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Mombasa, Kenya – A hostage situation is unfolding. Marine Ray Garrison (Vin Diesel) storms the compound where the criminals are, taking them out one by one before confronting the main target. He has his rifle aimed at the hostage, forcing Ray to lower his. He tricks the target into moving his rifle so he can grab his pistol and fire at him, freeing the hostage.

Ray returns home to his wife Gina (Talulah Riley). They spend a comfortable evening alone together, until later when they are attacked by home invaders. Ray attempts to fight them off, when one of the intruders, Martin Axe (Toby Kebbell) incapacitates Ray with a tranquilizer. Ray later wakes up tied to a chair with Axe questioning who tipped him off about the situation in Mombasa. Ray says he doesn’t know, but Axe brings out a captive Gina to force Ray to give up an answer. Ray insists he doesn’t know, and Axe shoots Gina in the head with a nail gun. Ray gives up and says they should just kill him, and Axe apperas to shoot him in the face.

Ray awakens in a testing facility for the company RST. He meets Dr. Emil Harting (Guy Pearce) and his assistant KT (Eiza Gonzalez). Harting explains to Ray that he was killed, but his body has been filled with little microbots called Nanites that allow his body to regenerate from aggressive wounds. KT has a transplant of her own that allows her to breathe, while Harting introduces Ray to other soldiers with RST implants or prosthetics, like Jimmy Dalton (Sam Heughan), who uses prosthetic legs, and Tibbs (Alex Hernandez), who has an implant that allows him to see everything at once. Ray tests out his new body and finds that he has superhuman strength as well.

Ray interacts with KT, who knows he is feeling overwhelmed about all these new discoveries, as well as the fact that he had no family to claim his body. As they share a drink together, Ray hears “Psycho Killer” by The Talking Heads playing, which triggers his memory of Axe killing him and Gina since that song played when he was interrogating them. He starts to lose it and then heads out to find Axe, using an ability to hack into a computer system that is able to track him down. Harting tries to stop Ray, but he is already hot on Axe’s trail. He corners Axe and his men in a tunnel where he proceeds to fight the men, even managing to regenerate some severe gunshot wounds. Axe recognizes Ray and pleads for his life, but Ray is not interested and then shoots Axe dead.

In the morning, Ray drives to a spot where he is picked up by KT, Dalton, and Tibbs. He is brought back to RST and strapped to a bed where Dalton comes in to antagonize him and suggest that Gina isn’t really dead. Ray is knocked out, and Harting organizes for everything from the hostage situation to Ray’s capture to be replayed differently, as the whole thing was fabricated by them. They replace Axe’s face for the captor with that of a man named Nick Baris (Johannes Haukur Johannesson) and begin to go by a slightly tweaked script. KT is the only one against the operation, as she knows Ray is being used against his will. A photo of Harting with Axe and Baris is then seen, meaning there’s a connection between them all.

After going through the motions once more, Ray goes after Baris, with Harting and his team watching and pretending to be concerned. Ray allows himself to be captured by Baris’s men to get himself inside his compound. Baris’s coder Wilfred Wigans (Lamorne Morris) gives Baris an EMP to use against Ray if necessary, which Harting and the others notice through their surveillance cameras. Ray attacks and kills Baris’s men before finishing Baris himself, but Wigans hits the EMP button to incapacitate Ray, as well as knock out all the power within a 20 mile radius.

Wigans takes Ray and wakes him up with a powerful electrical charge. He tells Ray that he was basically forced to work for Baris but he does want to help Ray. He tells Wigans about experiencing the same memory with a different face for each killer. This goes along with a rumor Wigans heard of a hired killer being sent out, and Ray realizes Harting has been using him to go after multiple RST defectors. He also realizes Gina is alive, but Wigans worries that if he goes looking for her, Harting will just reset his memories and put Wigans’s face on the killer’s body this time. Ray gives Wigans a sample of his Nanites blood to inspect.

Ray takes one of Wigans’s cars and manages to track down Gina’s location. She is happy to see him, but he is under the impression that they are still married. Gina reveals it has been five years since they last saw each other and apparently split up on mutual terms. She is now remarried and has two children of her own, leaving Ray heartbroken. After he leaves, Dalton pursues him, but Ray manages to get him to get hit by a truck that shatters his prosthetic legs. One of Harting’s guys shuts Ray down and then orders KT to go after Wigans, even shutting down her breathing implant to prove he means business. KT finds Wigans and knocks him out before knocking out his men.

Harting finds Ray and puts him in a simulation where he must come clean over his business, knowing Ray is pissed and that he knows the truth. Harting acts as though he did what was necessary and did what was right for Ray, but Ray promises he will no longer control him. His body ends up at RST where they are extracting the Nanites. After returning to work, KT tells Harting that Wigans got away, so Harting stops the Nanite extraction to have Ray go after Wigans.

Harting puts Ray in the hostage simulation again, but KT intervenes to get Ray to realize what is really happening. Harting tries to shut her down, but she reveals that she got Wigans to remove Harting’s access to her implant, allowing her to be free of his control. He sends Dalton and Tibbs after Ray once he snaps out of the simulation and breaks free. Dalton applies mechanical arms to his back as he goes after Ray. The three fight near an elevator until one of them starts to give weight to all the chaos. Tibbs falls to his death as Dalton tries to break down the elevator, but Ray taps into his full power and takes Dalton all the way down where they both crash, but only Ray emerges unscathed. He locates Harting in the street, where the villain fires a grenade at Ray. It blows him up, and he starts to regenerate, but Wigans sees that the Nanites are draining, and if Ray takes another hit, he won’t recover this time. Ray catches the next grenade Harting launches and fires it down to the core. He grabs Harting and drops the grenade, blowing them both up.

Wigans recovers Ray’s body and manages to revive him and reprogram the Nanites in his body. Together with KT, the three ride off to continue working together.

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Ray Garrison is an accomplished marine. When he returns to his wife Gina, they are captured and killed by a man named Martin Axe. Ray wakes up and is revived in the facility RST, run by Dr. Emil Harting. He tells Ray that they have added microbots called Nanites into his blood that allows him to regenerate, as well as giving him superhuman strength.

After Ray tracks down Axe and kills him, he is later reprogrammed with the same memory but with a different man's face. This is because Harting has been fabricating memories to drive Ray to supposed revenge against his wife's killer, when he is really using the faces of RST defectors to use Ray as a tool for his own means of revenge.

One of the target's coders, Wilfred Wigans, helps Ray figure out the truth. With the help of Harting's assistant KT, who defects after seeing who Harting really is, they break Ray free from Harting's control, and Ray kills Harting's henchmen before killing Harting himself.

Wigans reprograms the Nanites in Ray's body after he drains them during his fight with Harting, and the two continue to work with KT.