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Leo (Seth Carr), a young black boy, is asleep in his wrestling-ring themed bed and dreaming that he is a successful WWE wrestler. His Grandma Denise (Tichina Arnold) wakes him up with an ankle lock and tells him to get ready for school. It is clear she is supportive of his love of wrestling.

His dad Steve (Adam Pally), follows her in, and the two send him off to school. Denise confronts Steve about his late hours working for Lyft, and he brushes her off as he heads to his day job as an auto mechanic. Leo rides his bike to school, where he meets up with his friends. They get bullied by another boy who teases their love of wrestling. Ms. Cartwright, a teacher, intervenes and sends them to the principal.

At lunch, Leo spills spaghetti on himself while daydreaming about a girl. After school the bullies confront him again, Ms. Cartwright intervenes, but they chase him on their bikes, and he detours into a yard and hides inside a house which is holding an estate sale. Inside, Leo finds a box with a wrestling mask inside. The man in charge of the sale tells him he can have it, and he takes it home.

That night he and his grandmother are watching wrestling. There is an ad for an upcoming competition to win the chance for a WWE wrestling contract and $50,000. Steve comes home from work. When Leo mentions his mom, Steve changes the subject and leaves. Later, Steve and Denise argue in the kitchen. Leo overhears his dad talk about his mother leaving for another man, and that he is afraid he is going to lose the house for non-payment.

Leo goes to his room and tries on the mask. His voice deepens, and he takes on a more confident personality. He discovers he has super strength. He does a google search and discovers the mask is noted in a legend that only a genuinely deserving champion can use its powers.

At school the next day, Leo confronts his bullies, and using the mask hangs them from their lockers by their underwear. The little girl he has a crush on notices, but he is punished and sent home from school. Leo decides to audition for the wrestling competition, and wearing the mask, he adopts the name “Kid Chaos.” He befriends an adult wrestler called Smooth, and he makes it to the next round of auditions.

Over the next week, Leo continues to advance at the wrestling competition. He confides in his grandmother about what’s going on with the mask. Eventually, it comes down to him and Smooth as the finalists. He also uses the mask to gain the confidence to talk to the girl he likes, who is named Erica, but he struggles to find a balance between his mask persona and real personality. He and Erica decide to enter a school talent show with a dance routine.

It’s clear Steve is struggling to bond with Leo, and he tries to teach Leo about cars, but Leo isn’t interested. Leo goes to the diner with his friends and uses the mask to thwart a robbery, which puts him on the news. Steve and Denise argue again about telling Leo the truth about his mom. That night Leo beats Smooth and becomes the finalist for the competition, and he will go up against famous wrestler Samson, who is furious that he has to wrestle a child.

Leo bails on Erica for a talent show because he does a wrestling press conference instead, alienating his friends. He attempts to talk to his dad about his mom, but the conversation falls apart. Leo confesses to his grandma that he thought the mask would solve all of his problems, but things are only getting worse.

Leo apologizes to his friends, and they forgive him, and everyone gets excited about the wrestling competition finale. Samson and his manager confront Leo in the locker room and threaten to reveal that he is really just a little kid. They distract Leo and switch his magical mask with a regular one. The competition begins, and Steve watches on TV at home.
Samson brutally beats Leo, and Leo realizes the mask is a fake, but when Samson tries to put on the real mask, it is too small for his head. The officiant tells Samson to lay off, but he attacks the ref as well. Leo climbs up the grid surrounding the ring to hide. Steve rushes into the auditorium, and together they realize Samson is afraid of heights. Leo taunts Samson to climb up and causes him to pass out cold. Leo jumps down on top of him, officially winning the match.

They are given the $50,000 check. Leo confesses on TV that he is only 11. They accept the money but pass the opportunity for the wrestling contract over to Smooth. Samson’s manager rushes the ring in anger, and Denise power slams him out of the ring. The audience goes wild.

Two weeks later, Leo is on the school wrestling team. Leo has gained confidence without the mask and he has the opportunity to wrestle his bully with his dad cheering him on from the audience.

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Leo, an 11-year-old boy, is obsessed with WWE wrestling. His single father is having trouble bonding with him after his mom left for another man, and is behind on mortgage payments. His supportive grandmother lives with them. Leo finds a magical wrestling mask and uses it to enter a WWE competition. He also uses it to find confidence in everyday life, facing his bullies at school. Leo wins the competition without using the mask and helps save the family house. The experience leaves him the confidence he didn't have before.