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A year before the events of the Jujutsu Kaisen anime series, November 2016, open on a Tokyo High School. A 16-year-old student named Yuta Okkotsu is being bullied by four seniors on graduation day. Alone and afraid, Yuta begs them to stop. When one of them threatens to kill him, he calls out the name, “Rika!” A cursed spirit emerges from the walls and gravely injures the bullies, keeping Yuta safe. The incident is documented in a log of cursed spirit manifestations. As the rain pours outside, Yuta repeats, “I’m sorry,” as the blood of the injured students spills out of a closet.

In the next scene, Yuta is being held in detention while Satoru Gojo debates his fate with the Jujutsu Council. He argues that the boy shouldn’t be executed as he was in control of the curse and consented to its manifestation. His power is immense, able to turn the tables on three grade 2 sorcerers as well as a grade 1 sorcerer, which was why he was placed in Gojo’s care. Gojo decides that Yuta will attend Tokyo’s Jujutsu High. Gojo speaks to Yuta about a deformed knife he found. Yuta tells him that he tried to use the knife to kill himself, but Rika wouldn’t let him. Gojo drops the knife and tells Yuta that he is attending a new school starting now. Yuta refuses, saying that he doesn’t want to hurt anyone, so he is never going outside again. Gojo suggests that that will make him lonely. He further explains that the curse placed on Yuta has the power to save people depending on how it is used. He instructs Yuta to learn how to use that power.

In the introduction sequence, Yuta wakes up and dresses as a student of Jujutsu High, wearing a necklace with a ring underneath his school uniform. He meets with Gojo. First-year students Maki Ze’nin, Toge Inukami and Panda talk about the new transfer student’s incident as they walk to class. Panda clarifies that the students were only gravely injured, but not killed. Maki asserts herself that she’ll set him straight, while Toge only says “Tuna mayo?” and “Bonito flakes.”

Gojo excitedly introduces Yuta to the class. The students are not so excited, with Maki and Toge commenting. Yuta hesitates as he walks in, sensing the mood. Immediately, Rika’s presence is known to the first-year sorcerers and they spring into action, cornering Yuta against the chalkboard before he can even introduce himself. Maki scolds Yuta for attending Jujutsu High with a cursed spirit.

In a cut scene, Gojo explains how 10,000 mysterious deaths in Japan every year are due to curses, which are manifested by the negative emotions of people. Among these are also malicious cases caused by curse users. Jujutsu High is where select people are taught to exorcise the curses. All students are shocked that Yuta is just finding this out now. Gojo quickly warns the students to back away, as Yuta’s curse is quite powerful. Rika emerges briefly and warns them not to bully him.

In a flashback, we are shown a ten-year-old Yuta with his childhood friend Rika Orimoto in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture. For Yuta’s birthday, Rika gives him the ring that he now wears around his neck. She tells him that it is an engagement ring so that when they grow up, they can get married. Their excitement is short-lived as Rika is hit by a car and killed that same day. As Yuta looks on in horror, bystanders call and report the incident to the police. Yuta suddenly noticed the curse of Rika grabbing his legs, promising to marry him when they grow up.

Back in the present, Gojo explains to the first years that if they bully Yuta, Rika will kill them. The students, injured by Rika’s manifestation, comply. Gojo introduces the class to Yuta. Maki Ze’nin is a cursed tool user and an expert in weapons. Toge Inumaki is a cursed speech user, who only speaks in rice ball ingredients so as not to accidentally curse anyone. And Panda, a conscious living being imbued with cursed energy known as a “corpse.” Yuta and Maki have private thoughts individually that disagree with Gojo’s teaching style. Gojo pairs Mai with Yuta for an afternoon assignment. She is displeased. On their way, Yuta attempts to make small talk with her, but she calls him out on being bullied before. She analyzes his situation where Rika has been protecting him, but he still acts as though he is the victim. She warns him that Jujutsu High requires him to have a goal in order to succeed. Panda and Toge interrupt her, and she storms off. Panda apologizes to Yuta for her behavior, and Toge agrees with him. However, Yuta sees her point.

Gojo leads the pair to an elementary school where two children are missing, supposedly taken by a curse. Maki explains to Yuta that schools and hospitals tend to have many negative emotions associated with them, which makes them a receptacle for curses. As negative emotions build up, they can cause a curse to be born. Gojo continues with their assignment: to retrieve the children, alive or dead. Gojo then drops a veil to help them find the curse while remaining undetected to the human world. Gojo closes the veil advises them to try not to die. With no time to react, the veil closes and Yuta is forced into watching Maki do battle with several low grade curses. As Maki takes out the curses effortlessly, she tells Yuta that weaker curses tend to group together, similar to weaker people. Yuta is amazed at her abilities and how easy it is for her to exorcise curses. He follows her inside.

While exploring the inside of the school, Yuta is scared and tries to make conversation with Maki by calling her “Ms. Ze’nin” (“Ze’nin-san”). She warns him not to use her family name, and answers his question. There are several low grade curses around the school, but they seem to be hiding, and not attacking. She wonders if it is because of Yuta and Rika. Maki asks Yuta his ranking (from 4 to 1), and is shocked that he doesn’t recall getting ranked. Frustrated, she refers to Gojo as the “dumb blindfolded guy,” and asks for Yuta’s student ID. His ID ranks him as special grade, even higher than a grade 1. She is at first confused, but doesn’t have time to think about it as they are approached by a gigantic curse, which blows out the side of the building. Maki tries to attack the curse with her weapon, but it is knocked out of her hand, and the two are swallowed. The curse says, “Thanks for the meal,” as Maki’s weapon falls to the roof of the school.

Inside the curse’s stomach, Maki shouts in anger at herself for losing her tool. Yuta is so shocked he needs to be reminded that they were swallowed, and explains that he doesn’t know how to summon Rika. Maki tells him that help will come for them once the veil drops, but is still angry about their situation. They hear a cry for help and find the two children. Both have been affected by the curse, with the younger one unconscious. When Yuta asks what they can do for them, Maki tries to explain that not everyone can resist cursed energy like Yuta can, but she faints. Yuta notices the curse manifesting in Maki, and the child begs him to help. Yuta says that he can’t help, but Maki wakes up and demands an answer: Why did Yuta come to Jujutsu High? What does he want to achieve? Yuta tells her that he doesn’t want anyone to get hurt anymore. He agreed with Gojo that locking himself away would make him lonely. He wants to be needed by others so that he can feel confidence that he is living a worthy life. Maki advises him to exorcise curses over and over again, confidence and friends will come after that. That’s the way in Jujutsu High. As she falls to the ground, she reveals his necklace with the ring, with Yuta puts on.

Yuta asks Rika to lend him her strength. Immediately, the curse is torn apart by Rika as Gojo watches the carnage from outside the veil. He comments on how terrifying her curse really is. Rika embellishes in her fully manifested strength, Yuta carries Maki and the children to the veil. As he feels himself losing strength, a vision of Rika’s child form encourages Yuta to push on. The vision helps him make it outside as the veil is dropped. Gojo commends Yuta on a job well done. Later at the hospital, Gojo asks why Yuta doesn’t seem satisfied that Maki and the children will make full recoveries. Yuta looks at the ring on his finger and mentions that it was the first time he was able to summon Rika voluntarily. Gojo compliments him on making progress in understanding his power. As a child walks by rolling an IV drip, Yuta has a flashback to meeting Rika in the hospital, when he would go on the same walks. They later become close friends, often playing together in the playground. He remembers again Rika’s face as he accepted her proposal of marriage. With a different understanding now, Yuta proposes the idea the he may have cursed Rika, not the other way around. Gojo offers a theory of his own: there is no curse more twisted than love. Yuta promises Gojo that he will break Rika’s curse while at Jujutsu High. Gojo smiles. Back at the elementary school, a man walks up to Yuta’s student ID, dropped during the encounter with the curse.

Gojo is being scolded by the Council once again, this time for allowing Yuta to fully manifest the Rika curse for 422 seconds. Gojo makes no excuse, and assures them that he would have risked his life to protect the students if things got out of control. He also states that he doesn’t understand how Rika, who doesn’t come from any line of Jujutsu sorcerers, could become such a powerful curse. They can’t control what they don’t understand, and therefore Gojo believes that it ought to be left to trial and error. He is reminded that Yuta’s execution has only been suspended. And Gojo reminds them that, if it comes to that, he will side with Yuta.

As he approaches the track, Gojo talks to himself about the outdated ways of the Council. He says that youth shouldn’t be taken away as he changes from his sunglasses into a grey blindfold. He observes Yuta running with Toge and Maki, who are much faster. Gojo shows Yuta the armory. He explains how difficult it can be to exorcise a curse as powerful as Rika, but a curse can still be broken. There are thousands upon thousands of knots of cursed energy within each and every curse. These knots need to be unraveled, one by one. It can only be done by Yuta, the one cursed by Rika. Gojo gives Yuta a katana, and explains how he ca imbue Rika’s cursed energy into the blade as it was imbued into the ring. As Yuta does this more and more, he can gain full control of Rika’s cursed energy using the katana. Once he does that, they will both be free. Gojo also reminds him that in order to properly wield the katana, he will also have to learn swordsmanship. So his training begins.

Yuta faces Maki with a wooden practice sword. Maki takes him on with a bo staff as Panda and Toge watch on. Yuta is strong, but Maki is noticeably faster and more agile. Maki lands a blow when Gojo inadvertently distracts Yuta, then finally takes him down. Yuta asks if it was necessary for her to be so brutal during practice. She tells him that he should treat it like a real battle, and that receiving pain or not makes a difference in how fast he will grow. He gets up and challenges her again. Panda and Gojo discuss Yuta’s maturing over the past three months at Jujutsu High. Toge agrees. As Panda notices Maki’s changes in behavior, he realizes that she hasn’t been able to spar with another weapon user. He calls out to Yuta and asks him is he prefers big or small breasts on a woman. Embarrassed, Yuta says he likes them somewhat big. Panda excitedly calls out to Maki that she has a chance. Maki is furious and has an argument with Panda off-screen. When Yuta asks Toge what the commotion was all about, Toge just says, “Kelp,” and turns back to them. Not understanding, Yuta begins to worry about Toge’s character, being that he is so reserved and never speaks like a regular person. Gojo returns with an assignment for Toge, telling him he was specifically requested. Panda explains to Yuta the Toge is the only grade 2 sorcerer among the first years, which permits him to go on missions alone. Yuta is impressed by the status, and Maki thinks to herself how Yuta still doesn’t realize he is more powerful as a special grade. Gojo assigns Yuta to go with Toge to observe the use of cursed speech as a means of exorcising curses. Gojo reminds Yuta that, in order to break curses, one must learn to understand them. While waiting to be taken to the assignment, Toge accidentally startles Yuta when greeting him. Gojo tells Yuta that he won’t be accompanying them since this is a mission Toge should be able to do alone. He only warns Yuta not to let Rika out, and only use what power of hers is imbued into the sword. He tells him if he lets her out, they will both be killed. Yuta is shocked by Gojo’s humor at the situation as they are driven away.

Yuta and Toge are dropped at the Hapina Shopping District, a mostly abandoned area being considered for demolition in order to build a mall. Kiyotaka Ijichi debriefs them on the assignment. During inspection, several low grade curses were found in the shopping center, and Toge Inumaki was requested to exorcise them. When Yuta notices Toge is absent, he suddenly appears from the corner store with a small bottle of throat spray. Ijichi finishes explaining how important it is that they exorcise the curses, lest the mall be opened with them still infesting it. He wishes them both luck and draws a veil.

Yuta walks with Toge in search of the curses. They notice a group of curses manifested as a school of talking fish swimming together into a vortex. Yuta recalls Maki’s advice that weaker curses tend to group together. Yuta feels that even this many curses, whatever grade, would be impossible to take out in one fell swoop. Toge lowers his scarf, revealing the tribal markings on his face and tongue as he calls out the curse, “EXPLODE!” All curses immediately pop simultaneously and fall to the ground. Yuta asks if that was all they needed to do. Toge replies, “Tuna mayo,” with a scratchy voice. Yuta realizes the necessity for the throat spray. He is amazed by Toge’s power but understands the cost that comes with it. The veil does not drop, and the two grow suspicious. A powerful curse appears behind the two as a man watches on unseen by them. Toge attempts to break the curse’s left hand by calling out, “TWIST,” but the effort is too much for him, and he collapses to the ground. Yuta saves him from an attack by the curse, and carries him away, dropping the throat spray in the process.

As they consider their situation, Yuta deduces that they will need to exorcise the stronger curse in order to drop the veil. Toge tries to go on by himself, but Yuta relents, thanking Toge for his honesty and enthusiastically joining him in the fight together. Yuta engages the curse with Rika allowing her cursed energy to be imbued into the blade. Yuta is able to dodge the curse’s attacks while he considers Toge’s power and why he only speaks in rice ball ingredients, so as not to speak words that carry curses. Yuta picks up the throat spray where it fell. As he takes a hit by the curse, he throws Toge the throat spray, which he immediately drinks before calling out to the curse, “GET CRUSHED,” fully exorcising the curse. Yuta and Toge high five each other in celebration of their mutual victory.

Yuta considers that, once he breaks Rika’s curse, he may become an ordinary person. If he is an ordinary person, he would have no reason to stay at Jujutsu High. While thinking about how he wants to be useful to everyone, they come back to their prior issue: the veil is still up. From afar, the mysterious man from the elementary school monologues about how he was hoping to see the Rika curse, as he too is special grade. The curses around him provide Yuta’s ID card that he found earlier. The man says that he needs to return the ID to him as well.

While Toge waters plants back at the school, Panda discusses his power in more depth with Yuta. Toge was born with cursed speech. As a child, he would sometimes curse people without meaning to. Since Yuta seems to have a similar problem, Toge has been worried about him since he transferred in. Panda asks Yuta to be kind to him, which surprises Yuta, as though he would be anything else. Maki calls Yuta away to train with her and Panda laughs at her obvious flirtations. Yuta tries to deflect by asking Maki her advice on imbuing Rika’s cursed energy into the katana. Maki tells him not to ask her about cursed energy. Yuta is shocked by her response, though Panda’s expression is understanding.

At the shopping district, Gojo is given a report on residual curses left after Toge and Yuta finished. Gojo investigates for himself and immediately notices a scent before taking note of all the property damage. He looks up to where the man had been sitting while watching the boys and recalls Ijichi telling him that a second veil was dropped on top of his, and the stronger curse that Toge and Yuta exorcised was semi-grade 1. Ijichi scolds himself for not being more prepared, but Gojo dismisses it as he was simply outclassed. Ijichi asks Gojo if he knows who did it.

In a classroom, the mystery man is shown in front of three banners that read “Love to the Strong,” “Punishment to the Weak,” “Death to Fools.” Gojo narrates that he is Suguru Geto, a special grade curse user who was expelled from Jujutsu High along with three others for cursing over 100 normal people to death. Gojo calls him the worst curse user.

At Geto’s home, a woman anxiously waits with her mother for an audience with the man. Geto sits leaning on a small stool while he describes the young woman’s problem. He can see the curse which she cannot, and it is constantly touching her physically. Geto manges to remove the curse and manifest it into a small sphere that he catches in his hand. The young lady immediately feels better and takes her leave, praising Geto with her mother. As they leave Geto, refers to the women as stupid monkeys who cannot use jujutsu. His assistant warns him of his hubris as she reminds him of his meeting with the leaders. Geto sprays a deodorant to take care of the “monkey smell” before going inside. As he gleefully follows his assistant, they are approached by another customer who is very frustrated with Geto’s “failed” exorcism of his curse. The assistant confirms that the customer has paid over ¥105 million, but made no donations for six months. Geto turns to the customer and explains that he is a money collecting monkey, and now that he has run out of money, there is no more use for him. Geto swallows the sphere from before and snaps his fingers. A group of small curses suck on the man’s face in different areas until blood splatters on the wall in front of Geto and pools closer to his assistant’s feet. Disgusted, Geto turns to her and reminds her that this is why he calls them monkeys. Geto enters a room and meets with the leaders – a group of his own kids with whom he plans to build a paradise for jujutsu sorcerers, starting by declaring war on Jujutsu High.

At the school, Yuta gets a bad feeling, but it is dismissed by his classmates as Gojo and principal Masamichi Yaga watch on. Gojo reassures the principal that he is positive it was Suguru Geto. Knowing he is on his way the principal angrily departs and orders all senior sorcerers to meet out front. Maki, Panda, and Toge realize that Yuta’s intuition was right as they notice a curse in the form of a four-winged pelican that drops off Geto and his gang. Geto immediately rushes to introduce himself to Yuta. He attempts to persuade Yuta to his cause, but is interrupted by Gojo, accompanied by the principal and the rest. To taunt him, Geto calls out Maki as her clan’s “failure,” which she doesn’t take well. Geto warns her that the world he envisions doesn’t need “monkeys” like her. With that, Yuta decides that he cannot side with someone who insults his friends. Geto attempts to apologize, but is interrupted once again by Gojo, demanding the reason for his presence. Geto announces to the school that on December 24th, he and his gang will conduct the Night Parade of a Hundred Demons in Shinjuku, Tokyo and Kyoto. Geto threatens the students with several curses one last time before departing with everyone. In a flashback, we hear Geto discussing his vision for jujutsu sorcerers in which they are the protectors of non-sorcerers. Gojo disagrees with his philosophy, considering it righteous. In a crowded scene, Geto asks, “Are you the strongest because you’re Satoru Gojo, or are you Satoru Gojo because you are the strongest?” Geto suggests that if he were as strong as Gojo, his ideals would suddenly stop seeming so righteous, and decides to go his own way. Gojo makes a gesture in his direction as he walks away.

Afterward, Ijichi presents a report on Geto, revealing that his operation is setup as a sort of religious organization to help “cure” people of curses. They correlate his potential strength with the declining trend in the number of reported curses in recent years. Ijichi confirms that it is likely Geto is in possession of over 2,000 curses, as he warned when visiting. Yaga figures the curses would have to be mostly weak in order for him to possess that many. He thinks there could be as many as 50 sorcerers on Geto’s side by now. Gojo doesn’t see why Geto would try to start a way he couldn’t win, and Yaga orders a call for aid to go out to all alumni, the three major clans, and the Ainu Jujutsu Society. Meanwhile, Geto laughs as he mocks the principal’s reaction to his team.

On December 24th, Geto sends teams to Shinjuku, Tokyo, and Kyoto to distract the sorcerers while he faces Yuta unprotected at the school. His strategy is to kill Yuta and obtain Rika, a special grade curse that would tilt the odds to his favor. Even if Rika isn’t bound to Yuta, Geto is still powerful enough to absorb her after killing her host the same way he absorbed the cursed spirit plaguing the young woman from before. Geto kills the guards at Jujutsu High effortlessly while Yuta and Maki make the best of their time.

Maki opens up to Yuta about how she comes from the Ze’nin clan, known for their power as jujutsu sorcerers. However, Maki does not possess the ability to see curses without her glasses. She cannot even imbue cursed energy into her tools. In spite of her shortcomings, she was able to get into Jujutsu High and away from her clan’s homeland, which she detests. Yuta recalls the times she rebuffed his attempts to ask her about herself, but sees now that she enjoys nothing more than jujutsu sorcery, even if she says she is only doing it to spite her family. Yuta admires her determination and compliments her on being so strong and unyielding. Maki flashes back to her mother speaking down to her in front of everyone in the clan, and is truly touched by Yuta’s comment, but refuses to show him gratitude. Instead, she pretends to tell him off, but he giggles with her as she leaves the room. Maki blushes as she tells herself not to think this means she has been accepted.

Geto casts a veil around Jujutsu High as several curses descend upon the cities. Gojo sees a challenge in Miguel, a cursed rope user. Miguel discusses the plan with Manami to stall the sorcerers in the cities until Geto obtains Rika after killing Yuta. Maki meets Geto in the yard and challenges him. Gojo notices that Geto is not around, and wonders if he may be in another city. Ijichi arrives with a report on the investigation Gojo requested on Yuta. After the report is given, Gojo alarmingly returns Toge and Panda to the school to help Yuta. He tells them that he will come to help after taking care of the “foreigner” (Miguel). When Miguel and Manami notice Gojo teleporting the two, they realize he must have figured it out. Manami calls to twins Kimiko and Nanako to engage. They step out of a curse’s mouth as Miguel calls out a challenge to Gojo. Gojo reveals his cursed eyes beneath the blindfold and says he is in a hurry.

Toge and Panda appear outside the veil and drop down to it. Geto notices a hole has been broken in his veil as he walks through the blood of a fallen Maki. Geto underestimates their speed and is attacked by Panda, who takes Gorilla form to give him all he has. Geto impales him using Maki’s staff, but since Geto misses his soul, he is able to survive. As Panda falls, Toge appears and calls to Geto the curse, “PLUMMET!” Geto’s body is crushed into the training ground, and the power causes Toge to cough up some blood. Panda runs to Maki, who is still alive. Geto emerges from behind them with another attack. Yuta hears it and thinks it is another earthquake.

Geto walks around Maki, Toge and Panda’s unconscious bodies (and Panda’s arms have been completely mangled). He expresses admiration for fellow jujutsu sorcerers rallying to protect their peer Yuta, just as he had hoped for in the world of jujutsu sorcerers Geto had envisioned. Yuta arrives carrying his katana. He sees his classmates laid out and hears Toge whisper “Run…away” as Geto continues to monologue to Yuta. Enraged, Yuta calls to Rika, fully manifesting her for the second time in the jujutsu log. Geto and Yuta exchange threats of killing the other. Geto attempts to send several low-grade curses at them, but Yuta is able to take them out with his katana while Rika gathers the other students. On a terrace, Yuta casts a healing spell on his friends. Rika begins to shake Maki, accusing her of being responsible for Yuta’s misery. Yuta sternly tells Rika to treat Maki with care. Rika defensively cries for Yuta’s forgiveness, which he gives her with a promise that he could never be mad at her. She notices Geto and asks Yuta if he hates him. “I loathe him,” Yuta tells her. Rika promises to fight him with Yuta. Geto calls out to Yuta, commenting on how using cursed energy to heal requires an advanced reverse cursed technique. Scolding him for taking his eyes off the battle, Geto sends a swarm of centipede curses at Yuta, who has Rika materialize a cursed speech megaphone bearing the mark of the Inumaki clan. Yuta holds the megaphone to his mouth and calls out the curse, “Die.” All curses that Geto sent out are eliminated, and Geto marvels at Yuta’s ability to use cursed speech with less than a year of studying jujutsu. Yuta realizes that cursed speech is difficult to use as the cursed energy scatters and is difficult to aim, further deepening his admiration of Toge. Geto realizes that Rika’s form is ever-changing, further deepening his desire to absorb her. Yuta threatens to beat him to a pulp.

In Tokyo, several sorcerers work together to exorcise the many curses plaguing the city. Mei Mei takes out her fiftieth curse, and continue to mentally note each exorcism for her “full bonus.” Ijichi confronts teenagers Mimiko and Nanako, who tell him of their abusive upbringing in “the sticks that aren’t even on maps.” Ijichi tries to dissuade them from continuing. They recall Geto’s rescue of them as children from their village which had imprisoned them for their jujutsu gifts. They were radicalized before hitting puberty. Before the story can continue, Miguel and Gojo’s fight interrupts. Gojo blows away another piece of Miguel’s rope and thinks to himself that the unusual curse woven into the rope is interrupting his Infinity technique. Miguel thinks to himself that he only has half of his rope left, and tries to stall Gojo by asking him how long he thinks it took the people in his country (an unknown country in Africa) to make it. Gojo tells him he doesn’t care, as one second of his time can outmatch it, before effortlessly blowing away a giant curse that was approaching. The explosion is massive, clarifying Gojo’s technique to Miguel. It controls space-time with precise manipulation of cursed energy, all made possible by the power of his eyes. Miguel continues to fight Gojo. Meanwhile, Dr. Ieri surveys the wounded and acknowledges that it was all intended by Geto.

At Jujutsu High, Geto comments that Yuta’s anger must cause his body to be filled with cursed energy, causing heightened senses and possible feelings of omnipotence. His curses provide him with a three-part staff to fight Yuta hand-to-hand. Yuta whispers to Rika to follow his lead. Geto asks if Yuta finds it strange how mankind is at the top of the food chain yet invents more powerful beings called gods, considering that jujutsu sorcerers exist without belief? Yuta and Rika engage Geto. He tells Yuta that “monkeys” want to avert their eyes from the existence of those better than them. Yuta scolds him for speaking like a child who wishes he were a god. Geto tells him that he envisions a world of a chosen people. He is sickened by the number of weak humans who bury and oppress the strong simply because they have the sheer numbers. Rika comforts Yuta, who assures her he can continue fighting. Yuta attacks Geto, who notices that he had gotten faster. In response, Geto breaks the katana, scolding Yuta for imbuing his cursed energy too abruptly rather than bit by bit, but his lecture is interrupted by Yuta punching him in the face and being thrown to the ground. Geto lays beat, but not beaten, and genuinely impressed.

Yuta shouts at Geto that he doesn’t understand his motivation whatsoever. Yuta says that he knows nothing of jujutsu outside of the school. All he knows it, in order to stay with his friends, in order to believe it’s okay for him to live, he must kill Geto. Geto dismisses his claim as egotistical but encourages the self-affirmation as an important action. He then informs Yuta that there are only four people titled special-grade, and 16 curses. Geto summons a single special grade potential apparition, Tamamo-no-mae incarnate. He tells Yuta that he will combine its power with the 4,461 curses he already possesses, before striking him with it. He begins to cast the spell “Cursed Spirit Manipulation, Supreme Art: Maelstrom.”

In Kyoto, Kento Nanami arrives take care of a curse that has killed several jujutsu sorcerers. As more curses attack him, Nanami manages to defend himself, taking out the last one using his 7:3 ratio technique to take out the last one. Elsewhere, the students of Kyoto’s Jujutsu school work to take out the rest of the curses before Todo’s favorite start Takada appears on a live holiday special.

At Jujutsu High, Geto tells Yuta he is glad he came to kill him before he could fully wield Rika. Yuta flashes back to his time with Rika, understanding that their love, while not fully mature, was always true. Yuta thanks Rika for protecting him the last six years, and for falling in love with him. He asks her to lend him her power one last time to stop Geto, and he won’t ask for anything of her ever again. She can have his heart, his body, everything. He shows her their ring as he tells her he loves her. It is implied that he kisses the curse Rika off-screen, because she becomes furious, revealing an eye that looks at Geto as she screams out her love for Yuta. Geto sees Yuta’s action as an offer of sacrifice to release the limit on Rika’s cursed energy. He calls Yuta a womanizer in an attempt to accuse him of using Rika, but Yuta replies that their love is pure. Rika’s energy overpowers all of Geto’s Maelstrom curse, destroying much of the campus. Geto limps away, his right arm missing, further expressing admiration for the power granted by Rika. As he sits down to rest, he notices Gojo approaching. He asks if his “family” is safe. Gojo replies that his henchmen all got away. Geto calls Gojo unkind for sending Toge and Panda assuming he would defeat them, to anger Yuta. Gojo replies that he trusted Geto to not kill off young sorcerers without a reason. Geto recalls their friendship as students of Jujutsu High, and says that he doesn’t think he has any trust left. He gives Gojo back Yuta’s ID card, which makes Gojo realize he was behind the elementary school curse that ate the two children as well. Gojo asks him if he has any last words. Geto shares that, although he hates the humans he calls “monkeys,” he never hated any students of Jujutsu High. He could never feel genuine in the real world as a jujutsu sorcerer among people. Gojo approaches Geto and speaks words unheard onscreen. Geto appears shocked and tells Gojo he could at least hit him with some curses at his end. Gojo stands up as the camera pans back.

Yuta is awoken by Maki, Panda and Toge. He asks how they are all doing, noticing that Panda’s arms have not fully healed. Maki assures him that they are doing better than he is, and Panda reminds him that he can heal severed limbs, unlike the humans. Panda thanks Yuta for saving them before Yuta hears Rika calling to him. Yuta politely excuses himself before awkwardly explaining his sacrifice to use Rika’s power. Maki is furious, as that means he would die, but before they can have a discussion, the curse dissipates, leaving only the form of 10-year-old Rika in the outfit she was wearing the day she died. Gojo returns clapping his hands, reminding his students what he looks like without a blindfold covering his eyes. Gojo goes on to explain that he investigated Yuta’s theory. He had Ijichi run investigations on Rika’s and Yuta’s family lineages. It turns out that, although Rika has no curse user or jujutsu family history, Yuta is a descendant of Sugawara Michizane, which makes him a distant relative of Satoru Gojo. Yuta doesn’t know what this means, and Maki explains that Michizane is one of Japan’s three great apparitions, a “big-shot sorcerer” according to Panda, agreed by Toge with, “Tuna.” Gojo confirms Yuta’s theory: Rika did not place a curse on Yuta, he placed the curse on her. As Yuta pleaded “Don’t die,” he accidentally placed a bonded curse on Rika’s soul when he was only 10 years old. Gojo goes onto explain that since the one who placed the curse has now canceled the bond, it can be fully broken so long as Rika does not seek revenge on Yuta. Yuta apologizes to Rika for cursing her, and begins to blame himself for all the ones who were hurt afterward, going so far as to blame himself for those who died during Geto’s attack. Rika thanks Yuta for giving her six more years to be by his side. She tells him she was happier as a curse than she ever felt when she was alive. She wishes him farewell, and asks that he not cross over to her side too soon (i.e. “don’t die.”). Yuta watches as Rika’s spirit ascends.

Sometime later, after snow has fallen, Gojo assures Yuta that Geto was going to attack the school whether he was there or not, and returns his ID. Yuta thanks Gojo for finding it for him, but Gojo tells him that it was found by his “best friend…the only one I had.” Yuta is called by Maki to keep up with them. Still wearing the ring on his finger, Yuta smiles and joins his friends.

Yuta is enjoying a meal with Miguel in an African city. Miguel tells him how he uses Royco, a magic spice that makes any dish taste like it was made in Kenya. Miguel then asks him if “they really went home,” and Yuta confirms. Miguel relaxes with the news as Gojo approaches them. Yuta is surprised to see him. Gojo greets them, “Hey! Long time, no see.”