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The film opens with Stargirl (Grace VanderWaal) singing “Just What I Needed” to her pet rat Cinnamon before her mother Ana (Judy Greer) gets her to begin their move from Arizona to Los Angeles since Ana got a job working on a film set. While Stargirl is not thrilled about moving again and having to start anew all over again, Ana tries to convince her she will have a new adventure.

The Caraways arrive at their new apartment, where they meet grumpy neighbor Mr. Mitchell (Judd Hirsch). As Ana begins work, she leaves a key for Stargirl to take so she can explore the town. Stargirl visits Ana at work and sees that the director, Daniel (Ben Geurens), is a jerk.

At night, Stargirl is singing “Make Your Own Kind of Music” and is overheard by the landlord’s son, Evan (Elijah Richardson). He goes to her apartment to introduce himself and tells her that his brother Terrell (Tyrel Jackson Williams) is shooting a movie. Evan invites Stargirl to help them make a sizzle reel by writing music and potentially act in it. She agrees.

After Mr. Mitchell complains about Stargirl’s singing, she leaves him earmuffs as a gift. She later goes to a bar called Forte that Terrell works at and joins him and Evan. While they watch other performances, they spot a regular patron referred to as “Table Six”. She is former musician Roxanne Martel (Uma Thurman). Stargirl then goes onstage to sing a song, and she is joined by the house band. Evan and Terrell compliment her performance, and Terrell says that even Roxanne liked it.

Stargirl plays some of Roxanne’s songs for Evan and Terrell to listen to, and they want to use one of her songs, “Miracle Mile”, for their sizzle reel. Stargirl goes back to Forte and finds Roxanne there. They talk for a bit, but when Stargirl asks her if she can use “Miracle Mile”, Roxanne declines. The trio decide to write their own song, “Figure It Out”, and go back to Forte and ask Roxanne if they can use the piano she plays. She sits and listens to their song, offering other musical suggestions to make it sound better. She also tells Stargirl that she didn’t let them use her song because she knows they can write a good one themselves.

Roxanne helps the trio with recording their song while they continue to work on their sizzle reel. Stargirl bonds with her and learns about Roxanne’s experiences with getting her big break and ultimately having her star fade away. She also tells Stargirl that she helped save Forte with her own money, so she technically owns it. Roxanne says that Stargirl has sparked a new inspiration in her. Later on, Stargirl speaks to Mr. Mitchell, after he had told her that he used to work in films. He gifts her with an old vintage camera, for which she is greatly thankful. When the guys need more money, Mr. Mitchell suggests that they can sell the camera to buy film.

Terrell continues working on the sizzle reel and has Stargirl and Evan act in it, and they begin to develop a romance once the filming is complete. They spend the day together, and Stargirl mentions Leo (from the first movie) to him, saying that while he was wonderful, he still had a lot of stuff to figure out. Later, Terrell calls Evan and says that a producer saw the sizzle reel and wants to meet with them.

Stargirl joins Evan and Terrell as they meet a producer, Priya Collins (Sarayu Blue), who offers them $1 million to produce a full film for “Tell Your Story”. The trio happily accepts. When Stargirl goes to tell Ana the good news, she is informed that the film Ana was working on has shut down due to multiple complaints against Daniel, and an investigation is underway. This means that they will most likely have to move again since Ana found another job in Berkeley, but Stargirl is upset because she has already begun to enjoy her new life.

After feeling down for a while, Stargirl later talks to Terrell, who is thankful that she has come along. She later sits at a diner with Mr. Mitchell, who tells her that you should never regret your mistakes, but continue to learn from them. This encourages Stargirl to talk to Ana.

Everyone goes to Forte that night, where Stargirl performs alongside Roxanne as part of their new group, Table Six and the Shirley Temples (because that’s Roxanne’s drink of choice). They perform the song Stargirl wrote, and she also announces that they are not moving.

Terrell then begins to shoot “Tell Your Story” as a feature film, and Stargirl and Evan join him on the beach for the first day of shooting.

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Susan "Stargirl" Caraway moves from Mica, Arizona with her mother Ana after Ana gets a job working on a film set. Stargirl befriends brothers Evan and Terrell, who are shooting a sizzle reel for a film Terrell wants to make, and Evan heard Stargirl singing and wants her to be part of it.

Along the way in her new town, Stargirl befriends grumpy neighbor Mr. Mitchell, who used to work in films and helps her and her friends get some money for their picture. She also meets Roxanne Martel, a former musician who has since faded into obscurity. Roxanne helps Stargirl develop music for the film.

Ana tells Stargirl they have to move again because the director on her set had one too many complaints filed against him, so the film is shut down. Stargirl talks to her new friends and encourages her mom to stick around for something better. Stargirl later performs the song with Roxanne after she and Ana decide to stay.

Stargirl, Evan, and Terrell later receive $1 million to shoot Terrell's film into a feature length project.