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The film opens with 18-year-old Marla Brenner (Anya Taylor-Joy) trying to practice telling her parents that she wants independence to go travel the world, complete with her newly acquired passport. Her little brother Charlie joins her as she expresses her desire for adventure. The sibings’ fun is cut short later when two officers show up to inform Marla that their parents have been killed in a car accident.

Four years later, Marla has become Charlie’s (Gabriel Bateman) guardian, but their relationship is strained because Charlie thinks Marla has lost her sense of fun. Charlie later sneaks out under the guise of meeting his friend Danny, but Marla tracks him to a museum in the city that is holding a toy convention. Charlie runs into a room with figures resembling the ones they used to play with. Marla finds him and walks near the lighthouse model with Charlie, where they are suddenly pulled in by the light.

Marla finds herself transformed into a little figurine. Charlie has become a viking figure. The two find themselves in the middle of a battle between other vikings. Charlie has his human strength that appears to be powerful against the enemy vikings. The other group accepts him as their most powerful warrior, but he is soon kidnapped by pirates sent by Emperor Maximus (Adam Lambert). Marla goes after the pirates and ends up in a food truck driven by Del (Jim Gaffigan). She ends up thrown out of the truck and finds a horse with a satchel containing viking gold.

Marla then walks into an Old West town to find help in looking for Charlie. Del is there selling magic hay for an alien criminal named Glinara (Wendi McClandon-Covey), but the ranchers don’t like that the hay is making the horses sprout wings. Marla offers the gold to anyone who will help her, but she is surrounded by bandits. She fights her way off and gets chased before Del helps her and picks her up in his truck. He says he will help her find Charlie if she gives him the gold. He then accidentally runs the truck off the road.

In the Ancient Rome town of Constantinopolis, Charlie is put with the other prisoners, including pirate captain Bloodbones (Kenan Thompson), amazon warrior Valera (Paloma Michelle), caveman Ook Ook (Kit Thornton), and space hunter Nola (Cindy Robinson). Maximus brags about how he puts on shows for audiences that involve putting his prisoners in dangerous arena events.

Del enlists the aid of his old friend, secret agent Rex Dasher (Daniel Radcliffe). They break into a villainous corporation building to investigate the recent disappearances. Rex has Marla disguise herself as the head of evil gadgets and almost gets the drive she needs with information, but she is soon found out. Rex helps her get out and fight off henchmen while also securing the drive. Marla and Del get away but Rex is taken by two of Maximus’s henchwomen.

Rex ends up as a prisoner with Charlie and the others. He tells Charlie about how Marla is looking for him, so they and the other captives start coming up with a plan to get out of there.

Marla tries to unlock the information while Del shows off his cooking skills, revealing this as his true passion. They find an item with a big G symbol, meaning Glinara has something to do with this. The two travel to Glinara’s city where they learn Maximus is behind everything. They try to get more information in exchange for more viking gold, but Marla reveals she only had the coins from earlier and nothing else. Glinara then tries to throw Marla and Del into a portal to their dooms, but her servant Robotitron (Lino DiSalvo) saves them after Marla was kind to him.

Robotitron sends the two through a portal that ends up in a forest. Marla is ready to continue her quest but Del is mad at her for lying to him, so he abandons her. Now all alone, Marla feels hopeless until she meets a Fairy Godmother (Meghan Trainor). She gives Marla inspiration and helps her go back out on her quest by helping her get to Constantinopolis.

Maximus gets ready to put Charlie in the arena with “The Beast”, but Marla is there as a knight to help him. The Beast turns out to be a T-Rex, and the siblings try to fight it together. Del comes in with his truck and magic hay. They give it to the T-Rex and turn it into a playful dinosaur. Maximus orders his guards to act, but the guards are Rex and the other captives. They lock Maximus in a cage and then celebrate the siblings’ victory.

After parting ways with their new friends, Marla and Charlie ride the T-Rex back to the lighthouse to return home. They get back to the real world and are told by the security guard they were only gone for five minutes. The siblings then go home to have more fun together like they used to.

The security guard later comes across a Maximus figure and puts him back in Constantinopolis, where his laugh is heard.

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Siblings Marla and Charlie have grown further apart after their parents died and Marla had to assume guardianship, losing her sense of fun. Charlie runs away one night, and after Marla follows him to a museum, they end up in a little toy world as figurines.

Charlie becomes a viking and has his human strength to make him seem super strong, but he is taken by pirates who use him as entertainment for Emperor Maximus. Marla gets help from a food truck driver named Del and a spy named Rex Dasher. After fighting evil scientists, an alien, and other problems, Marla gets sent to Maximus's city to save Charlie.

Charlie teams up with other captives to get out while also getting Marla's help to fight a T-Rex. The heroes lock Maximus up and help Marla and Charlie get home, where they have repaired their relationship.