PAW PATROL: The Mighty Movie


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The film opens in a junkyard in Adventure City. Co-owners Janet (Kristen Bell) and Hank (James Marsden) get tricked into getting locked inside their office while a mysterious thief steals hijacks their crane to steal a large magnet. The thief drives into fuel tanks, causing them to blow up and spread a fire across the yard. Janet then grabs the phone to call for help from…THE PAW PATROL!

Ryder (Finn Lee-Epp) leads the pups – Chase (Christian Convery), Skye (Mckenna Grace), Rubble (Luxton Handspiker), Rocky (Callum Shoniker), Marshall (Christian Corrao), Zuma (Nylan Parthipan), and Liberty (Marsai Martin) – on their carrier as they hop into their vehicles and head toward the junkyard. Skye drops water down from up above while Marshall gets them on the ground. Janet and Hank thank the pups for their heroic deeds and pose for a picture. Skye gets upset when Janet picks her up due to her being the smallest of the pups.

Adventure City prepares for a meteor shower, while mad scientist Victoria Vance (Taraji P. Henson) takes the stolen magnet to build a machine that will pull a powerful meteor containing special crystals toward Earth. Vance realizes too late that the meteor is stronger than her machine, and she has pulled it close enough to come hurdling toward the city. Ryder and the pups take notice and help get civilians to safety, but the meteor slams through their headquarters, destroying the whole tower and everything inside before the meteor slides through the streets and comes to a halt.

Vance is arrested for her work, and then finds that her cellmate is Mayor Humdinger (Ron Pardo) and his cats. Meanwhile, the PAW Patrol take the meteor onto their carrier, where they are now sleeping. At night, Skye goes to observe the meteor after hearing a humming noise coming from it. When she goes to touch it, the meteor breaks open, and she finds the seven crystals. One of them gets magnetically attached to her collar, giving Skye the ability to fly and have super strength. Her testing her abilities causes her to crash through a wall and wake up Ryder and the other pups.

The rest of the pups get crystals on their collars and start to discover their own superpowers. Chase has super speed, Marshall can create fire, Zuma can control water as well as become water, Rubble can make himself into a wrecking ball, and Rocky becomes a walking magnet. Liberty tries to test out her own power, but she doesn’t seem to have one. Ryder then tells the pups that they should be rebranded now that they are superheroes. They now call themselves “The Mighty Pups”.

The pups now go around the city using their new powers, while Liberty is made to stay behind and train the Junior Patrollers – Mini (North West), Nano (Alan Kim), and Tot (Brice Gonzalez). While the three smaller pups don’t start off so great in her training, Liberty ends up getting them to listen to her and get themselves in better shape, while the rest of the pups are out showing off their new powers with vehicles and suits designed to accommodate their powers.

Vance teams up with Humdinger as they escape prison. They return to Vance’s hideout where she hopes to reactivate her machine. The villains get on a plane so Vance can cause it to start crashing after opening the emergency exit door and sending it into a turbine. The pups head out on their mission after Vance sends them a distress call. Skye attempts to fly up to the plane herself, but Vance tricks her and steals her crystal, leaving Skye in the plane as it goes down. The other pups manage to save her in time. When Vance returns to her hideout, she finds that the crystal gives her the ability to control electricity.

Upon returning to the carrier, Skye talks to Chase about how she has always felt insecure being the smallest of the pups. Before joining the PAW Patrol, she was the runt of her litter. After all the other puppies got adopted, she was left behind at the farm and ended up in the middle of a snowstorm. Skye almost died until Ryder found her. Chase encourages her and assures her she’s just as much a valued member of the team as the rest of them no matter how small she is. Ryder then tells the Junior Patrollers that he is canceling the program until he thinks it is safer.

Skye later finds an energy reading coming from Vance’s hideout. While the rest of the pups are asleep, she takes their crystals to help her get hers back. Skye flies to Vance’s hideout and catches the villain sleeping with the crystal around her neck. Before Skye can take it, Vance wakes up and uses her powers against Skye. Although the pup tries to put up a good fight, she is outmatched and has the rest of the crystals taken from her. As part of their deal, Vance also gives Humdinger a crystal of his own, which causes him to grow to a gigantic size. Skye attempts to get through to Vance by appealing to her humanity, but she remains a cold and mean mad scientist. She then plans to pull more meteors toward Earth.

Chase wakes Ryder up after finding out what Skye did, and they head off to save her. Humdinger then starts stomping through Adventure City, forcing the pups to deal with him first. He goes after them through the streets until they are able to find that his crystal is in his jacket pocket. Marshall uses his truck ladder to get himself high enough to sneak into the pocket and take the crystal. Humdinger tries to grab him, but Marshall uses his fire power to burn the villain, causing him to shrink back to normal size. He gets trapped when his hat falls on top of him and then shrinks around him so he can’t escape. The pups place Humdinger under arrest before going after Skye.

The pups arrive at the hideout and use the Junior Patrollers as a distraction to get Vance away from Skye. Zuma uses the crystal to sneak through the drains and get to Skye to free her. The pups then alternate using the one crystal while fighting Vance. Chase gets knocked off a cliff at one point, and when Liberty goes after him, she unlocks her power, which is the power of elasticity so that she can stretch her way back up with Chase. Zuma traps her in a water ball and takes the rest of the crystals away from her, while Rubble turns into a wrecking ball to destroy Vance’s machine for good. Unfortunately, the meteors are all still heading toward Adventure City.

The pups head into the city, where they realize Skye is the only one who can stop the shower. They give her all of the crystals so she can be as strong as possible. Skye flies her jet to destroy a good portion of the meteors until one of them damages the jet and forces her to eject. One last meteor, the size of a football field, then starts coming down. Ryder tells Skye to come back because it’s too dangerous, but she flies as fast as she can and uses her paw to obliterate the meteor, saving the city. Skye then falls into the ocean, with the rest of the pups and Ryder worrying for her. The crystals then power up and help Skye fly back up to her friends, where everyone celebrates their victory.

The pups return to the carrier, praising Skye for her heroics. They repeat their creed – “No job is too big. No pup is too small.” – and then start a victory howl.

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Mad scientist Victoria Vance uses an electromagnetic machine to pull a powerful meteor toward Adventure City. The PAW Patrol have their headquarters destroyed by the meteor, so they take it onto their carrier, where it opens up to reveal seven crystals for each of the pups, giving them all superpowers. Chase has super speed, Skye can fly and has super strength, Rubble can become a wrecking ball, Rocky is a walking magnet, Marshall can control fire, and Zuma can control water. Liberty doesn't know how to activate her own power just yet.

While the pups re-dub themselves "The Mighty Pups" and become superheroes, Vance teams up with Mayor Humdinger when they escape jail so she can trick the pups into giving up the crystals. She succeeds in getting Skye to fall into her trap so Vance can take her crystal and have the other pups save her. This leads to Skye discussing her backstory with Chase, where she was the runt of the litter and was nearly abandoned and frozen to death until Ryder found her.

When Skye tries to get back her crystal on her own, she takes the other pups' crystals, but Vance takes them all from her and keeps her prisoner while she gives one to Humdinger, making him grow into a giant. He terrorizes Adventure City until the pups defeat him and take his crystal, leaving him to get arrested again. They go to rescue Skye and alternate using their one crystal before taking the rest from Vance and destroying her machine. However, she had already made other meteors come toward the city. The pups give their crystals to Skye so she can stop the shower. She succeeds in destroying all of them and returns to the team as a hero.