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The film starts with high school friends/aspiring witches Frankie (Gideon Adlon), Tabby (Lovie Simone), and Lourdes (Zoey Luna) gathering for a ritual to freeze time with magic, as they already hold some kind of power that they have not fully harnessed. Unfortunately, their ritual requires a fourth girl, and they have yet to find anybody else who possesses the same gifts that they do.

Lily (Cailee Spaeny) and her mother Helen (Michelle Monaghan) are moving to a new town with Helen’s fiance Adam (David Duchovny) and his three sons – Isaiah (Donald MacLean, Jr.), Jacob (Charles Vandervaart), and Abe (Julian Grey). Lily is apprehensive about the move, but Helen assures her that the change will be good for them.

Lily starts at her new high school the next day. During class, she has her period, which is called out by obnoxious jock Timmy (Nicholas Galitzine). She runs to the bathroom and cries, but she is met by Frankie, Tabby, and Lourdes. They comfort her, clean her up, and give her clean clothes and pads, while letting her know that Timmy has harassed all of them. They later invite Lily to sit with them at lunch. Frankie sees Jacob looking at Lily, and she tells Frankie that they are almost stepsiblings. Lourdes points out that Frankie has had a crush on Jacob for a long time, but she bashfully denies it. The girls notice Lily’s necklace, which depicts the fourth symbol for the ritual they need.

That night, Lily is haunted by an image of a snake, as well as other bizarre visuals. In the morning, she returns to school and is once again bothered by Timmy, but when she tries to push him away, she ends up telepathically throwing him against the lockers. A teacher sees and they are both given detention. While there, Lily hears the other girls communicating by mind with her, and she asks to go to the bathroom. The other three find her and celebrate the fact that she has the same gifts as them. They reveal themselves to Lily as witches and invite her to join their coven. After a bit of pitching, Lily finally agrees.

The girls go to the woods to perform the ritual they tried earlier. After Lily says her part, time around them freezes. They get excited and are overjoyed at bringing out their full powers. They decide to test out their full potential by going to Timmy’s house to cast a spell on him. They have to throw a used condom of his since they need his essence, and since they don’t have a cauldron, they use his bong. They make their potion and rub it on his pillow, just as he is heard coming home. The girls escape out the window, and just before Timmy can find Lily, she makes time freeze so she can escape.

The next day, the spell appears to have worked, since Timmy has completely dropped his toxic masculinity to become 100% “woke”. The girls realize they succeeded and continue to try out their powers in other ways, like making each other float and changing things like a bully’s coat into a rainbow one. Later, Adam chastises Lily for fighting Adam, and even Helen cannot take her side in the matter despite her trying to appeal to Adam. Lily overhears them arguing and goes outside where Abe talks to her about how his dad always believed that “power equals order”.

The girls go to a party where they are impressed with how different Timmy is. He talks to Lily, and she appears to find herself attracted to him. Soon, Timmy starts to join their group and hang out with them. He goes to Lily’s house with them after school since he is friends with Isaiah and Jacob. The five go upstairs to play Two Truths and a Lie. Timmy reveals that he hooked up with Isaiah and is bisexual, but it torments him to keep it a secret. Timmy stays for dinner after the girls leave, and Lily takes his jacket and puts a love spell on it. When he goes to get it back, they talk some more before they start kissing.

The class is told the next morning that Timmy was found dead in what is believed to be a suicide. The girls are distraught and feel they might be responsible for what happened to him. Lily confesses to using the love potion, and the others scold her for overdoing it with her powers.

Later that night, Lily finds Adam and his sons, plus a few other boys engaging in some kind of cult ritual. Jacob mourns Timmy since they were best friends, but Adam suggests that Timmy was weak. After she tries to go back to her room, Adam finds her later and shows her something he possesses that was part of a pagan cult.

After Lily wakes up from a nightmare, Helen offers to take her away on a weekend road trip. Lily goes through some of her paperwork and comes across a document stating that she was adopted. Helen sees that she found it and is forced to tell her the truth, but Lily is angry at her. They then go to Timmy’s funeral, where the other girls are hesitant to talk to Lily. Helen tries to talk to Lily again, but a mere movement causes her to push Helen back onto the floor.

Back at home, Helen tries to talk to Lily again about her real mother and that she seems to know about her true powers. She tells her that there is a way she can relinquish her powers to be normal, but Lily knows Helen would never tell her to hold back on what makes her special. This turns out to be Adam having used a disguise to get Lily, and he knocks her unconscious. Meanwhile, Frankie, Tabby, and Lourdes are together when they see Timmy’s ouija board moving. A message from Timmy himself reads “He killed me,” and the girls realize Lily is in danger.

Lily wakes up in a field where Adam is going to try and get her powers and kill her. He also admits to having killed Timmy for being weak after spending time with the girls, as he thinks women must serve men. The other girls arrive in time as they begin a new ritual with Lily. They tap into each other’s powers and auras of the four elements to trap Adam in a circle where they burn him to death.

Lily continues her friendship with the girls, and she sees them off just before taking a trip with Helen, whom she has reconciled with. Helen takes her to an asylum where Lily meets her birth mother – one of the original witches, Nancy (Fairuza Balk).

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Lily moves to a new town with her mother Helen since she is marrying a man named Adam. Lily quickly befriends three other girls named Frankie, Tabby, and Lourdes. They are aspiring witches, and they discover that Lily possesses similar gifts as them, leading her to join their coven. After they tap into their hidden powers, the girls test a spell on an obnoxious jock named Timmy, who soon turns into a more understanding and compassionate young man. Lily also develops a crush on him and tries to cast a love spell on him, which appears to work since he kisses her.

After Timmy is found dead, the girls believe that they abused their powers and try to give up their gifts. Lily also finds out she is adopted, which causes a rift between her and Helen. It is soon discovered that Adam is the leader of a pagan cult, and he tries to get Lily's powers after realizing where she came from. He tries to kill her, but the other girls intervene, and with their combined powers, they burn Adam to death.

After Lily reconciles with her friends and Helen, she visits an asylum where she meets her birth mother, Nancy (the villain from the original film).