TO ALL THE BOYS: P.S I Still Love You


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The film opens with Lara Jean Covey (Lana Condor) dancing excitedly before going on her first real date with her now real boyfriend Peter Kavinsky (Noah Centineo). They go to a fancy restaurant for dinner and then to a park where they join a gathering of people creating lanterns to light up and send up to the sky.

Lara Jean joins Kitty (Anna Cathcart) and their dad Dan (John Corbett) for a Korean family holiday that they continue to celebrate in honor of their mother. The girls talk to their cousin Haven (Julie Tao), who is surprised to learn that Lara Jean has a boyfriend and that she was the girl in the video making out with Peter in the hot tub. When the family gets home, Lara Jean sees that she has a letter from one of her former crushes, John Ambrose McClaren (Jordan Fisher). She is mortified that he received the letter but even more now that he wrote back. The letter is sweet and heartfelt, which compels Lara Jean to try and write something back to explain herself.

At school, Lara Jean explains the John Ambrose situation to Peter, who is okay with it since he is secure in his relationship with her. The school has set up volunteer programs for the students. Peter volunteers with his friends, while Lara Jean signs up to work at the Belleview Retirement Home because that’s where her sister Margot (Janel Parrish) volunteered, but Gen (Emilija Baranac) doesn’t hesitate to mock Lara Jean for this, as well as try and make her feel bad about her own past relationship with Peter. She still has Chris (Madeleine Arthur) and Lucas (Trezzo Mahoro) to back her up.

Lara Jean and Kitty notice that Dan has been talking to their neighbor, Trina Rothschild (Sarayu Blue), which the sisters think means that they like each other. Kitty wants to make a Valentine’s Day card to bring to Trina’s house and say it’s from Dan, but Lara Jean warns her against meddling again, even though Kitty defends her meddling by saying that’s how Lara Jean and Peter got together.

Lara Jean starts at Belleview and meets Edith “Stormy” McClaren-Sheehan (Holland Taylor), a whimsical older woman that knew and loved Margot. To Lara Jean’s surprise, John Ambrose is also volunteering at Belleview, and Stormy is his grandmother. Lara Jean accidentally knocks over a bowl of gumballs and slips on them as soon as she sees him, but he helps her up. John Ambrose brings up the letter and agrees to let her read it as long as she gives it back. This makes her start to question her relationship and feelings for Peter.

It’s Valentine’s Day at school, and several couples are receiving serenades from an a capella group. Chris sends one to Peter’s friend Trevor (Ross Butler), but while Lara Jean expects one from Peter, they never show up. She’s even more dismayed to find Peter opening his locker and finding a ton of cards spilling out of his locker. However, Peter later gifts Lara Jean with a silver necklace and a poem that he recites for her. She loves it.

At Belleview, Lara Jean and John Ambrose start doing work together. She reads her letter to him, recounting how they met as children at a Halloween party, but they were the only two who wore costumes (French toast and deviled eggs, respectively), and the two became friends after that. Stormy sees Lara Jean looking torn up and sits to talk to her. She mentions the poem Peter gave her, but Stormy points out that it’s Edgar Allen Poe’s “Annabel Lee”, but Peter just replaced that name with “Lara Jean”.

Lara Jean later goes to a party with Peter, and after they decide to leave, she brings up the poem to him. Peter admits that he didn’t write the poem himself but didn’t want to say anything because Lara Jean looked so happy to hear it. She forgives him and they start to make out, but Lara Jean can’t stop feeling inferior to Gen, so she stops him from taking it any further.

While working together, Lara Jean and John Ambrose bring up old childhood memories, such as a treehouse that they and their friends used to hang out in. When he brings up Peter and Gen, Lara Jean mentions that she and Gen aren’t friends anymore but doesn’t tell him that she and Peter are together. She brings up how the old treehouse is being taken down by a new family moving in, so they decide to hang out with their old friends there one last time.

Lara Jean makes peanut butter chocolate cupcakes per John Ambrose’s request. Peter, Chris, and Trevor show up, but so does Gen unexpectedly. Peter questions Lara Jean as to why she asked John Ambrose to bring pizza and not him. The friends dig up a time capsule they buried with things they added as kids, but Gen claims to not have put anything in there. Instead, she just keeps chiming in to try and make Lara Jean uncomfortable. When they’re done hanging out, John Ambrose offers to help Lara Jean clean up, but Peter passive-aggressively refers to her as his girlfriend so that he can help her. He confronts Lara Jean about not telling John Ambrose that they’re together, leading to them having a fight.

Lara Jean finds John Ambrose playing the piano and chats with him. He tells her that everyone only called him John until she started calling him John Ambrose. She apologizes to him for not telling him about Peter, and he forgives her.

Dan and Trina start getting closer, and Lara Jean helps him invite her to a family tradition they call “Fakesgiving”, made up by Lara Jean’s mom because she thought March needed a holiday like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Trina comes over, and so does Peter.

Lara Jean dresses up for Peter’s lacrosse game, but before she can find him, Chris pulls her aside to tell her that she saw Peter and Gen talking together, and that they looked close. She even took a picture of them. Lara Jean confronts Peter, who says that Gen needed someone to talk to. She also concludes that Peter was waiting for Gen in the hot tub during the ski trip, which is how she found them and recorded the video of them, and she feels that they wouldn’t be together if Gen got there first. This leads to them breaking up.

Time passes, and both Lara Jean and Peter are clearly miserable. On an aquarium trip, she gives him back the necklace. Lara Jean later goes to the treehouse, where Gen finds her. Lara Jean admits that she thought Peter never got over Gen, but realized it was she who never got over Gen. She takes out what she put in the time capsule, which is a friendship bracelet she made for her and Gen. Gen admits that Peter only talked to her because her parents are splitting up, and he knows what that feels like. He always talked about how crazy he was about Lara Jean. Gen takes out what she put in the time capsule, which is a friendship bracelet of her own for Lara Jean. They finally reconcile.

Lara Jean goes to a Star Ball at Belleview that she and John Ambrose planned for the retirees, with Stormy giving her a pretty dress and makeover. While the two are working to serve the elderly, they all want to see them dancing. Lara Jean and John Ambrose dance together and eventually are left alone as they go outside in the snow. They share a kiss, but they both know that Lara Jean still has feelings for Peter. She apologizes to John Ambrose, but he understands. She leaves to go find Peter, only to find him already outside since he knew she doesn’t like driving in the snow. The two reaffirm their love for each other and get back together.

Lara Jean and Peter start walking home together, with her voiceover stating that while she has always envisioned a fairy tale romance, she is happy with the story they are living now. They then kiss and appear as though they are floating.

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Lara Jean is enjoying her relationship with Peter until she learns that another one of her former crushes, John Ambrose McClaren, has received one of her older letters and has written back. When she signs up to volunteer at a retirement home, she finds John Ambrose working there as well, since his grandmother Stormy lives there. Lara Jean grows close with John Ambrose, but it makes her question her relationship with Peter.

Peter's ex Gen continues to antagonize Lara Jean over her past relationship with Peter, which eventually leads Lara Jean to realize that Peter was waiting for Gen in the hot tub on their fateful ski trip, which is how she caught them on video. Lara Jean breaks up with Peter.

Lara Jean and Gen finally talk to one another, with Gen assuring Lara Jean that Peter is crazy about her and she only keeps talking to him because her parents are separating, and he knows what that feels like. They take out friendship bracelets that they made for each other and put in a time capsule, and they appear to reconcile.

Lara Jean and John Ambrose throw a Star Ball for the elderly at Belleview, and they end up dancing together. They kiss, but they both know Lara Jean still has feelings for Peter. He understands and lets her go after him. Peter is already waiting for Lara Jean outside, and they both reaffirm their love for one another.