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Episode 1: New World Order

Open on Sam ironing a shirt that he puts on, the shield of Captain America laying on his bed as he puts on a suit and tie.

He bags up the shield and hears Steve’s voice (at the end of Endgame) asking him how the shield feels, with Sam responding that it feels like it belongs to someone else.

Title sequence

In Tunisian airspace, near the border of Libya, Falcon is intercepting a criminal organization known as LAF to extract a prisoner – Captain Vasant. He flies in using an advanced costume with backup on the ground led by First Lieutenant Torres, an intel officer with the Air Force. Falcon intercepts the already hijacked plane. He sends the Redwing drone to open a hatch for him to enter. While taking on the terrorists, he uses the wings as a shield against the bullets, but a stray one takes out the pilot. As the plane plummets, Falcon fights the leader of the group while the remaining henchmen manage to get Vasant off the plane in gliding parachute suits. Falcon pursues them through the cliffs. Helicopters piloted by LAF attempt to ambush him, but he manages to flank them with the help of Redwing. While in pursuit, Falcon is informed that they are approaching the border of Libya, whose airspace may not be violated according to a treaty. Falcon begins taking heavy fire as the ground forces suggest a retreat. Falcon manages to retrieve the captain before the last LAF helicopter is destroyed, but not before the leader can escape.

In Tunisia, Sam works on repairing Red Wing as Torres serves him a drink. They joke about the advanced technology in the Falcon suit. Torres takes a video of Sam speaking Arabic to a local as his phone picks up a signal of a new group – the Flag Smashers. They are extremists who believe life was better during the blip and promise to restore that way. Torres speculates that Captain America’s body is on the moon, and asks if he was put on a ship and sent to space. Falcon denies it and leaves for Washington.

In Washington, Sam gives a speech about Steve Rogers before many, including James Rhoades (War Machine) and the Secretary of Defense. Sam calls for new heroes suited for the times we are in. He symbolically thanks Captain America as he places the shield for display in a museum. The Secretary thanks Sam for the shield as Rhoades asks him to go for a walk. They pass by the picture of Bucky as they move through the Cap exhibit. Rhoades asks Sam why he did not take up the mantle of Captain America. Sam recalls what he had told Steve, that it felt like it belonged to someone else. Rhoades tells Sam that the world is broken, and just needs somebody to fix it. He walks away as Sam looks at the shield.

In a hotel, a young man laughs with two people as they get out of an elevator. He walks up to his room as a group of men in suits are escorting an older man downstairs. The Winter Soldier breaks in through a wall. He takes out several henchmen before taking their leader captive. Bucky says, “Hail Hydra,” before killing the leader. He sees the unsuspecting hotel guest from earlier trying to enter his room to get away. As Bucky fires the shot at the hotel guest, he wakes up in the present sleeping on the floor. In the next scene, Bucky is in therapy as a condition of his pardon for the assassinations he committed as the Winter Soldier. Bucky lies to his therapist in session about his nightmares. The therapist reminds Bucky that he’s a civilian and is required to keep up with therapy. As Bucky continues to block, the doctor begins to make notes, much to his chagrin. Bucky proclaims that he crossed a name off his list of amends – A senator who was a HYDRA pawn for years. He tells the doctor a story about reintroducing himself to her and making amends but leaves out how he set her up beforehand to be arrested for continuing the foul play. The doctor asserts that if he did everything right, it didn’t seem to help with the nightmares. She asks to see his phone and comments that he has only a half dozen saved contacts, and has been ignoring messages from Sam. She tells him that he needs to foster his relationships. He attempts to argue but then admits that he had some calm after fighting as the Winter Soldier for 90 years. The doctor asks him what he wants. He says, “Peace.” She scoffs at that, telling him he is free, but Bucky asks, “To do what?”

In Brooklyn, Bucky defuses an argument and takes a man Yori Nakajima to a restaurant for lunch. Yori asks the waitress to go out with Bucky, and she agrees. While joking about what just happened, the man sees red bean mochi on a plate and recalls how his son loved that dessert but was killed in a hotel while away on a business trip. Bucky realizes this was the guest he remembered killing in his dream. He leaves without saying a word.

Sam drives through Delacroix, Louisiana, to his family’s seafood business at the harbor. His nephews and sister Sara greet him. Sara casually mentions his disappearance during the blip. Sam and Sara talk about the boat they grew up on and whether or not to sell it, but they are interrupted. Sara is sad as she cleans up. Later, she tells Sam that the business is not doing well, and that’s why she needs to sell the boat. Sam offers money to help, but she rejects him. He offers to set an appointment to get her a loan from the bank, and she reluctantly agrees.

Bucky arrives to meet the waitress for their date. They have a good time and end up playing Battleship. She tells him how taking Yori out for lunch is a good deed. She tells him that Yori not knowing how his kid died is worse than losing him. Bucky becomes sad and leaves without saying goodbye. He visits Yori ready to tell him that he killed his son, but hesitates and only gives him back the money he owed for lunch. He looks at his book, to the circled name “Nakajima.”

In Delacroix, Sam cooks meals to give away as a promotion for the business while he and Sara prepare to meet with the loan officer at the local bank.

In Switzerland, Torres exposes his camera to find the location of the Flag Shashers’ event at a major financial institution. He encounters a group that follows a whistle to a bag where masks are being distributed. An alarm goes off as a superpowered individual jumps out of the building with two large bags. In the confusion of several masked runners, two goons pick up the bags and run off. Torres draws his gun on the perp, but is easily disarmed and knocked out.

Sam and Sara sit at the bank, where the loan officer recognizes him. He shows how Sam has not made an income over the last 5 years (during the blip when he didn’t exist). He tells them that terms changed, which Sara laughs at. He regretfully turns them down for the loan. Sam and Sara argue as they walk back to her truck. At the harbor, Sam works to fix the boat, unsuccessfully. He sees pictures in the boat of him and Sara as children, then gets a text from Torres asking him to call ASAP. He tells Sam about the Flag Smashers and shows him the video of the leader. Sam asks if anything else happened besides what the video captured. Torres says no and asks what he thinks the leader could be. Sam tells him to keep the intel quiet until they know what’s going on. As they end the call, Sara turns on a news report where the Secretary of Defense calls for a hero for America’s new hero. He introduces a new Captain America as the episode ends without a mid or end-credit scene.


EPISODE 2: The Star-Spangled Man

An army captain, John Walker, visits his high school football locker – JW10, and meets with a woman. He tells her that people expect something of him and he doesn’t want to fail them. She encourages him and wishes him good luck. They tell each other “love you” as another army soldier Hoskins comes in while Walker practices his speech. Walker tells Hoskins how much he just wants to do the job. They look at the new “Cap” outfit as Walker says, “Time to go to work.”

A band performs at a high school football field as the new Captain America signs autographs and toy boxes. Walker speaks candidly with a reporter about his tour. The reporter lists his accomplishments, but he humbly discusses his inspiration from Steve Rogers. Bucky watches in silence from the floor of an apartment.

Sam sees posters of Walker as he meets with Torres. Bucky tells Sam that he should never have given up the shield, but Sam dismisses it. The two agree on disliking Walker as the new Cap, but Sam is preoccupied with the Flag Smashers. He tells Bucky that the Redwing drone tracked the Flag Smashers to Munich. Sam suggests the Flag Smashers might be part of the “Big Three” – Androids, aliens, and wizards. Sam reluctantly brings Bucky along. On the way, Bucky jumps from the plane without a parachute, using his vibranium arm and superhuman abilities to survive the fall. Redwing finds him and Sam calls for him to meet at the building where they tracked the signal. Redwing transmits the location of the thugs, and Bucky goes in. Sam jokingly calls him the “White Panther” but Bucky responds, “It’s the White Wolf”. Sam works with Bucky on his teamwork as Bucky is used to working alone. They follow the group and discover a potential hostage in one of the two trucks. Bucky runs and is able to open one of the trucks. He sees that they are stealing vaccines and notices the “hostage.” She smiles at Bucky and attacks him with superhuman strength. He is further engaged by two more super-powered goons who hold him. Sam joins after Redwing is destroyed by the hostage, who seems to be their leader. As they take on more Flag Smashers, new Cap appears with Hoskins to aid in the fight. Bucky reluctantly fights by their side. After being beaten, leaving Hoskins and Walker to fend for themselves. Walker faces the leader, who throws him off the truck onto an oncoming car. The Flag Smashers get away.

As they walk back, Sam and Bucky talk about the eight super soldiers they just faced as Walker and Hoskins try to pick them up in a Jeep. Sam tells them that the Flag Smashers are super soldiers. Walker genuinely offers them a ride to discuss the mission. On the way, Sam tells Walker that they need to figure out where the Flag Smashers are going and asks how they tracked them. Hoskins tells him they didn’t track the Flag Smashers, they were tracking Sam through Redwing, rationalizing that the drone is government property. Hoskins and Walker talk about the efforts of the Global Repatriation Council to return the world to normal after the blip. Hoskins gives his name as Battlestar, which infuriates Bucky to the point that he gets out of the truck. Walker tells Sam that he doesn’t want to replace Steve, but it would be nice to have his “wingman.” Sam scoffs at the remark and leaves.

The soldiers arrive at a gated location and enter a room with a Flag Smashers print on the wall. An admirer describes the soldiers as Robin Hoods. He and his wife provide them with a room with beds and a computer. The leader receives a text from an unknown number stating ” You took what was mine. I’m going to find you and kill you.” She becomes nervous as everyone relaxes for the night. One of the soldiers looks up how the GRC has been tracking them on the computer. The leader warns the group that “after tomorrow, there’s no going back,” before another member calls to unite them.

Bucky suggests to Sam that they steal the shield from Walker, but Sam reminds him of the consequences they faced “the last time” that happened (see: Captain America: Civil War). Bucky tells Sam about someone he knows that Sam should meet. In Baltimore, Bucky and Sam arrive at the home of an “Isaiah” who Bucky claims to have “scrummaged within the Korean War.” Isaiah greets Bucky, who introduces Isaiah as a hero feared by HYDRA. Isaiah recalls beating Bucky in a fight in Goyang. Bucky tells Isaiah that he isn’t a killer anymore. Isaiah gets angry and reveals that he still has superhuman strength. He tells Bucky that he was imprisoned for 30 years, where he was tested on constantly. Isaiah angrily dismisses them. Sam is furious with Bucky that no one said anything about a black super-soldier who had been living in seclusion. The police arrive and arrest Bucky for missing his therapy session, in violation of his pardon. Bucky is taken into custody but quickly bailed out by Walker, an acquaintance of Dr. Raynor’s. Walker tells her that he changed the terms of Bucky’s pardon to have him in the field more. He tells her to just do what she needs to do with him, then sends him off to work. Dr. Raynor calls both Bucky and Sam into a room to talk. She manages to get a rise out of Bucky by having him engage with Sam. Bucky confronts Sam again about giving up the shield. Bucky worries that Steve may have been wrong about Sam, and thusly wrong about him. Sam tells Bucky that he honestly felt that he was making the right decision. The two leave and meet with Walker and Hoskins outside. Walker tells them the leader’s name is Karli Morgenthau. They have been tracking her movement around Central and Eastern Europe. Sam agrees on the importance of finding the Flag-Smasher but explains that Walker and Hoskins cannot conceivably work with him and Bucky since the former report to the government, whereas the latter are free agents. Walker advises them to stay out of his way.

In Bratislava, Slovakia, Karli, and the soldiers are alerted to an attack by “the Power Broker’s men.” A soldier works to hold off the oncoming cars as the rest of the soldiers board the jet. The lone soldier is gunned down as the plane takes off.

Bucky tells Sam that without Isaiah, they need to see Zemo. The last scene is Zemo sitting alone in his cell. Again, no mid- or end-credit scenes.


An opening advertisement describes the Global Repatriation Council’s mission to restore life after the blip.

Walker arrives with a team to extract Karli and her crew from their hostel in Munich. The owner plays dumb but Walker attacks him and yells, “Do you know who I am?” He responds, “Yes, and I don’t care.” Outside, Walker and Hoskins discuss their options since every attempt they have made to extract Karli has failed. Walker has a thought.

Sam and Bucky visit Zemo in prison. Bucky suggests he go in alone. Zemo goads Bucky with the words to trigger his assassin programming. Zemo and Bucky discuss the Winter Soldier project and Bucky tells him about the new super soldiers. Zemo suggests he break them out so he can help them. Sam objects, but goes along with listening to Bucky’s plan, considering how much Zemo hates super soldiers (see: Captain America: Civil War). Bucky describes the breakout, and Zemo pulls it off. He meets them to Sam’s shock and dismay, not realizing the plan was already in motion. Sam and Zemo agree that Zemo only moves with their permission. Zemo agrees.
Zemo takes them to his garage, where he finds a flag smashers mask that he hides from the two in a bag. Zemo tells them they are going to see a woman named “Selby.” He takes them on a private jet (he is a Baron after all). Zemo appears to have recovered Bucky’s notebook. Bucky angrily takes it back. Zemo tells him he knows those are the names of people he “wronged” as the Winter Soldier. Sam recognizes the notebook as Steve Rogers’ from when he came off the ice. They briefly bond over the song “Trouble Man” by Marvin Gaye, one of Steve’s favorites. Zemo explains his problem with super soldiers and how they are looked upon by society. Sam worries about where Zemo is going with it as he compares the recent events of the MCU to the events that led up to WWII. Zemo tells them that’s why they are flying to Madripoor, an island nation and pirate sanctuary in Indonesia. For safety reasons, Zemo suggests they disguise themselves, and that Bucky will have to “become someone [he thinks] is gone.”

At a GRC Resettlement camp in Riga, Latvia, Karli visits the bedside of Donya Madani, a close person with terminal tuberculosis. She says “I’m sorry” as the friend dies.

In Madripoor, Zemo provides Sam with a fake ID. They get into a car and head for High Town. On their way, they are surrounded by six people on motorbikes. They are escorted to a tunnel, where they enter the town. Dals are being made at different shops left and right, with the graffiti “POWER BROKER IS WATCHING” on a brick wall. The three arrive at a bar, and is greeted as the Smiling Tiger. Bucky is recognized as the Winter Soldier. The bartender cuts open a snake to serve Sam a drink containing one of its eggs. Sam hesitatingly knocks back the drink, and the bartender looks on him suspiciously. A man approaches Zemo and tells him he isn’t welcome there. Zemo insists he has no business with the Power Broker. The man notices Bucky as Zemo suggests he send Selby for a chat. Zemo tells Sam how the Power Broker is judge, jury, and executioner in Madripoor. As he notices a man approaching to fight, Zemo says to Bucky, in German, “Winter Soldier. Attack.” Bucky takes on several bar brawlers until everyone starts to ready their weapons. Zemo calls off Bucky as the bartender tells him that Selby will see them now.

Zemo meets with Selby, and offers Bucky in exchange for information about the super soldier serum. Selby tells him that Dr. Wilfred Nagel worked on the serum at the Power Broker’s behest until “things went sour.” She tells them that they will need her to find Nagel. Sam gets a call from his sister Sarah, and Selby demands that he answer it on speaker. When Sarah calls him “Sam”, Selby gives the kill order as a bullet from outside kills her. Sam, Bucky and Zemo take out the other goons and reassess the situation as a text is sent offering a 1,000 bitcoin bounty for her killers. As they hastily walk back to their jet, they realize they have become the targets, and must make a more action-packed escape. They are separated, but Bucky and Sam are saved by presumably the same sniper who took out Selby. Zemo appears and comments on their “guardian angel.” At that point, Sharon Carter shows up and explains how she has been on the run since Civil War, without the Avengers to back her up. She lives completely off the grid. She takes the three back to her place in High Town. Her place is an art gallery that sells authentic original artwork. The four discuss the situation and ask Sharon about Nagel. Sam offers to clear her name if she helps them out, and she agrees.

The four attend a night club where Sharon finds out where Nagel is. She takes them to a freight cart. The three go in and go through the back, and upstairs to the secret lab. They come upon Nagel as he is mixing chemicals. Sharon alerts the three to some armed goons approaching, three of which she takes out with a lead pipe. She is able to take care of herself, but warns them that every bounty hunter in the city is looking for them. In the lab, Nagel talks about his initial recruitment by HYDRA, and later by the CIA, to work on the super soldier serum after the five Winter Soldiers in Siberia had failed. Nagel proudly describes his work with the CIA, and its interruption as he was snapped away during the blip. When he returned, he found the Power Broker and made 20 vials of serums, all of which were stolen by Karli Morgenthau. While Nagel describes her asking him to help Donya Madani as Zemo finds a hidden gun. Outside, Sharon continues to fight. Bucky asks if there is any serum in the lab. Nagel says, “No,” as Zemo shoots him and a missile hits the compound. Zemo makes a run for it before the rest follow as the lab explodes. The three take on the assassins as Zemo dons his purple Baron mask to take out the rest. The three make a run for it as Zemo picks them up in a convertible. Sam invites Sharon to join. She turns it down and tells Sam to get her her pardon. A the three depart, Sharon approaches a car, where she tells her valet that they have a big problem and must go.

Karli waits outside a GRC Supply Depot in Lithuania. She discusses life choices with another soldier, particularly finding power and survival skills in Madripoor. He tells her that the Power Broker will eventually get them.
Walker and Hoskins investigate the Zemo breakout. Hoskins begins to question Walker’s methods. Walker excuses it by saying that they won’t be asked.

On the flight back, Sam and Bucky discuss the reacquisition of the shield from Walker. Sam receives the call that Madani was found dead. Zemo changes their course to a new location.

In Lithuania, the Flag Smashers effortlessly strip the supply depot, and Karli kills them with explosives before leaving. Bucky walks about Riga and notices a Wakandan artifact, and comes face-to-face with a Wakandan soldier, who tells him she is there for Zemo.

Episode 4: The Whole World is Watching

Open on Wakanda 6 years ago (after Bucky was taken in by King T’Challa)

Bucky is told by Ayo, a Wakandan soldier in Okoye’s Dora Milaje army, that it is time. Bucky is seated by a fire, alone with her. She tells him she won’t let him hurt anyone. As Bucky looks into the fire, she speaks the words to activate the winter soldier. It doesn’t work, and Bucky cries as he realizes he is free from the brainwashing.

Present-day: Bucky is asked by Ayo why he freed Zemo, as he is the one that used Bucky and framed him for the murder of King T’Chaka in Civil War. Bucky tells her that Zemo is a means to an end. She gives him eight hours before the other Wakandans come for Zemo.

Bucky returns to the safehouse Zemo is sharing with him and Sam. As Sam scolds Zemo for killing Nagel, Bucky receives the update on Karli’s attack in the last episode, 11 injured, 3 dead. Zemo identifies Karli as a supremacist, exactly the type of thing he wanted to prevent by destroying the Winter Soldiers. Though Sam agrees that Karli has been radicalized, but thinks he can save her. Zemo doubts it. Bucky jokes about turning in Zemo as Sam suggests they monitor observances of Donya’s death, as she has a similar cultural background.

Elsewhere, at a Flag Smashers camp, Karli and her gang listen in on the news of their attack. She appears uncomfortable.
Zemo leads Sam and Bucky to his old stomping ground. Sam tells them to scout the place while he goes inside to ask about Donya. Everyone leaves the floor as Sam approaches them to ask about Donya, noticing Flag Smashers marks on different items. Outside, Bucky has no more luck. Sam finally comes to a room where children are being taught a school lesson. He asks about Donya, and the teacher scoffs at his identification of Donya and the others there as refugees. The teacher then tells Sam that they don’t trust outsiders as he dismisses his student. He tells Sam that the GRC promised to send more teachers six months, but never did. He admonishes Sam once more before leaving with the children. Outside Zemo approaches some children and lays out Turkish delight candies. He asks once of the children about Donya. She tells him where Donya’s funeral will be. Sam and Bucky watch as Zemo tells the children not to tell them about Donya. Zemo doesn’t tell them he found out.

Back at the safehouse, Sam discusses how the world was forced to come together during the blip, and after five years needed to readjust with everyone returning. Bucky asks Zemo what the girl told him. He tells them that the funeral will be this afternoon. Bucky warns him of the Doras there to apprehend him. Bucky briefly confronts Zemo, but Sam breaks it up.

Sharon Carter speaks on the phone with Sam. She promises to pull whatever strings she can, but urges Sam to find Karli. At the grave of one Lukasz Kovaczsik, Karlie is hiding the remaining 7 vials of super-soldier serum. She asks her friend, Lukasz’s grandson, if she is doing the right thing. He tells her that she reminds him of Captain America and that their legacy ought to be greater than the shield. Karli comments that the shield should be destroyed. She suggests they make their way to Donya’s funeral.

Walker and Hoskins walk to meet Sam, Bucky, and Zemo. The five discuss the situation as they continue to follow Zemo. Hoskins agrees that Sam’s skills as a veteran counselor could help bring Karli down. Walker agrees. They find the girl who told Zemo where the funeral is, and she takes the lead. She takes them supposedly to Karli’s hideout. Walker handcuffs Zemo and gives Sam 10 minutes to come back with Karli. At the funeral, Karli delivers a eulogy for “Mama Donya.” When she sees Sam observing from the window, she becomes nervous, but continues on about how they are all one people, as Donya had intended. She allows the rest to pay their respects and waits from everyone to leave. Sam approaches Karli and makes a concerted effort to get through to her. Walker becomes nervous and decides to go in. Bucky stops him, and Walker tries to goad him into letting him help Sam. Sam tells Karli that Zemo calls her a supremacist as she reveals to him that she has more serum. Sam tells her she killed innocent people. She says, “They weren’t innocent. They were roadblocks in my journey and I’d kill them again if I had to.” Immediately realizing what she has said, Karli attempts to backpedal her statement. Karli tells Sam that the people she is fighting are the same people trying to take away his home in Louisiana. Sam tells Karli that while he agrees with Karli’s ends, her means are unjustified. At that point, Walker calls out for her arrest, and Karli realizes it was a setup. Sam tries to stay with her, but Walker and Hoskins engage and Karli makes short work of them and escapes, but Bucky follows in hot pursuit. Outside, Zemo has escaped. Karli makes her way to the basement, where she is confronted by Zemo, who fires at her multiple times. Zemo recognizes the super-soldier serum and begins destroying the vials. Karli manages to get away before Zemo is knocked out by the shield. Walker notices one last vial still intact on the ground. He puts it in his pocket. Karli reconsiders the strategy. She receives a message from the Power Broker demanding the return of the serum. She suggests separating Sam from the team before killing Captain America.

At the safehouse, Sam sends a message to Sharon to keep her satellite eyes on Walker in case he moves on Karli. Zemo explains that Karli and the other super-soldiers cannot be left alive. Sam counters that as Walker barges in to arrest Zemo. His visit is short-lived as Ayo and the Dora arrive to take Zemo back to Wakanda. Walker’s intimidating attitude once again causes a fight to break out, with Bucky and Sam reluctantly joining in. During the conflict, Zemo sneaks away. Ayo detaches Bucky’s vibranium arm as they realize Zemo has escaped. Walker laments over the fact that he lost to the Wakandans who were not even super soldiers. Walker discusses the use of the serum with Hoskins, who insists he doesn’t need it. They recall a day in Afghanistan, which they agree would have resulted in fewer lives lost had they had the serum.

In Louisiana, Sarah receives a call from Karli. Sarah tells Karli that Sam is not working for the new Cap. Karli gives Sarah coordinates to give to Sam, and only to Sam. Sam receives the coordinates and arrives in the Falcon suit with Bucky. Karli asks Sam to join her. Sharon tells Sam that Walker is moving toward Karli. Sam and Bucky have a brief fight with Karli before all three go separate ways. Walker and Hoskins enter. Walker hears a distant gunshot as he searches for Hoskins. In another room, Hoskins is tied up by a Flag-Smasher. Walker engages the super soldiers as Sam and Bucky close in on the location. As Walker bends a pipe, it becomes obvious that he took the vial of super serum. Hoskins manages to cut himself free. He joins the fight, but Karli makes short work of him. Walker stands over Hoskins, who is unconscious and unresponsive.
In a fit of rage, Walker tracks down one of the soldiers, demanding Karli’s location. Walker finally beats the man to death with the shield in full view of dozens of spectators, including Karli.


Open on Walker running along a train track and into a garage. He yells at himself for making the situation worse at the end of the last episode. Bucky and Sam find him as he decides to get back to work. He attempts to blow off Sam as the latter makes and effort to reason with him. As Walker angrily shouts that the man he killed was the one who killed Hoskins, but Bucky reminds him that it was not (it was Karli). Sam suggests Walker turn himself in and explain the circumstance. Sam tells Walker to relinquish the shield, but Walker refuses. They fight him, with Walker demanding why they are “making” him do this Walker rips off Sam’s wings proclaiming himself “Captain America.” Bucky and Sam finally subdue Walker, breaking his shield arm. Bucky drops the shield for Sam and leaves, with Walker unconscious on the ground. Sam tries to wipe away the blood.


Sam tells Bucky that Karli is on the run, and they have been unable to trace her. Torres arrives and updates Sam on the murder Walker committed in public. Torres explains that with nothing to do, in the meantime they should sit tight and chill. Sam takes the cleaned shield and leaves. He tells Torres to keep the wings.

Walker informally meets at a private sentencing where he is stripped of his title as Captain America. While he tries to plead his case, is it explained to him that his exemplary service to the country is the only thing that kept him from being formally court-martialed. Walker gets angry and begins banging on the podium. He is told he will be given a less than honorable discharge, with no rank or benefits in retirement. Walker rejects the sentence and proclaims himself again Captain America. He then turns and walks out as the shield is demanded to be returned.

Valentina Allegra de Fontaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfuss) arrives and debriefs Walker. She explains to Walker that he made the right decision taking the serum, but there is an image to protect. Val tells him that he has become very valuable to certain people and that he doesn’t legally have to return the shield.

The Flag Smashers return to their hideout, which was raided by the GRC for harboring fugitives and abandoned. Karli recalls those who died and makes another monologue about their mission. the team follows her, leaving behind a plush toy on the ground.

At his family’s gravesite in Sokovia, Zemo is found by Bucky. He tells Bucky that Karli cannot be saved and that Bucky must kill her. Bucky disagrees and prepares to shoot Zemo, but the gun is not loaded. Zemo is taken into custody by the Dora Milaje. Ayo tells Bucky that Zemo will live out the rest of his days on the Raft and that he should make himself scarce in Wakanda for the foreseeable future. Bucky tells her he has another favor to ask.

In Baltimore, MD, Sam goes to visit Isaiah to give him the shield. He refuses it. Sam talks to Isaiah and asks what went wrong. Isaiah blames Steve Rogers and the super-soldier program for his time in prison. During that time, his wife was told he was dead, and she passed away while he was in prison. He tells Sam that when he got the serum, he was told it was a tetanus shot. He recalls a rescue mission to extract other super-soldiers who had been taken, prisoner. All he has to show for his heroics are the scars from the experiments done on him. A nurse had him declared dead so he could leave. Isaiah finally admonishes Sam for the shield, saying that no self-respecting Black man would want to be Captain America. Outside, Sam calls Sarah to tell her he is coming home.

Down at the bayou, Sam works with his nephews to fix the boat. They tell him how they had been unable to sell the boat, which was news to him. Sam talks to Sarah about the boat and promises again to fix it. She gets him to admit that he’s been benched by the military. Sam asks Sarah how many favors are owed to their parents. He makes calls to people in the community to help out, and several people show up, including Bucky, who drops off a new set of wings from Wakanda. Bucky introduces himself to Sarah. While repairing the boat, Bucky tells Sam about what Zemo told him in regards to Karli. As Bucky prepares to leave, Sam invites him to stay, but warns him not to flirt with his sister.

Walker meets with the Hoskins family and tells them the same lie that the man he killed was the one who killed Lemar. They grieve together as the family recalls Lemar’s pride in Walker when he became Captain America. Outside, Walker sees an old poster for him as the new Cap.

In Maridpoor, Sharon speaks to Batroc offering double for a job.

Bucky is woken up by Sarah’s kids playing with the shield. He goes to work with Sam on the boat. Sarah disagrees with their repair and dismisses them. Sam and Bucky train with the shield while discussing its legacy. Bucky expresses his emotional connection to the shield. Sam tells Bucky that he needs to stop looking to other people to tell him who he is. Bucky tells Sam that the nightmares remind him that a part of the Winter Soldier is still in him. Sam suggests that Bucky use him book for amends to be of service to the people he wronged. Bucky accepts the advice and the two part ways. At the dock, Sam approaches Sarah with a can of paint to touch up the sides. Sarah stops him, saying that they can’t sell it. He happily agrees with her. She commends him for taking on the fights of the world and the fight for his family. Sam trains and becomes proficient with the shield.

Karli sits at a bench with another soldier as they meet with Batroc. He presents them with a suitcase full of weapons. She takes control of the minds of several park attendees, who begin walking in a trancelike state.
While Sam watches live coverage of the GRC vote, he receives a call from Torres. Torres notifies Sam of the Flag Smashers signal going off in New York City. Sam says he will take it from there.
During the GRC summit to vote on relocating 20,000,000 blip refugees, a Flag-Smasher loyalist shuts down the room, imprisoning everyone.
Sam opens the case containing the new Falcon outfit.

EPISODE 6: One World One People

Open on Karli narrating her team through their next move. There is a complete lockdown at the GRC center in Manhattan as the Flag Smashers take it over. Sam approaches by air as Bucky enters the building, accompanied by Sharon, much to Sam’s grateful surprise. The Smashers take the GRC hostage using moles from within. The moles are quickly taken out by Sam in a new Captain American outfit.

Batroc confronts Sam and the two fight. Karli guides her team to lead another mole to join the hostages. Bucky is given a phone, where Karli tries to negotiate with him. Bucky admonishes her to end her quest for revenge.
One of the moles places a device on the police trucks holding the hostages. Bucky continues to remind Karli that she is going down a dark path. Karli ends the call, and Bucky runs. As Sharon scolds him for the way he handled the call, Bucky gets on a motorcycle and takes off. Sharon brushes past the mole, but politely excuses herself and continues on. The mole gets behind the wheel of a police van, but no sooner does he give chase that Sharon detonates the mercury vapor charge she had placed on him earlier when she brushed past.

On the roog, some hostages get into a chopper, piloted by another super-soldier. Sam subdues Batorc enough to escape and pursue the chopper by air. Sam launches Redwing and identifies one of the hostages as a pilot.
Karli and the Flag Smashers discuss the situation, and Karli says that the movement is strong enough to survive even if they all die. She attempts to rally them with “One World,” but they hesitate in responding “One People.”

As Sam pursues the chopper, he diverts to save officers from an NYPD chopper that crashes into the Hudson River. Karli catches up with one of the hostage vans and commandeers it, but Bucky is hot on her trail. He confronts a soldier, but Karli sets the van on fire to distract him. Karli is confronted by Walker, in the same new Cap outfit, carrying his homemade shield (in remarkably accurate design). Walker confronts the soldiers as Karli makes her escape while Bucky works to free the hostages. Bucky frees the hostages, who thank him for saving them. He accepts the gratitude and goes to fight Karli.

Back to the chopper, Sam communicates with the hostage suggested she take control of the vessel. Sam deploys Redwing and gives the hostage a countdown. Sam ejects the pilot, and the hostage takes the controls. Sam drops the soldier in the river and guides the pilot to land.

Walker fights Karli as hostages look on from a nearby van. Karli subdues Walker and steals the van. Bucky continues fighting another soldier while Karli sends the van over the edge of building construction, but Walker saves it. He is attacked by Karli and other soldiers while the van is safely placed by Sam, who releases the hostages. Karli attacks and is confronted by Sam, Bucky, and Walker. Suddenly, a barrage of smoke grenades gives Karli the cover to escape. Sam uses his goggles to track her. Bucky and Walker follow. Walker follows Bucky, shieldless, as Sam splits up. Karli attempts to round up the Flag Smashers using their whistle, but she is confronted my Sharon. The two take aim at each other, but Sharon lowers her gun to tell Karli how she betrayed her trust when she came to Madripoor. Batroc reveals himself as Sharon’s spy because she is the Power Broker. Sharon shoots Batroc, killing him, but Karli uses the opportunity to shoot Sharon. Sam enters to stop Karli from killing Sharon. He defends himself against her but does not attack. Walker and Bucky get the police to converge on the location of the super-soldiers, leading to their arrest. Karli takes aim at Sam, but Sharon shoots her several times in the back. Karli apologizes to Sam as she dies in his arms. Sam carries Karli’s body back to the authorities. Sam confronts the GRC on their tactics in relocating people. Sam expresses his admiration for being Captain America despite having no serum, or the other qualities of the previous Caps. He delivers a message to the GRC about how to use their power before leaving. The entire encounter is live-streamed. Sharon and Bucy discreetly depart as Sam is debriefed on the last Flag-Smasher he dumped in the river.
As super soldiers are loaded onto a van en route to The Raft, they are greeted by another mole posing as military. As the van drives away, it explodes as an older man watches on.

At the Raft prison, Zemo watches the news of the car bombing. Val gets a message, which she shows to Walker’s wife while they sit and wait for Walker to come out. He comes out in a red, white, and black outfit. Val names him the U.S. Agent before departing.

Bucky meets with the older man and tells him that he is the assassin who killed his son. He delivers a package containing his notebook of names (all crossed off) to the doctor. He passes by the restaurant and sees the man enjoying his regular drink.

Sam visits Isaiah, who commends him for what he said to the GRC, as well as taking up the shield. Sam takes them to the museum, where a statue has been erected in Isaiah’s honor so no one forgets what he did.
In Louisiana, the business launch is a success.

Captain America and the Winter Soldier

Sharon Carter is granted an apology by the senator in charge of the GRC. He offers her a full pardon as well as a position in her old division. She accepts and is welcomed back as Agent Carter. Outside the capitol, she makes a call as the Power Broker to ready the buyers.

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The bottom line of the entire series: Sam Wilson becomes Captain America.