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The film starts in Brooklyn where a couple, Jack (John Reynolds) and Su (Sunita Mani), are spending the night in their apartments while on their phones and laptop. Su is upset at Jack for using her computer and deleting the tabs she was looking at since it was for her job. As Jack tries to defend himself, Su’s boss changes her assignment, to her frustration. He apologizes to her and they reconcile, but then they go back to the internet.

The couple goes to a party where they meet up with some friends. Some of the friends are getting along in their lives and careers, while others feel they are stuck in a rut. One of the friends, Raph (Ben Sinclair), talks about a recent experience he had and offers the couple a chance to stay at a cabin of his for some time away. Jack and Su leave the party talking about Raph and expressing a disappointment in how their lives are now.

The next day, Jack and Su decide it’s time to disconnect from their phones and internet to go to Raph’s cabin. Su calls her boss and leaves an email to request time off, only to discover that she’s been fired. She tries to turn it around and figure it’s a good thing. They spend the rest of the day in their apartment before packing later on and heading out on their trip. Meanwhile up in the sky, a cluster of pods appear to be making their way toward Earth.

Jack and Su arrive at the cabin and proceed to spend time together. Jack is annoyed when Su has come up with a list of ways that they can try to be a better couple, as he just wants to take in the scenery and nature. Su convinces him to give a try, just as they start to hear what sound like distant gunshots. They later spend the night looking up at the stars, with some appearing as though they are falling to the ground. While in bed, Jack wakes up and starts yelling at a chair to leave them alone, but Su doesn’t see anything there.

Out in the woods the next morning, a man is seen frantically running away from something. At the same time, Jack and Su take a canoe out on the lake to meditate. The man almost comes near them until he is pulled away by the mysterious creature. While the couple feels at peace with the ambient sounds of nature, Jack is annoyed again that Su has everything organized, which he equates to being the same as having a phone in hand. They jump out of the canoe and go back to the cabin to find a large fuzzy brown thing on the floor, which Su calls a “Poof”. After they take a shower together, the Poof has disappeared.

Jack goes to destress by chopping wood logs, and Su finally caves and turns her phone back on. She finds a ton of texts and voice messages with commotion going on in the background, plus her mother talking about the creatures being described as rats, but her mom says that they aren’t. Jack comes back and decides to agree with her on the list, while she hides that she turned her phone on. He starts to discuss his insecurities and feelings about himself while Su tries to reassure him he is fine. He tries to get Su to confess something, but the most she can manage is that she eats her contacts out of habit. They are then startled by some kind of animal hitting the window and then running out of sight.

At night, Jack and Su play cards and get drunk before they start making out. Outside of the cabin, Raph appears in the grass with blood on his head before he collapses to the ground dead. Standing behind him is the Poof from earlier. Later, Jack wakes up to yell at something he sees again, only this time the Poof is slightly noticeable in the darkness.

In the morning, the couple finds that Jack’s sourdough starter is gone, as well as their bottle of whiskey. Su thinks that whatever consumed both items was in it for the ethanol, as she slightly recalls hearing her mother mention it. They then find the Poof in their living room again, and when they try to approach it, it reveals its long tongue that it uses to stick to surfaces and swing from them. Jack and Su freak out and lock their place down, and Su confesses to turning her phone back on. Jack relents and decides to go back online to find out what they are dealing with. They find messages from their friends who have encountered devastation, and some of them are dead. Su listens to the full message from her mom, who describes the creatures as aliens. They also hear a message from Raph, who said he was heading to the cabin, as well as mentioning a gun that is in there. The couple tries to drive into town to get cell service, only to find that the Poof siphoned their gas.

The couple finds Raph’s gun and they grab other items around the house to use as improvised weapons. They gather their food and stay in the cabin for one more night as they try to protect themselves. While sleeping, Jack wakes up yelling again, but he sees the Poof taking Raph’s appearance telling him that the Poofs will take better care of the planet than humans have. Su snaps him out of it, and they see the Poof, forcing them to run out of the cabin. They run to a barn where they find a truck and use it to escape. They spot a Poof that almost takes their gas, but ultimately doesn’t. They flee just as a whole pack of Poofs start taking over the cabin.

Jack and Su drive down the road and see another van get attacked by Poofs. Another couple steps out, but the Poof kills them both by puncturing their heads with its tongue. As the Poof spots Jack and Su, Jack throws a wine bottle to try and get it away from them. The Poof floats upwards and produces some kind of sonic wave that leaves a putrid smell. As the couple tries driving ahead, they hear a baby crying from the other truck. They argue over taking or leaving the baby, but ultimately their consciences win over and they take the baby, who also happens to be named Jack. Just then, a woman appears and grabs the other couple’s gun, telling Jack and Su that she is taking their truck and even fires at them to prove she is serious.

Jack and Su take Baby Jack into the woods to keep trying to move forward, but Baby Jack needs a diaper change. After they take care of that, Jack and Su start to feel trippy from the wave produced by the Poof. They hallucinate until they pass out. They wake up to find Baby Jack gone. As they start searching for him, another Poof appears and tries to attack, hitting Jack with its tongue in the chest, but doesn’t kill him. Su hacks off its tongue and kills the creature, and they manage to find Baby Jack. Jack was saved because his phone was in his shirt pocket, but it’s now destroyed.

The couple continues walking with Baby Jack, and they see some kind of crystal formation. Su tries to touch it but is blocked by some kind of forcefield. Jack tries to call someone but his screen is too messed up to use, while Su tries to make a call since she has a signal. As the three step around it, the crystal grows and encases them into a hardened bubble that is soundproof. Moments later, the bubble floats up to the sky with them still inside. Jack and Su see a chopper flying over the woods before it drops a bomb in the area to wipe out the Poofs. The three are brought high above the clouds where other bubbles filled with people are brought up. As they wonder about their current situation, Baby Jack starts to giggle, which puts Jack and Su at ease, and they seem to accept their fate.

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A Brooklyn couple, Jack and Su, decide to get away from their phones and the internet for a week by taking a trip to a friend's cabin. While disconnected, they become unaware of an alien invasion of small fuzzy creatures that they nickname "Poofs". Although they seem harmless, the Poofs can kill people with their tongues.

Once the couple becomes aware of the alien presence, they do what they can do protect themselves until the cabin becomes overrun by Poofs. They take a nearby truck to try and get help. They spot another couple get killed by a Poof, leaving their baby son (also named Jack) behind. A desperate woman takes Jack and Su's truck as they tend to the baby, forcing them to continue on foot. They hallucinate after the Poof produces a toxic gas cloud, after which they almost lose Baby Jack. The same Poof tries to attack them in the woods, but Su kills it by hacking off its tongue.

Jack and Su walk with the baby into the woods where they come across a crystal formation that hardens and encases them in a bubble. It floats up to the sky just as the military appears to bomb the area to kill the remaining Poofs. Other bubbles float up into space, and while Jack and Su seem uncertain, they are comforted by Baby Jack's laughter as they slowly accept their fates.