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The film opens on the morning of May 9th in the apartment of former Delta Force Captain Roy Pulver (Frank Grillo). He wakes up in bed next to a woman named Alice (Annabelle Wallis), who screams and flees as a man with a machete enters and swings at Roy’s head. Roy acts everything out in a rehearsed fashion, dodging the hitman’s exact movements to defend himself and complaining that it’s gotten annoying. Outside, a chopper flies up with another assassin who fires a machine gun, killing the first assassin when he is mistaken for Roy. As the second one fires wildly into the apartment, Roy just slumps against the couch and looks at a picture of his ex, Jemma Wells (Naomi Watts).

After the chopper crashes through the window, Roy jumps out onto a truck of sand (which he notes that he missed 22 times before getting it right) before carjacking a guy and evading two more assassins, both of whom he refers to as “Pam” (Meadow Williams) and “Esmeralda” (Armida Lopez). Roy drives recklessly and realizes he forgot about an oncoming truck, which he crashes into and then dies after flying through the window.

Roy then explains through narration that he has died 140 times thus far, as he must relive the exact same day over and over. The problem is, no matter how many assassins he evades, more keep showing up. In addition to the first four, there is a swordswoman named Guan Yin (Selena Lo), who always declares her name and admission after she beheads Roy (“I am Guan Yin, and Guan Yin has done this!”). There is a dwarf nicknamed “Kaboom” (Aaron Beelner) due to his use of explosives when going after Roy. There is even a man he refers to as “Roy 2” (Eric Etebari), as well as a guy named Smiley (Michael Tourek) who impales him with a harpoon and drags him through the streets with his truck.

During Attempt 48, Roy had attempted to contact Jemma at her company, but the phone is answered by her boss, Colonel Clive Ventor (Mel Gibson). He tells Roy that Jemma died in an accident, but Roy knows she was killed. He is then shot at and blow up by two men he calls “The German Twins” (Quinton Jackson and Rashad Evans).

After one attempt where he kills Pam and Esmeralda in a warehouse by blowing them up, he goes to a diner where he orders two large bottles of baijiu from his bartender friend Jake (Ken Jeong). He also constantly listens to another patron, Dave (Sheaun McKinney), drone on about tedious anecdotes, leading Roy to drunkenly say something stupid because’s he’s stopped caring. He also notices a woman, Dai Feng (Michelle Yeoh), who always comes in at the same time. Roy notes that he has never lived past 12:47 PM because somehow, the assassins always manage to find him.

Flashback to May 8th, which feels like months ago to Roy. He visited Jemma at her job, Dynow, where she mentions him not being in the picture for their son Joe (Rio Grillo), who doesn’t even know Roy is his father and just thinks of him as a friend of Jemma’s. She is working on a large machine that controls time and space but could destroy the world if used improperly. Ventor’s henchman Brett (Will Sasso) comes out after the two were watching Roy and Jemma through surveillance. Brett takes Roy’s resume, and Ventor notes that someone like Roy could figure out what they are planning. Before Roy leaves, Jemma tells him to remember “Osiris”. Roy later goes to the bar where he meets Alice while talking to his other bartender friend Gabrielle (Mathilde Olivier). When Alice goes to the bathroom, he gets a call from Jemma, who tells him that she may have to do something drastic.

Roy remembers Osiris when he looks at a gift Jemma sent days before the 9th: a book called “The Mythology of Iset and Osiris”. In it is a message from Jemma to Roy about living life forward and that “time waits for no man”.

Attempt 143: Roy goes to an underground arcade where he finds Joe after following him when he saw him get something from another kid earlier. Roy approaches him, and Joe says he ditched school for a video game tournament, and that he was just exchanging trading cards with the other kid. Roy spends time with Joe but is dismayed to have to tell him that Jemma is dead. When they get out of the arcade, Roy notes that it is now 12:50, which means he’s lived longer than before. Unfortunately, the other assassins arrive to kill him, but he shields Joe from their bullets. As he dies, he tells Joe that he is his father, and he notes that he wished that was the final death.

Roy realizes that he is being tracked since they previously could not detect him underground. At the restaurant, he tries to extract the tracker from his anus until Dave tells him that the tracker might be in one of his teeth. Roy pulls two out before finding the right one, just moments before he is killed. Now knowing which tooth to pull, he evades the first few hitmen before losing the tracker. When he is revived, he questions Alice, as he remembered her being there when he was drugged at the bar. She tells him it was Brett who placed the tracker. He removes the tooth and uses it to lure Pam to an isolated area to kill her with her own gun. He also lures Smiley and kills him with his own harpoon and truck.

Roy starts to go after the other assassins like Roy 2 and the Twins, but he sets his sights on Ventor and Brett. The first few times, he is killed by Dynow security and Brett himself, but he manages to get closer until he reaches Guan Yin, who dodges bullets with ease and always decapitates him. When she has him down at one point, Ventor tells him that Jemma’s machine is called the Osiris Spindle, and that he plans to rewrite history with it, by undoing terrible events. in history while eventually making himself a global dictator.

After Roy resets, seeks help from Dai Feng, who teaches him swordplay. It helps him improve, and he manages to kill Guan Yin during a duel. He kills Brett and then goes after Ventor, but Ventor asks him who is there to protect Joe. Roy rushes to the arcade, only to find that Joe has already been killed. Roy tries to rush to the scene, only for the Osiris Spindle to go off and destroy the world.

Roy resets again but spends the next 15 attempts allowing the machete man to kill him since he feels that it is hopeless and that everyone will die no matter what. After a while, he breaks out of his depression and decides to spend his final moments with Joe. He goes to the arcade and bonds with him over many subjects and activities, getting to spend time as father and son like they never did. Joe always falls asleep just before the world ends.

Attempt 249: Roy and Joe are talking, and Joe mentions getting a voicemail from his mom earlier that day. This means that Jemma is alive when Roy wakes up. He gets to Dynow and sees that he has at least 14 minutes from when he wakes up to when Jemma is killed. He now knows what to do.

On his next attempt, Roy kills the machete man and jumps onto the helicopter, throws the gunman out and forces the pilot to fly to Dynow. He eliminates security and, when he knows that the whole band of assassins will be at the door, he gets a machine gun and mows them down all at once. He makes his way to the main room and kills Brett and Ventor. Jemma realizes the Osiris Spindle works as she had imagined. Roy tells her about all the times he has died and been using his days to spend time with Joe. He is ready to step through the machine, even though Jemma doesn’t know what will happen. He looks at her reassuringly one more time before setting foot in there.

Roy wakes up again on May 9th, now having the time loop broken. He smirks, knowing what he must do, but also making sure not do die in the process.

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Former Delta Force Captain Roy Pulver keeps dying and waking up on the same day. After many painful deaths, he learns he is being tracked by assassins sent by Colonel Clive Ventor, CEO of Dynow, a company his ex Jemma worked for. She created the Osiris Spindle, a machine that can control time and space, and Ventor plans to use it to rewrite history and make himself a global dictator. It has caused the loop, and even if Roy evades all the assassins, the world is destroyed at the end of the day. Roy finds out that Ventor and his henchman Brett killed Jemma, and he laments that he is stuck knowing he couldn't save her.

Roy uses some of his time to bond with his and Jemma's son Joe, who doesn't even know Roy is his father. He soon learns that Jemma is still alive when he wakes up, meaning he has time to save her. After killing every last assassin, he kills Brett and Ventor before saving Jemma. He steps through the machine and breaks the loop, waking up on the same day again for the last time with the knowledge of how to stop his killers.