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The film starts in 2017. Four best friends – Lou (Lily Tomlin), Trish (Jane Fonda), Maura (Rita Moreno), and Betty (Sally Field) – are gathered to watch a football game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots, the latter being the ladies favorite team. They prepare for a superstition that they think helps the Pats win, involving Betty stepping on a ladder, Trish reading a magazine in the kitchen, Maura sipping tea, and Lou knocking over a bowl of chips. It works and the Pats win, moving on to the Super Bowl. The ladies cheer for their team and for star quarterback Tom Brady.

Trish is known for writing an erotica novel about Rob Gronkowski, as well as being a mascot in ads from her younger days. Betty is great with math and numbers, and she is married to scatterbrained Mark (Bob Balaban). Maura moved into a retirement home after the death of her husband, even though he left their house to her. Lou has been in remission from cancer for 16 years. When the ladies learn from their favorite Pats radio show that there is a contest to attend Super Bowl LI, they decide to enter the contest. Maura gets help from her retirement home friend Mickey (Glynn Turman) to make calls (it is implied he is attracted to Maura), while Lou tries to give a heartfelt story about how she and her friends got into watching football when Brady was a rookie, and it got her through her chemo.

Lou announces to her friends that they won the contest and are going to the Super Bowl. The ladies make their preparations, with Betty hiding the truth about her trip to Mark. When they try to pick up Maura, she is fast asleep. Trish distracts the manager Tony (Jimmy O Yang) while Lou and Betty sneak up to Maura’s room with help from Mickey and break her out.

The ladies arrive in Houston, TX for the big event and stay in their hotel, where they are forced to share two beds. Lou gets a call from her daughter Sara (Sarah Gilbert), who notes that doctors have been trying to reach Lou, but she hasn’t answered. She also doesn’t tell Sara where she really is.

The next day, the ladies head out for the NFL Experience. Lou and Maura get into a football-throwing competition with an employee, and Lou shows she’s got an arm on her as she wins several bets with other viewers. Trish does an impromptu reading of her Gronk erotica to a crowd of her fans. She meets retired football player Dan O’Callaghan (Harry Hamlin), who takes an interest in Trish. Betty goes to get food and enters a hot wings contest hosted by Guy Fieri. Betty manages to win the contest despite enduring increasingly spicy sauces. Guy invites the ladies to eat barbecue and later invites them to a big party.

That night, the ladies attend the party and get in with Dan’s help. A young woman that Betty met outside gives her, Lou, and Maura gummies that they did not know had weed in them. Betty realizes that she left the Super Bowl tickets in her fanny pack (which she innocently calls her “strap-on”) at the wings contest. Lou tries to find Guy, while Maura stumbles upon a poker game and enters, proving she has an incredible hand when it comes to cards. Lou finds Trish and Dan hooking up before joining Betty on the dance floor. When Sara calls again, Lou tells her the truth of her whereabouts. Betty accidentally hits a younger man in the face and comforts him. Trish and Lou find Maura winning in an attempt to buy new tickets, but she learns that the winnings go to charities. Lou gets frustrated outside as the ladies try to comfort her.

The following morning, the ladies try to return to the NFL Experience to find Betty’s fanny pack, but it’s closed. They split up to try and find help. Trish comes across Nat and Pat (Alex Moffat and Rob Corddry), the hosts of the radio show they listen to, and she learns that the actual winners of the contest were a group of four guys called the Tom Brady Support Group since each of them are actually named Tom Brady and feel pressure of living up to QB Brady’s name. Maura attempts to get them off a scalper, but he is asking for way too much. Betty ends up running into Guy, and he returns her the fanny pack.

When the ladies try to get into the stadium, the head security guard, Chip (Ron Funches), tells them that the tickets they got were fake and that they have been scammed. Lou comes clean to her friends that she bought them online because she fears that this may be the last chance she will have to do something unforgettable, revealing to them that she is afraid to open a letter from the doctors since it could mean her cancer has come back. Lou’s friends stick by her side and try to find an alternate way in.

The ladies spot Gugu (Billy Porter), a friend that Maura made during the poker game. He agrees to help them get in by posing as his dancers. The four join Gugu and his actual dancers in a little presentation, which impresses the security guard enough to let them pass. The friends get excited as they take their seats. Dan keeps texting Trish, but she tells Betty that she is going to ghost him since she doesn’t want to rush into another relationship like with her last husband that cheated on her. Chip spots the ladies when they are featured on the jumbotron, but as he is escorting them out, Dan invites them up to his hospitality box. Trish explains herself to Dan about not wanting to jump so fast into a relationship, but he agrees to take things slow with her.

The game starts off poorly with the Pats getting beat by the Atlanta Falcons. The ladies make their way into the coaches booth and work the controls so that Lou can contact Brady through his helmet. She gives him a little speech about how he inspired her when she was going through chemo, and it is enough to encourage Brady to lead the Pats to make a comeback. The Pats play harder and end the game as champions.

Maura tells the ladies that she made a bet with a rich jerk who bet against the Pats, and she won some good money. She also speaks to Mickey, telling him to let the staff at the retirement home know she is going to leave and move back into her own house, and she invites Mickey to visit her. Chip finds the ladies and appears to be kicking them out, but he guides them to the locker room to meet the Pats themselves. Betty praises Danny Amendola for his catch record, Maura admires Julian Edelman’s beard, Trish gets to meet Gronk, who happens to be a fan of her book, and Lou meets Brady, who thanks her for inspiring him. He also admires her “80 For Brady” jersey and asks if he can swap his jersey for hers, which Lou agrees to.

Jump ahead to 2020. Sara joins Betty, Trish, and Maura for the next Super Bowl game. It appears as though Lou has died when Trish begins to toast her, but she emerges alive and healthy. The ladies then gather for another epic game.

Before the credits roll, the four friends are sitting by the beach with Brady as Maura asks him if he has considered retirement. Brady responds that it’s hard to think about retirement “when you’ve still got it”, which the four agree too. Finally, there is a text that states the film was inspired by a true story, featuring a picture of the actual four best friends.

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Four best friends and Patriots fans - Lou, Trish, Maura, and Betty - plan a trip to Super Bowl LI since Lou thinks it might be her last chance at an unforgettable trip with her friends since she fears her cancer has come back. It appears as though Lou has won tickets for the event, but the ladies later learn that the tickets were bought online and were fake. They are able to get into the stadium with the help of Gugu (a man Maura befriended) and Dan (a former football star that takes a liking to Trish), but the Pats start to do poorly in the first half of the game. Lou gives Tom Brady an inspiring speech, which helps him and the Pats make a comeback to win the game. Afterwards, the ladies meet the Pats themselves.

Three years later, Lou is healthy and alive, and she continues to watch football with her friends and daughter Sara.