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Generation Why

Voiceover by Kamala Khan narrates a paper cutout animation of the battle against Thanos in Endgame, highlighting the intervention of Captain Marvel as the deciding moment in the victory of the Avengers. Kamala goes on to talk about what she has learned of Captain Marvel through her own research and by listening to Scott Lang’s podcast “Big Me Little Me.” Kamala continues to pour out her fandom for Captain Marvel, defending her decision to leave earth rather than protect it. She finishes the video by saying she will be dressed as Captain Marvel for Avengercon in New Jersey this coming weekend, where she hopes to learn more about her hero.

Kamala is called by her mother to leave for her driving test. Her brother Aamir prays and argues with his father in the kitchen as Kamala takes some food from the refrigerator. Her parents take turns reminding her how to pass a road test. Kamala fails her road test miserably when she starts by crashing her car into the tester’s parked car behind her.

Kamala’s parents blame the tester for Kamala’s accident. On the way home, her mother reminds her that this means she won’t be able to help as much as she wanted to help with her brother’s wedding before blaming herself for her daughter’s failures. Kamala dismisses the guilt trip as she daydreams of Captain Marvel zooming through the skies over Jersey City.

Kamala attends Coles Academic High School, where her friend Bruno presents her with a drink, knowing all about the road test thanks to her mother’s texts. Another friend Nakia meets up with them. Kamala accidentally bumps into another student Zoe, who compliments her on her necklace before continuing on her way. Kamala suggests they ask Zoe for a ride to Avengercon, which Nakia immediately resists on account of Zoe’s success as a social media influencer. Her guidance counselor, Mr. Wilson, jokingly calls for a meeting with Kamala over the PA.

In Mr. Wilson’s office, Kamala is reminded of complaints made about her by some teachers for daydreaming during class. Kamala is caught daydreaming by Mr. Wilson as he attempts to appeal to her aspirations after high school. Kamala is clearly disinterested in his lecture, so he gives her an assignment to define herself – “Where’s Kamala?”

Kamala visits a convenience store where Bruno is putting the finishing touches on her Captain Marvel outfit. He tries to convince Kamala to ask her mother to drive them to Avengercon. As they ride along on their bikes, Kamala and Bruno discuss different flourishes for her costume, animated around them as Kamala imagines. At home, Kamala lays back and watches television. Kamala opens a package from her Nani (grandmother), but once her mother notices the items inside, she quickly takes the package away and tells Aamir to put it in the attic. Her mother then calls for Kamala to help her with her shopping errands. They stop at a halal food vendor who reminds them that “Halal Guys” charge for extra sauce.

Kamala is being fitted for an outfit when a friend of her mother’s enters the store and begins gossiping about a young woman who called off her engagement to tour Europe and discover herself. Kamala voices support for the decision, but her mother gives her a scolding look as the male tailor jokingly says of Kamala “She’s trouble.” Bruno shows Kamala’s father a security camera and introduces him to a home AI called Zuzu. Kamala and her mother return home, and Bruno reminds Kamala to ask her mother for the ride.

Kamala presents AvergerCon to her parents, and storms off before they can give her an answer. Aamir brings her a tea and promises to talk things over with mom and dad. Kamala stays awake and texts Bruno that her mother said no. Bruno enters the convenience store and heads upstairs to his bedroom.

The next day, Kamala looks at herself in the mirror in her Captain Marvel outfit. Her mother comes in and tells her they will let her go to AvengerCon, as long as she goes as a Hulk partner cosplay with her father. Kamala relents and tells her father that she would feel humiliated if he went dressed as the Hulk. Her mother tells her that if she doesn’t go with her father, she isn’t going, and reminds her that she doesn’t want her dressed in a revealing outfit like Captain Marvel’s. Kamala talks to Bruno, who invites her to speak with him on his roof. He reassures her that her parents will come to their senses, but Kamala expresses her doubts. Bruno gives her a pair of light up “photon gloves” to go with her cosplay.

The next day, Kamala gets hit by a basketball in gym class and suffers a bloody nose. At home, her father struggles with the AI system and Kamala gets an idea. She plots with Bruno to sneak her out of the house to go to AvengerCon, intertwined with an imaginary bicycle adventure featuring Kamala in the Captain Marvel suit. Bruno suggests Kamala update her costume to appease her mother. Kamala opens a chest in their attic and finds the gold bangle her mother had told Aamir to put up there earlier.

Kamala sloppily sneaks herself out and meets up with Bruno. They ride their bikes to the bus stop, but Kamala loses her bike as they get on the bus. Kamala and Bruno show their passes and enter the convention. The two enjoy pictures with cosplayers and other activities before Kamala notices Zoe in a Captain Marvel costume that Bruno considers to be inaccurate. Kamala puts on her Captain Marvel costume along with the bangle, but forgets her light-up gloves. When she puts the bangle on her left arm, an aura envelopes her body, and Kamala’s eyes light up as her body flips around into a shadow world and back into reality. When it is Kamala’s turn to step up, she becomes so distracted by the flashing lights of the cameras, and begins to accidentally discharge photon beams. Though her first few are very weak, she shoots off one powerful enough to move a prop, which gains her applause and approval. The stunt quickly turns disastrous as Zoe expresses admiration for the costume, not knowing it is Kamala. Zoe is at one point hurled into the air and Kamala is able to use the bangle once again to lighten her fall. Bruno takes Kamala back home on her bike, where she is able to use her powers to help herself sneak back into her bedroom. Her mother is waiting for her in her bedroom.

Kamala’s mother repeats her plea for her to stop being so rebellious. She tells Kamala to think about who she wants to be. Kamal lays in bed, looks at her hand as the power envelopes it, and refers to her powers as “cosmic.”

Mid-credit scene

Two agents of the Department of Damage Control, Deever and Cleary, see the video of Kamala’s display at AvengerCon. Cleary tells Deever to “Bring her in.”


EPISODE 2: Crushed

Kamala enters school feeling extra confident. Bruno asks Kamala for more details on her AvengerCon appearance as students begin to talk about Zoe’s increased following since her encounter with a superhero (the students do not realize it is Kamala). Bruno encourages Kamala to keep her secret identity, and Nakia joins them as the scene switches to Zoe talking about her encounter. Nakia comments on Zoe being saved by “budget Captain Marvel” and Kamala decides to keep her secret by going along with the joke. Zoe refers to the superhero who saved her as “Night Light” before discussing a party she wants to have to celebrate the fragility of life. She invites Kamran, a transfer senior, as Kamala decides that she, Bruno and Nakia will attend Zoe’s party.

Kamala takes Bruno to a storage area where they cannot be seen, and talks to him about her powers from the bangle. She has some difficulty controlling the manifestations from the bangle as her physical strength is still mortal. Kamala decides to train by running and doing pushups, and spends her free time with Bruno working on manifesting stronger light energy constructs. Bruno’s tablet deduces that the bangle is not the source of her power, it is coming from within her, and the bangle simply channels it into what they call “hard light.” In the Captain Marvel cosplay, Kamala manages to create hard light platforms and slides that can hold her weight.

Kamala and Nakia make their way to a mosque for prayer services. Some girls in the masjid have their phones confiscated as Kamala and Nakia are called out for speaking by the Imam, Sheik Abdullah, who recognizes Kamala’s voice. As he continues with his lecture, Kamala suggests Nakia run for a position on the mosque board. As they are leaving, Nakia complains that her Versace shoes were stolen, which another girl identifies as the “mosque shoe thief.” Nakia reconsiders running for the board position, and Kamala encourages her.

At home, Kamala helps her mother with shopping bags before apologizing to her for sneaking out to AvengerCon. She then sheepishly asks if she can go to Zoe’s party. Her mother agrees on the condition Kamala not sneak back in and enter the house through the front door. Immediately upon arriving, a boy lies to Kamala and serves a drink with vodka. As Kamala winces over tasting and drinking alcohol for the first time, the attention of the party turns to Kamran as he prepares to high dive into Zoe’s pool. Even though he messes up the entry, Kamala and Nakia are greatly impressed by his form and physique. Kamala hands him a shirt as Bruno asks how hard he hit the water. Ignoring the question, Kamran introduces himself, Nakia immediately introduces herself and Kamala hesitates before introducing herself. The police arrive and everyone begins to scramble. Kamran invites Kamala, Bruno and Nakia to ride with him in his uncle’s car. Kamran and Kamala converse and identify on several common interests, much to Bruno’s dismay. Kamran drops them off at Bruno’s store and gives Kamala his number in case she would like a driving lesson.

Kamala comes home feeling fantastic. She quickly says hello to her parents before going upstairs. She texts Kamaran as the scene transitions to the next morning. Kamala notices and feels a strange sensation in her nose as it visibly lights up. Kamala is able to control it long enough to discuss the difficulties of women in modern American Islam. Nakia tells Kamala that she decided to run for mosque board before giving her a burka and a pair of hoop earrings. Bruno sits down with Mr. Wilson, who tells Bruno that he got into the Early Immersion program at Caltech and will be attending there on a full scholarship the next school semester. Bruno is conflicted about taking a course in California.

Bruno meets Kamala outside the school to prep her for training, but she tells him that she won’t be training with him today. She asks if he will be doing Eid with her and her family. He says “yeah” without telling her about the Caltech program. She heads over to Kamran for her driving lesson. They sit in a pizza shop and have a conversation about their mothers. Aamir and his fiancee Tyesha walk by the window and Kamala hides herself behind a menu with Kamran. Aamir and Tyesha find the two inside and Kamala introduces Kamran.

The Khan family has dinner together with Tyesha. Yusuf tells of their family in Karachi, and how Muneeba’s family moved there after the 1947 Partition of India into Bangladesh and Pakistan. Muneeba briefly mentions a civil war that happened after the Partition before getting up to go to the kitchen. Yusuf whispers to Tyesha how Muneeba’s family got on the last train out of their city during the Partition. Muneeba’s mother Sana was separated from her parents when she was a child, but managed to find her parents in the nick of time. As Kamala repeats the same story of how Sana followed a “trail of stars” back to her father, although her mother was never seen again. The bangle starts to light up and Kamala sees a figure in the distance before blacking out.

Kamala wakes up and video chats with her grandmother about the bangle. Sana tells her that Muneeba would be mad if she told her about the bangle. Yusuf tries to bring Kamala food, but she uses her powers to hold it shut. Sana hangs up on Kamala as Yusuf enters, and immediately exits, letting Kamala go to sleep. The next morning, Kamala asks Muneeba about Aisha, Sana’s mother. Muneeba suggests that her grandmother brought great shame to their family and she is best moving on from it. The family goes on to an outdoor celebration of Eid Mubarak, where they meet with Bruno. Nakia negotiates with a gyro vendor to endorse her for mosque board before strategizing her campaign with Kamala and Bruno. Nakia guilt trips Yusuf into endorsing Nakia over his friend Rasheed.

Zoe Zimmer sits with Deaver and Cleary at Damage Control where they tries to get a confession out of her for staging the stunt at AvengerCon, since it was her post that caught their attention. Cleary begins to list off potential races that the masked individual could be, but Zoe stays silent. Deever suggests a tristate sweep of every “temple, community center and mosque” noting that the FBI is already surveilling them.

Kamala sits with the “Illumin-Aunties” of the mosque, but deflects from campaigning for Nakia in order to talk about Aisha. The older women say that they knew her, but wish they hadn’t. Kamala is not swayed at all by the stories of her great-grandmother and asks for more details. The conversation stops when Kamala is told that Aisha killed a man during the Partition. A child attempts a stunt by hanging out of a window but loses his balance and screams for help from his parents. The screams are heard by everyone at the Eid Mubarak fair. Bruno looks to Kamala, who springs into action as the child comes closer to falling. Kamala appears on the rooftop in her cosplay, and is identified by the crowd as Night Light. Nakia sees the hero, but doesn’t know that it is Kamala. Night Light manages to save the boy by landing him on one of her light platforms. She jumps off and lands on a rooftop in a Black Widow pose as she fantasizes about the social media responses she would get. As Kamala extends her hand to help the boy down, she sees the image of a woman holding out her hand. Kamala loses her concentration and the boy begins to fall to the street. Kamala does her best to save the boy, and he softly lands on a car, crying out for the pain in his ankle.

Kamala runs across several rooftops, and is confronted by the DODC. They can break her light constructs, and she is outnumbered. Luckily, Kamran is able to pick her up so she can get away. Cleary watches them drive away with disdain. In Kamran’s backseat is the woman Kamala has seen in her visions. He introduces her to Kamala as his mother.


Episode 3: Destined

In British Occupied India, c.1942, some people are digging at a site. Najma, Kamran’s mother, identifies the bangle, and shows it to their leader Aisha, who removes the bangle from the severed corpse arm, assuming the British raiders have the other one. Najma is concerned about the bangle’s power, but Aisha puts it on and quickly feels its power before she and Najma separate.

In the present, 80 years later, and unaged Najma concludes the story to Kamala by telling her that that was the last time anyone ever saw Aisha. The others from the 1942 dig are present in their home, also unaged. Kamala asks how they all knew Aisha. Najma explains that she, Aisha, and the rest are from another dimension. They were exiled to earth, but were separated during the Partition, and they assumed Aisha was lost. As Kamala recognizes their immortality, one comments that Kamran is actually just 17 years old. Najma expresses approval for Kamala before taking her to a private room. Najma refers to the bangle’s power as “noor” (“light” in Arabic). She tells Kamala that the Noor is what keeps her and the others from aging. They cannot access the bangle’s full power in this dimension, though. Najma explains to Kamala that it was Aisha’s wish to bring the rest of them home, and that Kamala can help them. In the Noor dimension, Najma and her group were known as Clandestines, in this dimension they are known as Djinn (spiritual manifestation in Islam, “ghosts” if you will). The name gives Kamala an idea.

Kamala meets with Bruno and tells him that she is a Djinn, explains the concept, and tells him about Kamran’s mother and her friends. Kamala asks Bruno for his help with interdimensional travel. Bruno recalls the book by Erik Selvig, and shows Kamala video of her actions the night before in costume. Cleary arrives at the mosque with DODC and asks Sheikh Abdullah about the occurrence. Despite his kind answer, Cleary orders her men to search the premises, but Nakia speaks up, identifying herself to Cleary as a mosque board member, even though the votes haven’t finished being counted yet. Nakia and Sheikh Abdullah remind Cleary that in the State of New Jersey, the authorities need a warrant to enter. Cleary and her group leave the mosque.

Kamala watches videos taken of her exploits in costume as Nakia enters the room and tells Kamala about the encounter with the DODC. Then she tells Kamala that she won the board member position. They get ready for the mendhi to celebrate Aamir and Tyesha’s wedding. Muneeba talks to someone about how her mother Sana’s absence from her grandson’s wedding. Muneeba comments on the poor example Night Light is setting for young Muslim girls before presenting Kamala with a box that Bruno dropped off. Outside, Kamala talks about Night Light with Sheikh Abdullah, who holds a white mala bead necklace in his right hand. He tells her that good is not what a person is, but what they do. As he leaves, Kamala opens the box, to find an eyemask in it that she can use instead of the helmet.

As Bruno is closing the store, Yusuf comes in to sneak a Hostess Chewy Fruit Pie in behind Muneeba’s back. As Bruno attempts to shoo him away by offering to cover his snack, Yusuf notices the Djinn printouts that Bruno is reading. He translates the Urdu for Bruno, which outlines a legend of Djinn who were exiled from their world and damned to live out their days trapped in ours. Yusuf translates the power to send them back as “primordial.” He expresses ignorance of ever hearing this legend, and leaves. Back at her room, Kamala listens as Bruno explains Selvig’s discussion of interdimensional travel. He concludes that the potential fallout from sending the Djinn home might destroy our world. Kamala recognizes the possibility of success, but Bruno interrupts her thought process by telling her that he wants to go to Caltech, but he wants to make sure she will be okay. He suggests that she is probably better off not having as much power as Carol Danvers.

Muneeba tends to Kamala’s knee scrape from the night before (Kamala says she fell off her bike which has not been seen all series). Kamala asks her mother about disillusionment with one’s purpose and direction in life. Muneeba tells her of the struggles she and Yusuf had migrating to the U.S., the difficulties of working long hours for little compensation with baby Aamir and a wife that could barely speak English. She tells Kamala that she took comfort in going to mosque, building a family within the congregation, and building the family of her own. Kamala hugs her mother, and the two share in a happy moment to recognize the joy of Aamir’s wedding. Kamran texts Kamala to focus on the wedding before helping the Djinn.

Aamir confesses to his father his financial troubles, and Yusuf laughs it off as he expects Aamir to make more money once he finishes graduate school. He tells Aamir about “joonoon” – the concept of faith, strength and love. He expresses his pride in Aamir for choosing love and his family over fear and selfishness. Sheikh Abdullah asks each Aamir and Tyesha, three times each, if they accept each other as spouse. They confirm and are married. Najma confronts Kamran for letting Kamala prioritize the wedding over their return to the Noor Dimension. She decides to make Kamala help them. Aamir and Tyeha’s wedding continues, with Bruno having the traditions explained to him while the family and friends perform a dance for the newlyweds, followed by a cover band performance by “Brown Jovi”.

Kamran interrupts and warns Kamala that the Djinn will kill everyone at the wedding as Najma and the rest arrive. Kamala pulls the fire alarm as a distraction. Everyone evacuates the event space as “Livin on a Prayer” plays. Kamran tries to stop Najma, but she makes him step aside as the other Djinn confront Kamala and chase her into the kitchen, which has not been evacuated and no cooks are wearing appropriate head coverings nor gloves. As soon as one of the Djinn knocks out a cook, the rest leave Kamala alone with the three Djinn. Najma joins them and starts the attack on Kamala, who manages to defend herself and evade their hits with help from the light constructs. Outside, Tyesha sympathizes with another bride whose reception was evacuated as well. Muneeba and Yusuf overhear someone saying that they saw Kamala pull the fire alarm.

In the kitchen, Najma taunts Kamala, who is hiding. As Bruno emerges from the building, he is asked where Kamala is, and Nakia decides to investigate. Kamala continues to hide from the Djinn. Najma turns off the lights and tells Kamala to help them go home. The Djinn begin to attack Kamala with weapons that they have been carrying, and the bangle continues to protect her. Bruno comes in to distract a Djinn, who throws a chair at him, hitting his arm. Kamala creates light construct fist that extends from her body to punch the Djinn. Recognizing her power, she uses the extendable arm to knock down the rest of the Djinn. Kamran comes in to protect Bruno. As they fight, Kamala helps Bruno get to safety. Kamran is knocked out by one Djinn, and the rest confront him and Kamala. Najma grabs the bangle and shows Kamala a vision of a train just as DODC agents enter, shooting the Djinn with white rings of light that could only be stun phasers. As the Djinn are being arrested, including Kamran. Cleary enters. Kamala and Bruno manage to escape. Kamala’s powers are revealed to Nakia when she uses a construct to close the door behind them. Bruno interrupts the fight by telling Kamala that they are looking for her and that Nakia can take care of him. Angry, but still compassionate, Nakia hands Kamala her veil which she dropped. Bruno promises to explain everything to Nakia.

At home, Muneeba and Yusuf confront Kamala on what happened at the reception, and they ask her to be honest with them. She doesn’t give them an answer, and goes to her bed. Sana calls Kamala and tells her that she and her mother need to come to Karachi immediately. She asks Kamala if she saw the train, because she saw it, too. The call is cut off as the episode ends.


Episode 4: Seeing Red

Open on Kamala flying to Pakistan with her mother. Muneeba temporarily ungrounds Kamala for ruining the wedding. Kamala looks at several unanswered texts to Nakia. Kamala and Muneeba arrive and are greeted by her cousins. Sana greets and hugs Kamala and later Muneeba. The three ride together through Karachi. The sun rises as they arrive at Sana’s giant house. Kamala walks into a room filled with Sana’s drawings. Sana shows Kamala a photograph of her as a baby with her father, and then a memory-drawn photograph of her mother Aisha. Sana confirms that Kamala is a Djinn. She recalls the time the bangle saved her life with the trail of stars that led her back to her lost father on the same train Kamala had seen the night before when Najma grabbed the bangle. She tells Kamala that she will help her to figure out the mystery of the bangle.

As Kamala tries to go to sleep, she dreams of the previous events with the Clandestines and Nakia. She is awoken by her cousins and Muneeba. They go to a high end restaurant with no air conditioning and Kamala is sweating in her jeans. Later they go sightseeing and Kamala asks to visit the train station. Her cousins abandon her and Kamala makes her way to Karachi station alone. She ventures into a restricted area and dons her eye mask and the bangle. Kamala is attacked by a masked young man who says that he followed her once he sensed her noor. They fight and he proves to be a challenge to Kamala even with her bangle powers. The young man asks how she got the bangle from Aisha if she is not a Clandestine. Realizing they are on the same side, the young man takes her to meet someone.

The two enter a restaurant still wearing their masks. In the kitchen, he reveals a secret passageway to the headquarters of the Red Daggers. They take off their masks as another man Waleed enters and tells Kamala that he has much to tell her about Aisha when she is ready. Over Pakistani-style hot and sour soup, Waleed tells Kamala that the function of the Red Daggers is to protect their people from threats of the unseen, like the Clandestines. Waleed describes Djinn as just a name given to supernatural beings who suddenly appeared in India, and that the Clandestines are not Djinn as described in the Quran. Waleed demonstrates to Kamala the concept of dimensions. The Veil of Noor stands between our dimension and the Clandestine dimension. If they were to use the bangle to destroy the Veil of Noor, the Clandestine dimension could overpower ours. Waleed translates the inscription on the bangle, “What you seek is seeking you.”

At the DODC Supermax Prison, Kamran and the Clandestines are being led to a cell. Kamran manages to free himself, Najma and the rest before getting stunned by a guard. Before they escape, Najma leaves Kamran behind as punishment for siding with Kamala. Sana talks to Kamala about how she identifies having been born in India, spending her adult life in Pakistan after the Partition. Kamala gets a text from the young man inviting her to a bonfire hangout. His name is Kareem. Kamala sits with them and enjoys some biryani and notices that Kareem likes her. Sana talks to Muneeba as she aggressively cleans the house. Muneeba massages her mother’s leg and suggests she move to the U.S. She waits for Kamala to come back and shares a toffee with her

The next morning at the Red Daggers, Waleed trains Kmala to focus her powers in this world. He presents her with a vest that he claims has much history. The Clandestines break in and Kareem leads Kamala out. Waleed fights the Clandestines alone and escapes with Kamala and Kareem. They wind up in a high speed chase on the streets. Kamala’s powers help to protect them and civilians from being hurt. Kamala, who still doesn’t have a driver license, steals a truck (with a stick shift and the driver side on the right) that she is able to drive. Najma kills Waleed and Kamala runs with Kareem into a closed clothing market. The remaining Clandestines attack. When Kamala blocks an attack from Najma with the bangle, she and Kareem are transported to the railroad from her vision. Everybody is clamoring to get onto the trains to leave India. Kamala gets on top of a train to see the vast number of people present.


Episode 5: Time and Again

Marvel Studios logo opens in black and white as a film reel from August 15, 1947, when Prime Minister Jawarnhal Nehru declared India’s independence from British rule. As the once-great nation is partitioned into modern day India and Pakistan, a mass migration takes place as the Muslims head for Pakistan, and Hindus to India. The migrations turned very violent very quickly. Going back to 1942, We find Aisha running from a British soldier. She kills him with a knife.

In a village, a man with a cane named Hasan uses the words of Mahatma Gandhi to encourage peaceful protest against British rule. However, he warns that peaceful ought not be perceived as weakness. Hasan continues to say that they should fight if they need to, claiming the land is theirs. British soldiers interrupt and send Hasan and the rest of the villagers back home. Aisha is awoken from sleeping in the field by Hasan. He offers her help noticing that she is asleep in his rose garden. He invites her to his cottage for food and a bed before limping off. Aisha takes him up on the offer, and hesitantly partakes in the food. As she eats, Hasan attempts to learn more about her. Aisha likes the way that he speaks to her and introduces herself. Hasan translates her name to “She who lives,” and introduces himself.

Aisha helps Hasan tend to the roses, and fashions a functional walking stick for him. It is revealed that she is pregnant. In the next scene, Aisha is singing to a baby Sana in her crib. Hasan admires their relationship. Flashing forward, a toddler Sana plays around with the bangle as Aisha listens to a radio report on the progress of the Partition. Hasan becomes disgusted at all the bloodshed occurring in India as the Muslims are driven out. A villager Rohan stops by with some food and milk. Hasan rejects him, and Rohan calls him out on caving to British sympathy. Hasan explains that as Muslims, no Indian Hindu will sell to them, not even food. He is furious that his family is being targeted. Aisha apologizes to Rohan, who understands, as every Muslim in the village is just as upset.

Some time later, Aisha decides to light a lantern and go for a walk. She meets with Najma in a field. Najma talks to Aisha about returning “home” (i.e. the Noor Dimension). Aisha tells her that she hid the bangle. Najma gives her until sundown the next day so they can all go home together. The next morning, Aisha is packing bags for herself, Hasan, and Sana (who is now a little girl). Hasan reflects on what they are leaving behind. Aisha gives Sana the bangle. The family leaves and heads to the train station, but Hasan purposely slows them down so he can confront Aisha about her meeting with Najma, which he saw. She shows Hasan the bangle, and the inscription “What you seek is seeking you” appears. Aisha asks Hasan why he never inquired as to what he knew she was running from. Hasan honestly tells her that he never cared, because she chose him and chose to build a family with him. Aisha has Hasan promise that Aisha will get on the train.

At the Indian train station, Aisha carries Sana through the crowd as Hasan limps behind. Aisha suddenly pushes Sana into Hasan’s arms and leaves them. She is confronted by Najma, who scolds her for abandoning her people. She stabs Aisha and tells her she will find the bangle “if it’s the last thing I do.” Hasan loses Sana as she leaves the train to look for Aisha. Aisha’s eyes glow purple as she repeats the inscription on the bangle before falling down. Kamala notices and rushes to her side. Aisha implores Kamala to get the bangle safely to Sana. Before dying, Aisha tells Kamala she will succeed because she is there.

Kamala finds Sana and carries her back to Hasan. Kamala uses the bangle to create platforms for Sana to walk across to get to Hasan. With a bangle of her own, Sana is able to use the light constructs (the “trail of stars” from the legend) to find her father. Hasan and Sana get onto the train. Kamala is thrown back to the present, where Kamran and the Clandestines awaken. A crack in the air has formed, which Najma identifies as the Veil to the Noor Dimension.

Muneeba is trying to contact Kamala from Sana’s home, growing more worried. She learns of the “find my phone” feature available with family plans including minors, and investigates. At the Veil, one Clandestine stands attempts to go through, and her body is enveloped in purple stone that falls off her body, revealing only a skeleton that crumbles. Kamala tries to use the bangle to close the Veil, and tasks Kamran with evacuating the innocents. Najma approaches the Veil, confident that she can make it. Kamala attempts to appeal to her maternal instincts, recalling how she witnessed her killing Aisha. Kamala tells Najma that she took Aisha from her family, and now she will do it to Kamran. Najma sacrifices herself to close the Veil, but she winds up imbuing a power into Kamran.

Muneeba and Sana find Kamala and Kareem, who politely excuses himself. Muneeba confronts Kamala on the Night Light alter ego. Sana reinforces that their family is “magical.” Kamala hands Sana the photograph from Aisha, and Muneeba asks how it happened. Sana admits she doesn’t know, but expressed gratitude for the family that grew from her parents’ love for each other. Kamala excuses herself, and offscreen we can hear the sounds of light platforms being constructed as Muneeba and Sana watch in wonder. Kamala meets with Kareem on a higher floor. Kareem tells her that he has a duty to tell the rest of the Red Daggers what happened, and that Kamala can call him whenever she needs him, even though there may or may not be several U.S. warrants out for his arrest. Before leaving, he gives Kamala his bandana. Muneeba notices Kamala’s necklace on the ground and picks it up.

Back home, Sana and Muneeba show Kamala pictures from a family album. Sana suggests Muneeba went to the U.S. to follow Bruce “Springfield,” but Muneeba corrects her: it was Bon Jovi (see episode 3). Muneeba admits that she still feels very attached to Kamala as her mother, and Sana says that she may have needed the journey to come back to her family.

In Jersey City, Bruno takes out the garbage and is approached by Kamran. He asks for his help, and Bruno sets up a bed for him. Kamran sees his poster of Nikola Tesla and asks, “Are you a car guy?” Bruno is unamused, but Kamran makes a genuine effort to patch things up, even going so far as to stop misnaming him as “Brian.” Kamran suggests he stay there until Najma finds him, but Bruno (an orphan himself), promises to help Kamran out, even if the Department of Damage Control finds him again. No sooner does he speak than a DODC drone appears outside of the building, and he uses his power to shoot at it. The drone fumbles and launches a missile into the store, blowing it up.


Episode 6: No Normal

The morning after the DODC drone attack, Deever discusses the logistics of bringing in the children using non-lethal force. Bruno helps Kamran through a train as DODC agents follow them. Kamran is still getting used to his newfound powers, and is able to use it to help them get away.

Marvel Studios logo to synth-pop music.

Kamala presents herself to the family and apologizes for her antics of the season. She identifies herself as Night Light, which comes as no surprise to anyone since Muneeba told Yusuf, which Aamir and Tyesha overheard because he had her on speaker. Yusuf expresses pride in his daughter, and also concern for her safety. Aamir receives a video call from Nakia, asking Kamala if she has heard from Bruno and tells her about the attack on the store.

Muneeba gives Kamala a box containing an outfit that she thinks would fit Kamala’s taste. Kamala runs through the air over the streets of Jersey City on light platforms. Bruno brings Kamran to the mosque, but Nakia suggests it would not be safe, what with DODC breathing down their back. She suggests they go to the high school, the only place guaranteed to be empty on a Saturday. Deever visits the mosque looking for Kamran, and Sheikh Abdullah presses her for her methods. She tries to goad him, but Sheikh Abdullah is unafraid, knowing that they are not harboring any kind of fugitive or terrorist. DODC searches the premises and Nakia attempts to stop them from going to a storage closet, but eventually opens the door, revealing a young man that Nakia identifies as her boyfriend. Elsewhere, Sheikh Abdullah lets Kamran and Bruno out before directing them where to go. He gives them baseball caps as disguises.

Bruno and Kamran meet with Kamala in an alleyway. Bruno and Makala reunite, but the power inside Kamran begins to emanate before going completely inside his body. Kamran says he is in great pain. Kamala and Bruno carry Kamran to an alleyway, and Kamala calls Kareem for help getting Kamran out of the U.S. He tells her to bring him to the harbor. The three make it into the high school, where Kamala reconciles with Nakia for keeping the superpowers from her. DODC shows up, and Zoe joins them, having been using the school theater on the weekends to film her TikToks (which explains her massive popularity). The five kids plan their defense, and Aamir joins them. Outside, Deever tells Cleary to call in all additional units.

Nakia and Zoe bond as they prepare. Kamala tells Bruno about Pakistan and Karachi and Najma. Aamir probes Kamran as to his intentions with Kamala. DODC infiltrates the school. Kamran distracts DODC as Zoe streams a live TikTok imploring her followers for help. The kids lead the team into several booby traps. Kamala and Kamran hide in an office. They hold hands and keep quiet as the team heads out of the office. The bond is shown as well between their respective light constructs (Kamala’s purple and Kamran’s green-yellow). As the two are about to kiss, Bruno interrupts to get them out. Kamran thanks Bruno, getting his name right. Bruno distracts the team, and they arrest him.

In the gymnasium, Aamir distracts the team, but they still arrest him, Nakia and Zoe. Kamran and Kamala walk together through the hallway and discuss their situation. Kamran tells her that he needs his mother (not knowing she is dead). Kamala stops Kamran from gravely injuring a DODC thug before they continue on. Kamala only tells him how Najma pierced the Veil. Kamran says that she was trying to save their world, his home. He asks her to confirm Najma’s death, and Kamala says she is sorry. Another unit confronts them, and Kamran uses his powers to knock them out with lockers. Kamala fights him, but he pushes her away.

Outside the school, hundreds of people are video recording and demanding to be let in. Deever orders a perimeter made as the arrested kids watch from the truck. Kamran steps out into the street and is confronted by Deever and the DODC. Deever tells Kamran ro get on his knees, but when he refuses, she orders all officers to open fire on the unarmed teen. Kamala saves him with a giant light construct, but Deever reveals their sonic boomer, which breaks the light construct and knocks Kamala and Kamran back. Kamala sees Kamran’s unconscious body, and Deever readies the sonic boomer for another shot. Kamala begins to make a light construct for her hands with the word “Embiggen.” Fully realized in her powers, Kamala takes on the DODC with some help from Kamran, who is still learning his. Kamala is able to create light constructs so strong, she can stop a Hummer thrown to the crowd.

Kamran’s power begins to emanate out of control, and light constructs begin to appear out of nowhere. Kamala walks toward Kamran, feeling the energy he is giving off. She envelopes them in a light construct dome. Kamran expresses his despair in never feeling accepted, but Kamala tells him that Najma gave her life to protect him. He says that they will never be normal, and Kamala replies, “There’s no normal. There’s just us and what we do with what we’ve been given.” She tells him to get to the harbor, and opens a subterranean path for him. Kamran thanks her before leaving. Kamala takes down the dome, and the rest of the light constructs fade. Deever orders the arrest of Kamala, but the townspeople surround her, including the Jersey City Police Department. Kamala runs away on her levitating platforms as Deever receives a call from Cleary.

Cleary lambastes Deever for defying his orders and attacking a school of children using the DODC name. He relieves her of her duty and dispatches a unit to clean up her mess. Deever follows her order. The people of Jersey city rejoice as Kamala runs off. Several people are posting TikTok videos following the events, praising the superhero, including the boy who was accidentally injured by Kamala in episode 2. Kamala is humbled by her influence, and regards her reflection in the mirror as she strikes a heroic pose. Yusuf calls to her as she sits on the roof outside her bedroom. Her father joins her. He asks what her superhero name is. She tells him she is still figuring it out. He tells her that everyone is figuring it out as the camera switches to Aamir telling a story to Muneeba and Tyesha, Nakia outlining renovations needed for the mosque, and Kamran meeting Kareem in Karachi to presumably join the Red Daggers so that he can have a family.

Yusuf tells her that they named her Kamala after trying to have a second child for years. Kamal/Kamala means “perfect” in Arabic, but in Urdu, the word translates to “marvel.” He doesn’t know who Carol Danvers is, but calls Kamala his little “Ms. Marvel.” He watches as she runs off into the night sky to look at New York City’s West Side skyline before heading off.

One week later, Kamala finds Bruno and Nakia in Kamran’s car, which he left behind. Bruno wants to bring the car to Caltech, but they agree to leave the car in Jersey City. Bruno tells Kamala that there is something different in Kamala’s genetics, like a “mutation,” which is why she has powers and Aamir does not, in spite of the same bloodline. Nakia takes the wheel and drives them away.

Mid-credit scene (Cut to the Chase for the series I suppose):
Kamala notices her bangle glowing strangely. She suddenly is thrown through a poster of Captain Marvel into her closet, and Carol Danvers emerges. Recognizing that she is in a room of a superfan of hers, Danvers becomes extremely nervous and leaves.

Ms. Marvel will return in The Marvels.