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Episode 1: The Goldfish Problem

Mellow music plays as we open on a man laying down a cloth before pouring himself a drink. He takes some water and runs his finger around the rim of the glass before putting it down, wrapping it in the cloth, and smashing it with a cane. He then pours the shattered glass into a pair of slippers, before putting the same slippers onto his bare feet. He walks with the cane into a large empty house.

60’s Pop music plays as the Marvel Studios fanfare plays. It stops suddenly and picks up again as Steven Grant wakes up. He undoes the restraint on his right ankle before walking away from his bed, which is surrounded by a small frame of sand. Steven calls his mother while feeding his one-finned goldfish Gus. He finishes leaving a voicemail on his mom’s phone as he leaves his home, briefly interrupted by a broom vendor right outside his door. Steven catches a bus to the British Museum in London, which is showcasing an exhibit on ancient Egypt. He explains mummification to a young girl vis a vis the ritual, but is interrupted by his boss Donna, who calls him “Stevie.” He corrects her to call him “Steven” while she scolds him for tour guiding when he should be focused on selling gifts from the shop. Another associate approaches Steven to ask is they are still on for steak at 7:00 the next night. He cannot recall and assumes the woman is asking him out. She giggles and walks away as Donna comes back and asks him what a vegan would eat in a steak house. When he rebuffs her remark, she walks away. Later, as they are closing, Donna continues to scold Steven for constantly being late, which is why she assigned him to inventory. He tries to point out some of the historical inaccuracies of what they are selling at the museum, but Donna refuses to listen. He tells her that the Ennead is comprised of nine Egyptian gods, but only 7 are present on the picture they are selling. Donna jokes about the mistake and continues to throw insults at Steven before dismissing him. As he leaves, Steven says goodbye to a security guard, who greets him as Scotty, to which Steven replies, “It’s Steven with a V.”

As Steven eats, he explains his sleepwalking to a gold-painted street performance mime who looks strikingly like the man who donned the glass-filled slippers at the start. Steven helps the performer out by tipping him and helping him get tips for pictures with tourists in-between his rants. He reaches the conclusion that he will need to overcome his sleepwalking if he is to commit to a girlfriend. He tips the mime once more before leaving, shown in the reflection of a puddle as green leaf land on it, causing ripples.

At home, Steven spreads the sand around his bed and locks each of the locks on his door. He attaches his ankle restraint and begins to listen to a podcast on staying awake while he fiddles with a Rubik’s cube. Clips show him doing other activities to keep his mind awake, reading about the Ennead as the podcast suggests to read a book as a way of keeping the mind awake. As Steven hears the words “think of yourself as a part of the story” he suddenly wakes up in a field of grass in great pain over his jaw. As he stands up, he hears a voice telling him to go back to sleep. He is told to surrender the body to Steven, when he doesn’t understand, the voice says, “The idiot is in control.” Steven removes a gold scarab from his pocket as a figure approaches him from behind carrying a staff. As Steven turns around, he sees that he is trespassing on a castle’s property, and is shot at by it guards. The voice tells him to run away. Steven runs away as the guards pursue him, missing with every shot they take.

Steven comes to a part of the town where Harrow, a man with long hair in a dark red outfit (again similar looking to glass-filled slippers dude) is being greeted by the people who clear a path for him. The man leads all the townspeople to the open town square, where he comments (with an American accent) on the beauty of the day. He tells the people that their job is to make earth feel as much like heaven as possible. He asks “Who wants to go first?” A random man approaches and is greeted by Harrow, who commends him on offering his soul for judgment, “waiting to serve our goddess even before she wakes.” Harrow places the cane in the man’s hands as he performs a ritual to judge the name in the name of Ammit, the Egyptian funerary deity (a god of death). Steven and the other townspeople watch on as Harrow’s scale tattoo on his right arm glows slightly before he declares the person “a good man” and hugs him. The guards continue to search for Steven amongst the spectators, as Harrow reveals that his name is Arthur. A woman presents herself to Arthur, and Steven watches as his scale tattoo tips to one side and turns red. Arthur apologizes to the woman as she receives Ammit’s judgment and falls back. People carry away her lifeless body. The armed guards who were chasing Steven come to Arthur’s side and tell him they were ambushed during “the exchange,” and two of their men were killed. To weed out the spy, Arthur calls out an order in ancient Egyptian, and Steven is immediately found out. Arthur identifies Steven as a mercenary. Steven identifies himself to the crowd as Steven Grant of the British Museum’s Gift Shop. Arthur demands he return the scarab.

“You will give him nothing,” the voice tells Steven. Not realizing what he is doing, Steven continues to keep the scarab away from Arthur. As the people crowd Steven and pry the scarab from his fingers, he blacks out and comes to when he hears the voice saying, “Oh no, the idiot’s back.” Steven is now standing in the same spot with blood on his hand and five townspeople laying unconscious (maybe dead) around him. In Steven’s bloody hand, he holds the scarab. As he escapes in an American van with the driver side on the left, the voice commands him not to drop the scarab. While listening to Wham! on the radio, Steven is chased by several cars, all with non-British driver seats. As the action intensifies, Steven again blacks out, and when he comes to, the windshield is shattered, an assailant dead, and Steven holding his pistol. The voice now threatens Steven to not lose the scarab. Steven doesn’t have time to get clarification as he barely misses a truck carrying logs. The truck Final Destinations the remaining cars in pursuit with its logs, except for two. Steven freaks out again, blacks out again, and comes to as the last Jeep pulls in front of him while a car falls off the roadway. The voice scolds him for losing the gun as two guards approach the van, which has stalled. As Steven begins to panic again, the logs from the truck land at the lower roadway of the hill, taking out the guards and violently waking Steven up safely in his flat once again. Steven finds himself restrained to his bedpost once again and feels relief.

As he goes about his morning routine, he feeds Gus and notices that his fin has grown back. At the pet show, the associate is completely weirded out by Steven’s bizarre behavior – he cannot recall visiting the pet store the day before, but when he sees that the time is shortly after 5PM, he remembers that he is supposed to have a date. At home, Steven dresses himself up and goes to the restaurant to meet his date. When she doesn’t show, Steven calls and reminds her that they were on for 7PM Friday. She tells Steven that today is Sunday and to lose her number. Completely confused and heartbroken, Steven gives in and placing an order, knowing nothing of how to order steak. On his mom’s voicemail, Steven makes up a story about the date as he walks home.

Steven turns the light in his apartment on and off before indulging in the box of chocolates he had bought for his date. He drops some sprinkles into the goldfish’s tank, and when it doesn’t eat, Steven doubts whether this fish is truly his pet Gus. As he picks up some of the chocolates he dropped, he begins to notice strange things in his apartment, and investigates behind a loose board above his pantry. He discovers a car key and a cell phone containing several missed calls from “Layla” and one missed call from Duchamp. He calls Layla and is greeted with great surprise that he is still alive after so many months that she had been texting and calling him. Layla demands to know where his British accent came from and identifies Steven by his true name – Marc. When Steven inquires as to why she called him that, the call drops. Steven hears his name being called, and tries to see who it is. After hearing the voice tell him, “You need to stop,” the lights begin to flicker and Steven runs scared from his flat to the elevator. Steven looks at his reflection as the elevator continues its descent. On floor 2, Steven hallucinates a creature coming for him, then wakes up in a bus when he comes to face to face with its beak.

Everyone on the bus is looking at Steven as he sees the figure standing on the side of the road, then notices Arthur on the bus as he exits, realizing that he is real. As Steven enters the museum, he tries to get J.B., the security guard from before to help him, but is interrupted by Donna. Steven sees Arthur in the museum, and excuses himself from Donna. He follows a man he saw on the bus and is confronted by Arthur, walking on his cane. As Steven asks another security guard to help, the guard reveals his scale tattoo and proclaims, “Praise Ammit.”

Arthur explains the philosophy of Ammit to Steven. She grew tired of waiting for sinners to commit their sins before punishing them. He tells Steven that Ammit judges our entire lives, including our futures which we cannot see. Steven quips that the historical documents must have forgotten that part. Arthur believes that Ammit was betrayed and imprisoned by “indolent fellow gods.” Had she been free, she may have prevented the fall of the Holy Roman Empire and the Holocaust, among other genocidal tragedies. Arthur tells Steven that Ammit was betrayed by her own avatar, a term which Steven only knows from popular culture. Arthur knows about the voice in Steven’s head, and sets him up to be judged by Ammit. As the cane dangles, the scale on Steven’s arms, Arthur’s scale tattoo shakes uncontrollably, signifying chaos within Steven. The doors to another exhibit open and Steven runs away from Arthur, who tells the guards to let him go.

That night, Arthur is doing inventory by himself as the museum closes. As Steven is leaving, he hears a dog crying in the distance and follows the sound. Steven is being followed as well. As he hides from an unseen creature, Arthur announces through the museum that Steven must return the scarab. Steven runs into the men’s bathroom to hide, and is engaged in the mirror by his true alter ego Marc Spector. Marc explains to Steven that he needs to fully give him control if they want to survive this attack. Steven agrees and allows Marc to take him over as the creature breaks in and assaults him. The creature is then seen trying to escape, but is pulled back in and beaten to its presumed final death by a light gray clad hero with a face-covering cowl, a hood, and a cape. The hero’s name is Moon Knight.


Episode 2: Summon the Suit

Steven wakes up from dreaming about the fight he had as Moon Knight. He attempts to speak to Marc in the mirror, to no avail. As he arrives at the museum, he notices security guard J.B. roping off the exhibit area. Steven asks J.B. if he can watch the security footage with him, as he may know the culprit. J.B. agrees, and they watch the tape. It only shows Steven cowering by an exhibit and before getting up to run from unseen pursuers. When he is seen running into the bathrooms, J.B. calls him out for “messing up the loos.” Steven tries to describe the demon jackal that was chasing him, but J.B. doesn’t believe him. Steven then watches the surveillance video of Marc leaving in Steven’s body.

The manager tells Steven that the museum does not plan to press charges, and offers to make him an appointment at a treatment facility. He hands back his nametag and accepts his termination. After talking to the gold mime, Steven decides to investigate the mysteries of his apartment. He visits a storage facility where the attendant immediately recognizes him and escorts him to his locker. When Steven walks in, he notices a small cot, several heavy duty boxes, and a duffel bag containing a handgun, money, and a U.S. Passport for Marc Spector, born in Illinois and bearing the same resemblance as Steven. He also finds the scarab he had stolen in the first episode. It opens and begins to hover over his hand, aiming in a specific direction. As Steven speaks to himself to comprehend the situation, Marc calls to him. He apologizes for giving Steven so much information all at once, but tells him that he can help if Steven goes to sleep on the cot so he can possess him. Steven refuses without an explanation. Marc tells him that he is the Avatar of Khonshu, Egypt’s moon god. Steven leaves the storage facility and is chased again by the jackal. As he turns a corner, he approaches Khonshu, who demands he “give it back.” Steven runs out of the facility screaming and falls down on the road in front of a scooter being driven by Layla.

She only knows Steven’s body as “Marc” and thinks Steven is an alias and that he turned on the phone so she could locate him. She expresses how worried she has been for his safety, in spite of him having the suit. She reminds him that she is his wife, and that he is an American. He has her take him back to his flat. Marc tells Steven that Layla shouldn’t be in the apartment. She looks around and finds a book of poetry that she and Steven recite together, after which she notes that the poet is her favorite. She impresses Steven with her knowledge of hieroglyphics. She presents him with the divorce papers Marc had wanted her to get, but Steven has no reason to sign them. He attempts to appeal to her by showing her what was in the bag, as Marc shouts at him to stop and get her out of there. As he is about the show her the scarab, Marc warns that he will get her killed. As Steven hesitates, Marc continues to tell him that is he shows her the scarab, he is responsible when “they come after her.” Having lost her patience, Layla shoves Steven to the side very strongly and finds it. She says the scarab points to the ushbati of Ammit, an item they fought side by side for. Steven tells Layla how scared he is and pleads for her help.

At that moment, two police officers knock on the door and let themselves in. Layla manages to hide herself as the two look around, one discovering a paperweight that Steven claims to have gotten at the paperweight shop. Steven is informed that he is in possession of a stolen item. As he denies it, his passport is found and Steven is handcuffed and put in the back seat. As they ride, the officer in the passenger seat finds information about Marc Spector and an Egyptian dig he and some others ambushed. The aftermath presents archaeologists zip-tied and shot execution style. He is driven to a back alley and left in the car alone. He realizes where he is when he notices someone with a tattoo like the followers of Ammit. Marc tries to get Steven to submit to him, but they are interrupting by Arthur.

Arthur uncuffs Steven and suggests that the voices in his head were what caused the scales to not balance in the last episode. Steven sees Khonshu behind Arthur, and hears him telling him to kill Arthur. He conveys this message to Arthur, who admits that he can no longer see nor hear Khonshu. Arthur offers to take Steven for a walk, and Khonshu sends a wind through the alley to dissuade him. Arthur tells Steven that the winds are all Khonshu can do without him. Arthur tells Steven how the neighborhood used to have a very high crime rate, but since he made everyone a follower of Ammit, they leave their doors unlocked. Arthur shows Steven around, much to the chagrin of Khonshu, who blows away Steven’s food. Arthur describes Khonshu as a banished god while Khonshu confidently defends his actions and purpose to Steven, proclaiming himself to be “real justice.” Arthur claims to have been the avatar of Khonshu prior to Marc. Arthur criticizes Khonshu for only enacting vengeance upon those who have already acted upon their ill desires, but Ammit casts her judgment preliminarily. He explains to Steven that the scarab will help them find Ammit’s tomb. While attempting to goad Steven into surrendering to Marc, Arthur is asked how Ammit’s judgment is any different than a prejudiced act against an innocent person.

As a hypothetical, Steven asks if Ammit would judge a child and kill it for what it may do in 30 years. Arthur likens the killing of a future criminal to the amputation of a diseased limb – bad for the part, better for the whole. Steven is appalled by this reasoning, and outright refuses to help Arthur anymore. Arthur attempts to threaten Steven, but then Layla shows up. As she approaches Arthur feigning that she will relinquish the scarab, she tells Steven to summon the suit. When he doesn’t understand, she gives him the scarab and runs with him. Arthur uses Ammit’s power to summon another jackal. While Layla attempts to explain to Steven that only he can summon the suit, Marc begins to tell him that he needs to submit. When Steven hesitates, the Jackal breaks in but can only be seen by him. Steven is thrown from a window and manages to summon the Moon Knight suit without giving Marc control. As Steven is attacked by the invisible jackal, Layla tries to save him. Steven removes his overcoat and takes the Jackal on in the middle of the street, while passers by only see the Moon Knight moving all around alone. Steven lets Marc take control and go full Moon Knight. Layal tells him to “get it out of here.” MK eventually impales the jackal before transforming back into Steven, who notices the scarab is gone.

A man picks up the scarab as Layla watches from her scooter. Arthur tells the man that the scarab belongs to him. After the man willingly returns it to him, Arthur kills him. Elsewhere, Marc explains the possession rules to Steven. He tells Steven that the reason his power is changing is because Khonshu wants to use Layla’s body as his new avatar, and that’s why he ran away and asked her for the divorce. Steven is furious with how Marc and tells him how he will never allow Marc to take control of him again. Furious, Marc smashes the reflection where he spoke to Steven. Khonshu appears and scolds Marc for his actions and for altering the terms of their deal. Khonshu reminds Marc that if he will no longer be the avatar, he may not like Khonshu’s next candidate. Marc asks Khonshu where they are going. Steven wakes up hungover in a hotel in Giza.


Episode 3: The Friendly Type

Layla is talking to someone about the events of the last episode as a fake ID is being printed for her. She expresses an interest in returning the stolen artifacts to their rightful owners. It is revealed that this is her mother, and the families specializes in creating fake identification. They share a moment remembering Layla’s father before she is bid farewell to join Marc in Egypt.

In Cairo, the scarab guides Arthur and his followers to the location of Ammit’s tomb. They celebrate as they are informed that Marc Spector is tracking them. Elsewhere, Marc encounters some henchmen on the rooftops. He beats them with his bare hands, refusing to kill them as Steven takes over. When he recovers, he is in a cab to the airport, which he stops when the thugs he was fighting show up right outside. He chases one of them down to talk to him. He demands the location of Harrow, but when Steven takes over, the next scene show Marc surrounded by multiple dead bodies, except for a young one. Konshu tells Marc to bring the boy to the ledge in an effort to scare him into giving up Arthur’s location, but the boy sacrifices himself instead. Marc and Steven have a heated exchange regarding the dead bodies, which Steven blames on Khonshu.

Marc discusses the situation with Khonshu, who decides to signal the other gods by causing an unpredicted solar eclipse. Arthur immediately recognizes the M.O., but encourages the others to continue digging now matter what. He tells them he is about to be called upon. Marc runs aimlessly as Khonshu informs him that the gods are gathering their avatars. A portal opens for Marc in the form of a secret stone tunnel. Khonshu promises Marc he will be there. A reflection of Steven praises their presence inside the pyramid of Giza.

Marc is greeted by Hathor’s avatar Yatzil. Other avatars appear as Marc approaches them. The meeting is called to order to hear the account of Khonshu. who takes over Marc’s body to petition the gods for their assistance. Khonshu is reminded that the avatars who remain only remain to observe, not to meddle in the affairs of men. Khonshu calls for judgment against Arthur Harrow for conspiracy to release Ammit. Arthur Harrow is called to the meeting, and placates Khonshu and the other avatars with a story of visiting the site for pleasure. Arthur goes on to accuse Khonshu of ensnaring him into service to search for Ammit’s tomb for selfish paranoid reasons, calling him a shamed god. Arthur goes on to say that Khonshu is unhinged, and his servant is unwell. When asked for clarification, Arthur presents the façade of Marc Spector and Steven Grant as a delusion. Khonshu attempts to shout him down, ultimately attempting to attack him, but he is prevented from committing violence in the Chamber. Arthur calls Marc a deeply troubled man who is being abused by Khonshu in the same way he claims to have been treated when he was Khonshu’s avatar. He implores the gods to take action now before it’s too late. Marc is summoned to speak to the council, and is asked if he is unwell. Marc admits to being unwell and needing help, but says that it doesn’t change the fact that Arthur is a dangerous person. Marc is told that Arthur has committed no offense in the eyes of the council, and the matter is concluded. As Arthur walks away, Yatzil looks on as Marc contemplates his situation. She tells him that there is another way for him to help.

Yatzil tells Marc of the Medjay named Senfu was tasked with recording the location of Ammit’s tomb. If Marc can find Senfu’s sarcophagus, he should be able to find Ammit. Senfu’s sarcophagus was sold on the black market, so Marc begins on the streets of Cairo. When he asks the location of Senfu’s sarcophagus to a juice vendor, who cautiously backs away as Layla surprises Marc from behind. Marc warns her of the dangers of being there as Khonshu watches on. Marc and Layla ride on a boat as they discuss the situation. Layla tells him that she only wants to stop Harrow. Marc apologizes to her and asks about Mogart, the collector of antiquities they are going to meet. They reminisce about their wedding, and Layla asks Marc about his alternate personality Steven. She reminds him that they could have worked on it together if he had told her about it. Marc suggests that it may be too late now as they dock.

Marc leaves his bags below the dock as he notices a raft following them. Layla suggests it could be Harrow’s men following them. They go over their cover story. Layla greets her connection Bek, who leads them to Mogart. They observe Mogart training in combat on horseback. Mogart dismounts and greets Layla, who introduces Marc to him as her husband “Rufino.” When asked what his interest is in the artifact, Marc says he only wants to look. As they are looking at the sarcophagus, Marc engages Steven in a private conversation through reflection. Steven instructs Marc to touch some pieces in the sarcophagus, he is stopped by Bek and Mogart who hold him at gunpoint. Bek speaks to Mogart, who remembers another party interested in the sarcophagus.

It is Harrow, offering to include Mogart and everyone else in the “treasure” of Ammit in exchange for the sarcophagus. Though they try to argue, Arthur admonishes Layla and Marc further. The gems in his cane begin to glow as he leads his men to the sarcophagus. Meanwhile, Khonshu is encouraging Marc to summon the suit and give them what they want. Harrow offers to show Mogart the power, which Mogart accepts. Harrow holds up his staff and chants an incantation before the sarcophagus explodes. As he walks away from the explosion, Moon Knight appears. Bek gets Mogart away from the scene as Moon Knight and Layla engage the security team. Layla takes the opportunity to raid whats left of the sarcophagus, but she is interrupted by Bek. Steven forces a takeover of the suit, and is immediately impaled by two spears. Layla fights back until she ultimately stabs Bek. Marc takes the suit back and continues to engage Mogart’s security before he arrives ready to joust. As Mogart charges, Moon Knight grabs Layla and throws a spear into Mogart’s back. The two leave.

As they are driving away, Layla asks Marc why Arthur told her that she has a right to know about Marc. She goes on about not knowing Marc at all, and Marc agrees that she doesn’t. A disciple of Harrow’s spots Marc and Layla approaching a site in the desert. Marc and Lala try to piece together the swatches of cloth to put the clue together. Marc rips the rearview mirror off the Hummer to summon Steven. Steven immediately takes out packing tape as Layla approaches him. When he notices her, he tells her how the Egyptians invented modern navigation before revealing to her the star-shaped map he was able to tape together. Steven suggests that that constellation merely shows its position at the time of the burial. The stars drift over time, which means that they would need to know where the constellation would have shown up back then. Khonshu suddenly tells Steven that he remembers that night. Steven follows Khonshu with Layla close behind. Khonshu tells Steven that they can reverse the stars to their exact position on that night. However, this means it would be his final offense to the gods, who threatened to imprison him in stone. Khonshu tells Steven to have Marc free him once he is imprisoned. Steven summons the suit and mimics Khonshu’s moves to reverse the stars. As it is happening, Layla is able to find the location on her tablet. Meanwhile, the avatars of the remaining gods begin to transfer Khonshu into a stone relic. Steven/Marc falls to the ground unconscious. Harrow visits Khonshu in his stone state, and tells him that he enjoyed carrying pain on his behalf, which was why he took so much comfort in the power of healing. Harrow tells Khonshu that his torment is what forged him, and that he will owe his victory to Khonshu.


Episode 4: The Tomb

The statue imprisoning Khonshu is placed deep within the avatar’s chamber.

We come back to Layla trying to wake Steven. A car approaches them firing bullets as Layla rolls the body down a sandhill. The disciples continue their pursuit as Layla finds a car to hide behind. As they notice the body, the lights a road flare to distract them. When they approach her, she throws the flare into the back of the truck and lights several explosives. As the truck explodes, Steven appears behind Layla.

While they drive, Marc implores Steven to give him the body, but Steven tells Layla of their agreement to permanently give the body back to Steven once Marc was done with Khonshu. Marc tells Steven that he is going to get himself and Layla killed. Steven goes through a tent for supplies, and Marc reminds him that it’s still his body, with or without Khonshu. As Layla packs, the camera pans back to a shot of spattered blood and a tool that was used. Layla dresses Steven and tries to kiss him. Steven stops her from kissing him by telling her the secret: that Marc wants to protect her from becoming the avatar of Khonshu. Layla becomes very upset, and says that it wasn’t his decision to make. She continues to suit him up, and they kiss. She tells him she will go first, but on her way down, Steven gets hit with the counterweight. He clumsily falls down to the site and marvels at the historical monuments inside. Layla tells Steven of her father’s archaeological mission, for which he died. Steven tells her that her father would be proud to see her here right now.

They continue into the site, and find spent bullet casings. Steven figures out the shape of the chamber, and draws a symbol of the eye of Horus into sand, which reflects the shadow onto the ceiling. Steven tells Layla that it also represents each of the senses. Layla determines that the avatar would be the tongue, so they take that path expecting it will lead them to the tomb. They come upon a room where there is a trail of blood. They follow it into the next room, onto a platform. As Steven finds the exit, they hear gunfire from outside. Layla hides as a disciple is brought back to the room by a Heka Priest and mummified by having his organs removed and placed into jars. Steven can only watch as Layla sits quietly near the place where the priest is performing the ceremony. Their cover is blown by Steven, who the priest attacks as he tells Layla to run. She runs as Steven drops some shelves onto the priest. Layla comes to an open chasm and scales the side. We hear the priest’s breathing within the walls, and it attacks her. She finds another flare, which she sticks into its eye before throwing it over the edge. Layla pulls herself back to safety and screams. In the distance, she sees Harrow.

Steven finds another room and is immediately engaged by Marc for kissing Layla and for telling her the truth. Steven reads through the hieroglyphics and deduces that they may be at the tomb of Alexander the Great. Harrow speaks to Layla, who tells him he always speaks condescendingly. He tells her that she has confirmed her father’s belief – that Egyptian gods walk among mortal humans. Harrow offers Layla the reading of Steven’s scales, and she agree to listen. Marc encourages Steven to open the sarcophagus of Alexander, and a mummy is inside. Marc asks where the ushabti is, and Steven figures it would be in the mouth. He opens the mouth and reaches in to where the tongue would have fallen. Harrow tells Layla that Marc knows everyone who died the day her father was killed. Layla asks if he is trying to convince her Marc was one of the mercenaries that killed him. Harrow calls to her to wake up as she walks away. Steven removes the ushabti as Layla walks in. Layla is furious with Marc and calls him out to talk. She point blank asks him if he killed her father and he responds that he did not. When she asks if he was there, he admits he was. She asks how he died, and he tells her his partner killed everyone on site when he got greedy. Marc was shot that night as well, and says he was supposed to die. He didn’t know how to tell her. She figures that was how they met, on account of his guilty conscience. As Harrow and his men approach, Marc tells Layla to hide while he holds them off. Layla runs and Marc grabs another item from the sarcophagus.

Harrow and his men arrive, and he tells Marc that without Khonshu, he now has a decision to make. Marc immediately begins attacking Harrow’s men until he shoots Marc with a pistol two times. Marc falls back into a shallow pool of water. He feels his spirit go to a different plane, and the next scene shows a pair of unrelated explorers on safari in Mexico. They come upon an Aztec relic, and the scene pulls out as it is shown to be a video played on a screen in the common room of a psychiatric treatment facility. Marc is sitting in a wheelchair while Layla places a magnet onto the refrigerator. She claims his winning bingo card, and promises to share the prize with him. Marc tries to call to Steven from the reflection, but falls down as he is chained to his wheelchair. He is taken to see Dr. Harrow, who asks him for an honest assessment of his situation. Marc begins to respond, but becomes aware of the illusion when he notices all of the Egyptian relics in the office. He overcomes the sedation and breaks into a room with a sarcophagus containing Steven. The two meet and embrace before realizing they are both conscious in the same world, with the same most recent memory of being shot. They find more rooms with more sarcophagi, and happen upon Yatzil in her hippo avatar farm. Marc and Steven scream.


Episode 5: Asylum

Open on a boy screaming for help at the bottom of a well, jump to a woman yelling directly at the camera. It quickly brings us back to a closed room where Marc is with Dr. Harrow who is analyzing him once again. The doctor talks to Marc about his responsibility for his situation. Marc again expresses his doubt that his situation is real, and we are returned to the scene with the hippo. Marc and Steven are told by the hippo that he and Steven are dead. She unrolls a scroll and welcomes them to Duat, the Egyptian afterlife. Steven tells Marc she is Taweret, goddess of women and children, there to guide them on their journey to the afterlife. Taweret reminds them that this is not THE afterlife, just an afterlife. She tells them of multiple intersectional untethered conscious planes, including the ancestral plane. She goes on to tell them because the Duat’s true nature is impossible to comprehend by the human mind, they might perceive the realm as something more recognizable. Marc tells Steven that they imagined the afterlife as a psych ward because they are insane. He figures that the afterlife is the reality and the hospital is the imagination, an organizing principle. He tries to walk through a pair of doors, but finds himself truly on the ship to A’aru. the Field of Reeds. Realizing that he is not crazy and that the Egyptian afterlife is real, he looks to Steven for further guidance.

Steven asks Taweret, and she reaches inside both of their chests. Taweret removes a heart from both Steven and Marc to weigh them on the scales of justice. If their hearts are balanced, they may spend their afterlife in the Field of Reeds. If not, they will be cast into the frozen sands for eternity. While Marc tries to discuss the situation with Steven, Taweret calls their attention to the scale. The scales wobble as they did on Harrow’s tattoo in episode 1. Taweret tells them that the hearts are not full, meaning they each feel incomplete. She tells them that an unbalanced soul will eventually be claimed by the Duat sands. Steven asks what she suggests they do, and she suggests they go through the memories housed on the boat in order to reconcile any past feelings still unresolved. She suggests they show each other the truth.

Back inside the asylum, Marc and Steven walk through the hall and explore their past memories. They follow the memory of the boy calling for help. They enter a room filled with dead bodies sitting at tables in a cafeteria. Steven approaches the wobbling scale as Marc identifies each of the bodies. They are ones Khonshu demanded he kill for justice. They see a young boy watching. Steven demands why he is in a room of people he killed, and Marc tries to keep him from approaching the boy. Steven goes forth anyway, and runs after the boy. Steven follows the boy into a room and locks the door behind him. Marc bangs on the door as Steven watches a barbecue where Marc is with his mother and younger brother. He asks his younger brother if he wants to go to “the cave” and the two go off into the forest near their home. It begins to rain as they get closer, but Marc encourages his brother to keep going. As he follows, Steven steps on the skeleton of a bird. The boys go into the cave as the rain gets worse and begins to fill the cave up with water. Steven desperately tries to find the boys, and hears them screaming for their mother as the waters continue to rise. Outside the room, Marc reminds himself that it’s just a memory, and he notices another door opening.

Marc walks in on his family sitting shiva for the death of his younger brother. Steven is there watching as well. Their mother tells their father that she wants her son back. As child Marc tries to approach, she screams at him that he shouldn’t be there. Steven watches with tears in his eyes as she says that it was his fault his brother drowned. Marc tries to talk to Steven as they transition to the next memory.

It is child Marc’s birthday, and she doesn’t come down even to blow out her candles. The next memory is another birthday, where the mother drinks heavily and continues to guilt trip child Marc and he storms off to his room. Steven follows but is stopped by Marc. They transition to a street in broad daylight where Steven asks why Marc only remembers when his mother was mean to him, and demands to know what he is hiding. The memory continues to show the father pleading with Marc, who has decided to move out. Marc blames his father for not fixing the situation with his mother. As Steven tries to witness the rest of the memory, he is knocked by Marc once again into another one. They are back in the desert after a vehicle exploded. Steven recognizes the dead bodies as hostages who were killed by Marc.

Marc disagrees with the assessment, and explains how he was discharged from the military for going AWOL in a fugue state. He then talks about how he went on to work for his former CO Bushman. The job was to raid an Egyptian tomb, but Bushman changed the plan, calling for no witnesses. Immediately disagreeing with the decision, Marc says he did everything he could to get them away from Bushman. He says they clearly didn’t get away, since they are all dead. When Steven asks what happened to Marc, he refers to a tomb that has appeared in front of them. The memory shows a mortally wounded Marc crawling to the footsteps of Khonshu to commit suicide. He then hears a voice telling him that would be a waste. Marc decides to asks who the voice is, and it identifies itself as the god Khonshu. Khonshu tells Marc that he is looking for a warrior to serve as his avatar. Feeling his death upon him, Marc expresses his confusion as to what choice to make. Khonshu sees into Marc’s mind and judges him as a worthy candidate. He offers Marc in exchange for his life, Marc must swear to protect the travelers of the night and bring his vemngeance to those who would do them harm. Steven sees how Khonshu took advantage of Marc, but Marc saw it as an out for dying after living only the life of a killer. Khonshu presses Marc again for his promise, and Marc obliges. Khonshu manifests an astral form to bring Marc back to life as his fist of vengeance, the Moon Knight. Steven draws their attention to the scales, which begin to balance further, but they feel a rock on their ship.

They come back to the deck and find Taweret discovering multiple unbalanced souls being condemned before their times, an indication that fear is spreading in the upper world. Steven asks her if they can bring him back in order to get to Khonshu. Though she sees the risks, she tells them to finish balancing their scales before she sends them back. Inside the asylum, Marc promises to tell Steven the truth, but begins to go through a self-inflicting harm episode until he wakes up in a room with Dr. Harrow. Dr. Harrow asks him about why he created Steven. Dr. Harrow tells him

The memory transitions to Steven’s memory, where he sees that Marc made Steven up. It is Steven’s first memory, but it is interrupted by Marc’s mother, who breaks in to beat him with a belt. Marc takes Steven out and explains that he created Steven in order to deal with the abuse he was suffering at the hands of his mother. Whenever she wasn’t present, the Steven personality allowed Marc to feel the love of a mother. Marc tells Steven that he got to live a life where he could believe his mother loved him and that she was still alive, a shocking revelation to Steven. Marc then says that when his dad called many years later about her shiva, he couldn’t do it. Steven refuses to accept the story, and wakes up in the room with Dr. Harrow, who recognizes him as Marc’s other personality. Steven also recognizes Harrow, and begins to worry that the asylum is a trick by Taweret. Harrow asks Steven about what Marc may have told him. Steven again refuses to accept his mother’s death, and a glass partition shows up between the two. Dr. Harrow apologizes for the misunderstanding and offers to call her since they have her number on file. When he hands the phone the Steven, the partition is no longer there. Steven vocally acknowledges that his “mum” is dead.

In the next scene, Marc’s family is sitting shiva for his mother, and an adult Marc stands outside the building drinking while his father motions for him to join them from inside. Though Marc is dressed appropriately in all black with a yarmulke on his head, he walks away speaking to himself. He breaks down crying and smashes his yarmulke into the ground before clutching it to his chest saying “I’m so sorry.” As Marc tries to feel his pain, the Steven personality takes over as he had conditioned it to do whenever the pain associated with his mother would arise. Steven comes to with no recollection of how he arrived there, and talks on his phone to his mother, even though it is obvious he is not on a call. As Steven wanders aimlessly, speaking to no one on a cell phone, Marc describes the situation.

Marc’s mother died two months before the events of the show. Marc tells Steven how he couldn’t face the shame of how his mother made him feel. Steven tells Marc that his brother’s death wasn’t his fault since he was only a child when it happened. The ground shakes, suggesting to Steven that they reached the Gates of Osiris to the upper world. She regrets to inform them that the scales remained unbalanced, meaning their souls may be claimed by the Duat. Several undead souls board the ship, and Marc recognizes them again as souls taken by him as the Moon Knight. While Marc fights them, Steven helps and ultimately finds the strength to help Marc fight, but gets dragged off the ship. Marc pleads for Steven to get back, and calls for the ship to stop. The Steven personality tries to run after the ship, but ends up frozen in the sands. Marc cries for Steven again, but is told by Taweret that his scale has balanced, meaning that he has arrived at the end of his journey. Marc looks around and finds himself in the Field of Reeds.


Episode 6: Gods and Monsters

Open on Marc’s body being dragged from the pool where he was shot. Harrow looks on as they remove Ammit’s ushbati from his body. Harrow leaves the scarab on top of Marc’s chest. Layla hides in the shadows and quietly stops an assailant. He combines the ushbati with his cane, which transforms it into a long staff with a new handle as he leaves with the rest of his disciples. Layla runs to Marc’s body and immediately sees that he is dead. She takes the scarab from his body, opens it, and follows its direction.

Harrow and his men are stopped by an Egyptian military blockade. They demand to see Harrow’s papers. He responds, “You need to show me your souls.” He then sticks his staff into the ground, and a purple light passes through every soldier, killing all but one. Harrow identifies the survivor as a good man in the judgment of Ammit. The disciples go to move all the bodies. Layla has stowed away disguised as a disciple, and is horrified. She tries to approach Harrow to kill him, but Taweret speaks to her through dead soldiers. She tells her that Marc can summon the suit once she breaks Khonshu’s ushbati in the Chamber of the Gods. Layla says she will fight Harrow on her own.

In the next scene, Harrow climbs the pyramid housing the Chamber of the Gods. He enters and is immediately confronted by the other avatars, who know he is there to release Ammit. Harrow makes short work of the avatars as Layla searches for Khonshu’s ushbati. Harrow frees Ammit from her ushbati and she is manifested as an upright walking crocodile with long dark braids of hair.

Ammit tells Harrow that his scales are unbalanced, and Harrow tells her that he is willing to accept his fate. Ammit goes on to say that Harrow must be her avatar as he is the one who freed her. She tells him his death is delayed, and that he is to serve her in life. He accepts her proposal, and she places a hand on his head, causing his eyes to glow purple. Layla finds Khonshu’s ushbati and smashes it on the ground, releasing Khonshu. Khonshu does not see Marc present, and offers Layla the position of his avatar. Layla is appalled, but Khonshu tries to negotiate. Layla refuses, and Khonshu goes to confront Ammit and her followers himself. Harrow tells his disciples to look for whoever released him as Ammit and Khonshu speak.

In the Field of Reeds, Taweret introduces Marc. Though Marc feels at peace he misses Steven. Taweret reminds him that the Duat has him. Marc disagrees with leaving Steven in the sands, but Taweret warns him that he won’t be able to return if he goes to find him. Marc doesn’t care and runs to the sands, leaving the field to disappear behind him. He approaches the area where Steven fell. Khonshu admonishes Ammit for using her disciples to conquer the world. Harrow tells Ammit not to listen, as Khonshu only wants to keep her bound. Marc finds Steven’s frozen body and apologizes for leaving him since Steven never left Marc. He tells Steven that he was the only real superpower he ever had – the power to live a different life. As Marc begins to petrify, the Gates of Osiris open, and he and Steven revitalize.

Khonshu and Ammit begin to fight in the Chamber. Taweret helps Marc and Steven go through the gate, and Marc awakens from his death. Khonshu feels his presence, and Marc transforms once again into the Moon Knight. Khonshu has a conversation with Moon Knight where both Marc and Steven negotiate that this will be their final mission as Khonshu’s avatar. Khonshu agrees and changes the sky to night. Layla carries another avatar, who tells he that they need to trap Ammit in a mortal body, before he dies. Harrow notices them and destroys the chamber, trapping Layla inside. Desperate, Layla calls out to Taweret, accepting her offer to be her avatar temporarily.

On top of the pyramid, Harrow casts a sign to Ammit’s disciples in Cairo. They begin to judge everyone around them, sending all unbalanced souls to Ammit. Ammit grows to a gigantic proportion as she consumes more souls. Layla emerges in an outfit similar to Taweret, but with twin short swords and wings (in the comics, Layla’s alter ego is called “Scarlet Scarab”). Moon Knight flies to Harrow as Ammit watches on. Harrow fights the Moon Knight as both Marc and Steven while Khonshu manifests himself into a giant form to take on Ammit. Harrow is attacking Moon Knight, but Layla intervenes. As Harrow recovers, Marc and Steven take turns greeting Layla. Harrow’s disciples show up ready to fight.

Ammit and Khonshu debate the morality of each other’s causes – ridding the world of sinners. Khonshu argues that the difference was that he waited until the sin was committed, whereas Ammit acts in prejudgment. Moon Knight and Layla take on Harrow and his men, with Steven and Marc swapping suits to show different powers. Harrow fights Layla and Moon Knight, eventually distracting Layla by scaring a group hiding in a van. Layla saves them and is asked by one if she is an Egyptian superhero, which she confirms.

Harrow tells Marc that, had Ammit ruled, his brother never would have died, because she would have killed Marc before the act was committed. Marc watches Ammit strike down Khonshu as Harrow sticks his staff into his chest. Marc has another blackout and comes to as he is holding Harrow’s staff to his unconscious head. Marc asks Steven if that was him, to which Steven replies, “Not a chance.” Layla frees herself and asks Marc what happened. He tells her he blacked out and doesn’t recall. She tells him she knows how to defeat Ammit, and to bring Harrow. Marc carries Harrow to the Chamber and lays him on an altar. Layla tells him that they can use the room to bind Ammit to Harrow’s body. As Ammit realizes what is going on, she implores Khonshu, who tells her it is over.

Ammit is bound to Harrow, who warns that she will never be contained. Khonshu tells Marc to end her, and Marc prepares to kill Harrow to do so. Layla reminds Marc that he is free to choose, even if Khonshu is demanding that he choose vengeance. Marc tells Khonshu that if he wants Ammit dead, he should do it himself. Marc then demands that Khonshu release “us.” Khonshu does so, and we are brought back to Marc/Steven with Dr. Harrow. As Dr. Harrow suggests their work “continue,” Marc wakes up in Steven’s apartment, again tied to the bedpost. There are two goldfish now.

Mid credits – Arthur Harrow/Ammit is a patient at Sinkiewicz Psychiatric Hospital. He sits in a wheelchair, moderately sedated, and unable to pick up his own coffee cup. Arthur is taken by a man in a black suit speaking Spanish. Arthur notices dead bodies as he is wheeled out to a limousine. Khonshu is sitting opposite him. He explains that he never released Marc because Marc never fully understood how truly disturbed he was. Khonshu then introduces Arthur to Jake Lockley – Marc’s third personality – the murderous spirit of vengeance that took over in every blackout, the personality that always led the body back to the flat in London, the personality that bought the second goldfish. Every time we were shown something in the show that didn’t have an explanation, it was Jake.

Jake shoots Harrow with a silenced pistol two times before driving Khonshu away.