TWILIGHT: Breaking Dawn Pt. 1 (2011)

NOTE: This spoiler was submitted by Leah0066

The film opens with a voiceover by Bella (Kristen Stewart). She says, “Childhood is not birth to a certain age, where at a certain age the child is grown and puts away childish things. Childhood is the kingdom where nobody dies.” Cut to Jacob (Taylor Lautner), running out of his house into the rain. He drops a piece of paper on the ground, tears off his shirt, and runs into the woods. His dad follows him out and picks up the paper. It’s an invitation to Edward and Bella’s wedding. Cut to Bella’s father reading his invitation, and then to her mother doing the same.

Meanwhile, Bella is at the Cullen house, trying to walk in a pair of fancy, crystal-encrusted white heels.  She stumbles, and Alice (Ashley Greene) says she just needs to break them in. Bella says she’s been breaking them in for three days – can’t she just go barefoot? Alice says no. Alice directs the rest of the Cullens, who are setting up the wedding decorations in the backyard. Then she tells Bella to go home and get her beauty sleep.

Bella returns to her room, where she sees her dreamcatcher hanging on the bed. She touches it. Suddenly Edward (Robert Pattinson) is standing behind her. He says he’s checking for cold feet. She says, “Mine are toasty warm. Are you having second thoughts?” Edward says that he hasn’t told Bella everything about himself. A few years after Carlisle (Peter Facinelli) created him, he rebelled and went off on his own to hunt. He wanted to taste human blood.

Flashback to a movie theater, circa 1920. Edward is watching a black and white movie, but also keeping an eye on the audience. A woman leaves the theater and walks down a deserted hallway. Someone is following her. Just when you think Edward is about to attack the woman, you see it is a different man following her, and Edward leaps out and bites the man on the throat.

Edward explains that he hunted serial killers and fed on them. Bella says that doesn’t matter, the men were monsters, and Edward probably saved more lives than he took. Edward says that when he looked into those men’s eyes, he saw what he was capable of. What does Bella want to see when she looks in the mirror a year from now? She says, “Someone like you. Someone courageous, capable of sacrifice.”

Emmett (Kellan Lutz) leaps up to Bella’s window, interrupting them. He says Edward better hurry up; it’s time for the bachelor party. Bella asks if there will be strippers at this party. Jasper (Jackson Rathbone) jumps up and says no strippers, only mountain lions and bears. Edward says to Bella, “I’ll meet you at the altar.” She says, “I’ll be the one in white.”

Bella goes to sleep. She dreams that she is walking down the aisle in a white dress, with red rose petals falling all around her. As she walks toward Edward, suddenly she sees the Voltari gathered behind him.  Blood starts pouring down the aisle, soaking her dress, and she realizes she and Edward are standing on a pile of their guests’ corpses.
Cut to Alice doing Bella’s makeup. Alice says, “What did I say about beauty sleep?” Rosalie (Nikki Reed) enters the room and offers to do Bella’s hair, to everyone’s surprise (she is usually antagonistic towards Bella). Alice says that’s why she loves weddings, because they bring everyone together.

Meanwhile, Bella’s father and mother are inside the Cullen house. Her father sees the Cullen’s wall of graduation caps and is confused. Bella’s mother says, “How creative!” Her dad replies, “Or weird.” Bella’s parents present her with a gift – a jeweled hair comb that used to be her grandmother’s. They say “You can pass it on to your daughter,” but Bella knows she won’t have any children because she’s going to become a vampire soon.

The wedding begins. Bella’s friends from high school are staring at all the vampire guests, who are gorgeous. Jessica (Anna Kendrick) muses “I wonder if Bella will be showing?” Angela snaps “Bella is not pregnant.” Jessica snorts and says, “Right. Then why is she getting married at 18?”

Bella is about to walk down the aisle, and she’s extremely nervous. Her dad is there to escort her. She says, “Don’t let me fall,” he says, “Never.” As they walk down the aisle, Bella’s side is all human guests, Edward’s all vampires. Bella is still shaking until she sees Edward standing at the altar. Her father hands her off to Edward. They gaze into each other’s eyes and say their vows. Then they kiss and everyone claps.

At the reception, musicians are playing, and everyone is dancing. Bella’s friends stare at the gigantic wedding cake, and Jessica says, “I thought it would be bigger.” Alice hears them and says, “I didn’t go to over the top, did I?” Bella is speaking to Jacob’s father, and she asks him if he’s talked to Jacob lately. He says no. Edward introduces Bella to his vampire cousins from Alaska and South America. One of the cousins, Irina (Maggie Grace), refuses to speak to Bella. She’s upset because Bella has invited some of the werewolves, and she knows they killed Laurent, who Irina loved. The Cullens remind her that Laurent tried to kill Bella, but Irina doesn’t believe it. She thinks he wanted to live peacefully without drinking human blood like the Cullens do.

Everybody sits down for the wedding toasts. Emmett speaks first, and he says he hopes Bella got a lot of sleep the last 18 years, because Edward is going to keep her up all night during the honeymoon. The rest of the toasts are equally awkward: Jessica says it’s weird that Edward fell for Bella, instead of “the captain of the volleyball team and senior class president” (which Jessica happens to be). Bella’s dad says he knows Edward will be a good husband, because her dad is a cop who knows things like “how to hunt people down and shoot a gun.” Bella’s mom sings a lullaby. Alice says she hopes Bella will get over her aversion to fashion now that they’re related. Esmee (Elizabeth Reaser) says the Cullens will always cherish and protect Bella. Edward gives the final speech, saying “No measure of time with Bella would be long enough.”
Cut to everyone dancing to a rock song. Alice and Jasper are swing dancing. Edward and Bella are slow dancing. Edward says that Bella’s gift has arrived. He takes her away from the crowd to show her Jacob, dressed in normal clothing. Jacob says, “The best man didn’t have time to get a tux.” Edward says, “It was kind of you to come.” Edward leaves Bella and Jacob alone to talk.

Bella says, “Everything is perfect now.” Jacob asks her to dance, and they slow dance. She asks where Jacob has been. He says, “Northern Canada, mostly. It’s weird to be back on two legs, in clothes.” As they dance he says, “You’d think I’d be used to telling you goodbye. This is how I want to remember you, pink cheeks, two left feet. I want to appreciate your last night as a human.” But Bella says it’s not really her last night – she isn’t becoming a vampire until after the honeymoon. Jacob says it won’t be much of a honeymoon, meaning she can’t have sex with Edward if she’s still human. Bella says it will be a normal honeymoon. Jacob freaks out and yells at Edward, saying Edward is going to kill her.

Sam (Chaske Spencer) and the other werewolves hear the commotion, and they come over to break it up. They tell Jacob that Bella isn’t his problem anymore. The werewolves and Jacob take off.

Cut to Edward and Bella leaving the reception under a shower of rice. Bella’s mom asks where they are going for their honeymoon and Bella says she doesn’t know, it’s a surprise. Alice says everything is packed and ready to go. Bella’s father bids her goodbye and tells her that his house is still her home, and he will always love her.

Edward takes Bella to Brazil. They drive through streets full of people drinking and dancing and singing and eating. Edward tells the driver to pull over, in Portuguese. He and Bella walk down the street, pausing to kiss. They get in a boat, and Edward takes them to a gorgeous beach house on a tropical island, a gift from Carlisle. Edward carries Bella over the threshold.

Bella stands beside the bed, nervous. Edward asks if she’s tired, and Bella says no. He asks if she wants to go for a swim and she says yes, but she needs a few minutes to get ready. Edward opens the French doors to the beach and goes outside. Bella brushes her teeth, washes her face, shaves her legs. She looks in her suitcase, but Alice has filled it with lingerie. Bella tells herself, “Don’t be a coward,” and she goes down to the beach wearing only a towel. Edward is already in the water. Bella drops the towel and joins him, naked. He says, “You are so beautiful.” They kiss, and then move to the bed. As they kiss more, Edward grips the headboard, and it shatters in his hand. Bella says it’s okay.

Bella wakes up with feathers falling in her hair. She looks around the room, and it’s totally destroyed. As she sits there, she flashes through scenes of their night of passion. Edward comes in and asks how badly she’s hurt. Bella doesn’t know what he’s talking about, until she looks in the mirror and sees her arms and back are bruised. Edward is upset, and Bella says, “I’m fine. Don’t ruin this. Why can’t you see how happy I am? We knew this would be tricky, I think we did amazing.” But Edward isn’t convinced, and he doesn’t want to make love again until they go home and turn Bella into a vampire.

Cut to a montage of the couple hanging out at the beach house not having sex. They play chess. Bella puts on a nightie, but Edward resists. They jump off a waterfall, then play more chess. They go hiking, then play more chess. Still, nothing. Bella wakes up crying, and Edward asks her what’s wrong. She kisses him. He says, “I can’t.” She says, “Please.” They kiss more passionately.

Cut to Jacob, who is sitting on the beach with the other werewolves, wondering how the Cullens will cover up Bella’s death if Edward accidentally kills her. He says that at least if Edward kills Bella, he can murder Edward in revenge. Sam says no, he doesn’t want to fight with the Cullens. Seth says that if Jacob doesn’t want to obey Sam, he should become the alpha wolf. Leah (Julia Jones) says at least Jacob didn’t imprint on Bella, so he should get over her already. Jacob looks at the werewolves who have imprinted on each other, and he says he doesn’t want to imprint, it takes away your freedom. Leah says at least the other werewolves are happy.

Back in Brazil, the housekeeper comes to clean Bella and Edward’s rooms. The housekeeper sees the bedroom that has been totally destroyed, and she gives Edward a dirty look. Edward says she is afraid for Bella. The native people have myths about blood-sucking demons who prey on women, and she suspects Edward.

Cut to Bella waking up. She finds a note from Edward saying that he went to the mainland, and he’ll be back soon. Bella walks over to the fridge. She pulls out a bunch of food and fries up a pile of chicken to eat. As she’s pulling the chicken apart, she notices that the part next to the bone is bloody. She runs to the bathroom to throw up. As she’s vomiting, Edward comes home. Bella says the chicken must have made her sick. Edward brings her suitcase so she can get cleaned up. As Bella is looking through the suitcase, she sees a box of Tampax. She says, “How many days has it been since the wedding?” Edward says, “14.” Bella says, “I’m late. My period is late.” She stands in front of the mirror and pulls up her shirt to look at her stomach. She whispers, “That’s impossible. Can this happen?” Then she grabs her belly and says, “Woah.” She obviously feels something.

Just then, her cellphone rings. It’s Alice. Alice asks, “Are you alright?” She has obviously sensed something (Alice can see the future). Alice puts Carlisle on the phone. Bella tells him, “I think I’m pregnant. Something moved inside me.” Carlisle says they need to get home right away. Edward starts packing at super-speed.

As Edward is packing, the housekeeper knocks on the door. She wants to make sure Bella is okay. She pushes past Edward and comes into the bedroom where Bella is standing in front of the mirror again, examining her stomach. The housekeeper starts speaking Portuguese, saying Bella is going to die. Edward tells Bella that the native people have knowledge. He asks the housekeeper how to save Bella? He says he loves her. The housekeeper touches Bella’s stomach. She says “Death,” and leaves. Bella looks terrified. Edward says, “I’m not going to let it hurt you. Carlisle will get that thing out of you.” Bella says, “Thing?”

Edward and Bella ride to the airport in silence. When Edward gets out of the car to load their suitcases onto the plane, Bella calls Rosalie. She says, “I need your help.”
Cut to Bella’s father’s house. Jacob rides up on his motorcycle. Jacob’s father and Bella’s father are about to eat lunch. Bella’s father tells Jacob that Bella called and said she is extending her trip because she’s sick. She said she’s okay, but he’s worried, because Bella sounded “off.” Jacob runs out of the house and drives to the Cullen’s place.

Carlisle opens the door. Jacob says, “Is it true?” He hears Bella’s voice in the next room, and runs in to see her. She’s sitting on the couch, covered by a heavy quilt. He says, “You look terrible.” Bella says, “Nice to see you too.” Jacob says, “What’s wrong?” Bella asks Rosalie to help her stand up. When she stands, Jacob sees that she has a huge pregnant belly.

Jacob is furious. He yells, “What is it?” Carlisle says they don’t know – ultrasounds and needles can’t penetrate the embryonic sac. Alice says, “I can’t see Bella’s future anymore.” Jacob says, “Why haven’t you taken it out?” Rosalie says, “It’s a baby.”
Jacob storms outside and sees Edward. He says, “I always knew you’d destroy her.” Edward says, “Bella thinks Carlisle can turn her at the last minute, like he did for me. But the probability is slight. Please talk to her, change her mind, keep her alive.” Then Edward tells Jacob that if Bella dies, Jacob is welcome to kill him, as well.

Jacob goes back inside the house to speak to Bella. Rosalie is reluctant to let him come near. He says, “Since when are you and Blondie BFFs?” Bella says, “Rosalie understands what I want.” Bella tells Jacob the baby is a miracle, and she thinks it’s a boy. Jacob says she’s not going to live to see it, because the baby is a killer. Bella says everything is going to be okay. Jacob says, “I know how this ends, and I’m not sticking around to watch.” He runs outside and kicks his motorcycle across the yard. Then he turns into a wolf and runs away through the woods.

As Jacob runs, he sees flashes of Bella and the other vampires, and he can’t stop thinking about the baby. He starts howling. The other werewolves can hear his thoughts, and they come running. They’re freaking out about the baby, and they want to destroy it before it’s born, which means storming the Cullen’s house to kill Bella. They plan to attack that night. Jacob refuses to join them. Sam gets in his face, growling, but Jacob won’t submit to Sam, even though Sam is the alpha of the pack. Jacob says he wasn’t born to follow Sam or anyone else, and he takes off.
Seth (Booboo Stewart) follows Jacob back to the Cullen’s land. He says that he will have Jacob’s back, no matter what. Jacob says, “Sam and the others are coming here tonight. Are you ready to fight your own brother? Your sister?” Seth says, “If it’s the right thing to do.” Jacob goes to warn the Cullens. When he comes back, Seth’s sister Leah has also joined them. She says she is there to protect Seth. She knows Sam’s plan – now that he’s lost the element of surprise, he won’t attack immediately, but he has the place surrounded.

Jacob tells the Cullens that they are basically trapped in the house. They are worried, because with Bella being sick, none of the vampires have hunted in weeks and they’re hungry. But Esmee says, “We’ll make do.”

Jacob is standing guard outside the Cullen’s house. He knows the werewolves are out there, but he can’t hear their thoughts since he left the pack. Leah says, “I can’t hear them anymore either, since the moment I decided to leave.” Jacob says she can go back, he doesn’t want her there anyway. He knows she hates the Cullens, and she doesn’t even really like Jacob. She says, “Being unwanted isn’t really a new thing for me.” She doesn’t want to go back to Sam’s pack and be the “pathetic ex-girlfriend.” She wishes she could imprint on someone else, anyone else, just to break her connection with Sam. Jacob says fine, she can stay.

Cut to Jacob and Edward standing guard over the sleeping Bella. Cut to the wolves waiting outside, then back to Edward doing research on demon babies on the internet.
Esmee brings sandwiches out to Seth, Jacob, and Leah. Seth smiles and takes the sandwich, but Leah turns away.

Back inside, Carlisle says that the baby is crushing Bella from the inside. The fetus is not compatible with her body, it’s too strong. It won’t allow her to get the nutrition she needs, and her heart is going to give out before she can deliver. He warns her that he won’t be able to save her, that some conditions cannot be overcome by vampire venom.
Bella is alone with Edward. She says she’s sorry, but at least Edward will have a part of her to keep in the form of the baby. Edward says, “Do you think I could love it, or even tolerate it, after it kills you? We’re supposed to be partners, and you made this decision without me, you decided to leave me.”

Cut to Rosalie preparing a bath for Bella. Bella takes off her robe and looks in the mirror. She is extremely emaciated. She realizes that Edward is standing behind her, watching. He looks horrified.

Cut to Jacob and Bella watching TV. Bella is cold, and Jacob covers her with the blanket. Bella has an IV sticking out of the back of her hand. She says “It feels complete when you’re here.” The rest of the Cullens are also gathered around. Bella says, “I wish I knew what it needs.” Edward reads Jacob’s mind when Jacob thinks, “It needs something to sink its teeth into.” Edward realizes that the baby probably needs human blood. Carlisle has a few blood bags saved. Even though the vampires are starving, he pours the blood into a cup for Bella. Bella drinks it. She says, “Tastes good.” Carlisle checks her pulse and it is already stronger. He says, “It’s working.”
Cut to Edward preparing another cup of blood for Bella. The garbage can is full of empty bags from all the blood she has been drinking. Bella is on the phone to her father. She tells him that she’s feeling better, but she’s going to go to a spa in Switzerland to finish recuperating. She says “Picture me healthy,” and hangs up.
Edward brings her the blood and says, “I’m sorry I’ve been so angry. I’ve left you alone in this.” Then he asks, “What did you say?” Bella says, “Nothing.” Edward touches her belly, and realizes he can hear the baby’s thoughts. He says, “He likes the sound of your voice. He likes my voice too. I can hear him. He’s good and pure, and he’s happy. He loves you.” Jacob comes upstairs and sees Edward kissing Bella’s stomach.

Carlisle comes to speak with Jacob. He thinks Bella is going to have the baby the next day, which means she will need more blood, and they’ve almost run out. Jacob warns Carlisle that Sam is going to kill them all. Carlisle says it doesn’t matter, Bella is their family now and they will protect her no matter what. Jacob says they really do have a family, as strong as the one he was born into. “I know what to do now,” he says.

Jacob, Seth, and Leah go in human form to speak to the werewolves. Jacob asks Sam to take back Seth and Leah. He wants them safe and he wants the fight to be over. He asks Sam to wait until Bella is separated from the baby, and then Jacob will kill the baby. He says that he is the only one who can do it, because the Cullens trust him.
Meanwhile, Esmee, Carlisle, and Emmett are escaping from the house to get more blood for Bella. A few of the werewolves try to chase them, but Sam and the rest are distracted speaking to Jacob. The vampires get away, and the wolves howl to Sam. Sam is angry and yells, “You played us!” Jacob, Seth, and Leah go back to the Cullen house.
When Jacob returns, Bella tells him that she has decided on baby names. If it’s a boy, she’ll name it “E.J.” for “Edward Jacob.” If it’s a girl, she will combine her and Edward’s mothers’ names “Renee” and “Esmee” into “Renesmee.” Edward says the names are beautiful and unique, just like their baby. As everyone smiles, Bella’s back breaks and she falls to the floor.

Rosalie calls Carlisle, and he says the placenta must have detached. Bella says they have to get the baby out now so it will survive. Rosalie cuts into Bella’s stomach with a scalpel, but she is so hungry that the sight of the blood distracts her. Edward tells her to get out of the way and he rips the embryonic sac with his teeth. He pulls the baby out, and it’s a girl. He passes the baby to Bella to feed, but instead of nursing, the baby bites her. Edward takes the baby back, but he sees that Bella isn’t watching anymore, her face has gone completely blank. He passes the baby to Rosalie and injects Bella with a syringe of vampire venom. But the venom doesn’t work, Bella still appears to be dead. He tries to give her CPR, he tries biting her all over her body, but nothing helps.
Jacob comes in and sees Bella’s dead body. He says to Edward, “I won’t kill you, that would be too easy. You deserve to live with this.” Then he goes outside and sits on the ground and cries.

Inside, Edward is still trying to revive Bella. He says, “You’re not dead, come on. This will work!” Her exterior is completely still. But inside, the venom is moving through her body, enveloping her veins and her heart.

Meanwhile, Rosalie is sitting in the living room, cuddling the baby. Jacob comes in behind her and stands in the doorway, staring at the baby. As he draws closer, the baby looks over Rosalie’s shoulder and stares back at him. As they make eye contact, Jacob sees flashes of Renesmee’s future. He sees her as a child, a teenager, and then, as a grown woman. Before he knows what has happened, he has imprinted on the baby.
At the same time, the wolves are storming the house. Edward calls for Alice and Jasper, and they run outside to fight them. They are outnumbered, and the wolves swarm over them as they try to fight. Carlisle, Esmee, and Emmett return, and they jump into the fight as well. So do Seth and Leah, in wolf form. As everyone battles, Jacob jumps into the fray and yells, “Stop! It’s over! If you kill her, you kill me.” The wolves immediately disperse. Edward explains to the other Cullens, “Whoever a wolf imprints on can’t be harmed. It’s their most absolute law.”

Back in the house, Bella still appears to be dead. The Cullens bathe her and dress her in fresh clothes.As she lies there like a corpse, her hair slowly begins to thicken and darken. Her cheeks fill out, and her skin turns from sickly pale to a rich cream color. Her back straightens and heals. Bella is flashing through all her memories, through the wedding, her graduation, her kiss with Jacob, the day she met Edward, her childhood, all the way back to her parents holding the infant Bella in their arms.
Cut to Edward and the rest of the Cullens turning to look at Bella’s body.

Cut back to Bella’s face. The last shot is her closed eyelids. They pop open to reveal Bella’s blood-red vampire eyes.

The credits rolls, but there is one more scene after the credits. The three Voltari are seated on their thrones. A pretty blonde girl, Bianca, brings them a message on a silver platter. The main Voltari, Aro (Michael Sheen), says, “It’s a message from Carlisle, which by the way, Bianca my sweet, has an “s” in it.” He motions for his guards, and they drag Bianca away screaming. “First it’s the spelling, then it’s the grammar,” Aro says. He tells his fellow Voltari that Carlisle has added a new member to his clan (meaning that Bella has been changed into a vampire as the Voltari had previously demanded). The Voltari on Aro’s right says, “Then our dispute with the Cullens is at an end.” Aro says, “No, it isn’t. I thought you understood, brother. The Cullens have something I want.”

Fade to black.