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The film starts with Detectives Vic Manning (Dave Bautista) and Sara Morris (Karen Gillan) arriving at a hotel to catch notorious drug lord Oka Teijo (Iko Uwais). Teijo gets the drop on them and starts to fight Vic before running away. The detectives chase Teijo out of the hotel and into the streets. Morris gets close enough to catch Teijo, but as they fight for her gun, Teijo ends up shooting Morris in the abdomen. The crook gets away as Vic rushes to his partner’s side to save her, but she soon dies.

Six months later, we meet Stu (Kumail Nanjiani), who works at a sporting goods store while taking a side gig as an Uber driver. He is forced to give a ride to his obnoxious boss Richie Sandusky (Jimmy Tatro), who runs his father’s store and also gives him the unwanted nickname “Stuber”. Stu is also investing in opening a spin class gym with his college friend Becca (Betty Gilpin), with whom he is in love. However, she is dating a superstar basketball player, and Stu is none too pleased. He also really needs to maintain a rating above four stars, or he loses the Uber gig, and typically, his rides do not go over well.

Vic has been obsessing over catching Teijo and avenging Morris. Captain Angie McHenry (Mira Sorvino) tells Vic to let it go now that the case against Teijo is being bumped up to the feds. Vic later goes to get Lasik eye surgery before meeting with his daughter Nicole (Natalie Morales). She invites him to her art gallery later that night, which he promises to attend even though he can’t see anything. Nicole installs the Uber app on his phone to help him out.

Vic later gets a call from his informant, Leon (Amin Joseph), who frantically tells Vic about a heroin drop with Teijo happening later that night. Vic jumps at the chance to get in on the case, and he heads to meet with Leon, but because he can’t see, he drives all over the place, knocks things over, and finally drives into a construction hole. He then has no choice but to call for an Uber. Stu is that Uber driver, and he goes to pick Vic up and take him to Koreatown to meet with Leon.

The two arrive at the warehouse where Leon is, but Vic finds that he is already dead. He takes Leon’s phone, but he unknowingly leaves behind bloody footprints. From what he can see on the phone, Leon’s last contact was someone by the name of Amber Titties (Amber Chardae Robinson)(but it’s French and pronounced “Tee-tee-ay”). Vic forces Stu to keep driving him, making Compton their next destination. Meanwhile, Stu gets a video call from Becca, who is pissed and drunk after seeing that her boyfriend has nude photos of other girls on there. She invites Stu to come over and comfort her, and he promises to be there after dealing with Vic.

Stu brings Vic to a male strip club, and Vic makes Stu go inside with him. They meet Amber, who runs the place and is aggressive to one of the dancers, Felix (Steve Howey), for eating a sandwich when he has to look buff. Vic goes to talk to her about Leon, and she says that he was involved with a dealer named Amo Cortez (Rene Moran). Stu talks to Felix about Becca, revealing that they had sex a while back, but they both act like it was no big deal. Felix encourages him to express his feelings to her. Becca calls Stu again and says that her boyfriend called and sounded apologetic, so she is close to forgiving him, but still wants Stu to come over. However, Vic is not done with Stu and wants him to drive to Long Beach to find Amo. Stu begrudgingly joins him. Amber can then be seen calling someone to tell them about Stu and Vic.

The guys go to a house where Vic enters to interrogate Amo and his buddies. He is enraged to find that they were smuggling drugs inside their dog, and he pulls the guy outside to arrest him. He places him in Stu’s car and makes him think Stu is his partner. Vic even gives Stu a small gun to sell it. Amo quickly realizes Stu is just an Uber driver, and he attempts to escape by breaking through the window. Stu tries to stop him and accidentally shoots Amo in the leg. Vic starts to pry info from Amo, learning that a heroin drop is going down that night, but Amo passes out from shock before he can tell Vic where it’s happening.

Vic orders Stu to take him to a vet that knows him so that they can treat Amo’s leg. After Amo wakes up, Vic tries to once again use brute force to get into out of him, but Stu opts for a different option: getting into Amo’s phone and trying to send messages on Twitter that he wouldn’t want his buddies to read. Amo spills that the drop is happening after midnight at a storage yard. Just then, a group of Teijo’s goons enters, and the leader holds Stu at gunpoint. They try to negotiate a swap of Stu for Amo, but Vic calls their bluff and knows they’ll just kill all three of them to get rid of loose ends. Stu faints, and Vic starts to exchange fire with the goons. Amo gets killed before he and Stu take cover. Still being unable to see, Vic is only able to get any shots by hearing wherever Stu throws something. He misses on the leader, but Vic catches him after he steps on a cat’s tail, and Vic puts a bullet in his head. Stu pukes and freaks out over all the dead bodies. They then flee the scene while still looking like crap, but Vic sends a text on the leader’s phone to who he thinks is Teijo to make him think that Vic is dead. The text instead goes to McHenry, who is already at Nicole’s art gallery.

The two make it to the art show, and Vic makes a fool of himself by bumping into things and not even noticing Nicole’s art. She meets Stu, and he shares his whole day dealing with her dad. Vic then goes to Nicole and asks her for the keys to their house for his storage unit, which she realizes is the only reason he showed up. She tells him off for being absent in her life and caring more about his job than the people in his own life. Vic leaves her with a gun for protection. Stu and Vic leave, and Vic throws a rock through a nearby shop to bring cops there (but also because he’s mad).

The guys go to the sporting goods store to get what Vic says is a few guns, but he really just grabs a bunch of stuff off the racks. Stu finally puts his foot down and calls Vic out for how he acts, telling him that he is scared of showing his emotions by hiding behind his masculinity, as well as him being a terrible dad to Nicole. The two then start fighting with items from around the store, like baseball bats and bicycles. They are then caught by Richie, who aims a crossbow at them. He makes fun of Stu again, but Stu then tells Richie off for the kind of person he is, and Stu quits on the spot. As he is leaving, Richie tries to convince him to stay because he considers Stu his best (and only) friend. Stu tries to say one nice thing to Richie before leaving for good.

Stu drives Vic to the storage yard to catch Teijo. While staking out, Vic calls McHenry for backup. As this happens, Stu calls Becca and comes clean about his feelings for her, but he makes it sound like she put some kind of pressure on him to admit it to himself. Although she is still open to Stu coming over, he feels that they should just not talk to each other at all since he won’t be able to ignore his feelings for her, but he will give her a call when he is ready. McHenry then shows up and reveals herself as a dirty cop to Vic. It turns out she and Teijo killed Leon and orchestrated the whole thing to get Vic framed for murder and off their tail. She shoots Vic once, but before she can kill him, Stu drives his car into her and slams her against a wall. Teijo and his goons spot them and begin to shoot and chase after the guys. Stu drives away while Vic regains his sight and is able to shoot at the bad guys. Stu throws a propane tank for Vic to shoot so it can blow up, and it works. Unfortunately, Stu’s electric car runs out of battery, and Teijo catches up and slams his car into theirs, knocking it down a hill and forces the guys to run.

Teijo finds the two as they run through a factory, and his wild shooting forces the employees out. The guys hide with the employees in a van, where they try to call multiple Ubers to get them out of there and to also make Teijo think that it’s police backup. But one of the drivers blows the whole thing, and the drivers flee once Teijo starts shooting again. Vic and Teijo fight, with Stu failing to take a shot at Teijo before he knocks them both down. Nicole shows up after getting Vic’s location off the Uber app, and shoots Teijo a couple of times before he gets a hold of the gun and attempts to shoot Nicole while Vic is down. Stu takes the bullet for Nicole, and Vic rages out by trying to strangle Teijo before Nicole stops him as real cops show up to arrest Teijo.

Stu and Vic both wake up in the hospital. Nicole thanks the two of them for what they did. Stu gets up to leave, but not before Vic gives him a five-star rating. He thanks Stu for saving Nicole’s life, and it brings him to tears.

It is now Christmastime. Becca opened the spin class gym on her own, which Stu remains an investor in, and it is a big success. Vic is seen eating in a Chinese restaurant with the dog he saved from Amo’s house. He walks it to Nicole’s house, where she reveals that she and Stu are now dating. Vic is left speechless.

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A meager Uber driver named Stu is forced by an aggressive detective named Vic to drive him around town to catch a notorious drug lord named Teijo. For Vic, it is especially personal, as Teijo murdered Vic's partner.

Along the way, Stu deals with Vic's mad behavior while trying to express his feelings to his friend Becca. Stu and Vic confront each other about Stu's inability to man up while Vic is called out for his toxic masculinity and negligence toward his daughter Nicole. Eventually, the two face Teijo at the location of his drop, where Vic finds that Captain Angie McHenry is a dirty cop who has been working with Teijo and was planning to frame Vic for murder to get him off their trail, while Stu does admit he loves Becca, but then realizes it wouldn't work since he knows she doesn't feel the same way and that they shouldn't even be friends. Stu and Vic work together to take the villains down, but Nicole ends up in the mayhem when she finds them and is nearly shot by Teijo. Stu takes the bullet, and Vic almost kills Teijo before Nicole stops him, and the cops arrive to bring Teijo to justice.

After Stu and Vic recover, they become good friends, and Stu starts to date Nicole, although Vic isn't sure how to feel about that.