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The film opens in Kazakhstan where disgraced reporter Borat Sagdiyev (Sacha Baron Cohen) is forced into hard labor in a gulag. Ever since his fateful trip to America 14 years earlier, he has caused Kazakhstan to become a laughingstock now that the world knows of Borat’s antics, which brought shame to the nation and caused a plummet in exports of potassium and “pubis”. Borat was blamed for the nation’s failure and banned from ever reporting again.

Borat is brought in to meet Premier Nazabayev (Dani Popescu). After Donald Trump became President of the United States, he began rubbing elbows with other “tough guy” leaders like Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un, Jair Bolsonaro, and…Kanye West. Nazarbayev wants to be part of this little club of leaders, so he is offering Borat a chance at redemption by delivering a gift to him – Johnny The Monkey, Kazakhstan’s Minister of Culture and number one porn star. Nazarbayev orders Borat to send the gift through Vice President Mike Pence since he took a dump outside Trump Tower during his last trip. When Borat asks for his former producer, Azamat Bagatov, Nazarbayev reveals that Azamat was executed and had his flesh made into the chair that Borat is sitting on (complete with Azamat’s penis intact).

Doctors in the area prep Borat for his return trip to the U.S. He wants to stop by his house to see his sons and “make sexy time” with his wife, only to find his hated neighbor Nursultan Tulyakbay (Miroslav Tolj) has taken over his family and gotten his three adult sons to hate him. Borat then goes outside to a pen where he finds his teenage daughter Tutar (Maria Bakalova), who lives in squalor and watches a Disney-esque cartoon about how Melania Trump went from “shithole” Slovenia to being “happiest wife in the world”. Borat then prepares to leave, with the other people in the village booing him and wishing him suffering.

Upon his return to America, Borat is instantly recognized by fans of his first film. There is even a Halloween costume of him marked as “stupid foreign reporter”. He decides to buy several disguises in order to keep a low profile. He is also surprised to see that Americans have adapted to smartphones, so he goes to a store to buy one for himself. Brian, the unfortunate store employee, also witnesses as Borat tries to type in search results, only for them to lead him to porn sites…which are then shown on the big TV in the store.

Borat opens the shipping crate that Johnny was traveling in, only to find that Tutar was stowing away in it, and that she has also eaten Johnny. Borat tries to ship her back to Kazakhstan, but first goes to a fax store to send a message to Nazarbayev about Johnny being dead. He tells Borat that he will be executed if he returns without delivering a gift, until he sees a report on TV over how Trump spent time with Jeffrey Epstein, leading Borat to realize that people in Trump’s circle are enticed by attractive women. Borat then suggests to Nazarbayev that he deliver Tutar as a gift, to which he agrees.

Borat tries to find a way to make Tutar be presentable. Since she is also not entirely sure about how things work with women, she believes that she needs to be in a cage to be a good wife, and she also carries around a book that prevents girls in Kazakhstan from masturbating by making them believe that their vaginas will grow teeth and eat them. Borat also takes Tutar to meet influencer Macey Chanel, who tells Tutar how to be a sugar baby and what to do and not do on dates. Tutar demonstrates one of her special abilities, which is to open a beer bottle with her genitals. Macey advises against doing that. Borat then takes Tutar to get a makeover, cleaning up her appearance to make her look more presentable, and then buys her a dress.

The next day, Borat goes out in disguise with Tutar to get a cake as part of the delivery. When Tutar sees other little girls holding their fathers’ hands, she wants to do that with Borat, but he makes them hold a plastic bag in between them. They get to the bakery where Borat asks that the cake read “Jews will not replace us” with smiley faces decorated. Tutar asks for a cake for herself, but Borat refuses. After much complaining, he relents and lets her get a cupcake with a baby on it, but he takes her behind a dumpster to eat it because it is apparently illegal for Kazakh men to give women gifts. Tutar eats the whole cupcake but accidentally swallows the baby figure. They go to a family clinic where Borat tries to ask Pastor Jonathan Bright for help in getting the baby out. Due to Borat’s poor wording, Bright is led to believe that Borat impregnated his own daughter and wants an abortion, which he is staunchly against. The two then have no choice but to wait for Tutar to pass the figure herself eventually.

Borat decides it is time to take Tutar on a “practice run” by having her attend a ball. He meets with debutante coach Dr. Jean Sheffield to prepare Tutar. They later go to a debutante ball where they pretend to be rich foreigners. Borat and Tutar go on the dance floor to do a cultural “fertility dance”. The rest of the patrons appear to clap along with the music, until Tutar raises her dress to reveal that she is menstruating heavily, to the disgust of others. She is later crying in the trailer where she and Borat are staying because she thinks American men don’t like her, but Borat tries to comfort her.

The two find out that Pence is speaking at a convention, so Borat decides to get himself into the convention center by disguising himself as a Klansman, which nobody seems to be bothered by since they let him stroll by. He then disguises himself as Trump to bring Tutar to Pence, who is telling the crowd about the growing number of coronavirus cases. When Borat calls out to Pence while holding Tutar over his shoulder, he is booed by the crowd before security removes him, all while Pence just shakes his head and maintains his composure. He returns to the fax store to inform Nazarbayev that he has failed to give Tutar to Pence, so he tells Borat about how horribly he will be executed upon his return. As he prepares to leave, Tutar finds out about Rudy Giuliani, and Borat thinks this is his last chance to give Tutar away. Nazarbayev agrees with giving her to Giuliani.

After hearing that Giuliani bragged about an affair with a large-breasted woman, Borat takes Tutar to a plastic surgeon for implants. Since he is short on money, Borat takes a gig as a barber and leaves Tutar with professional babysitter Jeanise Jones. As Borat messes around with customers, Jeanise shows Tutar things she never knew, like how women can drive in the U.S. and own their own businesses. She even convinces Tutar to not get plastic surgery, telling her she is beautiful as she is.

Tutar then goes to a convention for conservative women where she discovers that women there are free thinkers, unlike where she had grown up. She goes to the bathroom and masturbates for the first time, to her extreme delight. Tutar even tells the other women about it and encourages them to do the same, to their discomfort. When Borat returns to find her, Tutar tells him she wants to get away from him due to all the lies he had taught her. She even tells him that she went on Facebook and saw Holocaust denial links, leading them both to believe that the Holocaust (a big event for them in Kazakhstan) was a lie. Tutar leaves and Borat is in disbelief.

Borat then goes to a synagogue in a misguided suicide attempt since he thinks the Jewish people will eat him. He goes in a heavily stereotypical Jewish disguise (complete with long nose, claws, and a moneybag) and meets Holocaust survivor Judith Dim Evans and a friend. She convinces Borat that Jews are not evil and even hugs and feeds him. When she proves that she was there in the Holocaust and that it WAS real, Borat is elated that his culture wasn’t lying to him and he goes to find Tutar.

As Borat goes out into the streets, he finds them all nearly deserted. He meets a man named Jim who tells him that everyone is at home in quarantine due to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. Borat asks Jim if he can return home with him, and he lets him go along to meet his roommate Jerry. They are both part of QAnon and believe the pandemic is a liberal hoax concocted by the Clintons. Borat spends several months in lockdown with Jim and Jerry before seeing that Tutar has become a reporter and will be attending an upcoming March For Our Rights rally. Jim and Jerry agree to help Borat find her.

The three attend the rally with Borat in disguise as singer “Country Steve.” He performs a song that Jim and Jerry taught him, basically a song against Barack Obama, China, and scientists. Jim and Jerry try to get Tutar to speak to Borat. Although she is not happy to see him, she agrees to meet with Giuliani so that Borat doesn’t get executed.

Tutar goes to interview Giuliani, while Borat meets with Jeanise, since Tutar was staying with her the whole time. He finds that Tutar still kept the baby figurine and made it to look like him. He goes to stop the interview disguised as a crew member. When Tutar and Giuliani go into the bedroom, she removes a mic from his shirt. Giuliani then leans back on the bed and appears to reach into his pants. Borat then comes in to stop everything and try to offer Giuliani sexual advances himself before the man leaves. Borat and Tutar then leave laughing before the police arrive. Tutar tells her father that she thinks he did this because he loves her as much as his sons. Borat says he loves her even more than them.

Borat returns to Kazakhstan to face his execution. However, Nazarbayev tells him that they will not execute him. Tutar then points to the wall and shows Borat the truth – as revenge against the world for laughing at Kazakhstan, their government manufactured COVID-19 and used Borat to go around the world (showing he stopped in China) and getting other people (including Tom Hanks) sick and causing him to spread the virus. Borat and Tutar go to confront Nazarbayev, who reveals the truth, only for Borat to reveal he had Brian on the phone recording what he said.

In order to prevent the truth from getting out, Borat and Tutar force Nazarbayev to make Kazakhstan a more feminist nation, which means that now child grooms will be trafficked (and sent to Kevin Spacey). They also have internet access and can influence elections by making fake accounts and using pro-republican statements. There are also temperature checks for COVID, except they use rectal thermometers for everything. Borat also gets reinstated as a reporter with Tutar to form a duo. They cover a new Kazakh event, the Running of the American, where people dressed as exaggerated Trump supporters kill a creation of Dr. Anthony Fauci. Borat and Tutar then sign off.

The film ends with one final message: “Now vote or you will be execute.” There is also a dedication to Judith Dim Evans, who passed away shortly after her scene was filmed.

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14 years after his fateful trip to the United States, Kazakh reporter Borat Sagdiyev has become a disgrace due to making Kazakhstan a laughingstock thanks to his popular film. In an attempt to redeem himself, Premier Nazarbayev orders Borat to deliver a porn star monkey named Johnny to Mike Pence to give to Donald Trump so that Nazarbayev can be part of what he thinks is an elite club of "tough" leaders.

Borat makes his return to America, only to have to go in disguise since many people recognize him now. He also finds that his teenage daughter Tutar has stowed away in the crate containing Johnny, and she ate him. Unable to return home without facing execution, Borat decides to deliver Tutar as a gift to Pence. He gives her a makeover and tries to make her up as a presentable woman, but when he tries to deliver her at a rally, Pence is unamused, and Borat is escorted out.

Borat has one last chance by giving Tutar to Rudy Giuliani. He wants to give her a plastic surgery makeover, but after Tutar spends time with other American women, she realizes her father has been teaching her lies, and she breaks away from him. When Borat tries to get Tutar back, he is stuck in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, forcing him to quarantine with two QAnon believers named Jim and Jerry. He reunites with Tutar at a rally now that she has become a reporter and convinces her to meet with Giuliani so he won't be executed. When she interviews Giuliani, Borat stops what he thinks is going to be a sexual encounter and takes Tutar away, revealing that he loves her the most of all his children.

When they return to Kazakhstan, Borat and Tutar discover that the Kazakhstani government had manufactured COVID-19 and used Borat to spread the virus around the world. After getting Nazarbayev's confession in a recording, Borat and Tutar demand that certain changes be made in the nation to make it less misogynistic, and the two become a father-daughter reporter duo.