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We open in Mexico. Alex Lewis (Liam Neeson) drives into a hospital parking lot. He is wearing blue hospital scrubs. After seemingly putting his car key in the visor, he puts on an ID lanyard and sighs. As he enters the hospital, a fast car enters and two men get out. One of the men, with a bouquet of flowers has arrived to visit his mother, who is more or less catatonic. Alex is in the room, putting away supplies. As the man asks to have the room, with Alex agreeing, Alex wraps a steel garrote rope around the man’s neck, violently cutting it as blood spurts out. The man’s mother can only watch in horror as her son dies in front of her. The man dead, Alex takes the garrote and places it inside a plastic bag.

Going back to his car, Alex texts a coded message to his handlers, telling them that contract has been fulfilled. Alex then dismantles the phone completely, putting it in the bag with the garrote. He reaches up to the visor to get his key only to not find it there. A confused, concerned look crosses his face. He pats his pockets only to find the key in one of the pockets of his scrubs.

“Oh shit,” Alex says nearly a whisper. He knows why that happened, and it is not good.

El Paso, Texas. Vincent Serra (Guy Pearce) is in a man’s apartment while his daughter, Beatriz (Mia Sanchez) draws. The man, Leon, tells Vincent that he appeared nervous but that is ultimately okay because he is going after what he wants. Vincent hands the man some money. “Go talk to her,” Beatriz’s father says. “She’s very sweet, you’ll see.” Her father tells her to be nice to Vincent. This when we realize the horrifying truth; the man is prostituting his own daughter.

Vincent tries to ask her about her drawings, but she is distant, thinking Vincent is just like the rest. Vincent, nervous, keeps trying to ask her more questions, trying to avoid any sexual activity. Beatriz becomes more suspicious and realizes he is wearing a wire. She calls out to her father. Vincent is an undercover FBI agent and his cover has just been blown. As his team, including Linda Amiste (Taj Atwal) and Hugo Marquez (Harold Torres) break the door down, Vincent struggles with the man over a gun. As the FBI agents swarm the room, the man puts a gun to Beatriz’s head. Vincent tries to diffuse the situation, but the man says he “won’t go back” and is willing to kill his own child. Beatriz bites her father, giving Vincent the window to disarm him. However, they continue to struggle and go through a second floor window, and Beatriz’s father is killed in the process, leaving Beatriz angry and traumatized.

As Vincent is being checked over by EMS, his boss, Gerald Nussbaum (Ray Fearon) arrives and chews out Vincent. As Beatriz’s father was a key component of a month’s long trafficking case, him being dead now basically brings everything to a screeching halt. Linda tries to speak up for him, but Nussbaum doesn’t want to hear it, telling Vincent they will speak in the morning. Beatriz is led away by authorities, giving Vincent a withering glare.

Mexico City. Alex meets with his middleman Mauricio (Lee Boardman) who gives him the information for his next assignment in El Paso. Knowing he is sick, but not wanting to let his bosses know (as a weakness like that could be a death sentence for him) Alex tries to tell Mauricio that he plans to retire. Mauricio tells him that the bosses will not accept something like that. Alex notes the amount of money is too much but Mauricio says the job is for two kills. Mauricio mentions that Alex has a brother that lives in El Paso. Alex, knowing he is being somewhat threatened, keeps his cool, and asks if he is being spied on. Mauricio says information is power, and to put the idea of quitting out of his mind. “Guys like us don’t retire,” Mauricio intones.

Alex drives to El Paso and stops at a corner, looking at a long abandoned bakery. Checking into a hotel under the name David Marshall, Alex goes to his room and takes some pills. He then checks his arm where has written key details, such as his fake name, hotel, and other information down. It is clear that his memory is failing him, and he has resorted to short hand to make sure he remembers what he has to.

Alex goes down to the bar. There a beautiful woman named Maya (Stella Stocker) briefly flirts with him. A man, William Borden (Daniel de Bourg), makes eye contact with Alex. He is the middleman for the job. Alex excuses himself and goes over to meet with Borden. Borden gives him a briefcase, which Alex briefly inspects. Borden demands a quick timetable for the two hits to occur, but Alex defers, saying the less the man knows the better.

Alex goes back to his room and looks at the intelligence gathered for the first target, Ellis Van Camp (Scot Williams). In a case, he pulls out and assembles a silenced pistol with laser sight, checking its accuracy.

Vincent goes to a detention center to talk to Beatriz. She is still angry with him for the death of her father. Vincent tries to tell her what he father did was inexcusable and she did not deserve it but Beatriz says her father justified her abuse by saying it was the cost of freedom; better to be a child prostitute than in a detention center facing deportation or worse. Vincent tells her that he is going to get her a special visa to come to the United States. It is wrong for her to have been abused, while the men that did it run free. Beatriz says her father said to never talk about the men. Vincent sighs, and tells her he will get her into a group home, where she will have a semblance of freedom, and she is ultimately free to not testify. “You deserve better than this, Beatriz,” Vincent says. He gives her a new set of coloring pencils and a sketchbook.

Ellis is working in his office when his wife Wendy (Rebecca Calder) comes in, saying she guesses she will be going to the party alone. Ellis says he is working but Wendy believes he is off to see his mistress, telling him to “wash up” before he comes home, leaving in a huff. A few minutes later, the door rings, and Alex bursts through, holding a gun to Ellis’ head. Alex tells him Ellis knows why he is there and wants the flash drives. They go to the safe and Ellis opens it just as his daughter calls out saying she is going to a party. To keep him silent, and so he does not have to hurt a child, Alex puts Ellis in a choke hold. As the girl leaves, Alex breaks Ellis’ neck and places him on the sofa. He grabs the flash drives and leaves.

Borden is near a pool as his wife swims. He hears his phone go off. He got a text message from Alex with the same coded message. The first assassination is complete.

Vincent and Linda drive to the Van Camp crime scene. Linda is trying to work on her Spanish. At the crime scene, Vincent talks to Wendy who says she called Nussbaum first, and hasn’t spoken to the police yet. Vincent goes to find Det. Danny Mora (Ray Stevenson) and tells him to listen to Wendy’s statement, and he will let Mora take over. Mora, a gruff, at times sexist detective, ultimately agrees. Wendy says she left to go to art show, and that is clear that her husband’s murder was a robbery given that the safe was open.

Alex goes to meet his brother, who has been confined to a retirement home, with advanced Alzheimer’s which leave him unresponsive and constantly shaking. Alex tries to make small talk about the past and sports, but he realizes his brother cannot comprehend what he is saying. Alex takes a cold look at his future; his mind already fading, he will join his brother in time in the same fate. Alex embraces his brother and leaves.

At the Child Exploitation Task Force Building, Nussbaum arrives to tell Vincent and his team that the taskforce is being dissolved, and that Hugo, a loaned agent from Mexico, is going home. Vincent protests this, saying that have a witness in Beatriz but his boss is not buying it. Hugo is angry too, thinking that Nussbaum’s superiors just don’t want to admit that they may have a trafficking problem with some of their rich and powerful citizens. Vincent seconds Hugo’s concern, noting that Beatriz’s father handled all the clientele of his daughter, all of which were Americans. Nussbaum is firm though and tells Vincent if he wants to help Beatriz and get her visa approved, he will drop his objections and focus on the Van Camp murder. Vincent, wanting what is best for the girl, and having no means to object, agrees.

Alex follows Vincent as he drives Beatriz to her group home. He has pictures, but they are not the best ones. Vincent settles Beatriz in and tells the leader of the group home that Beatriz is both a victim and witness. Vincent says goodbye, saying he will do his best to keep tabs on her. Beatriz gives him a picture she had drawn earlier and tells him to keep it.

That night, Alex breaks into the group home and finds Beatriz’s room. As he shines the light in her face, she turns over. He then sees her drawings as she wakes up and he realizes the truth; she is a child. Beatriz is scared, promising she won’t say anything, and begs for her life. Alex is horrified, and quickly leaves.

Alex contacts Borden to meet him at an isolated truck stop. When Borden has his guard down, Alex attacks him. Alex is furious that the target was a child, and tells Borden he won’t do it. Borden says Alex is a professional and will do the job, or they will tell his bosses in Mexico.

“I won’t fucking do it!” Alex snarls. “Are you deaf?”

Alex tells Borden that if the contract for Beatriz isn’t called off, not only will he keep the flash drives, but Borden will answer to him.

At a high rise building, businesswoman and philanthropist Davana Sealman (Monica Bellucci) gets out of her car as she negotiates a donation for a hospital wing. Borden calls her, and tells her that Alex knows about him, the flash drives, and Beatriz. He tells her that Alex wants Beatriz spared and he’ll turn over the drives. Davana says she can understand Alex’s point of view but she will ultimately handle it. She then tells Borden to never contact her again.

At the hotel bar, Alex is having a drink when he sees Maya being accosted by a drunk attempting to procure her services as an escort. Alex slams the man’s head into the bar, and tells him to leave. Charmed, Maya has a drink with him.

Vincent sits at his house alone, drinking. The camera pans to a photo of a woman and child, his family.

Linda and Hugo have a drink at the bar. Hugo is angry that the superiors are giving up the case. Linda says they should take comfort in that Beatriz is safe. Noticing his necklace with six charms of St. Inez, Linda wants to know the story. Hugo tells her that a 13 year old girl was kidnapped and murdered. Her family posted fliers everywhere. Hugo notes that everyone knew that military officer committed the murder. Hugo spent months building a quiet case, only for it to be turned over to the military, who buried it. In response to Hugo’s attempt to get justice for the dead girl, the girl’s mother, aunt, and three sisters were murdered and their bodies were hung outside Hugo’s office as a means to taunt him. He tells Linda that she should learn the prayer of St. Inez.

Alex is in bed with Maya at the hotel when he begins convulsing, falling to the floor. Maya wakes up and comforts him, thinking he just had a bad dream. Alex knows better. He’s getting worse.

The next morning, Vincent drives up to the group home, which is now a crime scene. Someone has murdered Beatriz. Vincent is horrified and furious that he could not protect her.

Meanwhile, Alex and Maya are getting dressed when he sees the news of Beatriz’s murder. For a moment, Alex is not sure that he didn’t do it himself and forcefully asks Maya if he was in the room all night with her. After she confirms it, he tells her he is leaving and she needs to forget ever meeting him.

As Hugo is getting into a taxi to leave for Mexico, he sees the news about Beatriz being killed. He gets out of the car. He has no plans to leave yet.

Alex heads to his car, but knows he is a wanted man now and gets out his gun. He goes to his car, only to find a bomb underneath. Suddenly he is under fire. Mauricio has come to kill him. As Alex takes cover, Maya arrives, saying he forgot his pills. As he tries to push her to safety, Mauricio shoots Maya through the throat. She dies in Alex’s arms and he is saddened and enraged that she died due to him. After exchanging gunfire, Alex gets the drop on him, knocking him out cold. Alex places Maya’s body in the trunk of his car. In the driver seat he has tied up Mauricio. Mauricio asks when he went soft, and that their bosses will kill him for this. “Happy Retirement Maury,” Alex says mockingly, walking away. As Mauricio screams his name, Alex triggers the bomb, killing Mauricio.

Davana meets with her doctor, Dr. Meyers (Atanas Srebrev) who she pays top dollar to keep her in her youthful prime.

Vincent meets with Mora and learns about the car bomb, thinking it is linked to the other recent crimes. Mora says when they know more they will let Vincent know. He also gives his condolences for Beatriz’s death.

At the local bar, Hugo reconnects with Vincent telling him he couldn’t go back; only he, Linda, and Vincent cared about Beatriz. “I can do things both of you can’t…as a concerned citizen,” Hugo notes. Vincent says Nussbaum won’t like it, but Hugo tells him he doesn’t work for Nussbaum. Vincent agrees.

Borden is at a gym, working on a treadmill. A car pulls up, the lights blinding him. A figure walks up to his window in the rain, and pulls out a gun. It’s Alex, keeping his promise of retribution. He shoots Borden in the head.

Alex takes up residence in the basement of the abandoned bakery. In the basement, he checks the flash drives on a laptop. The first is a conversation between Ellis Van Camp and Davana. Ellis was threatening Davana with what he knew, with Davana discreetly threatening him back. On the second flash drive he finds pictures of Davana with her son Randy (Josh Taylor). He also finds pictures and video of Randy sexually abusing Beatriz. Realizing why he was really contracted for the job, Alex shuts the laptop in abhorrent disgust.

Vincent, Linda, and Hugo arrive at the Borden crime scene. When Nussbaum arrives, Vincent successfully argues that Borden, Beatriz and Maya’s murder may be connected, so if they have a cartel hit man on the loose, they need to get ahead of it, and they need Hugo for backup. Nussbaum agrees, but tells them he wants constant updates.

The next morning, Randy barges into his mom’s office. He knows about Borden’s murder and knows he will be next for what he has done. Davana tells that he needs to leave El Paso immediately. In a day’s time, after a party he is attending, he will take the company jet to Geneva, Switzerland. He will then check into rehab for his “issues.” Away from the authorities, Davana can clean up the mess with Alex, and then hire the best lawyers to make his crimes go away. However, he does need to get help. Randy breaks down crying and tells his mother he is sorry for putting her in this position; Davana knows what he has done, who he is, but as her only child, is willing to put the full force of her wealth and status to protect him.

Back at the office, Vincent learns one set of .32 rounds killed Beatriz and Maya, while another set killed Borden which means they have two shooters. Vincent gets a call. It’s Alex. He tells Vincent that powerful men had part in hurting Beatriz. Men like Van Camp and Borden who he killed. He denies killing Beatriz, telling Vincent Mauricio killed her. He tells Vincent that the people behind this are too powerful. He wants to believe that Vincent is a good man. Alex knows he is a bad man, but those responsible have to pay for what they did. “If I can’t finish this, you have to,” Alex says. As Linda traces the call, Vincent realizes Alex is outside on a park bench. He rushes outside but is too late. Alex is gone. Linda thinks he is messing with them, but Alex notes that government bureaucracy causes them to waste years trying to convict one abuser. He notes Alex said they were “too powerful” and surmises that Alex is killing the traffickers they can’t get to, and leaving them clues to catch up.

Hugo goes to see Will Borden’s wife, who had previously noted a connection with the Van Camp family. Maryanne tries to seduce him but Hugo wants information. When pressed, Maryanne mentions Borden was talking on the phone about a man from Mexico with Davana Sealman. Maryanne tells him to never come back.

At the office, Hugo relays the new information to the team. Linda notes they are going after one of the wealthiest real estate developers in the nation. Linda searches Borden’s name. While he wasn’t a lawyer for Davana, he was a lawyer for her son Randy. Randy it turns out owned the detention center that Beatriz stayed in and Van Camp help build it. Vincent surmises that Alex is going to kill Randy Sealman next.

That night, on a private yacht, Randy parties. Linda, Hugo and Vincent are there to watch him. Randy goes downstairs and coerces a waitress to go with him to his room.

Vincent gets out of his car and finds the broken remnants of a pill bottle. He realizes that Alex is already on the boat and runs onboard to begin to search it.

Randy tells the waitress to take her clothes off, more or less forcing her to have sex with him. When she goes to the bathroom, Alex grabs her mouth to silence her. He tells her to lock the door the second he leaves. She nods in agreement. Randy is naked on the bed, his head down, waiting for her. Alex grabs a pillow, puts it over his head, and fires twice, killing Randy. “SCUM,” Alex growls.

Vincent and Linda find the body. Vincent goes back out on deck, and sees Alex off the boat. He gives chase, and hears a car alarm. It is a trap however, and Alex gets the drop on him, telling him to drop his gun. Alex tells Vincent that he has done crazy things, “but you don’t hurt children, ever.” Alex tells him he is running out of time. Vincent says he knows Alex isn’t well.

“We all have to die, Vincent. What matters is what you do before you go,” Alex says.

As Alex tries to get into his car, Hugo arrives and points his gun. A standoff ensues, with Vincent trying to calm Hugo. After seemingly calming him, Alex drives off, only for Hugo to shoot at his car. Alex escapes but is wounded. When he arrives back to town, he steals a jeep and drives off.

Nussbaum meets with Vincent who tells him Davana is devastated and enraged by the death of her only son. Vincent tells his boss that Alex is their shooter but most of his killings are not hits; he wants revenge for the death of Beatriz.

Alex passes out in the jeep, only for a motorcycle cop to knock on his window. As he tries to talk his way out of it, the cop sees a gun and draws his. Alex panics and accidentally shoots the cop dead. Alex goes back to the bakery and cleans his wounds, cauterizing his gunshot with liquor and fire.

The next morning, Linda and Vincent hear about the death of the cop, surmising Alex got spooked. Vincent says they need to find him before El Paso PD does as they will more or less kill him on sight. Linda says she has learned more about Alex. As it turns out he is an El Paso resident, him and his brother. His father was physically and sexually abusive, but no charges ever stuck (which explains why Alex does not and will not harm children). Alex and his father supposedly died in a bakery fire; in truth, Alex killed his dad and faked his death. They note his brother is practically a “vegetable” with advanced Alzheimer’s. Vincent tells her to get a warrant for the bakery.

Hugo goes to check the bakery. Alex is still in the basement and hastily puts the gun back together. However, Hugo leaves soon after.

Back at the office, Vincent theorizes that if Alex cannot kill Davana, he wanted Vincent to bring her to justice. However, all their evidence is tied to Alex and the only address they have is the bakery. Hugo says there is nothing there but pigeon crap, but Linda says the jeep Alex stole had traces of pigeon crap in it.

Vincent and his team go back to the bakery to find they had just missed Alex.

Det. Mora is at Sealman’s building protecting her with numerous officers. Suddenly, numerous police vehicles have their alarms triggered. That is just a distraction so he can slip in. Holding an officer hostage, he gets him into an elevator to the floor Davana is on. After a brief standoff, Alex exchanges fire with the officers, incapacitating them by shooting their body armor. He runs up to the roof and the officers follow but it is just a trick, as Alex gets on a window cleaner and shoots through a glass window to where Mora and Davana are. He knocks Mora out with the rifle before dropping it for his pistol, confronting Davana.

“You killed my son,” Davana says.

“Yes,” Alex replies. “And I know what you did.”

Alex grabs her and puts the gun under her chin and pulls the trigger but nothing happens. He tries several times, but nothing happens. Det. Mora wakes up and knocks Alex out. Back at the bakery, Linda finds something on the ground; the firing pin for Alex’s pistol. He had forgotten about it.

Det. Mora, having Alex in his custody, proceeds to beat him half to death for the death of the officer Alex accidentally killed. Alex says he will only speak to Vincent, but Mora will not budge.

Back at the office, Vincent is told by Linda they got a package from the bakery address. It is one of the flash drives that have the videos of Randy raping Beatriz. He shows this to Nussbaum who is incredulous. Vincent wants Alex in FBI custody but his boss doesn’t want the hassle. Vincent tells his boss that it appears that powerful people don’t want Alex to talk and implies what that truly means.

Alex is transferred to the hospital and Vincent sees his injuries. He calls out Det. Mora for beating him up and implies he is being paid off by Davana. Vincent, Linda and Hugo go to see Alex and give him his pills though he notes they will not do him good much longer. Alex says he wants Davana to pay but they note she isn’t tied to any of it. Alex disagrees; he knows she hired him to kill Ellis Van Camp and Beatriz. While he killed Ellis, he wouldn’t kill a child. Vincent nods and agrees, knowing of Alex’s past abuse.

Davana is met by her doctor. She wants revenge and gives him a vial of drugs that will kill Alex. She wants him to poison him for 10 million dollars. Dr. Meyers balks, citing his Hippocratic Oath to do no harm. Undeterred, Davana tries another tactic; blackmail. As it turns out, Dr. Meyers also had sex with underage girls that her son procured. If he won’t help her, she’ll expose him. She notes that “Randy was weak, but he was my son. You are not.”

Alex gives a written statement, but Vincent says given his profession as a killer and his lack of time left to live (he has 3 to 6 months at most), his statement will not do much in court against Davana. Alex says he wants justice.

“You really expect us to find justice?” Vincent asks.

“I expect you to try,” Alex says.

Vincent then tells Alex a story. A driver who was drunk crashes into a car on the side of the road which has a flat, killing the driver. Her son jumps out of the car screaming, and the man backs up and intentionally kills the boy to leave no witnesses. He then sets his car on fire, but is seen by a girl. However, after three line ups, the girl cannot pick the man she saw, so even though they know they have the right guy, they have to let him go. Vincent tells him this to prove memory is not always reliable and justice is not guaranteed. Alex realizes Vincent is talking about the death of his own family.

Alex says he has more evidence, a phone call that Davana made to Van Camp. However he cannot remember where he hid it.

Vincent and Nussbaum meet with his superior, Andy Vilalobos, with the first flash drive. Vilalobos tells them that he is glad Randy Sealman is dead. Vincent tells him Davana was covering for her son for his crimes and hired Alex to kill Beatriz. Vilalobos says they cannot go on the word of a contract killer who is dying of Alzheimer’s. Vincent says there is a recording of Davana threatening Van Camp. They just have to find it. As Vincent leaves, when Nussbaum asks his boss if he is up for the case they have to make, he makes it clear that he isn’t.

Vincent once again goes to Alex, saying they need the recording or Davana will walk. Alex still cannot remember.

Dr. Meyers sneaks into the hospital to kill Alex. However, Alex notices he doesn’t use an alcohol swab and attacks him. El Paso SWAT is called into the hostage situation. Vincent and the team arrive, learning that Alex will only talk to him. Alex comes out with a sheet over his head with Dr. Meyers. A sniper shoots who he thinks is Alex but kills Dr. Meyers instead; Alex had made him switch clothes. Jumping into an SUV that Vincent was driving, he quickly interrogates him. Alex realizes that Davana sent the doctor to kill him and she might kill Vincent to bury the whole case. Vincent agrees that might happen. Alex begins to stumble, misspelling bury as “B-E-R-Y.”

Alex says Vincent once said that justice wasn’t guaranteed, which Vincent agrees he said that. Resignation crosses Alex’s face. “We owe it to that child Vincent,” he says. Alex drops his gun, stepping outside of the SUV and the SWAT team gun him down.

Vincent and Linda pack up the office, defeated. However, Vincent sees a picture of the bakery, which only has four letters left, B-E-R-Y. Vincent realizes he remembered. Vincent and Linda go to the bakery and find the flash drive.

Vincent plays it for Nussbaum and Vilalobos. However, Vilalobos says it is not enough, it is circumstantial at best. In addition, since Alex is now dead, they now have even less to go on. Most cynically, Vilalobos notes even if Davana Sealman gave Alex a gun, money, and a person to kill, and she would still get away with it. Vincent loses his cool at this point, completely enraged that the institutions that are supposed to help the powerless bow down to money and power. He screams that they all know that Randy Sealman used the detention centers to prostitute children and his mother covered it up. Vincent ultimately calls his bosses cowards. For his outburst, Vincent is suspended, told to take a long leave of absence.

That night, Linda comes to Vincent’s apartment and tells him they are going out drinking to celebrate his suspension. They arrive at the bar.

Around the same time, Davana Sealman is at her mansion, playing cards in her backyard and drinking a glass of wine. Suddenly, a man comes up behind her and violently cuts her throat. Within seconds, she bleeds out and dies.

Back at the bar, Vincent tells Linda he has had enough to drink. Linda reaches for her wallet but claims she forgot about it. Vincent grabs his credit card and gives it to the bartender. As he waits for the check, he sees the news report about the death of Davana Sealman at her home. Linda starts speaking in Spanish (the prayer of St. Inez) while Vincent looks at her in shock.

“Did you just give me an alibi?” Vincent asks.

“Amen,” Linda replies with a knowing smirk.

In the desert, a man burns his clothes and throws his knife in the fire. He takes off his mask and burns it too. The man who killed Davana was Hugo. Not willing to let another injustice happen, he conspired with Linda to give Vincent an alibi while he finished the job Alex started. As no longer part of the task force, he is above suspicion. Hugo drives off back to Mexico as the film ends.

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Alex Lewis (Liam Neeson) is an aging hitman who is slowly succumbing to Alzheimer's disease. Pressured by his bosses into doing another job, he finds out one of his targets is a 13 year old girl who had been prostituted by her own father. Alex angrily refuses and orders the contract be called off or he will rain retribution on those responsible.

The girl is murdered regardless and Alex becomes a target, so with the last ounces of his skills, he begins cleaning house, killing everyone involved the abuse and murder of the girl. He attempts to kill Davana Sealman (Monica Bellucci) who was covering up the crimes of her son Randy (who Alex killed). However, Alex ultimately fails due to forgetting to put the firing pin back into his gun.

Alex is ultimately killed by the police, but not before giving honest FBI agent Vincent Serra (Guy Pearce) a clue to locate evidence to put Davana in jail and get justice for the dead girl. Vincent recovers it, but learns his bosses find it circumstantial at best with Alex now dead. Furthermore, they believe Davana is so untouchable that all the evidence would not matter. Vincent calls his bosses cowards and is suspended.

Vincent goes out drinking with his teammate Linda. That same night, a masked man kills Davana at her home. As Vincent pays for the drinks, he sees the news of Davana's death and realizes Linda gave him an alibi. As it turns out, Hugo, a Mexican officer on loan to the FBI and Vincent's teammate, killed Davana, to make sure she would not escape justice. He then returns to Mexico.