EL CAMINO: A Breaking Bad Movie


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The film opens with a flashback. Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) and Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks) are standing by a lake after their train robbery. They discuss their plans to leave the meth business behind them. Jesse asks Mike where he would go, and Mike responds that he would go to Alaska. Jesse hopes his next step will be to right his wrongs, but Mike says that’s one thing he can’t undo.

In the present, Walter White, AKA “Heisenberg”, (Bryan Cranston) is now dead after helping Jesse escape the captivity of the neo-nazi gang. Jesse drives the El Camino triumphantly down the road until he almost comes across a police car. He manages to hide as the cop passes, and he then makes his way to the home of his best friends, Badger (Matt Jones) and Skinny Pete (Charles Baker). The two are in shock to see Jesse in his condition, as they had heard about his enslavement. They provide Jesse with food and a place to sleep for the night, and they stash the El Camino in the back at Jesse’s behest.

The following morning, news of the nazi gang’s massacre, Walt’s death, and Jesse’s involvement as his partner and prisoner of the nazis hits the airwaves, which Badger and Skinny watch. They go to Jesse’s room, but he has some PTSD from his captivity and pulls his gun on the two when they go check up on him. In the wake of all the news, they suggest that Jesse take a shower and stay out of sight. Jesse washes the grime and blood off of him, which makes him remember when the nazis sprayed him with a hose. He comes out of the bathroom clean-shaven, and he tells the guys he needs to get rid of the El Camino. They contact Old Joe (Larry Hankin) from the dump, and he heads to the house agreeing to take care of the job for free. This changes when the LoJack on the El Camino is activated, meaning cops are already on their way. Thinking quickly, Skinny gives Jesse the keys to Badger’s car while Badger is to drive Skinny’s car to the border and hide it, which leaves Skinny with the El Camino to provide cops with a cover story. Jesse proceeds to make his way out of there.

Jesse drives away and tries to maintain obscurity as a whole line of cop cars head toward Badger and Skinny’s house. As he heads on, he stops to pull over somewhere as he contemplates his next move. He listens to the radio and hears news reporting on Walt’s death, as well as the woman he poisoned with ricin (Lydia) not expected to survive.

Another flashback shows Jesse’s time in captivity. While the rest of the nazis were away, Todd Alquist (Jesse Plemons) takesJesse out of his cage to ask for help on a task. After placing a top on Todd’s car, he brings Jesse to his apartment where Jesse spots the corpse of Todd’s cleaning lady Sonia. According to Todd, she came across his hidden stash of money, which he kept inside a hollowed-out almanac, and although he liked Sonia, Todd felt compelled to kill her to cover his tracks. He makes Jesse help him bury her by rolling up her body in a rug and burying her in the desert. At one point, Jesse reaches into the car and takes out a gun with the intention of killing Todd, but Todd talks him down and mentions he was going to buy pizza on the way back. Jesse just breaks down in tears and hands the gun over.

Back in the present, Jesse makes his way to Todd’s now closed-off apartment in order to find said stash of money, while also trying to stay hidden from one of the tenants in the building. As he tries searching for the money, he spots a news report on TV with his parents Arthur (Michael Bofshever) and Diane (Tess Harper), who urge Jesse to turn himself in.

Jesse spends the night looking through every inch of the house for the money and almost gives up until he discovers it is hidden inside the refrigerator door. At that moment, two men posing as detectives, Neil (Scott MacArthur) and Casey (Scott Shepherd), enter the building to look for the money. Jesse stays hidden until Casey comes upon him, at which point Jesse aims his gun at him and makes him give his up. Neil comes over as Casey calls him, and he draws his gun on Jesse, claiming that there are cops who will hear the commotion and come storming up there. Jesse quickly realizes they aren’t cops and that they were affiliated with the nazis. Jesse offers to show them where it is on the condition that they split it three ways. Neil agrees to it after Jesse shows him where it is. As they leave, Jesse notices Neil’s truck from Kandy Welding Co, and Neil tells Jesse he was wondering when he would recognize him.

Jesse continues his move when he spots a vacuum cleaner store, as well as a red minivan. He enters the store and meets Ed Galbraith (Robert Forster), the identity eraser that Jesse was supposed to meet through Saul Goodman. Jesse acknowledges that there are no second chances with Ed, but he takes out the big bag of Todd’s money and gives Ed the $125,000 that is needed to do the job. Ed says that only covers the previous intended encounter, and this current job would require another $125K. Jesse comes up short $1800, so Ed refuses to help. As Jesse is determined to get the job done at any cost, he locks himself and Ed in the store, but Ed starts to call the cops. Jesse thinks he’s bluffing since Ed hung up so quickly, as well as having to explain why Jesse is there in the first place, but a cop car pulls up almost instantly. Jesse runs and hides, and Ed gives the cops a fake description of the suspect he called about. Jesse calls Ed and agrees to find the rest of the money.

We see another flashback of Jesse as a prisoner. This is when Neil first came to the nazi compound to set up the mechanism that they used to keep Jesse chained up. Kenny (Kevin Rankin) torments Jesse by forcing him to run until he breaks the whole thing off, just to settle a bet with Neil that what he built isn’t as strong as he claims.

Jesse calls his parents in their home. He asks to speak to his brother, but they tell him he is away in London. Jesse mentions their appearance on the news and their suggestion he turn himself in, but they insist it’s for his protection. He asks them to pick him up at the park, and also adds that they did their best in raising him, and however he turned out is all on him. Jesse waits for his parents and the cops watching their house to leave so he can sneak inside the house and get two guns that they had stashed away.

Jesse tracks down Kandy Welding Co and finds Neil and Casey’s location where they are hanging out with their three friends and some strippers. After the women leave, Jesse enters the shop and requests the rest of the money he needs to get out. Neil notes the .22 in Jesse’s waistband and challenges him to a duel with his .45. Jesse agrees, but as Neil gets ready to grab his gun, Jesse shoots him dead with the other gun he had hidden. Casey then tries to shoot at Jesse, leading to them exchanging fire and constantly missing until Jesse manages to shoot him in the head. Jesse then orders the remaining three men to give him their drivers licenses to keep their addresses known in case they say anything to the cops. Jesse then gets the money and blows up the shop with fuel tanks.

One more flashback shows Jesse with Walt after their meth cookout in the desert when their RV broke down. They have found a room to rest and go to have breakfast. Walt tells Jesse that he should think about his future, with the potential for college or even getting his GED, not realizing that Jesse already graduated high school. Walt also lets Jesse know that he’s lucky he didn’t have to wait his whole life to do something special.

Jesse gives Ed all the money, and he helps take him to Alaska, now using the name “Driscoll”. Jesse leaves Ed with a letter to mail to Brock (son of Jesse’s late girlfriend Andrea). As Jesse drives away, he has one last flashback with his former girlfriend Jane Margolis (Krysten Ritter). He mentions her philosophy of the universe bringing people where they have to be, but she says it’s bullshit and says it’s better to make those decisions yourself.

The film concludes with Jesse continuing his drive, now ready to start a new life.

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Immediately after the death of Walter White and his escape from neo-nazi captivity, Jesse Pinkman is a fugitive for his involvement with Walt and the nazis. After getting help from his friends Badger and Skinny Pete, Jesse goes on the run to avoid authorities and get away to Alaska to start a new life.

Jesse goes to the apartment of one of his former captors, Todd, to find his hidden stash of money. Two associates of the nazis, Neil and Casey, come by and also look for the money. Seeing no other way out, Jesse shows them where the money is so they can split it. Jesse then goes to Ed Galbraith, whom he had originally sought to get him away from Albuquerque to escape the meth business. Jesse is short on the money for his services, so he figures he must get the rest from Neil and Casey.

After sneaking into his parents' house to get two guns, Jesse locates the welding shop where Neil and Casey work. He asks for the money, but Neil challenges him to a duel when he spots Jesse's gun. Jesse manages to kill both Neil and Casey before taking the money and then blowing up the shop to cover his tracks.

Jesse gets the money to Ed, who helps get him to Alaska where he can finally get a fresh start.