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In the year 2024, the coronavirus has mutated into the far more lethal COVID-23, which eats at the brain and can kill victims within 48 hours. In most of the country, quarantine zones (“q-zones”) have been set up for people with severe cases, while the immune (or…”munies”) must carry yellow bracelets in order to step outside without issue. The q-zones are criticized and compared to concentration camps.

A bike courier named Nico Price (KJ Apa) is immune and doing his job working for Lester’s Gets, which caters to rich clients. He brings a package late to an ungrateful customer who lives in a heavily guarded home, and the package must go through a decontamination pod. Nico’s boss Lester (Craig Robinson) keeps tracking him through a GPS, but he views Nico as his best guy. Nico also talks to his girlfriend Sara Garcia (Sofia Carson), who lives with her grandmother, Lita (Elpidia Carillo), through video chat.

A rich couple, William and Piper Griffin (Bradley Whitford and Demi Moore) live with their immunocompromised daughter Emma (Lia McHugh), who laments about feeling weaker than normal people, and is also worried she will be taken to a q-zone. Piper also sells black-market passes for people trying to leave their homes. When a man contacts Piper for the passes for himself and friends to travel beyond city limits, she gives him the price and then informs Emmett Harland (Peter Stormare), a man that operates the sanitation department with an iron fist.

A singer named May (Alexandra Daddario) does livestream shows and performances, plus paid song covers, since she hasn’t had a major gig in a long time. Her biggest fan is a handicapped army vet named Michael Dozer (Paul Walter Hauser), who works on the drones that Lester uses for his company. May personally contacts and video chats with Michael, developing something of a friendship with him. On her off hours, May is visited by William, who is sleeping with her behind Piper’s back and disregards safety protocols to have sex with May.

After Nico fails to show up for a delivery, Lester has Michael send a drone to find him. It catches Nico after he had stopped to chat with Sara before he returns somewhat safely home and must continuously decontaminate. He later tries to set up a movie night with Sara by projecting on his wall and having her watch via video chat. However, Lita starts coughing badly. Not long after, Harland arrives with a team of quarantine workers for Sara’s neighbor Alice (Michole Briana White). Her infection was quickly detected, and now Harland and his goons have arrived to take Alice to a q-zone. Harland knocks on Sara’s door to question if she has had any contact with Alice recently, but Sara denies it. Sara tells Nico, who heard everything, that she will take Lita’s temp test in the morning and take care of her as best as she can. Nico later sits outside Sara’s door to talk to her.

The next morning, Sara takes Lita’s temperature after passing her own check, which detects a fever that alerts the q-zone guards to head to that residence. When Nico finds out, he sets out to try and score the passes to get himself and Sara away. He tells Lester he knows that they are dealing in transporting the immunity bracelets, which leads him to find the Griffin home and ask for them. He speaks to William, but when Nico mentions the bracelets, Piper hangs up on him. She blames William for people finding out about them despite him saying otherwise, but she gives Nico an address to get him off their backs. Meanwhile, Lita dies by Sara’s side.

Nico follows the address to a warehouse where he encounters Harland. He tries to lure Nico to capture him, but he quickly realizes it’s a trap and manages to escape. After encountering some guards, he is helped out by another man who is fighting against people like Harland.

William contacts May and demands to see her again. When she refuses to answer his texts, he calls her, and she tells him to leave her alone or she will post a recorded conversation between them where William offered her an immunity bracelet. Piper overhears the conversation and threatens William at gunpoint to leave for putting Emma at risk.

Harland and his goons arrive at Sara’s apartment to get Lita. Sara hides and knocks out one guy to take his hazmat suit and get herself out of the apartment safely. It almost works until Harland finds the other guy unconscious before going outside to apprehend Sara. He realizes she is immune and then takes her captive.

With help from Michael, May plans to leave and get away from William. However, William finds her first and starts to break into her car. He starts strangling May and orders her to go with him, but Michael uses a weaponized drone to blow William’s brains out and save May.

Nico goes to the Griffin home to try and get a bracelet, but he is caught by Piper and held at gunpoint. He says he is not there to hurt anyone and is just trying to save the last important person in his life. Piper agrees to help and gives Nico the bracelet for Sara. When Nico goes back to Sara’s apartment, he finds Harland there waiting to kill him. Nico instead stabs Harland in the neck first and leaves him to die before calling Lester for help in rescuing Sara.

Lester gets Michael to use a drone to help Nico find Sara. He is led to Q-zone Alpha where Sara is about to be taken in by guards. Nico gets to her in time and slips her a bracelet, which the guards scan and let her go. Nico and Sara are finally able to touch and kiss.

Three months later, Piper helps place the blame on William and Harland for selling the bracelets. May and Michael start a virtual relationship. Lester gets a message from Nico, as well as his own bracelet. Nico and Sara are then seen riding a motorcycle together.

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The coronavirus mutates into COVID-23, which eats at the brain and kills the victim in 48 hours. Quarantine zones have been set up across the country but are criticized for the harsh conditions and the fact that victims are just left to die there. Those immune to the virus wear immunity bracelets to be allowed safe passage through the city.

In the middle of things is a bike courier named Nico, who works for a service that delivers goods to rich people. He can only speak to his girlfriend Sara via video chats, but when Sara's grandmother catches the virus, Nico scrambles to find a way to prevent Sara from being taken to a q-zone. He goes to a rich couple, William and Piper Griffin, who are selling black market bracelets, but Piper tries to have q-zone operator Emmett Harland to take care of Nico. When this fails, Nico goes back to the Griffins and eventually convinces Piper to help him, and she gives him a bracelet for Sara.

While this happens, William contacts May, a singer that he's been having an affair with, but when she wants to stop seeing him, he tries to violently keep her. She is saved by Michael, a disabled vet who works on drones for Lester, when he uses a drone to kill William.

Nico finds Harland waiting to kill him after he found Sara and sent her to the q-zone despite finding out she is immune. Nico kills Harland first and gets help from Lester and Michael to track Sara down and give her the bracelet discreetly so the guards can let her go.

Three months later, Nico and Sara are free together while Piper blames the illegal bracelets on William and Harland.