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Generation Why

Voiceover by Kamala Khan narrates a paper cutout animation of the battle against Thanos in Endgame, highlighting the intervention of Captain Marvel as the deciding moment in the victory of the Avengers. Kamala goes on to talk about what she has learned of Captain Marvel through her own research and by listening to Scott Lang’s podcast “Big Me Little Me.” Kamala continues to pour out her fandom for Captain Marvel, defending her decision to leave earth rather than protect it. She finishes the video by saying she will be dressed as Captain Marvel for Avengercon in New Jersey this coming weekend, where she hopes to learn more about her hero.

Kamala is called by her mother to leave for her driving test. Her brother Aamir prays and argues with his father in the kitchen as Kamala takes some food from the refrigerator. Her parents take turns reminding her how to pass a road test. Kamala fails her road test miserably when she starts by crashing her car into the tester’s parked car behind her.

Kamala’s parents blame the tester for Kamala’s accident. On the way home, her mother reminds her that this means she won’t be able to help as much as she wanted to help with her brother’s wedding before blaming herself for her daughter’s failures. Kamala dismisses the guilt trip as she daydreams of Captain Marvel zooming through the skies over Jersey City.

Kamala attends Coles Academic High School, where her friend Bruno presents her with a drink, knowing all about the road test thanks to her mother’s texts. Another friend Nakia meets up with them. Kamala accidentally bumps into another student Zoe, who compliments her on her necklace before continuing on her way. Kamala suggests they ask Zoe for a ride to Avengercon, which Nakia immediately resists on account of Zoe’s success as a social media influencer. Her guidance counselor, Mr. Wilson, jokingly calls for a meeting with Kamala over the PA.

In Mr. Wilson’s office, Kamala is reminded of complaints made about her by some teachers for daydreaming during class. Kamala is caught daydreaming by Mr. Wilson as he attempts to appeal to her aspirations after high school. Kamala is clearly disinterested in his lecture, so he gives her an assignment to define herself – “Where’s Kamala?”

Kamala visits a convenience store where Bruno is putting the finishing touches on her Captain Marvel outfit. He tries to convince Kamala to ask her mother to drive them to Avengercon. As they ride along on their bikes, Kamala and Bruno discuss different flourishes for her costume, animated around them as Kamala imagines. At home, Kamala lays back and watches television. Kamala opens a package from her Nani (grandmother), but once her mother notices the items inside, she quickly takes the package away and tells Aamir to put it in the attic. Her mother then calls for Kamala to help her with her shopping errands. They stop at a halal food vendor who reminds them that “Halal Guys” charge for extra sauce.

Kamala is being fitted for an outfit when a friend of her mother’s enters the store and begins gossiping about a young woman who called off her engagement to tour Europe and discover herself. Kamala voices support for the decision, but her mother gives her a scolding look as the male tailor jokingly says of Kamala “She’s trouble.” Bruno shows Kamala’s father a security camera and introduces him to a home AI called Zuzu. Kamala and her mother return home, and Bruno reminds Kamala to ask her mother for the ride.

Kamala presents AvergerCon to her parents, and storms off before they can give her an answer. Aamir brings her a tea and promises to talk things over with mom and dad. Kamala stays awake and texts Bruno that her mother said no. Bruno enters the convenience store and heads upstairs to his bedroom.

The next day, Kamala looks at herself in the mirror in her Captain Marvel outfit. Her mother comes in and tells her they will let her go to AvengerCon, as long as she goes as a Hulk partner cosplay with her father. Kamala relents and tells her father that she would feel humiliated if he went dressed as the Hulk. Her mother tells her that if she doesn’t go with her father, she isn’t going, and reminds her that she doesn’t want her dressed in a revealing outfit like Captain Marvel’s. Kamala talks to Bruno, who invites her to speak with him on his roof. He reassures her that her parents will come to their senses, but Kamala expresses her doubts. Bruno gives her a pair of light up “photon gloves” to go with her cosplay.

The next day, Kamala gets hit by a basketball in gym class and suffers a bloody nose. At home, her father struggles with the AI system and Kamala gets an idea. She plots with Bruno to sneak her out of the house to go to AvengerCon, intertwined with an imaginary bicycle adventure featuring Kamala in the Captain Marvel suit. Bruno suggests Kamala update her costume to appease her mother. Kamala opens a chest in their attic and finds the gold bangle her mother had told Aamir to put up there earlier.

Kamala sloppily sneaks herself out and meets up with Bruno. They ride their bikes to the bus stop, but Kamala loses her bike as they get on the bus. Kamala and Bruno show their passes and enter the convention. The two enjoy pictures with cosplayers and other activities before Kamala notices Zoe in a Captain Marvel costume that Bruno considers to be inaccurate. Kamala puts on her Captain Marvel costume along with the bangle, but forgets her light-up gloves. When she puts the bangle on her left arm, an aura envelopes her body, and Kamala’s eyes light up as her body flips around into a shadow world and back into reality. When it is Kamala’s turn to step up, she becomes so distracted by the flashing lights of the cameras, and begins to accidentally discharge photon beams. Though her first few are very weak, she shoots off one powerful enough to move a prop, which gains her applause and approval. The stunt quickly turns disastrous as Zoe expresses admiration for the costume, not knowing it is Kamala. Zoe is at one point hurled into the air and Kamala is able to use the bangle once again to lighten her fall. Bruno takes Kamala back home on her bike, where she is able to use her powers to help herself sneak back into her bedroom. Her mother is waiting for her in her bedroom.

Kamala’s mother repeats her plea for her to stop being so rebellious. She tells Kamala to think about who she wants to be. Kamal lays in bed, looks at her hand as the power envelopes it, and refers to her powers as “cosmic.”

Mid-credit scene

Two agents of the Department of Damage Control, Deever and Cleary, see the video of Kamala’s display at AvengerCon. Cleary tells Deever to “Bring her in.”