby attends an awards ceremony for the LGBTQ community, with Kristin Chenoweth in attendance and wearing a Stonewall-themed hat. Bobby wins an award for “best cis male gay man”. He announces to everyone that he has accepted a position as a curator for the upcoming National LGBTQ+ History Museum. While there, he works with Robert (Jim Rash), Cherry (Dot-Marie Jones), Wanda (Miss Lawrence), Tamara (Eve Lindley), and Angela (TS Madison). Bobby wants to pitch an exhibit where Abraham Lincoln was gay, while the others argue about how their orientations (Robert with bisexuals and Cherry with lesbians) haven’t been represented enough.

Bobby joins his friend Henry (Guy Branum) at a nightclub where he is launching a new dating app for gay men. There, Bobby spots a guy named Aaron Shepard (Luke Macfarlane), whom Henry describes as hot but boring. Aaron joins the guys on the balcony and begins chatting with Bobby. They exchange snarky banter and then go by the bar to drink, where Bobby tries to kiss Aaron, but he moves his head. Bobby confronts him about it on the dance floor, and they do kiss, but Aaron doesn’t appear to be too interested in Bobby.

Aaron is shown to be a lawyer who organizes wills and estates for people. While talking to a client, he is told by said client that his line of work must get depressing.

Bobby tries to hook up with another guy from Grindr, but he first demands a pic of Bobby’s ass. Bobby attempts to shave and take a good picture, but the guy ends up blocking Bobby. He then gets a text from Aaron, who got his number from Henry. After some back-and-forth, the two agree to hang out.

Bobby and Aaron go around the city and go watch a “Brokeback Mountain”-like movie about gay frontiersmen. They run into a friend from Aaron’s old town, Josh (Ryan Faucett), and his fiancee Samantha (Jillian Gottlieb). Afterwards, Aaron admits that he used to have a crush on Josh, which makes Bobby defensive since he knows he is not conventionally handsome like Josh is. After a brief argument, Bobby goes to Aaron’s apartment to hook up, but it’s mostly them kissing while two other guys go down on Aaron. Bobby leaves.

The museum holds a gala before its official opening. Bobby invites Aaron to give him a little tour of the museum as it is being prepared. Aaron looks at the exhibits of other historical icons and thinks about how he doesn’t feel he is as accomplished since he hates his job and doesn’t see many prospects for himself. He leaves abruptly, making Bobby feel upset and confused.

Aaron receives a call from his mom Annie (Amanda Bearse), who informs him that Josh has ended his engagement because he recently came out as gay. Aaron looks on his Instagram for confirmation, where Josh makes a big announcement video over it.

At work, Bobby is told that Debra Messing wants to donate to the museum because she worries she will get canceled after comparing herself to Viola Davis. Bobby is assigned to talk to her and give her a tour, but when he meets Debra, he ends up complaining to her about his complicated feelings and relationship with Aaron. Debra snaps over how many gay men associate her with her role on “Will and Grace” and vent their feelings to her, so she ends up leaving without the tour or donation.

After a while of not hearing from Aaron, he finally texts Bobby back and is prepared to make an excuse not to see him, but eventually agrees to hang out. They go to the park and chat, but Bobby catches Aaron checking out a bunch of shirtless guys playing football, leading to them playfully wrestling before making out. They return to Aaron’s place to keep wrestling and eventually have sex. Afterward, Aaron admits to Bobby that his original dream was to be a chocolatier and make his own little chocolates, but he gave it up because he thought it was a stupid dream that his family would have looked down on. Bobby then invites Aaron to go on a trip with him.

The two go to Provincetown, where they stay at an Airbnb from Louis (Harvey Fierstein). Bobby takes Aaron to deliver a pitch to an eccentric rich guy, Lawrence Grape (Bowen Yang), as he may potentially donate to the museum. When it seems like Lawrence is unimpressed by Bobby’s pitch, Aaron convinces him to listen to what Lawrence wants. Lawrence offers his suggestion, a cart ride through a gay haunted house of LGBTQ trauma. While Bobby finds it weird, Aaron’s input helps convince Lawrence to donate $5 million. Bobby is impressed and kisses Aaron in gratitude. The two then continue to grow closer romantically as Bobby opens up to Aaron about how he’s felt like he’s had to tone down his behavior and homosexuality to make others comfortable.

Aaron invites Annie, plus his dad and brother Jason (Jai Rodriguez) to the city to spend time with him and Bobby. Bobby goes on to Annie about gay history and other gay-related topics, which Aaron asks Bobby to tone down and to “be normal”, which hurts Bobby’s feelings. During dinner, Bobby pushes the subject of asking why Annie (who is a teacher) doesn’t tell her students about gay history, which appears to make the table uncomfortable. When Aaron tries to get him to shut up, Bobby blurts out that Aaron hates his life. The two later argue after splitting from Aaron’s family, and they separate.

Aaron later spends time with Josh, and Bobby catches them kissing after playfully wrestling. He argues again with Aaron, stating that he feels Aaron simply doesn’t find him attractive the way he does with Josh, and he also expresses his feelings over having to tone down who he is for his whole life. Aaron responds that he is proof that Bobby is more lovable than he thinks he is, but Bobby just storms off.

Bobby attempts to use steroids to get fit, but he is interrupted by an emergency at the museum. People are threatening to boycott and pull donations over the gay Lincoln exhibit. Bobby wants to fight for it, but his coworkers are fine with getting rid of it. This leads to him snapping and yelling at everyone, with him grabbing a pride flag and fighting with the others over it.

Bobby still attempts to go to the gym for his “workout window” with the steroids. He meets a guy at the gym named Joel (Jamyl Dobson), using a lower-toned “bro” voice to appeal to him. They go back to Joel’s place to hook up, but when Bobby uses his real voice, Joel freaks out and tells Bobby to leave.

After some time, Bobby returns to work and reconciles with his coworkers over his anger issues. The others, including Angela and Wanda, all admit they have their own anger issues as well over matters such as their sexual identities. They all agree to compromise on the exhibits that will be presented. Meanwhile, Aaron quits his job and makes chocolates like he wanted to, making some with specific themes and telling Bobby that all proceeds will go to the museum.

On the opening night of the museum, a large crowd turns out. They even got celebrity appearances, such as Ben Stiller as a virtual museum guard (in a nod to his role in “Night at the Museum”), along with Kenan Thompson as James Baldwin, Amy Schumer as Eleanor Roosevelt, and Seth Meyers as Harvey Milk. Bobby misses Aaron, and after talking to Tina, he decides to text him with “Hey what’s up?”, which is how they usually greet each other. Aaron, who has been hanging out with Jason, gets the text and is encouraged by his brother to go after who he loves. Aaron runs to the museum and makes it as Bobby is giving a big speech to the crowd. When he sees Aaron show up, he gathers his coworkers as he has written a song about his relationship with Aaron, inspired by the music of Garth Brooks (Aaron’s favorite singer). It moves the crowd, and Bobby runs into the crowd so he and Aaron can kiss, leading to everyone cheering for them. They agree to date for three months before re-assessing their relationship.

Three months later, Annie brings her 2nd-grade class to the museum Bobby and Aaron are still going strong. However, Bobby runs away playfully when Aaron asks if he ever wants kids.

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Bobby Leiber is a radio show host, writer, and museum curator who claims to have been comfortable being alone and single for most of his life. Things change when he meets Aaron Shepard, a "bro" type of lawyer that he begins a physical relationship, which turns into something more romantic.

The guys' relationship hits a rough patch when Bobby meets Aaron's family and behaves in his usual outspoken manner, and talks about gay-related topics that appear to make Aaron's family uncomfortable. Bobby, in turn, thinks Aaron doesn't care for him as much since he is not conventionally handsome like the other guys Aaron usually goes for. They separate.

Bobby attends the opening of a National LGBTQ+ History Museum that he works at. Aaron realizes he loves Bobby and runs to the museum for him. Bobby performs a song he wrote inspired by their relationship, and they kiss in front of the crowd, agreeing to date for three months before re-assessing things.