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In Portland, Tim Morris (David Spade) is meeting a blind date at a restaurant – his date tells him she’s at the bar, so he approaches the woman at the bar – and then her large, muscular boyfriend angrily threatens him until his actual blind date Melissa (Lauren Lapkus) – nickname Missy – stops him, explaining it was a practical joke she was playing on Tim. They have dinner, where Tim explains he doesn’t drink. Missy is obnoxious, loud, and strange, and Tim heads to the bathroom where he tries to climb out the window until Missy catches him. He falls out the window, breaking his ankle, and Missy comes outside and snaps it back into place.

At work, Nate (Nick Swardson) tells Tim that his ex-fiancee Julia (Sarah Chalke) will be at their upcoming work retreat since she is now dating their other co-worker Rich (Chris Witaske). At the airport, Tim bumps into a beautiful woman Melissa (Molly Sims), and accidentally swaps tickets with her. They both miss their flights and decide to share a drink at the airport bar, where Melissa admits she doesn’t drink either and tells Tim her ex-husband cheated on her, just like Julia did to Tim. They end up making out in a closet until Melissa has to rush to her flight, texting Tim her contact info on the way out.

That night, Tim texts Melissa that he can’t stop thinking about her. She responds, happy to hear from him, and asks him for nude pictures, which he sends to her. Nate pushes Tim to invite Melissa to the retreat, which he does – and Melissa accepts. Nate books Melissa on the same flight to work retreat in Hawaii as Tim. On the plane, Missy (the OTHER Missy) arrives, and Tim realizes he was texting the wrong Melissa in his phone contacts the entire time. Tim tries to explain, but Missy tells him that she was about to jump off a bridge when she got his text and decided not to. Missy force-feeds Tim a dog tranquilizer, and when he wakes up, Missy is giving him a handjob under a blanket.

In Hawaii, Tim and Missy check into the hotel and run into Rich and Julia, much to Tim’s discomfort. In the hotel room, Missy quickly gets into the bathtub and tries to lure Tim in, but he ignores her advances to go to his orientation. Jack Winstone (Geoff Pierson), the new CEO, welcomes everyone – Nate tells Tim he put in a good word for him with Jack, and Tim tells Nate about the mix-up. Winstone arrives and asks about the beautiful woman Nate bragged about. Tim lies to Winstone and his competitive co-worker Jess (Jackie Sandler), but Missy shows up anyway.

Tim tells Missy he went overboard bragging about her and asks her to be chill. Missy, however, gets drunk, begins giving psychic readings to everyone, and dances with the hula dancers, causing a massive scene and embarrassing Tim. Missy then decides to dive off a cliff, but she hits branches on her way down and lands on the sand. Tim brings her back to their room and puts her to bed, then takes another dog tranquilizer. He dreams of having sex with Julia, but wakes up and realizes he’s having sex with Missy.

The next day, Winstone takes everyone out on shark expedition, led by his guide Komante (Rob Schneider), who is missing fingers from a shark attack. Tim sees Missy running after the boat and tries to get it to leave before she catches up, but she dives off the pier and climbs up the side of the moving boat. Winstone tries to get Tim to go diving to look at sharks, which he doesn’t want to do and tries to make an excuse, but Missy blows his cover. Julia knows Tim is claustrophobic and asks if he’s sure he wants to. Tim and Winstone go underwater into the shark cage.

Back on the boat, Missy chops up fish into chum, hoping to bring more sharks out to make the day more exciting. Komante tries to stop her, and as the two struggle the chum splashes all over her, causing her to vomit right into the shark cage. This attracts a massive shark that rams the shark cage multiple times. As he struggles to the surface, Tim kicks Winstone in the face, causing his nose to bleed, making the shark go crazy. It breaks into the cage, but Komante is able to punch it until it flees. Tim gets out of the cage, and Missy does CPR to revive the unconscious Winstone.

Later, Tim chastises Missy for what she’s done, and Missy says if he wanted a woman to sit back and be quiet he brought the wrong Missy. Just then, Melissa from the airport texts Tim. Later, he preps his team for the retreat talent show, hoping to impress Winstone, while Missy goes to spend a day at the spa with their hotel next-door neighbor, Barbara. He is horrified when Nate tells her Barbara is Winstone’s wife. He runs to the spa – where he catches Rick getting a handjob from a masseuse – but doesn’t find Missy. Back at the hotel, he confronts Missy, who explains she gave Barbara very good advice – to dump Winstone. She also explains she wasn’t suicidal when she was jumping off a bridge – she was bungee jumping.

Tim overhears Winstone storming out of his hotel room, dumped by Barbara. At the pool, to Tim’s horror, Missy confronts Winstone about the problems in his marriage. Winstone realizes she’s the cause of his breakup, and while fleeing from her, he falls and hurts himself. Missy pops his neck back into place and tells him to accept the help getting his wife back. Later, Missy tells Tim that she helped Winstone begin working through his problems, and assures Tim that Winstone loves him.

At the talent show, Tim and his group perform their dance, impressing Winstone despite many accidents during it. Tim asks Missy what she did to make Winstone love him – Missy tells him she hypnotized Winstone to see Tim as his beloved nana – and to be disgusted by Jess’s name. When Jess performs, Winstone retches violently. To celebrate Tim’s success, he and Missy have dinner. Tim asks where she learned all her skills, and Missy tells him after her dad passed away she was lonely and took classes in all kinds of things. Tim admits he stopped drinking after he did a walking handstand off the roof his frat house. Meanwhile, Melissa is still texting him.

That night, Julia – who has begun to realize what she’s missed out on with Tim – comes to the room looking for Tim but finds Julia instead. Julia invites her in. Tim tells Nate he’s been ignoring Melissa because he’s starting to have feelings for Missy, and comes back to the room to find Julia and Tim having a laugh over wine. Missy thinks that Julia and Tim both have unresolved feelings, and encourages them to have sex. Tim isn’t sure, but Missy makes it clear she means in a threesome. They get high, and as they start the threesome, Julia gets accidentally knocked in the face multiple times and leaves the two of them alone.

The next day, Winstone throws a child-themed party (due to Missy’s hypnotism), where Tim interviews with Winstone, who seems to want to give him the job. Jess notices this, and tells Missy that she wasn’t even supposed to be there. Missy checks Tim’s phone and sees his texts to Melissa, where he says he invited the wrong woman and calls Missy a lunatic. Missy leaves, devastated. Tim notices she’s gone and runs after her. In the lobby Melissa arrives, invited by Jess. She greets Tim as he watches Missy leave in a cab.

Tim has a meal with Melissa, where he gets drunk and does a walking handstand, falling over a railing and hitting his head. He has flashes of his time with Missy. Melissa wakes him up and asks if he’s okay – he explains that he’s fallen for someone else. He apologizes to Melissa, who says she’ll be fine, and flies back to Portland. He texts Missy repeatedly, but she tells Tim to leave her alone. He breaks the hypnotism on Winstone, who fires him.

Missy goes on another blind date, where Tim tries to play the same prank on her by sending her to the wrong date at the bar – but the man at the bar is Vanilla Ice, thrilling Missy. Tim intervenes and explains that he was her date, and apologizes to Missy. He tells Missy all the things about her that he likes and wants to be more like, and that he doesn’t want to desperately be trying to impress his boss. Missy forgives him, and the two kiss.

During the credits, Komante helps one of Tim’s co-workers, fearful of flying due to Missy’s psychic reading, row back to Portland.

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Tim Morris (David Spade) has a bad date with the very strange Melissa a.k.a. Missy (Lauren Lapkus). Later, he has a meets a beautiful woman named Melissa (Molly Sims) at the airport, who gives him her number. He begins texting her and eventually invites her to his work retreat in Hawaii. On the plane, Missy arrives, and he realizes he had been texting the wrong woman.

Missy is awkward, embarrassing, and wild, embarrassing Tim multiple times. Eventually though, Missy helps Tim do well at his work retreat, and Tim begins to fall for her. His competitor at work, Jess (Jackie Sandler) clues Missy in that she was a mistake, and Missy checks Tim's phone and realizes the truth and leaves Hawaii.

The actual Melissa arrives in Hawaii, invited by Jess, but Tim tells her he has feelings for someone else and returns to Portland. He removes the hypnotism Missy put on his boss, who fires him. He apologizes to Missy and she forgives him, and they kiss.