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Day One – Lee Abbott (John Krasinski) goes into town to grab a few items from the shop, where he sees a news report about an explosion going off somewhere nearby. He then goes to meet his family – Evelyn (Emily Blunt), Regan (Millicent Simmonds), Marcus (Noah Jupe), and Beau (Dean Woodward) – at a baseball game that Marcus is playing in. In the middle of the game, everybody sees what looks like a comet coming down from the sky. Everybody starts to flee, with Regan joining Lee while Evelyn takes the boys. As Lee approaches an officer to see what is going on, the monsters begin to attack the town. Lee grabs Regan and hides inside a bar while Evelyn drives as fast as she can through town. The bar is attacked when a woman’s phone goes off, but Lee and Regan get out and run back to Evelyn and the boys just as the monster runs after them and kills the officer.

Day 474 – Shortly after killing the aliens that closed in on their home, Evelyn gets Regan, Marcus, and the baby out of the house before they proceed to head out. Evelyn grabs an oxygen tank for the baby while Reagan gets a map, plus a radio to weaponize against the creatures.

The family moves on quietly, armed with their guns. Evelyn accidentally sets off a trap that causes some bottles to rattle. As they run, someone spots them through a sniper lens. Marcus’s leg gets caught in a bear trap, causing him to scream uncontrollably. Although Evelyn tries to quiet him down, the baby starts crying too. A monster approaches them, but Regan gets the speaker ready to weaken the monster with the frequency from her hearing aid before Evelyn blasts it in the head.

They continue to run as another monster approaches, but they are found by the sniper, a man named Emmett (Cillian Murphy). He brings the family down into his soundproof bunker before the monster can get them. Evelyn recognizes Emmett from the past since his kid went to school with Regan and Marcus, but Emmett’s wife and son have died. He says there are other survivors out there, but he claims they are not worth saving. After Evelyn treats Marcus’s wound, she talks to Emmett and mentions that Lee is dead. Emmett also apparently knew that it was Lee who would light fires every night but he never thought to go for the Abbotts.

Regan puts the radio on for Marcus when he suddenly hears “Beyond The Sea” playing. They realize this means someone else is playing it, but Emmett says the song plays on a loop and that it’s been picked up since he moved to the hills. Regan tells Marcus that she thinks the song choice is a code, and that she can use a map to find where the song is being played if she can find a boat. Marcus tries to convince her otherwise, but Regan leaves in the morning when everyone is asleep.

Evelyn pleads with Emmett to go look for Regan, mentioning how she already lost one child. Emmett agrees while Evelyn goes off on her own to gather medical supplies for Marcus, leaving him alone with the baby.

Regan travels far enough to come across the train tracks. After some crows make noise, a monster comes to the train car she is in. Regan utilizes the hearing aid and fires one shot at the monster, but she tries cocking her rifle and it gets stuck. The monster lunges toward her, but Emmett arrives in time to shoot it in the head. He tries to bring Regan back, and he also must enunciate his words since he can’t communicate in sign language with her. Regan is still adamant about going through with her plan, and Emmett reluctantly follows her.

Evelyn stops by Beau’s memorial shrine to pay tribute to her son. She then stops by the store to grab medicine, bandages, and two oxygen tanks.

Marcus steps out of the bunker for a moment to check out Emmett’s compound and is startled by what appears to be a woman’s decomposing corpse. He knocks something over and alerts a nearby monster. Marcus runs back into the bunker but accidentally locks himself and the baby inside a vault. And the oxygen tank is running dangerously low.

Regan and Emmett stop by the marina to get a boat, but Emmett sees what looks like a little girl crying. He approaches her, but the girl places a rope around his neck. Other survivors led by a sickly man (Scoot McNairy) come out and attempt to capture Regan until Emmett instructs her to dive. She does so, and Emmett creates noise that attracts a monster. It attacks the survivors, and Emmett stabs the leader in the leg so he can scream and attract the monster. Emmett jumps in the water, and when a creature goes after him, it drowns. Regan then appears on a boat and grabs Emmett.

Regan and Emmett make it to an island where the survivors were playing the song. They meet a man (Djimon Hounsou) who is part of the group. He asks Emmett if he figured out the message, but Emmett admits it was all Regan. The man explains that once the National Guard realized the monsters couldn’t swim, they began sending boats away from the cities, but most people ruined it by screaming and attracting the monsters.

In the morning, Emmett hears a noise coming from the boat, and he finds that a monster managed to arrive to the island on the boat. Emmett tries to warn the islanders, but the monster begins to attack and kill people. Regan and Emmett join the man as he honks his car horn to get the monster away from the people. He brings the two to a safe place before the monster drags him away and kills him.

Evelyn makes it back to the bunker but finds that one of the monsters has made it in there. She places one of her oxygen tanks near some fuel as the monster rises up. Evelyn shoots the tank, blowing it up and causing the monster to catch fire, but it doesn’t kill it. The sprinklers go off, and the falling water gives Evelyn a chance to head back down and make it to her boys in time, as Marcus had passed out from oxygen deprivation but wakes up. Evelyn closes the vault safely this time.

Regan and Emmett lure the monster into the radio station where the song had been playing. Emmett does what he can to distract the monster while Regan makes her way into the control room. At the same time, Evelyn steps out of the vault and finds that the monster made its way into the bunker, and it tries to attack Evelyn and the boys in the vault. Regan puts her hearing aid on the microphone, and the frequency weakens the monster. Marcus hears the noise over the radio and plays it to weaken their monster. He steps out of the vault and grabs Evelyn’s pistol, shooting the monster in the head, while Regan grabs a mic stand and jams it into the other monster’s head.

The hearing aid remains on the microphone for anyone to turn to the right channel and fight back.

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Shortly after the events of the last movie, the surviving Abbotts - Evelyn, Regan, Marcus, and the baby - make their way out of town when their house is destroyed. They are found by an old family friend, Emmett, who hides them when the monsters attack. Regan and Marcus overhear the song “Beyond The Sea” playing on the radio, which means there are other survivors out there who can help. Despite her brother’s protests, Regan sets off on her own to find help. Emmett goes after her while Evelyn goes to find medical supplies when Marcus’s leg is injured by a bear trap.

Regan and Emmett encounter feral survivors that are killed off by a monster before they take a boat to the island of survivors, which is safe because the monsters can’t swim. However, one monster makes its way there on a boat and kills the survivors, forcing Regan and Emmett to hide. Meanwhile, Evelyn returns to Emmett’s compound to find that a monster is trying to get to Marcus and the baby. She manages to hold it off briefly, but it starts to make its way into the bunker.

Regan and Emmett find the radio station where the song way playing, and Regan uses her hearing aid on the microphone to play the frequency that weakens the monsters. Marcus hears it on the radio and uses it to weaken the monster that is attacking him and Evelyn, and he shoots the monster dead while Regan kills the other monster with a mic stand.

The noise plays on the radio for other survivors to utilize against the monsters.