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1959 – 14-year-old Priscilla Beaulieu (Cailee Spaeny) is at a diner near a military base in Germany. She is approached by a young man who invites her to a party that famous singer Elvis Presley (Jacob Elordi) is going to attend since he is also enrolled in the military at this time. After Priscilla says she will ask her parents, Captain Beaulieu (Ari Cohen) and Ann (Dagmara Dominczyk), arrive, and the young man asks them himself.

Priscilla goes to the party and meets Elvis. They begin chatting privately, with Elvis commenting on the passing of his mother the previous year. Priscilla quickly takes a liking to him, and Elvis returns her feelings. Priscilla starts to go through her time at school, unable to stop thinking about Elvis.

Elvis begins to take Priscilla out after he speaks to her father and promises to take care of her and treat her well. Her parents start to show concern due to the fact that Elvis is an adult while Priscilla is still a high school student. When Elvis’s service is complete, he returns to the United States, which leaves Priscilla in a depression. Ann tells her to move on and meet a young man closer to her age.

Years later, as Priscilla is set to graduate high school, Elvis reaches back out to her and asks her to stay with him at his Graceland estate after telling her how in love he is with her. He also promises to enroll her in a good Catholic school. Despite her parents’ protests against it, Elvis buys Priscilla a ticket to spend time with him at Graceland, where she befriends the staff and Elvis’s grandmother “Dodger” (Lynne Griffin) and join him and his friends for a trip to Vegas where she parties and takes drugs with him. Priscilla returns to Germany and is later allowed to join Elvis at Graceland, where she manages to finish the rest of her school term.

Priscilla begins to spend more time with Elvis, and he encourages her to change certain things about her appearance, such as dying her hair black and putting it in a beehive hairdo, as well as applying more eyeliner and mascara. At her new school, she is treated differently due to her association with Elvis.

Elvis starts to shoot films, leaving Priscilla alone at Graceland while she deals with his father Vernon (Tim Post). Priscilla starts to suspect Elvis of being unfaithful since he is frequently seen with co-star Ann-Margret. When she goes to Los Angeles to confront Elvis about his alleged affairs, he responds poorly and tells Priscilla to leave.

Over time, Priscilla starts to see a different side of Elvis. He criticizes what she wears and how she looks, and often just brings her around as arm candy while he is with friends. At one point when they are together, they engage in a pillow fight, but Elvis strikes Priscilla back too hard and hurts her. On another occasion, when he asks her opinion on a new song of his, Priscilla responds that she doesn’t like it, and Elvis throws a chair to hit the wall behind her.

In 1967, Elvis finally proposes to Priscilla. They get married, but when Priscilla gets pregnant, Elvis starts to feel that he wants to take a break from their marriage. Priscilla later gives birth to Lisa Marie, and while Elvis tries to be a good father to her, his time away working and his increasing substance abuse continues to strain his relationship with Priscilla. She also believes he is continuing his affairs after newspapers report on him spending time with Nancy Sinatra.

Priscilla starts to live separately from Elvis with Lisa Marie in California, even becoming romantically involved with her karate instructor Mike Stone (Evan Annisette). Elvis continues to fool around with other women, and Priscilla visits his hotel room after one of his performances in 1973. His bedside is surrounded by pill bottles. Elvis tries to make unwanted advances on Priscilla, which she rejects. She then announces to him that she is leaving him and filing for divorce. After she leaves the room, Elvis can only hang his head in shame.

Priscilla makes one last visit to Graceland and says goodbye to Grandma Dodger and Elvis’s housekeepers. As fans gather outside the gates, Priscilla drives away.

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The film explores the relationship between Priscilla Beaulieu and famous singer Elvis Presley. They meet when she is 14 and he is 24, and while her parents express concerns over the relationship, Priscilla ends up joining Elvis at Graceland while trying to finish school.

Over time, Priscilla sees that her romance is not all it seems due to Elvis having affairs, as well as his occasionally abusive behavior toward her. They eventually marry and have a daughter, Lisa Marie, but Elvis's increasing substance abuse only makes things worse. Priscilla eventually tells Elvis she is divorcing him.