SHE-HULK: Attorney at Law

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Episode 1: A Normal Amount

Jennifer Walters prepares to present closing arguments to a jury. She is commended by her paralegal Nikki, but the other attorney suggests she let him take the lead. She happily objects, and Nikki suggests she can “Hulk out” if things go wrong. Jen turns to the camera, breaking the 4th wall, to share the news that she is a Hulk and to introduce her backstory to the audience.

A few months earlier, Jen is driving her cousin, Bruce Banner, who has reverted back to his human form thanks to an inhibitor he is wearing. His right arm is still in a sling from the Endgame resurrection snap, but thanks to being able to stay in human form, it is healing. At one point, Bruce mentions their cousin Ched. Jen analyzes the rise of Steve Rogers to Captain America and deduces that he was a virgin, to which Bruce laughs. All of a sudden, a spaceship appears in front of the vehicle, Jen swerves to avoid hitting it, and the car goes rolling down a hill. While helping Bruce to get out of his seat, the inhibitor breaks. As Bruce is transforming, he notices that he is bleeding and urges Jen to stay away from him. Too late, as some of his blood falls onto an open wound on Jen’s arm. She immediately transforms and disappears. When Jen wakes up, she is lying in the middle of nowhere and walks over to a bar to use the bathroom. While trying to contemplate what just happened, several women come into the bathroom and take pity on Jen, assuming her disheveled look is due to an abusive partner. Outside, in clean clothes, Jen is approached by several men who refuse to take “no” for an answer from her. She turns Hulk again and quickly dispatches them. This time, she wakes up in a bed in a room with fresh clothes in her size. Jen gets dressed and explores the underground facility where she is staying.

She sees Bruce in Hulk form, his right arm now completely healed. They are in Bruce’s subterranean laboratory, sponsored by Tony Stark. He has contacted Jen’s family, so they know she is safe. Bruce explains to Jen that he needed to use time during the Blip to learn how to reconcile his two selves into “Smart Hulk.” He identifies the ship they saw as a Sakaaran Courier, likely delivering a message, which he plans to investigate.

In explaining the origin of Jen’s powers, Bruce explains that his blood got into her system, along with a lethal dose of gamma radiation. He goes on to explain that he and Jen share a rare combination of genetic factors that allows them to synthesize gamma radiation into “something else.” Bruce also analyzed Jen’s blood, and the way it synthesized gamma radiation allowed him to completely heal his arm. He then destroys the blood samples so that they don’t potentially create another Hulk. Jen asks Bruce to help her go back to normal, and Bruce delivers the news that being a Hulk is now part of her life.

Bruce presents Jen with a plan to reconcile her Hulk, offering about 15 years of practice, with the main priority being Jen’s ability to control when she turns. For the first test, Bruce forces a transformation by putting Jen in a room with a closing wall of circular saws. When she breaks out as She-Hulk, Bruce discovers that she doesn’t have an alter ego and talks exactly like she does in human form. Bruce is blown away by this and asks if she feels like there is anyone else at the wheel at all. Jen says that the first time she transformed, it was too intense to remember, but now it seems to be settling in. So the next step is to learn to control when she turns back into Jen. She again relents to being in her Hulk state, which Bruce suggests she learn to control, as it is a great deal of physical power that can alter others’ perceptions. Jen agrees to learn from Bruce “how to Hulk.”

Bruce engages Jen in an exercise of dialectical behavioral therapy. She humorously pinpoints the therapy as having the same goals as yoga and meditation, so Bruce suggests a different tactic. He wakes her up the next morning with an airhorn, causing her to immediately transform and break her bedframe. When Bruce asks if she is feeling an unusual amount of rage, she angrily responds, “No! A normal amount of rage!”

Bruce teaches Jen how to reinforce her living spaces while working with her on the mind-body connection using Tai Chi. He works with her on throwing large rocks, jumping long distances, and balancing – all of which Jen excels at admirably. Bruce rewards her with an alcoholic bender since their Hulk bodies don’t get drunk. Bruce tells Jen how Tony used to talk about Steve, and they toast. The next morning, Jen admonishes Bruce for not warning her about the hangover she would experience. While Bruce tries once again to train Jen in managing her Hulk side, Jen continues to implore that he let her go back to her life and that is in complete control. Bruce reminds her that he wants to work with her on managing her stress and regulating her emotions, specifically her anger.

Jen tells Bruce that, as a working woman, she has to endure multiple stresses daily – being catcalled or mansplained – which force her to regulate her angry responses, lest her reputation be tarnished. As she comes to her conclusion, her body turns into She-Hulk, then she immediately reverts back to Jen. Since she can transform to and from her Hulk form at will, Jen wishes Bruce goodbye. She dismisses the idea of becoming a superhero like Bruce, hiding away on a beach. She transforms, and the two have an all-out Hulk fight, resulting in the destruction of Bruce’s bar. They work together to fix the bar, during which Bruce reluctantly tells Jen that he will respect t her decision to go back to law.

Jen returns to work, and the trial’s closing arguments take place. Once again, Jen reminds the audience that this is a “lawyer show.” Before she can deliver her closing argument, a superpowered woman breaks through the wall into the courtroom. Nikki tells Jen to turn Hulk to take care of the villain as her “civic duty.” She has Jen take off her shoes and transform into She-Hulk to dispatch the assailant. Jen then reverts back and puts on her shoes, asking to continue with her closing argument.

At Bruce’s bar, Jen cries over Steve Rogers never getting to experience sex. Bruce tells her that Steve lost his flower in 1943 to a girl during the USO tour. Jen proudly proclaims, “CAPTAIN AMERICA FU-“ before the end credits.

Episode 2: Superhuman Law

News reports tell of the fight between Titania and She-Hulk in the court and identifies Jen. Nikki takes Jen to a bar that is toasting She-Hulk, and Jen reluctantly transforms before walking in. The other attorney tries to shame Jen for holding back on her superpowers from the public eye until now. Nikki dismisses him and presents Jen with free drinks. Jen is approached by another attorney, who requests that she revert to her human form. When she does, she immediately feels the effects of all the drinks she drank as She-Hulk.

She is told that a mistrial had to be declared on account of her saving the lives of the jury, which the defense counsel argued would create bias. He agrees that she did the right thing in saving the jury’s lives, but they lost the case. He has to terminate her position as she would be a liability to the DA’s office. Jen drunkenly realizes she has been fired.

Jen wakes up in her home to a voicemail from Bruce offering to talk. She goes through rejection after rejection on account of the risk of hiring her. Nikki works with her to find paid work. Jen decides to visit her parents for family dinner. Unfortunately, cousin Ched immediately brings up that she was fired in front of the rest of the family. Jen brushes it off as Ched brags about his promotion to manager at Best Buy. Jen is put off by her family’s treatment of her, either for being a superhero or being part of the younger generation. She drowns out the conversation before she hears her father call her away to talk. He tries to reassure her and suggests she continue to move on from her last job. Jen is approached by Mr. Holliway, who offers to buy her a drink. He offers her a job based on his admiration of her casework against his firm in the trial. She accepts on the condition that she hire her own paralegal. He has no interest in who she hires for that role and tells her that she starts on Monday.

As Jen enters the GLK&H firm, Holliway instructs her to always be She-Hulk at work and in court since she will be the face of their “Superhuman Law” division. Jen transforms and enters the offices as She-Hulk. Now realizing that she was hired for her representation of the superhuman community and not entirely on the merits of her work, Jen shares her disdain with the audience. She is shown to her office, where Nikki greets and admires her office setup. They are brought a welcome basket.

Jen meets with Holliway, who tasks her with the parole of Emil Blonsky, the Abomination. Jen openly refuses as Blonsky tried to kill Bruce. Holliway insists that she meet with him. She is required to revert back to human form in order to enter the prison. She is made to sign a waiver before being introduced to the prisoner. The guard finishes lecturing her before letting her in to see Blonsky, in his human form, sitting in a cell. Blonsky tells her that he managed to change himself physically back to human form, but also spiritually and honestly reflects on his known past. He calmly tells her that his attempts to kill Bruce were not personal in any way, merely orders given by her government. Blonsky tells of how he only took the super soldier serum to take out a threat, even though deep down he wanted to become the next Captain America. Jen tells him that he will need to express remorse in order for parole to be considered. He responds that he has no interest in hurting anyone, only in leaving prison and uniting with his “7 soulmates” (prison pen pals).

At Jen’s home, she calls Bruce to tell him of her new job and that Blonsky is her first client. He tells her that Blonsky even wrote to him and that he forgives him for the fight. Bruce likes the name She-Hulk. He tells her that he will be taking care of something as the Sakaarian ship enters hyperspace. Jen takes the call and Holliway alerts her to a news story, featuring Blonsky in Abomination for fighting in the underground ring from Shang-Chi.

She-Hulk helps her father with heavy lifting household chores as Ched watches.

Episode 3: The People v. Emil Blonsky

Jen confronts Blonsky about his appearance on the news as Abomination in the fight club. Blonsky maintains his innocence. He says he was forced out of his cell, did not “break out” as the news suggests, and returned to prison immediately afterward of his own free will. He tells her he was brought to the fight club by Wong. Nikki has located him and sets up a meeting between him and Jen. Before the title sequence, Jen addresses the cameos to the audience.

News reports tell of Jen’s representation of Blonsky, which sets off a trending topic in the news and social media. Jen arrives at her office and talks with Nikki. Jen meets with Holliway, who teams her up with Dennis, the male attorney who resents Jen for her prowess as a lawyer, but even more so after finding out she has superpowers. He also introduces Dennis to Mallory Book, another associate in the Superhuman Law division, but Dennis immediately dismisses her, wanting only to work with another male attorney.

Dennis is interested in hiring the firm on a personal matter – his superhuman ex-girlfriend, a shapeshifting Light Elf from New Asgard, took a lot of money from him and skipped town while posing as Megan Thee Stallion. Jen cannot help but laugh at his ignorance to think he was actually dating her, although he reminds her that it was a shapeshifter.

A ring portal opens, and Wong enters the office to meet with Jen. Holliway dismisses Jen to her meeting, and she wishes Dennis well. Wong corroborates the story, saying that he needed a worthy opponent in order to become Sorcerer Supreme. Jen tells him that he will need to testify in court, which Wong accepts. Dennis concludes his meeting with Pug, who is researching the Light Elf on YouTube. Suddenly, Dennis walks back in and tells Pug he wants to drop the whole case. As Pug takes a call, he notices Dennis’s odd behavior and calls for security. Outside the conference room, Pug walks out and makes a smug comment before the real Pug calls out the Light Elf, who changes into her true form and tells him that was a warning.

As Jen enters the prison to meet with Blonsky, reporters begin a rumor that she was rejected by The Avengers. When Jen meets with Blonsky, seven young women come into a separate room in togas and tiaras. They are Blonsky’s seven soulmates. Both wonder where Wong is. The parole hearing begins and Jen stumbles through her case to present Wong as a witness. She offers Blonsky to give his statement to the parole board, and they accept. Blonsky gives a truly heartfelt answer as to how he feels about his actions. Jen presents the seven soul mates who will financially support him outside of prison if he is released.

More witnesses from the prison complex testify on Blonsky’s behalf. However, attention is called back to the prison break, at which time Wong conveniently shows up through a portal to give his testimony. He first asks if any of the judges have heard of a kumite. In another courtroom, the judge denies Runa, the Light Elf, her motion to dismiss Dennis’s case against her for fraud. Unhappy that the case will go to trial, Runa shifts to the judge and tries to reverse the ruling, but her attorney reminds her that impersonating a judge is illegal. Runa shifts back and runs from the bailiff. Back in the prison court, Wong testifies that he forced Blonsky out of his cell and offered him asylum at the Kamar-Taj, but Blonsky insisted he returns to prison to finish out his term.

Another question is asked as to Blonsky’s ability to change into the Abomination, which he enthusiastically offers to share. Jen protests against the transformation, but he turns into the Abomination anyway. He maintains his personality in Abomination form, even though the only ones who find his transformation appealing are the seven soulmates. Jen apologizes for the behavior but acknowledges its support of his claim that he has lived out his time in prison peacefully and intends to peacefully return to freedom. The judges adjourn the hearing for the day. Wong is accused of breaking the law by getting Blonsky out, at which time he departs through a portal.

Jen meets with Nikki and Pug at a bar, where Nikki encourages Jen to ride with the She-Hulk identity since it is making her popular. Jen is bothered by all the protests against her when all she wants is to do her job. Pug laments with the two over Dennis, who they couldn’t stand when they worked with him at the DA’s office. Realizing that they can testify as to Dennis’s ignorance regarding women, Pug has Jen testify under oath. Jen claims that Dennis is so delusional when it comes to women that he would believe Runa was the real Megan Thee Stallion. The judge awards Dennis all his damages and sentences Runa to 60 days imprisonment for impersonating a judge. Present in the courtroom audience is Megan Thee Stallion, but for real. Dennis suggests that Runa’s powers be taken away as punishment, which gives Jen an idea.

Blonsky is granted parole and prohibited from turning into Abomination ever again, requiring him to wear an inhibitor. She-Hulk interviews on the evening news about Blonsky’s release, but the reporter is more interested in knowing about She-Hulk. Jen is jumped by a small group of thugs, who she dispatches as She-Hulk. The thugs seemed to be after Jen’s blood, but they couldn’t pierce her skin once she transformed. She-Hulk picks up her papers and sees her reflection in the car window.

She-Hulk is retained by Megan Thee Stallion, but for real.


Episode 4: Is This Not Real Magic?

A stage magician named Donny Blaze does a lackluster performance using small-scale pyrotechnics. He calls up a volunteer named Madisynn King for another trick while she sips her drink. For his final trick, Donny opens a portal using a sling ring. In Kathmandu, Wong wakes up to Madisynn being transported to his living room. She tells him how she was transported there by Donny Blaze (followed by a talking goat), then immediately spoils the episode of The Sopranos where Adriana gets whacked. Wong becomes furious and swears vengeance on Donny Blaze.

Jen sips her coffee and speaks on the previous events in a large suit intended for She-Hulk. Her father visits to help her with security on account of the attack she suffered in the last episode. She reminds him that she’s a Hulk and tells him she didn’t go to the police. She lets him set up his security system and goes to work.

She-Hulk sets up a dating profile before Nikki calls her attention to the replay of her interview on the news. They are interrupted by Wong, who explains the situation to them from his perspective. Donny Blaze was kicked out of Kamar-Taj when he used his power to party, and now uses the power he learned to perform in LA. He asks her to help him set a precedent that no unlicensed persons practice the Mystic Arts. Unfortunately, he has no written documentation, and Jen cannot help him legally. Disappointed, Wong leaves a card for Jen and then opens a portal. Jen smiles at the audience.

At the bar, Jen goes over her cease and desist for Wong with Nikki. A random guy offers to buy them drinks, but Jen declines him. Nikki asks to see Jen’s dating profile and immediately begins swiping for her. Nikki suggests she go on the dating profile as She-Hulk. While Jen dismisses the idea, Nikki continues to play around with her profile and gets Jen a match.

The next day, Jen is going over the cease and desist with Wong and Donny Blaze, and his hype man. They argue that Donny’s performance cannot be copyrighted, which Jen counters it can. She serves them the cease and desist before saying they’ll meet again in court. Donny recognizes Jen’s dating app notification and makes a joke. Wong does one final trick before leaving.

Jen goes on a date with a man who clearly has no interest in anything but having her pay for the drinks. The next day, Jen argues Wong’s case in court and has Wong teleport Madisynn to the courtroom. The judge reluctantly allows a clearly drunk Madisynn to testify after the latter makes an effort to appear of sound mind. Jen asks her to retell the story of her performance with Donny Blaze. She tells the court about her journey through a fire land where she made a deal with a demon who she thinks is named Jake to send her to Wong’s place. The defense attorney argues again that Donny Blaze’s magic can’t be copyrighted, citing a precedent. Jen counters that the precedent to which he is referring only applies to card tricks and certain forms of assistant magic. Donny stands up to give a performance, which his hype man and the lawyer join in before the judge shuts them down.

Wong delivers testimony to the judge explaining the power of the Mystic Arts. As Madisynn hypes up Wong, the judge agrees to review the motion and will make her decision in a few weeks. Jen asks for a preliminary injunction to prevent the defendant from doing magic, but Donny appeals to the judge by making a rabbit appear. She agrees to let him continue to perform his magic, pending her decision. Before they leave, Madisynn begs Wong to take her for froyo and promises no more Sopranos spoilers before spoiling the episode where Tony kills Christopher.

At Jen’s place, she talks with Nikki about work before realizing that it’s Friday night as Nikki calls her out for her exact situation. Jen plays it off before hanging up. She sets up her profile as She-Hulk, and starts to get matches galore. She-Hulk goes on several bad dates, including a fanboy. A pediatric oncologist impresses She-Hulk, who suggests they order food to go.

At a performance, Donny Blaze opens another portal, but the volunteer refuses to go through it, saying her friend got stranded in Pomona. As Donny closes the portal, he transitions to a trick where he summons a white dove to his hand. It lays an egg in the volunteer’s hand, which immediately hatches into a demon. It grows to the size of a human baby immediately, and Donny manages to open a portal to get rid of it. Unfortunately, he forgets to close the portal, allowing hundreds more of the demons to let loose on the theater. Donny appears in Wong’s living room begging for help. Wong agrees and tells Donny to call Jen.

Jen is enjoying her date, which has gone back to her place. The man continues to impress her as her phone vibrates from Donny’s calls. In her distraction, she accidentally spills red wine on the man before making a move on him. Wong interrupts her to ask for her assistance in dealing with the mess Donny Blaze made. She is brought to the theater and told to help dispatch the demons while Donny and his hype man hide. She-Hulk laments over her bad dates during the episode, and when she finally has a good one, it gets interrupted. Before sending back the last demon, She-Hulk asks Donny again if he would abide by the cease and desist, and Donny agrees. She-Hulk returns to her house and takes the doctor to her room.

The next morning, Jen prepares breakfast for them as a story about Titania airs on the news. The next morning, the man sees her not as She-Hulk and becomes uncomfortable. He leaves abruptly. Jen blows it off, hiding hurt feelings, as she receives a knock at the door. A deliveryman claims a package for her, but she immediately recognizes him as a process server. He confesses and presents Jen with Titania’s Cease and Desist for the use of the name She-Hulk, which Titania has trademarked for herself (since Jen never did so). Jen is shocked and takes the papers, completing service. She shuts the door and comments on how the episode ends.

Wong discusses cocktails with Madisynn as they eat popcorn and watch “This is Us.”


Episode 5: Mean, Green, and Straight Poured in These Jeans

Open with a commercial by Titania for her She-Hulk line of beauty products. Jen sees the commercial and a billboard for the products one her way to work. She sits back at home and is surprised by Ched, who is there to get her autograph on several products in support of her “business venture.” Jen refuses and tells him she is not in that business. He tries to tell her that she should have trademarked her name before Titania did, and Jen screams into her cushion.

She-Hulk: By Titania

Jen and Nikki go to Titania’s She-Hulk store. They cut the line so that Jen can confront Titania on using the name and the lawsuit. Titania ignores her and has her take a picture with a fan. At the office, Jen and Nikki discuss the She-Hulk name and persona. Nikki sports more of Titania’s She-Hulk make-up as Pug approaches her to ask a favor – accompany him to a sneaker release that is exclusively 1 pair per customer. Pug tells her about his collection at home, obtained through a friend Alonzo who is a “drip broker.” Nikki gets the idea to have him find clothes for She-Hulk. Pug agrees to the return favor. While watching an online video of Titania, She-Hulk says unconvincingly to the audience, “I’m over it.”

Nikki and Pug arrive at a drink spot which Pug believes to be a front for a superhero clothing shop. The clerk doesn’t recognize the lingo, and Nikki offends him by speaking Chinese. After leaving them, the clerk brings them to a locker room with knockoff branded t-shirts and toy props. They buy a few items and go to the real broker. They manage to get a consultation through the door before leaving.

She-Hulk has a meeting with Holliway, who inquires about the She-Hulk brand owned by Titania and how it might look for the firm. Jen explains that the name was never hers to begin with. Holliway explains that it looks bad for them to be involved in Titania’s lawsuit again Jen. She-Hulk meets with colleague attorney Mallory Brook and admits to never thinking of trademarking her name legally. Mallory agrees to take the case on the condition that She-Hulk is more professionally representable in court. She suggests they countersue on the grounds that Titania took advantage of the situation. She tasks Nikki with updating She-Hulk’s outfit, which she was already on top of.

She-Hulk and Mallory enter court to plead their countersuit. Mallory descriptively explains the history of the “She-Hulk” name and how it only came into existence on account of Jen and her “better-known cousin.” She also calls Titania’s products “shams,” which offends her. After the judge hears Mallory, Titania tries to counterargue against her lawyer’s better judgment. Titania’s attorney shows several candid videos of She-Hulk saying that she will never answer to that name. Mallory counters with the more recent news interview, where Jen admits that She-Hulk is her name, whether she likes it or not. The judge accepts the evidence but warns Mallory to have more at the next hearing or she will side with Titania.

Nikki and She-Hulk enter Luke Jacobson’s secret showroom. He is unimpressed with She-Hulk, but Nikki persuades him to hear her. Nikki has her transform back to Jen to give Luke a sense of what to create – something that will fit her in both forms. Back at the office, She-Hulk recognizes the fanboy she went out with previously. He is there with Mallory. He makes a comment about Mallory representing him before leaving. Jen and Nikki discuss the date over lunch in the park. Jen figures out that calling up the men she dated as She-Hulk would help to corroborate her case.

Three weeks later, the next hearing is held. Mallory presents the case that She-Hulk had used her name as self-identification long before Titania used it. She shows She-Hulk’s dating profile before bringing forth witnesses to give testimony. The date She-Hulk spent the night with, in the last episode, admits that he would not have gone out with Jen, but he enjoyed She-Hulk. The judge finds in Jen’s favor and identifies her in court as She-Hulk. Titania is ordered to stop using the She-Hulk name and selling her products under it. One of the other dates asks Titania out, which she sees as an opportunity to exploit him. She-Hulk and Mallory walk about of court, and Mallory agrees to have a drink with her. At the bar, Mallory asks Jen about her clothes. She-Hulk shows up to Luke and tries on her new outfit. While she is in the dressing room, Luke sets aside a yellow Daredevil helmet in a box marked “For Pickup.”