CHIP ‘N’ DALE: Rescue Rangers


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The film starts in 1982 in a world where humans and toons co-exist. Dale (Juliet Donenfeld) is new to the school and just wants to fit in, but he makes a bad first impression and is immediately shunned by the other kids. During lunch, he is approached by fellow chipmunk Chip (Mason Blomberg). From then on, the two become best friends and become popular by working on their comedy routine together.

When Chip and Dale (now voiced by John Mulaney and Andy Samberg) get older, they move to Hollywood for their big break. After a few months, they hit it big with their own show, “Chip n Dale: Rescue Rangers,” where they solve crimes with their castmates/friends Monterey Jack (Eric Bana), Gadget Hackwrench (Tress MacNeille), and Zipper (Dennis Haysbert). They are seen celebrating their third season at a party that includes the likes of Paula Abdul and Roger Rabbit. Later, Chip goes to Dale’s trailer and finds out that he is making plans to star in his own spy show, “Double Oh Dale.” This means that “Rescue Rangers” would get canceled, and despite Chip pleading with Dale not to go through with it, he does. This destroys their friendship, and “Double Oh Dale” is scrapped after the pilot.

In the present day, Dale has gotten a CGI makeover and is at a fan convention with other toons like Tigra (Liz Cackowski), Lumiere (Jeff Bennett), and the hideous original version of the live-action Sonic The Hedgehog (Tim Robinson), who claims to have a cop show in the works. Dale isn’t doing so well since he doesn’t have Chip with him, and he still misses his friend.

Chip now works in insurance and lives home alone with his dog Millie. When he gets home, he sees a message on his answering machine from Monterey Jack, who asks him to go to his house.

Chip goes to Monty’s house to find him worse for wear, as his addiction to cheese has gotten the better of him. When Chip asks about Gadget and Zipper, Monty says that they got married and had 42 kids. They are then visited by Dale, whom Chip is still annoyed with. Monty tells them that criminals known as the Valley Gang have been kidnapping toons, like Flounder (Rachel Bloom) from “The Little Mermaid”, and “bootlegging” them, meaning that they are given horrible redesigns and being forced to make terrible ripoff films. Monty worries he might be next since he has fallen in debt with the gang’s leader, Sweet Pete (Will Arnett). While Dale is eager to help, Chip still wants nothing to do with him.

Later, Dale gets a call from the police saying Monty was kidnapped. He calls Chip and they return to Monty’s house where they meet a claymation cop named Captain Putty (J.K. Simmons) and Detective Ellie Steckler (Kiki Layne). Ellie tells Chip and Dale that she is a big fan of theirs and was inspired by them to become a detective. Dale thinks they should solve the case for Monty, but Chip doesn’t want to get involved. He then changes his mind when he sniffs out a block of cheese he threw out for Monty and finds an address that can help them.

Chip and Dale go to Main Street where some toons operate criminal businesses in secret (like Phineas and Ferb’s mom Linda). They meet a muppet named Bjornson (Keegan-Michael Key), who has sold Monty the cheese that he loves. He even runs a secret cheese den where addicted rodents are gorging themselves. The duo manage to get Bjornson to take them to Sweet Pete, but with their hands tied together. They are taken to the Uncanny Valley where several creepy animated characters (like the ones from the “Cats” movie) have been sent to. Chip and Dale are brought to one of Sweet Pete’s goons, Bob the dwarf (Seth Rogen). He brings them in along with polar bear henchman Jimmy (Da’Vone McDonald) to meet Sweet Pete, who is actually formerly Peter Pan, now aged, out of shape, and bitter for being cast aside as he got older. In turn, he ended up making bootleg copies of other popular movies, and now he wants to make a reboot of Chip and Dale. The two run from Pete’s henchmen and escape through the sewers.

Chip and Dale go to Ellie for help. She tells them that she has suffered a humiliating incident where a fake tip told her that Peppa Pig was being held captive at Nickelodeon Jr Studios, which led to the toons like the “PAW Patrol” dogs attacking the cops. Dale then shows them his garage that has a ton of “Rescue Rangers” memorabilia. When Dale remembers that Sweet Pete has a fitness tracker that can locate him, they get an idea for how to find him.

The duo disguise themselves as plumbers to sneak into a bath house where Pete usually visits. While there, a snake named DJ Herzogenaurach (Flula Borg) asks Chip and Dale to do a rap video with him, even though Chip hates the idea of old cartoon characters rapping to stay popular. While DJ is distracted, the two manage to find Sweet Pete’s tracker, tracing his location to an old warehouse.

Chip and Dale are joined by Ellie and Putty as they investigate the warehouse. They find the bootleg machine, where the duo accidentally get stuck. They manage to avoid getting bootlegged, but Chip has his ear turned into a Snoopy ear. They then find a whole wall of evidence with parts from other toons (like Jimmy Neutron’s hair and a Smurf hat) have been removed, including Monty’s mustache. Chip and Dale become sad, realizing that Monty has been bootlegged. The police close off the warehouse, and the media and other cops commend Chip and Dale for their efforts.

At the police station, Chip and Dale argue after Chip admits he is still sore over Dale leaving “Rescue Rangers” for his own show, while Dale feels that Chip didn’t support him. They stop when they smell an odor resembling Monty’s cologne coming from Putty’s office. They initially suspect Ellie might be involved with the villains, as some of the things she said about her love for “Rescue Rangers” didn’t add up.

The two go to the fan convention to ask Ugly Sonic for help since he is supposedly involved with the FBI, but he declines. Sweet Pete shows up with Bob and Jimmy, and they chase Chip and Dale through the convention, where they run into other characters like the gang from “My Little Pony”, live-action Baloo, and live-action Pumbaa (plus Rogen’s Dreamworks characters, Mantis from “Kung Fu Panda” and BOB from “Monsters vs. Aliens”). Lumiere and Tigra catch Bob so Dale gets away, but Pete and Jimmy capture Chip, leaving Dale alone and remorseful.

At the warehouse, Ellie is brought there, but she was set up by Putty, who is in league with Sweet Pete, and it was also he who made the bogus tip that got Ellie in trouble. They have Ellie call Dale to lure him there, but she gives him a coded message by mentioning a “Rescue Rangers” episode, “When You Fish Upon a Star”. Dale rewatches the episode where Gadget was double-crossed, and he pieces together that Putty is a bad guy and has Chip and Ellie. Dale turns to the only people he can for help – Gadget and Zipper.

The three fly to the warehouse in a plane that Gadget made, and Dale launches himself into the building with a firework, just as the villains are getting ready to bootleg Chip. The firework causes the bootleg machine to be destroyed, turning Jimmy into a fairy, while Pete is morphed into a hybrid of characters like Wreck-It Ralph, Optimus Prime, Sheriff Woody, and Felicia the cat (from “The Great Mouse Detective”). He chases Chip and Dale while Ellie is freed and fights Putty. He wraps himself around her until she grabs a fire extinguisher and freezes him, then tips him over so he shatters.

Chip and Dale run through movie sets of bootleg films, including Winnie The Pooh and The Simpsons. They make it out onto the docks where they distract Sweet Pete long enough for Ugly Sonic to show up with the FBI and drop a net onto him. While the two celebrate their victory, Pete rises and fires a blast at them. Dale takes the shot for Chip, who breaks down and apologizes to Dale for breaking off their friendship. Dale turns out to have survived because he had a coin in his shirt that protected him.

Pete, Jimmy, Bob, and Putty are all arrested. The captured toons are freed, and the duo reunite with Monty (who was bootlegged for a Dumbo knockoff), as well as Gadget and Zipper. Chip and Dale introduce them to Ellie, and then discuss plans for a reboot.

The credits show that Monty was un-bootlegged, and the gang ended up doing the reboot, which is a hit. However, Darkwing Duck boos them and says he should get his own reboot.

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Chip and Dale were once best friends and the stars of their own show, "Rescue Rangers", but after Dale decided to take another job, the show was canceled, and Chip stopped speaking to him. Over 20 years later, Dale is working conventions alone while Chip works in insurance. They are called together by their old friend and co-star, Monterey Jack, as he is fearful that a group of villains called the Valley Gang are out for him, since they have captured other cartoon characters and are "bootlegging" them, meaning they are being redesigned to make cheap knockoff films. Monty is indeed captured, prompting Chip and Dale to work together to save him.

The duo find the Valley Gang, which is led by Sweet Pete, formerly Peter Pan but now older, out of shape, and angry that his career went down over the years. He attempts to capture Chip and Dale, but they escape. The two team up with Detective Ellie Steckler, who is a big fan of theirs. With her help, they find the warehouse where the toons are being bootlegged, but they find Monty's mustache and realize he was already bootlegged.

Sweet Pete and his goons go after Chip and Dale, but they only capture Chip. Ellie gets taken as well, because her boss, Captain Putty, is working with Pete. She sends a coded message to Dale, who teams up with old friends Gadget Hackwrench and Zipper to find Chip and Ellie. He helps destroy the bootleg machine, but it turns Pete into a gigantic hybrid of other toons that tries to kill them. With help from Sonic The Hedgehog (the ugly version before his redesign), Pete, Putty, and their henchmen are arrested. Chip and Dale rekindle their friendship, reunite with Monty, Gadget, and Zipper, and later make a reboot of their show.