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Oakland, CA – Jahkor Lincoln (Ashton Sanders) sneaks around a neighborhood at night. A gangster named Malcolm (Stephen Barrington) is with his girlfriend Cece (Cydnee Barry) and their daughter Miesha (Bianca Richelle) in their home. As the two parents go to put Miesha to bed, they find Jahkor waiting in her bedroom, aiming guns at them. After exchanging a few words, Jahkor executes Malcolm and Cece.

Jahkor goes to trial where Cece’s mother reams into him for his crime. He is sentenced to life in prison. Upon entering the prison yard, Jahkor starts to reflect on how he got to where he is. As a child (here played by Jadyn Emil Hall), he was picked on but befriended other boys named Lamark (Ramone Hamilton) and TQ (Kaleb Alexander Roberts). He also suffered abuse at the hands of his coke-addicted thug father JD (Jeffrey Wright), while his mother Delonda (Kelly Jenrette) did her best to keep things together. JD is also in the same prison with his son.

As he grew, Jahkor would get into more fights to show he is not to be messed with, which eventually evolves into a string of petty thefts. He also developed a passion for rapping, aspiring to make a name for himself in the genre. As adults, Jahkor still hung out with Lamark (now played by Christopher Meyer) and TQ (now played by Isaiah John). Lamark joined the military and was discharged for an injury, while TQ also ended up in the gangster lifestyle. He hangs out with rapper/gangster T-Rex (James Earl), who introduced him to Malcolm. TQ tried to get Jahkor to join him, but Jahkor didn’t want any involvement with drugs.

In the yard, another inmate warns Jahkor that Malcolm’s guys on the inside are after him, but if he plays his cards right, his girlfriend and their son will be taken care of. Another inmate messes with Jahkor to bait him into reacting, but JD stops him from doing so.

Jahkor and TQ attended the funeral of someone they knew, where they met a local gangster named Big Stunna (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II), Malcolm’s rival. He and his girlfriend La-Trice (Rolanda D. Bell) gave some money to the family of the deceased. He knew Malcolm was behind it and vowed to make him regret it.

Jahkor’s girlfriend, Shantaye (Shakira Ja’nai Paye), told him she was pregnant. He was elated at the prospect of becoming a father, but still worried about providing for the child in an honest way. He began applying for real jobs, but due to his lack of credentials, he had a hard time finding anybody until he found a job at a shoe store. Even there, he was profiled by white customers who didn’t think he worked there. In prison, Jahkor wants Shantaye to not bring their son, Zion, there so he wouldn’t see his father like that.

Another flashback from childhood shows JD and Delonda arguing over how they are raising Jahkor. In the present, Delonda visits her son in prison, only to berate him for throwing his life away.

Jahkor had gone with Shantaye and TQ to a birthday for Stunna on the streets. Since he was always suspicious of anyone showing up when he didn’t know them, he easily spotted two thugs who were sent by Malcolm, and Stunna executed both of them. Jahkor later met with Stunna and La-Trice over potentially working for Stunna since he is shorthanded.

Jahkor receives a letter from Shantaye, letting him know how Zion is doing. He writes back saying that the letter reminded him of his grandmother Tommetta (Regina Taylor), who supported him even more than Delonda did before she passed away.

In another instance on the outside, Jahkor got angered when T-Rex showed him a sex tape of Shantaye with another guy. He confronted her at her house, where she defended it by saying this was before she met him, but he took all of his stuff and left in an outrage. Later at work, Jahkor overheard a coworker talking trash about him, so he had TQ follow her until they both got pulled over and arrested. Jahkor was bailed out by Delonda and her new boyfriend Ray-Ray (John Que), who made a comment that pissed off Jahkor and led to him knocking Ray-Ray out in front of Delonda.

JD sits to talk to Jahkor, who tells him that TQ was working for Malcolm, and he warns him that TQ might have other guys under Malcolm’s thumb to go after him. Jahkor returns to his cell to craft himself a shank.

In other flashbacks, we see that Jahkor played some of his music to T-Rex, who was unimpressed. He later visited Lamark in the hospital, as he was undergoing surgery for his injury and was told he may never walk again. Afterwards, he goes to Stunna to offer his services in going to kill Malcolm. La-Trice supplies him with clean guns for the job.

A childhood flashback shows young Jahkor overhearing JD arguing with someone over the phone for money owed to him. He followed JD as he went to confront the guy, and Jahkor witnessed his father murder the man. He later saw JD buying cocaine, revealed to be sold by Malcolm. Jahkor went to ask Malcolm to stop selling to his dad, but he laughed it off because JD is his best customer.

After killing Malcolm, Jahkor went to Shantaye’s place for the night. In the morning, a team of officers stormed the place to arrest him. In prison, Jahkor calls Shantaye and says he is ready for her to bring Zion to visit him.

The inmate from earlier goes to tell Jahkor that TQ is in there for violating his parole. Another flashback shows that Stunna learned of T-Rex and TQ’s involvement with Malcolm, and he and La-Trice personally executed T-Rex. Jahkor approaches TQ in the yard, both appearing friendly, but then they both pull out their shanks and struggle briefly before Jahkor quietly stabs TQ to death, with several witnesses but no noises.

Shantaye brings Zion so Jahkor can finally meet him. As he narrates, he says that his son will not end up like him or his own father. In the meantime, it appears that Jahkor and JD will finally spend time together, even if it is behind bars.

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An aspiring rapper named Jahkor recounts his life as he ends up serving a life sentence for murder.

As a child, he suffered abuse from his drug-addicted thug father JD, and ended up turning to petty thefts and assaults with his friend TQ. Jahkor ended up rubbing elbows with a gangster named Big Stunna, while also having a relationship with a woman named Shantaye. Although he tried to lead an honest lifestyle for their son, Jahkor always ended up in trouble.

Jahkor offered to kill Stunna's rival, Malcolm, and he did so by executing Malcolm and his girlfriend in front of their daughter. After his arrest, Jahkor learns that TQ and a former associate, T-Rex, were working for Malcolm. Stunna and his girlfriend murder T-Rex while Jahkor kills TQ when he ends up in prison.

Jahkor resolves to let his son be involved in his life, but assures that he will not end up like him or JD. Meanwhile, Jahkor and JD work on their relationship inside jail.