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The film starts with Sylvia (Ciera Payton) setting up for an anniversary party for her parents with the help of her husband Will (David Otunga), her family’s friend Renee (Quin Walters), and her sister-in-law Carol (KJ Smith). Sylvia’s little brother Jessie (Rome Flynn) walks in and tells everyone he is engaged to Gia (Aeriel Miranda), whom Carol is not fond of since they know her from working with Sylvia and Jessie’s brother AJ (Courtney Burrell), but Sylvia still congratulates Jessie. Uncle Heathrow (Tyler Perry), who operates a wheelchair and speaking device, comes in and offers to pick up the cake for the party.

We move to Madea (also Tyler Perry) hanging out with Aunt Bam (Cassi Davis), Miss Hattie (Patrice Lovely), and Joe (ALSO Tyler Perry) cracking jokes as always. Heathrow calls them about going to the anniversary party and because he wants to get weed from Joe. After the gang mocks Heathrow for his voice, Brian (and lastly, Tyler Perry) comes in to round everyone up so they can go to the party.

The siblings’ parents, Anthony (Derek Morgan) and Vianne (Jen Harper), arrive at the house, but Carol comes out to get them away so as to not ruin the surprise. The couple agree to go out together for the time being.

Brian drives the gang to the party when they are pulled over by a cop. Although Brian is confident that handling things rationally will make the situation go smoothly, the cop (Joel Rush) walks over to the car after Brian failed to turn off his engine. The cop goes crazy and demands to see Brian’s info while also making him have his hands out where they can be seen. Everyone is unsettled as the cop takes Brian’s license. He then comes back and now politely tells Brian why he got pulled over. After the cop leaves, Brian gets upset and now wants to confront the cop over the sudden change in tone, but he has already driven off.

Jessie gives Gia a call, and she tells him she is helping out a friend. In truth, she is cheating on him with AJ at a hotel. AJ overhears the people in the next room having sex, and he recognizes Anthony’s voice. He walks over to the next room and finds Renee in there with Anthony. Madea and the gang arrive at the hotel and find AJ and Renee in the room, but Anthony is having a heart attack. Brian attempts to perform CPR on him, but to no avail. They rush Anthony to the hospital.

Sylvia and everyone else is at the house waiting for Anthony and Vianne to show up. They are informed that Anthony is in the hospital, and the whole family heads over. After more joking from Madea and company, the doctor comes out to tell Vianne that Anthony did not make it. She and her children begin to cry.

Everyone goes home to process the news. When asked about what happened at the hotel, Madea tries to avoid letting them know what really went down, to the point of smacking Hattie and Joe every time they come close to blabbing. Meanwhile, tensions heat up between AJ and Renee, as he is angry at her for being with Anthony and basically causing his death, but she reminds him that she knows of his affair with Gia. AJ goes to his room and coldly tells Carol off when she tries to console him. He goes to the basement and attempts to get Gia to join him, but she is staying with Jessie. Later, Jessie and AJ go outside to chat, and Jessie asks his brother to be the best man at his wedding. AJ awkwardly accepts.

Madea, Bam, and Hattie attempt to console Vianne, but Bam and Hattie come off as insensitive. Madea shoos them away and talks to Vianne alone. She asks Madea to plan the funeral for two days time. Although it seems like a daunting task for them, Madea accepts.

AJ continues his antagonistic relationship with Renee as the two are staying under the same roof. Sylvia notices AJ coming out of Gia’s room smelling like her, so she asks Will to keep an eye on him. He goes outside to talk to AJ, who gets angrily defensive when Will suggests he has something funny going on with Gia and insists that whatever Sylvia thinks is not true.

Madea, Bam, and Hattie go to the funeral home and meet with the Undertaker (Ary Katz). They view Anthony’s body and see that not only did he die with a smile on his face, but also with an erection that makes it hard for the casket lid to stay shut.

The day of the funeral comes. All of the family is in attendance, as are several younger women. The funeral goes on for hours due to the number of eulogies and songs that are done. Madea then goes up to do her thing and say some words. It becomes all too apparent that Anthony was involved with all of the women in the room. Anthony’s erection then pushes the lid open, causing everyone in the room to freak out and flee from the church.

Back home, the family’s problems come to a head as a drunken AJ antagonizes everyone and reveals that Renee was with Anthony when he died. She confesses, but then calls out AJ’s affair with Gia in front of Jessie and Carol. The two brothers get ready to fight until Vianne steps in to stop it. AJ calls her weak, but Vianne proceeds to check him for this. She admits that she had known all along that Anthony was a cheater. Even after he did it the first time and begged her to stay and promised that he was a changed man, he continued to do so. But Vianne remains firm that while she absolutely hated the man’s guts, she stood by him and put on a front so that they can take care of their children together. She says that she can now live for herself.

In the morning, Madea and her pals are together before they are joined by Carol. Madea tells her not to be like Vianne and leave AJ now while she can. He comes downstairs and spills a generic apology to her and almost makes her think it was her fault he cheated until the older ladies remind her to be better than him. Carol decides she will leave AJ and live for herself. Sylvia and Jessie appear to get ready to leave too before they see Anthony’s phone on the table ringing. Everyone freaks out until Sylvia remembers their parents shared a phone, so it’s Vianne calling. She enters and boasts that she is going to Vegas with the man who should have been the kids’ father. Now feeling freer and more confident, she bids her family farewell as she goes to join her old boyfriend Roy (Mike Tyson), to everyone’s surprise. Madea laughs and leaves Vianne’s kids with a life lesson about the experience.

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Madea and her friends prepare a funeral for Anthony, the patriarch of a family that Madea has some relation to. Anthony died during sex with a family friend named Renee, who was caught by Anthony's son AJ, who was in the next room having an affair with Gia, who is engaged to AJ's brother Jessie. AJ and Renee develop animosity toward one another but keep their mouths shut about how they ran into each other.

The funeral is a mess due to it running for hours and Vianne (Anthony's wife and the mother of AJ, Jessie, and Sylvia) discovering that numerous mistresses of Anthony's have shown up. To make things worse, everyone gets freaked out when the casket lid is lifted due to Anthony having an erection. At home, a drunk AJ reveals that Renee had sex with his father before he died, but she tells everyone about his affair with Gia. Vianne also reveals that she always knew her husband was a cheater but only stayed with him to keep her kids protected.

After Madea dishes out some life lessons, AJ's wife Carol leaves him, and Vianne heads off to Vegas with an old boyfriend of hers named Roy.