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The film starts with a video for the Duke of Edinburgh Award, which is a test for young people to come together as a group in the Scottish Highlands and take in nature while growing in their work as a team. Substitute teacher Mr. Carlyle (Jonathan Aris) takes three delinquent boys with him: Dean Gibson (Rian Gordon), Duncan McDonald (Lewis Gribben), and William DeBeauvoir, AKA DJ Beatroot (Viraj Juneja), all of whom are in trouble for setting a bathroom on fire. They are joined by well-behaved student Ian Harris (Samuel Bottomley), the only one actually interested in getting the award for the experience.

Carlyle leaves the boys and heads off to the campsite by driving the minibus, expecting the four to make their way back by using the map. Not too far in the distance, a man appears to be stalking the group. They begin their trek to the campsite, but DJ slows them down because he doesn’t want to mess up his nice shoes. As he tosses aside a pair of boots that the others offer him, we see a severed foot in the ground. Later, Dean takes out some hash that he got from his cousin. It turns out to be combustible, as Dean receives a large spark to the face after lighting it, and he made a joint using part of the map. DJ then does an impromptu rap video.

The boys find a farmer (James Cosmo) riding around on his tractor, and they ask him for directions on the campsite’s location. After he helps them, DJ leaves a bunch of his own stickers on the tractor and gives the farmer his mix CD. All the while, Ian is the only one interested in achieving the goals laid out by the award. Soon, they spot a hunter (Eddie Izzard) dressed like the Duke of Edinburgh. The boys ask him for help, but he fires his rifle at them. They run for it and try to figure out how to get rid of him before he catches up to them. Dean gets out a portable gas lighter along with matches that he lights in an attempt to make a bomb, which he only knows since he downloaded a terrorist handbook from Duncan’s home. Dean throws the bomb at the Duke, but it fails to go off. Duncan then gets an idea to use DJ’s mix CD with a hefty amount of the hash, plus a makeshift wick, to throw at the lighter to ignite it. It works, and the Duke’s leg catches fire, forcing him to retreat. The boys try to run, but Dean tries to salvage his hash by eating whatever’s left over.

Elsewhere, the local police station sergeant, Morag (Kate Dickie) informs PC Hamish (Kevin Guthrie) that based on supposed evidence gathered from surveillance, she believes Duncan is a terrorist (thinking his name is really Doonkhan Mak Doonahld). While the biggest crime plaguing the Highlands appears to be a series of bread robberies, Morag thinks she’s got herself a case that will save their precinct from being shut down. She takes Hamish with her to the location she traced from Duncan having called them for help. They find the “bomb”, as well as some residual hash, although Hamish mistakenly ingests rabbit feces.

The boys reach the campsite and encounter Carlyle, who has what looks like a burn on his right leg. He acts dodgy over it, and the boys believe he’s the Duke. Thinking he will try and kill them, they try to figure out how to deal with him, but Duncan sneaks around into the minibus and runs Carlyle over. The other three freak out, but they ultimately decide to stage the incident as a suicide by having the minibus drive off a large hill. Duncan ends up putting it in reverse, and it starts rolling downhill. They decide to leave it alone since it will most likely fall off a cliff.

As they sit around figuring out their next move, the boys are found by the Duke’s wife, Duchess (Georgie Glen). The Duke joins her, and the boys realize that Mr. Carlyle was definitely not trying to kill them. They make a run for it, and Ian falls into a ditch where DJ and Dean leave him, but Duncan “helps” by covering him in dirt and sticks so that the Duke and Duchess can’t find him. The three run until it gets dark, and DJ fights with Dean and Duncan when they can’t agree on a plan, as well as Dean calling DJ out for trying to perpetuate a gangster persona when he comes from a respectable background. Dean and Duncan head off into a cave to ingest a load of powdered drugs.

DJ enters a barn where he finds the farmer from before, plus a whole group of other farmers. He showed them his mix CD and they all love his music. He stays to party with them, and the farmers give him rabbit feces that contain fermented magic mushrooms that have an increased potency. While he trips out and comes up with a new rap, Ian is found by the Duke and Duchess. His cries are heard by Dean and Duncan, who head off to help, but DJ and the farmers come in the nick of time to rescue the boys. Morag and Hamish come across Dean and Duncan but think they are zombies because they are covered in powder and are moaning.

The morning comes, and the boys tend to Ian’s wound. He complains to them for ditching him and says they are just like the other kids who ignore him and treat him like a loser. Dean says that he is friends with Duncan and DJ because they are also considered losers, and they consider Ian as part of their group. Meanwhile, Morag and Hamish return to the station to find the Superintendent (Alice Lowe) waiting for them. She chastises the two for wasting time trying to catch terrorists when the bread thief is the biggest threat to the community.

The boys resolve to take down the Duke and Duchess once and for all. DJ gives them the rabbit poop to trip out as they find the evil couple and chase after them. The two run through an escape hatch in their home, where the boys follow. They come up near the edge of a cliff where the Duke and Duchess try to get them, but the boys corner them with their own weapons. The villains think that modern youths are too bratty and always ruining the world that was given to them, but Dean says that the adults ruined it themselves and left young people with a crappy world. The Duke and Duchess then call out their group of hunters, outnumbering the boys. They prepare to execute the four, when out of nowhere, the minibus finally rolls off a cliff and lands on top of the hunters, crushing them all to death. The boys are relieved and look inside the minibus to try and cover up Mr. Carlyle’s body, until he springs up screaming, but he is suffering severe injuries. The boys use the powder and Duncan’s fork (because it’s “well sharp”) to revive Carlyle. Before he chews them out for trying to kill him, Morag and Hamish come across the scene, still in pursuit of terrorists. Carlyle tries to tell Morag about the boys trying to kill him until Hamish discovers the entire stash of stolen bread in the back of the minibus. The boys tell Morag that it belongs to the people underneath the bus, forcing Carlyle to keep his mouth shut now that the boys know his secret. They are branded heroes.

The boys are prepared to be taken home, but first, they see a group of girls who are about to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Award. They give the girls their weapons and how to signal the farmers for help. They part ways, just as another hunter appears to be watching them from the distance.

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Four boys - troublemakers Dean, Duncan, and DJ Beatroot, plus well-behaved Ian - travel to the Scottish Highlands for the Duke of Edinburgh Award with their teacher Mr. Carlyle. After he leaves the boys to walk to the campsite on foot, they find themselves stalked by a hunter dressed like the Duke of Edinburgh, along with his wife, the Duchess. After an incident leaves the Duke's leg burnt, the boys find Mr. Carlyle with what looks like a burn on his leg, and they think that he was the one trying to kill them. Duncan runs him over with the minibus, and the boys put his body in the minibus to roll off a cliff to appear as a suicide, but it rolls backwards.

Meanwhile, Sergeant Morag and PC Hamish set out to crack the biggest crime in their community in order to save their station. Morag thinks there are terrorists out in the Highlands, while the biggest crime is really everyone's bread being stolen.

After the boys get into drug-fueled shenanigans, they resolve to work together as a team to stop the Duke and Duchess, who still tried to kill them earlier. When it looks like they have the villains cornered, they reveal a group of hunters that have been out stalking delinquent teens to kill for their behavior. Before they can execute the boys, the hunters are all crushed by the minibus having rolled off the cliff. Mr. Carlyle turns out to be alive, just as Morag and Hamish find them, but before he can tell them that the boys tried to kill him, the boys discover that he is the bread thief, as there is a ton of bread in the minibus. The boys and Carlyle agree not to rat on each other.

As the boys prepare to leave, they see a group of girls going for the award and give them weapons to protect themselves, just as another hunter appears to be watching them.